Best Nylon Ukulele Strings Reviews 2023: Top 5 Models

Best Nylon Ukulele Strings

Strings play a significant role in ukulele instruments most ukulele players know. Ukulele players are playing should ascertain whether they require the best nylon ukulele strings based on what they are playing.

Most ukulele models find nylon strings to be more consistent and capable of creating excellent sounds in combination with specific components.

In this nylon string review for ukuleles, players will be capable of knowing about some of the best nylon ukulele strings available on the market in recent times!

Top 5 Best Nylon Ukulele String

Product Name Price
1. Ernie Ball Ukulele Ball End Nylon Strings Check Price
2. Kala Metal Round Wound UBASS Strings Check Price
3. D’Addario EJ53B Baritone Set Check Price
4. Aquila AQ-16 Nylon Ukulele Strings Check Price
5. GHS Nylon Ukulele Strings Set Check Price

1. Ernie Ball Ukulele Ball End Nylon Strings

Best Nylon Ukulele String

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One of the best ukulele strings is Ernie Ball 2326 Strings you might search. You can think of these strings if you are fond of a warm, enriched tone with a more driven attack.

These consist of 100% nylon monofilament in clear and black nylon sets. Ernie Ball build offers higher tuning stability, with too simple installation compared to conventional string types. Also, they are straightforward to use and make your playing dream comfortable.

Ernie Ball Nylon Strings are regarded as one of the best products. So, the world’s renowned musicians use them.


  • Compatible with Concert and Soprano ukuleles.
  • Enriched tone with fantastic projection.
  • Simple installation
  • Gauges: .028, .032, .040, .028.

2. Kala Metal Round Wound UBASS Strings

Nylon Ukulele String

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Are you looking to take your bass ukulele sound to the next level? Why don’t you replace the strings of your 4-string Bass ukulele using the Kala Metal Round Wound String?

These string types feature a nylon core with silver-plated windings, which deliver an accurate tone and a warm yet potent sound to your ukulele.

These seem too close to the round wound of a typical bass guitar, a bit easier on the fingers. Besides, they don’t need any particular technique and become simple to play.

Although Kala has made this set for Kala U-bus, you can also utilize it on similar models from different brands.


  • Thickness: 050 – 065 – 095 – 110.
  • Nylon core.
  • Round wound.
  • Silver-coated windings.
  • Specially made for the Kala U-Bass.
  • Lovely sound with better intonation.

3. D’Addario EJ53B Baritone Set

Nylon Ukulele Strings

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Made in the USA, the D’Addario EJ53B string set is introduced in the market for baritone ukuleles.

The brand has used a silver-plated copper wound on nylon for the 3rd and 4th String commended by the 1st and 2nd strings crafted from black precision modified nylon. Besides, this setting applies to standard DGBE tuning.

The company has carefully designed each black nylon string for a glorious feel and unmatched tone with a warm, long acoustic tone.

Like other nylon strings, these Strings will take some time to expand and display their potential. The sound will leave you feeling like a full-blown acoustic guitar with lows, clear highs, and, after all, much less resonance.


  • Optimized for Baritone Ukuleles tuned.
  • Gauges: .028, .034, .w030, .w035.
  • Silver-Plated Copper Wound.
  • Pro-Arté Rectified Black nylon.

4. Aquila AQ-16 Nylon Ukulele Strings


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If your ukulele brings crappy strings, you can replace them with Aquila AQ-16 Nylon Strings. Indeed, these strings will change your cheap uke into a fantastic instrument.

The AQ-16 Low G string should suit most ukes with little to no nut slot adjustment. A regular high g string diameter remains 0.0273 inches. Also, the lower G of this wound is 0.0275 inches. It’s significant while changing your strings to low G.

The company has designed for a lovely play feel and a sweet tone like genuine gut strings. Besides, its composite material becomes capable of absorbing less moisture to ensure tuning stability.


  • Better sound than conventional nylon.
  • Low G for ukulele.
  • High-quality intonation and accuracy.
  • Comfortable feel to play.

5. GHS Nylon Ukulele Strings Set


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You are looking for a ukulele string set that provides a classic nylon feel with a pronounced yet sweet tone. So the GHS Nylon String Set is here for you.

Made for all players, from professionals to beginners, these strings have slightly lower tension for accurate strumming and picking. These classic-style strings will aid you in bringing out the enriched characteristics of your ukulele.

This GHS set comes with Clear Nylon for Standard Ukulele. These deliver a comfortable experience with a long-lasting bright tone while playing.


  • Clear Nylon Strings for Standard Ukulele.
  • Hawaiian D-Tuning: 022-028-032-022.
  • The sustainable tone for a long time.
  • Comfy feel.

Nylon Manufacturing

String production companies apply many types of nylon polymers to manufacture nylon strings. As a result, the ukulele sounds can change from brand to brand.

The extrusion is a process to produce the least expensive nylon strings where nylon monofilaments get made by joggling molten polymer through holes of a specific diameter.

Nylon performance and durability

Humidity can’t affect nylon, but you retune for temperature changes. Moreover, all nylon strings are prone to expand when they are new and require additional time for settling.

Giving the new strings more time to stretch is a better idea before adjusting the tone or fine-tuning your ukulele. For the warmer tone of conventional gut strings, the polymer formula is used to make some nylon strings to mimic the rounder.

D’Addario’s Nyltech strings are one of these polymers, built to provide the warmth of conventional gut strings for offering punch and tuning stability. The shape and diameter of clear nylon strings do not always become accurate owing to the inherent features of nylon and the processes used to construct it.

A string may have variations along its length, which are too small to notice. To manage it, string manufacturers have produced modified Strings that commence out as clean nylon and then get ground into specific shapes and sizes.

As a result, strings retain close endurances for dimensions along their length, improving tone and harmony. Anyway, the grinding process quits a textured surface on the String, different from the crisp, clean feel of clean nylon.

Black Nylon

Black nylon generally becomes attached with a mild, warm tone, low transparency, and articulation. These lower-tension strings might become a fantastic fit for newbies or those with low hand strength.

You should do a little experimenting to find decent strings for your ukulele. Even the best quality ukulele strings are not very expensive.

You should be capable of narrowing down the brands and strings you can use if you attempt different brands of string sets made for your uke type.


String tension means how many pounds of pressure a string exerts when tuned to pitch.

Low tension allows the string to move excessively and become “floppy.” Notes are easier to fret with low-tension strings.

Higher tension gives additional pressure on the soundboard, which makes it sound crisper but makes the strings hard to press down.

Many things affect tension, initially density and scale length. The ingredient the string is crafted from and the thickness also help density. It descends to mass. Indeed, more mass in the string means higher tension.

You should choose your tension depending on how you wish your ukulele to feel and sound. The lighter the strings are, the quieter and brighter they create the sound. Heavy Strings contain a thicker tone and become louder.

In terms of feel, tension impacts how hard you need to squeeze the strings on the frets and how simple it’s to be out of tune.

As the lighter string creates much vibration, you set up a higher action to accustom the wider ringing arc. On the other hand, if you place bulky ukulele strings on a ukulele, buzzing due to lower actions, you’ll notice that increased string tension cleanses the frets better, resulting in less buzz.

Why should you alter your ukulele strings?

If you have refrained from changing the stock strings on your ukulele, you should think of doing so. Here is a helpful text if you need help while altering your Strings.

We’ve noticed that most low-priced instruments have a few negative factors affecting the tone and conducting of the stock strings.

In general, manufacturers place less expensive strings. If you put Strings on 1 lakh ukuleles a year, each cent cost on Strings is reasonable.

It might become general for ukuleles to ship budget-quality Strings that don’t exhibit instrument sounds. These stock strings usually remain for months in the ukulele stores in storage before you receive them.

String set-up gets often done quickly in the factory by unskilled workers, over-wrapping the strings, and occasionally they do not lock them properly. It can lead to tuning problems and a continuously slipping uke.

Final Note

Each instrument responds differently to a similar string. What can sound better on one uke may not create a sound the same on another.

If you’ve ascertained your basic sound-independent string choices once, like tension and feel, you’ll become capable of suiting the sound of your ukulele, depending on the strings you’re to use.

Hopefully, our article will aid you in buying new strings, and you’ll enjoy an excellent time playing your instrument using them.

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