Best Tenor Ukulele in 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

best tenor ukulele

Do you sometimes feel that you have no talent and cannot even do half the things other people can? So, if you want to get something to be good at and show it off to your friends, starting to play the best tenor ukulele is a great option. To clarify, don’t let the toy-like appearance fool you. The ukuleles produce sounds so good and are so easy to master. As a result, your friends will be requesting you to play at their events.

Now, if you do not like the traditional small-sized ukuleles, you can always go to the tenor ukulele that is double the size. However, choosing the best tenor ukes from such a wide variety available in the market is both stressful and exhausting. But, if you know the key things to check and the few of the best features in the industry, you will get it done in no time. Most importantly, keep reading and, you will know where to start and how to end.

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Top 9 Rated Tenor Ukuleles: Our Picks

Product Name Price
1. Lanikai Tenor Ukulele (MALIBU) Check Price
2. Oscar Schmidt 4-String Tenor Ukulele Check Price
3. Ukulele Tenor Size Bundle from Lohanu (LU-T) Check Price
4. Donner Tenor Ukulele DUT-1 26 inch Ukulele Kit Check Price
5. Tenor Ukulele Bundle, Deluxe Series by Hola! Music Check Price
6. Kala KA-RES-BRS Tenor Resonator Ukulele Check Price
7. Kala KA-TG Glossed Tenor Ukulele Bundle Check Price
8. Enya EUT-M6 Cutaway Tenor Ukulele Check Price
9. Martin Smith Tenor Ukulele Starter Kit Check Price

After that, reviews of the nine best tenor ukuleles of the best ukulele brands given below will help you know about the features you need.

1. Lanikai Tenor Ukulele (MALIBU).

lanikai tenor ukulele

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If you are looking for the best-sounding ukulele that has high quality and durability for the greater size of a tenor, the Lanikai tenor ukulele might be the one. The best feature of it? Most importantly, the Hawaiian experts with hands build it in Hawaii. In other words, everything about this ukulele screams Hawaii and its traditional ukulele quality at a bigger size of 26 inches.

However, made of Koa wood and solid wood, this tenor ukulele does not just confirm the great sound and tone but also the durability. Moreover, the fretboard is of premium rosewood, which will provide you with the smoothest platform your fingers wander on. To clarify, it has a hand-rubbed oil and wax finish, which speaks of the intensive Hawaiian touch it has.


  • Hand-made by expert Hawaiian luthiers
  • Quality builds with Koa wood
  • The best tenor ukulele under 1000 dollars
  • Solid build
  • Unique and appealing look


  • It does not include any accessories

2. Oscar Schmidt 4-String Tenor Ukulele.

Oscar Schmidt Tenor Ukulele

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Do your friends ask about a unique-looking ukulele? Of course, Oscar Schmidt should help you gain fame. After that, it is also a good tenor ukulele under 300 dollars that you will get. Built with mahogany or Koya, this ukulele stereotype breaks down and excels its splattered mango with top, back and sides.

It will amaze you with the sound quality it provides with the material it uses. Moreover, synthetic bone nut and saddle accompany it to keep the Aquila Nylgut strings in place. Besides, Deluxe Grover Chrome Tuners with ebony buttons keep it tuned as well.


  • Spalted mango build delights the customers with its sound quality
  • Precise build
  • Great tone
  • Best tenor ukulele under 300 dollars
  • Robust tuning features
  • It comes with a nice case


  • It does not include enough accessories for the price

3. Ukulele Tenor Size Bundle from Lohanu (LU-T).


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If you are just a beginner and want a ukulele that can stand your rough, inexperienced hands, then this would be a great choice. Made of Sapele/mahogany top, back, and sides, this ukulele gives you a sound that you don’t expect at such a price. On the other hand, the sound is not just loud, but space is generous for big hands as well. It even features an arched back design to enhance sound quality.

The rosewood fingerboard also gives you an easier beginner time. It comes with pre-installed Aquila strings and chrome dies cast tuners to save you from the worry of tuning. Moreover, the handmade ABS binding gives it a great look. In addition to these, it offers you everything you can ask for as a beginner at a price you won’t regret paying.


  • Design (arched back) that enhances sound quality
  • Pre-installed strap buttons
  • Free accessories- Accurate tuner with battery, padded bag, polyester strap, two picks, pick holder with a sticker, extra set of strings included
  • Appealing look
  • Reasonable price
  • The best ukulele under $100


  • Not the best build quality

4. Donner Tenor Ukulele Mahogany Body DUT-1 26 inch Ukulele Kit.

donner tenor ukulele

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Many people want to choose the Tenor Ukulele. But they feel worried to purchase due to the high prices. That’s to say that the Donner DUT-1 Tenor Ukulele Kit eliminates all worries by giving an affordable and high-quality ukulele. With a mahogany body, it does not provide the best quality sound but a loud and ok sound for the price. However, the Rosewood Bridge and fingerboard should make playing as comfortable as it can get.

The Carbon Nylon strings that come with it assure you of the string quality. Moreover, the Donner Patented chrome-plated guitar-style tuner makes your tuning smooth, easy, and compatible. The 18 marked brass frets make playing easier for beginners.


  • Great quality strings
  • Accurate and efficient tuner
  • Polished, spacious, and marked frets
  • Well-built with traditional materials
  • Includes lots of accessories like a bag, ukulele strap, an extra set of carbon nylon strings, and a digital clip-on tuner


  • The sound quality could be better

5. Tenor Ukulele Bundle, Deluxe Series by Hola! Music (Model HM-127MG+).

hola tenor ukulele

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It is another ukulele for beginners as it not only ensures entry-level quality but also saves cost by offering accessories generously. With the long-term reputation of producing high-quality ukuleles, you should gain confidence in the quality of this brand. As for the sound, the mahogany body with a Nato neck provides the traditional, rich, and mid-range sound that you expect from ukuleles.

There is a rosewood fingerboard to aid your fingers. Moreover, the premium Italian Aquila Strings with the high precision die-cast machine heads chrome plated and black rubber pegs, assure tuning ease. Besides, the laser-engraved rosette with white bindings finally gives this ukulele a look you cannot resist.


  • Well-built
  • Traditional design and look
  • Pleasant sound
  • Includes necessary accessories like the Aquila Nylgut Strings installed, padded gig bag, strap, and picks
  • Great value for the price


  • Tuners may not be efficient enough

6. Kala KA-RES-BRS Tenor Resonator Ukulele – Brass Cover.


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Want to get yourself seen and your ukulele heard? After that, the Kala tenor resonator ukulele should make the job easier for you. Whether you are a terrific musician or a great one, this ukulele will turn your head around with its loud and high-quality sound. Because the Kala Resonator Uke includes a lightweight aluminum resonator cone crafted into a figured that enhances sound volume.

Besides, its mahogany body makes it a natural ukulele. So, as much as the sound resonates, it creates a distinctive voice. Moreover, the rosewood fingerboard also allows easy playability. In short, it is a tenor ukulele under $500 that you are finding.


  • A good quality resonator attached
  • Great intonation
  • Decent build quality
  • The best tenor ukulele under $500
  • Great design and look


  • It does not include accessories

7. Kala KA-TG Glossed Mahogany Tenor Ukulele Bundle.

Kala KA-TG

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It is the second time Kala has made it to our list, and this time we’ve included a tenor ukulele for under $200. The Kala KA-TG is a ukulele that will provide you with not only the entry-level quality but the many accessories you need to assist. Moreover, you won’t regret the price you pay for the accessories as it’s quite negligible, and there will be no guilt for not being the best musician with such a great ukulele.

The ukulele features a traditional mahogany body and neck that assures you of the best intonation in this price range. Moreover, a walnut fingerboard should make things smooth for you. Likewise, the high-gloss finish with the cream binding gives this ukulele an elegant look that will make people stare at it a little longer.


  • The best tenor ukulele under $200
  • Around 27-inch length can accommodate bigger hands comfortably
  • The bundle includes useful accessories like- gig bag, tuner, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, and polishing cloth
  • Great intonation
  • Traditional, high-quality build.
  • Great looks
  • Aquila Nylgut strings included
  • Stays in tune


  • Needs some set-up
  • Lots of complaints about the case quality

8. Enya EUT-M6 Cutaway Tenor Ukulele


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For the perfect structure and great appearance among the tenor ukuleles, we add the Enya EUT-M6 Cutaway Uke to the list. Due to its easy carrying and high-quality strings, you can play it whenever and wherever you want. In short, it is suitable for beginners, professionals, and all ukulele lovers.

The Enya EUT-M6 includes a pearl shell and mahogany design on the top of the fingerboard. Besides, its 3A solid mahogany top, back, and sides with a high gloss finish make for a clean and harmonious sound. As a result, this model has gained popularity among a large number of players.

Moreover, this uke provides a gig bag for transportation at the time of purchasing. This 26inch ukulele brings a brighter sound. Consequently, it is perfect for solo playing. That’s to say, suitable for the players who find the best ukulele under $300.


  • Stay tuned for a long time
  • A full body sound
  • Suitable for live performances


  • No extra accessories

9. Martin Smith Tenor Ukulele Starter Kit


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As a result of Martin Smith’s many years of experiment and hard labor, the Martin Smith Ukulele Starter Kit comprises everything you need to go from being an educator to becoming a professional. Martin Smith has manufactured this instrument without compromising on quality so that the journey of a musician lasts for a long time. Besides, furnished with Aquila strings, this instrument produces a warm and soft sound and further lengthens their melody.

Typically, this model of Martin Smith delivers a superb sound because it includes the quality strings, Sapele wood body, and metal gear heads. It is very vital to stay in tune, irrespective of your playing skills. Therefore, the craftsmen have included a great tuner that pays a straightforward, quick, exact, and handy tuning method out of the box.

Moreover, the kit offers a padded gig bag, strap, spare strings, cleaning cloth, and online lessons.


  • Built with high-quality materials
  • Offers an excellent tuner
  • Delivers a warm and soft sound
  • Free online lessons


  • The sharp frets

Why choose a tenor ukulele?

The scale length of a tenor is about 2-inches, and its neck is a bit wide. Due to the extra length, it has ample space between the frets. So, fingerpicking for the tenor becomes easier. As a result, players with big hands and fingers mostly prefer tenor-sizes.

tenor uke

The tenor size produces a deep, full sound with a resonant, almost bass tone. It creates a better projection that makes the volume a bit louder. So, the player who prefers higher volume chooses it.

Best Tenor Ukulele Buying Guide

Above all, tenor ukuleles are the third largest among the concert, soprano, and baritone ukuleles based on their size. The larger size gives your fingers ample space to maneuver on. However, the off-road size from the traditional size does not mean the sound will change too. It delivers the same sweet, traditional sound at a louder volume thanks to its size. So, here are some of the things you should keep in mind while buying one:

Tenor Ukulele buying Guide

Wood Type: Laminate vs. Solid in Tenor Ukulele

Whether the ukulele is made of solid or laminated wood, what about it? Both of them contain advantages and disadvantages:

  • Solid woods make ukuleles expensive compared to laminated ukes. So, laminated ukes are cheap, but the solid tenor ukuleles are costly.
  • The tops of the laminate ukulele seem to be stiff, hindering them from vibrating freely.
  • The lamination procedure can reduce the tonal qualities of the wood. Laminate mahogany tops can’t generate the same rich sound as solid mahogany tops.
  • Laminated wood becomes less sensitive to mutations in weather conditions. It offers more benefits laminated ukes for durability and travel in comparison with those made of solid wood.
  • More care is needed to maintain solid wood ukes. You have to ensure that you have kept them in a place with proper humidity and temperature so that the wood does not get damaged.
  • Solid hardwood body ukulele often contains high-quality material (saddle, bridge, tuners).
  • Solid wood delivers a more advanced sound with age. You can play the hardwood ukulele for hours effortless with comfort.


Whatever your budget, make sure you get the right ukulele accessories and the right-quality ukulele. However, you will get higher-quality and an advanced level ukulele at higher prices.

The Design:

Laminated ukuleles are cheaper but provide better protection against humidity and temperature, whereas solid ukuleles focus more on a sturdy and efficient build. Therefore, find out the type you need before buying. Moreover, the ukulele style should fit your style.


Q: Who is best suited for use in Tenor Ukulele?

Tenor ukuleles are elongated in size. So, large-handed players use these as they feel comfortable. Besides, they become popular among people who sometimes prefer to play or perform solo because it provides more frequencies and makes listening more satisfying. However, in general, it is a personal choice.

Q: Is a tenor ukulele best for beginners?

Since the same technique is applied to play the tenor, soprano, and concert ukulele, then there is not much difficulty in learning to play the ukulele in the tenor model. Most importantly, the fretboard of the Tenor Ukulele is more spacious, providing more comfort and ease of movement. Tenor ukuleles may be excellent for beginners who desire to play the ukulele primarily and go to the next higher level.

Q: How is the sound of the tenor ukulele different from other types?

The tenor uke is a comparatively large size, producing a full and enriched sound with almost a bassy tone. Moreover, the sound projection is better than other types, which delivers a louder volume.

Q: Which is better between the Soprano or Tenor ukulele?

Soprano Vs Tenor Ukulele

In general, it can be said that Soprano Ukuleles are suitable for casual play, as well as most people who come to the beach with ukulele use Soprano Uke due to their portability. On the other hand, there is a large factor for tenor ukes that are well-suited for organized play on stage or at home.


With the wrong ukulele, no matter how strategically hard you try, you will not get the desired melody. However, with the perfect one, you will be getting invitations to play soon after you start. Our best tenor ukulele guide should help you find that perfect one, which will not only soothe your soul but that of others around you. Therefore, know the features that suit you best and also the cons that you want to avoid. Consequently, after this careful purchase, you will surely have the best ukulele in your hand.

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