Best Tenor Ukulele in 2024: Reviews and Buying Guide

best tenor ukulele

You sometimes think of yourself as having no musical talent and incapable of what others can do. Therefore, if you wish to have something better and reveal it to others, the best tenor ukulele may become a better option to begin playing.

For unraveling, the toy-like look won’t make you fool. Indeed, the ukulele produces an excellent sound and becomes simple to learn. Consequently, others will solicit you to play at their events.

Now, you may always prioritize the tenor uke twice the size if you don’t opt for the conventional small-size ukuleles. In truth, it’s tedious and stressful to pick the best tenor uke from such a wide variety available on the market.

However, if you learn the prime things to test and a few of the best properties in the industry, you will accomplish them in no time. Most importantly, continue your reading, and you will learn where to begin and how to finish.

Top 6 Rated Tenor Ukuleles: Our Picks

Next, the best tenor ukulele reviews from the best ukulele brand below will aid you in learning about the properties you need.

1. RockJam Premium Tenor Ukulele

RockJam Premium Tenor

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You are looking for a ukulele to develop your playing skills. In this case, this tenor ukulele from RockJam is best. The reason is that the brand uses a cut-out design in this 26-inch instrument to ensure maximum playability.

The most crucial thing is that the RJUK-712T-N brings a sapele mahogany body. Indeed, the Sapele wood is suitable enough to be solid wearing, captivating on the eye, and creating a warm tone. Most importantly, it offers a premium feel in the end.

The RockJam adds Aquila strings, the first authentic synthetic gut strings in the world. Provenly, these sleek white strings provide a balanced and enriched tone with a loud projection.

Further, this tenor incorporates the metal gear-heads to make tuning effortless and more accurate. As a result, you can spend more time playing and less time tuning. In addition to those things, this RockJam uke includes plenty of accessories to make your playing activities effortless.


  • Superb for the price
  • Comfortable playability
  • Many accessories
  • Best uke under $100


  • Many remark its case is small

2. Lanikai Tenor Ukulele (ACST)

ACST Tenor Uke

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The ACST-T will aid you in taking your ukulele-playing experience to the next level. It also boasts a wide nut for increased player easement. In reality, it has features that enhance your play feel.

The ACST-T appears in a solid acacia top, delivering a full and rich tenor uke sound. Let your tones resonate with warmth and clarity as you play this delicacy.

You might relish comfortable playing with this model’s wide nut and slightly wider neck profile. Plus, the pompous walnut fingerboard ensures excellent response and an enjoyable playing feel while playing or showing your skills.

The ACST-T incorporates chrome strap buttons, providing safety and ease during your performance. Consequently, you might rest confidently and freely, thinking your instrument remains securely attached.


  • Made from acacia wood
  • Visually stunning
  • Surprising sound
  • Great playing experience


  • A bit expensive for many.

3. Ortega Guitars RU5CE-TE RU Tenor Ukulele

Ortega RU5CE-TE RU Tenor uke

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This tenor from Ortega is the product of the Bonfire Series ukulele, which has a spruce top, sapele back/sides, and a mahogany neck with an all-natural satin finish.

Also, the body characterizes a Venetian cutaway shape with an etched body top. The fretboard comes with a top-grade walnut. Moreover, the bridge affixes a high-end appearance with a sleek feel.

The RU5CE-TE RU uses a MagusUke preamp/pickup system. Besides, it has a built-in tuner to create an accurate tuning. All in all, volume and tone let you blend your sound effortlessly.

Overall, this Ortega performs perfectly with your needs. One of the frustrating things is that the brand does not include any accessories. But if the product is standard, you can avoid many things in this sense.


  • High-craftsmanship
  • Eye-catching design
  • Effortlessly playable


  • No extras

4. Diamond Head DU-200T Mahogany Tenor Uke

Diamond Head DU-200T Tenor Ukulele

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The DU-200T uke from Diamond might not be top-of-the-line, but it is better for what you are exploring. Honestly, we have no bar in mentioning that it’ll surprise you with its quality, considering the price point.

Above all, the DU-200T contains an excellent accent, making it a perfect playable instrument. Also, the brand has utilized a particular overall body shape to generate a loud and full-bodied sound.

The company puts the satin finish to reveal the mahogany color. Recognized, the combination of the body and mahogany neck keeps an impact to produce an explicit resonance and melody.

The weight of this model is 1.55 pounds, too low compared to other tenors. Consequently, while playing, you can easily handle it. Keeping this instrument in the accurate intonation becomes simple due to its quality gold-plated geared tuners.

We say that you can opt for it if you look for a lightweight tenor. Of course, it’ll aid you in improving your music career.


  • Decent instrument
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Highest performance considering the price


  • String substitution might be essential

5. Fender Dhani Harrison Tenor Ukulele

Fender Dhani Harrison

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The Fender Signature Series Ukulele is designed by Dhani Harrison, son of George Harrison. This model is a memory of Dhani’s father’s ukulele collection.

This lightweight and acoustic-electric tenor consists of ovangkol and is thin compared to other tenors. Also, it brings a resonant, clear, bright, and enriched tone. For the highest playability, this Dhani contains a comfy nato neck and fingerboard.

To confirm stability and tonality, Fender includes a genuine bone nut and saddle and open-back geared tuners. Besides, it comes with upgraded Fender electronics with a built-in tuner, which has made it an automatic choice for players.

This Dhani Harrison from Fender characterizes a stylish instrument with an iconic Fender headstock, Shive moon phase fretboard inlays, a tranquil turquoise stain, and a Shiva yantra engraved on the ukulele back.


  • Marked tops with adjusting 4-in-line Strat headstocks
  • Preamp system
  • Colorful design
  • A custom gig bag


  • No extra accessories

6. Luna Tattoo Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

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A tribute product to Hawaiian musicians is the Luna Tattoo Series of tenor ukuleles. It characterizes a classic appearance with a traditional uke sound.

As its name suggests, the uke design relies on popular Hawaiian uke body tattoos, especially the Hawaiian turtle design that is representative of endurance and effort.

This model also reflects the high quality of its construction. It uses a high-quality mahogany body and neck with a satin finish.

It has a walnut fretboard and bridge, offering a brilliant and airy melodious sound. In addition, it can produce a clean and warm resonant sound.

In addition to unparalleled ornamentation and extended durability, this premium item exudes oceanic flair. Unquestionably, it becomes the right choice for those needing excellent sound quality in an affordable tenor ukulele.


  • Mahogany build
  • A signature of longevity and endurance
  • A clear and resonant sound
  • Budget-friendly


  • Some mention it contains sharp ends

Why Do You Choose A Tenor Ukulele?

The neck of a tenor is a bit spacious, and its scale length is about 2 inches. It provides roomy space between the frets due to excess length. So, it becomes straightforward to fingerpick for the tenor. Consequently, the tenor is the best choice for players with big hands and fingers.

Additionally, the tenor sounds as deep and full of resonance as the bass tone. It produces a fantastic projection, making the volume a bit louder. So, higher volume preferable players also opt for it.

Buying Guide of the Best Tenor Ukulele

After all, depending on their size, the third largest among concert, soprano, and baritone ukuleles is the tenor. This large size offers your fingers plenty of room to handle.

But this size from the conventional size implies the sound will not vary much. It provides the same sweet, traditional sound at a loud volume for its size. So, while making a purchase, you need to keep some things in mind:

Wood Type: Solid Vs. Laminate in Tenor Ukulele

What about whether the ukulele is crafted from solid or laminated wood? They both have advantages and disadvantages:

  • The ukuleles made of solid wood are pricey compared to laminated ukuleles.
  • Laminate ukulele tops tend to be sturdier, preventing them from vibrating freely.
  • Lamination methods may lessen the tonal qualities of wood. For example, laminate mahogany tops are not capable of producing the same enriched sound as solid mahogany tops.
  • Laminated wood features less susceptible to mutation under weather conditions. It delivers more advantages over laminated ukes for durability and travel than those made of solid wood.
  • Solid wood ukes require more care to maintain. You need to confirm that you place them in a place with the correct humidity and temperature so as not to damage the wood.
  • Solid wood body ukuleles frequently have high-quality components (saddle, bridge, tuners).
  • With age, solid wood provides better sound. You can comfortably play a solid wood ukulele for hours on end.


Whether high or low-budget, ensure you’ve got the right ukulele accessories with better quality. Anyway, you need to spend more to get high-quality and advanced-level ukuleles.


Laminated instruments are inexpensive but deliver better safety against humidity and temperature, while solid wood ukes concentrate more on a robust and effective build. So, look for the type you require while buying. Further, the ukulele style should adapt to your style.


Q: Which Is Better Between The Tenor and The Soprano Ukulele?

A: In general, that being said, the soprano becomes suitable for casual play. Also, due to the portability, most travelers opt for soprano ukes. But an enormous factor for tenor is that it is a better option for organized play on stage or at home.

Q: Who are the Best-Suited players For Use In the Tenor Ukulele?

A: The tenor ukuleles are large. So due to the comfortable feel, large-hand musicians use them. But the choice is a personal matter in the end.

Q: Is a tenor ukulele best for beginners?

A: In truth, playing tenor, soprano, and concert ukuleles is the same. So, mastering playing the ukulele on the tenor model is not too troublesome. Most importantly, the tenor ukulele’s fretboard is spacious, offering more comfort and ease of movement. So beginners can also prefer it.


Whatever you try with the wrong ukulele, you’ll not find the tone you want. So you’ll enjoy it as you try the right one.

Our reviews will help you find the suitable one that will satisfy not only your heart but also others around you.

Therefore, know the features that suit your needs. As a result, you will possess the best one after this cautious purchase.

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