Best Hawaiian Ukulele Reviews in 2023

Best Hawaiian Ukulele

A ukulele is traditionally a Hawaiian instrument. But there are some things to face when determining which uke is standard. You will notice varied woods, craftsmanship, shapes, and styles, and every variation generates a circling from the uke’s heritage. So what separates the traditionally best Hawaiian ukulele from the remaining?

We’ve amassed some of the best Hawaiian ukes to bring in front of you. Now, see the lists below and pick the one for yourself.

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Kanilea Hawaiian Koa Concert Ukulele

Best Hawaiian Ukuleles
  • A pure musical instrument made in Hawaii
  • Constructed with prominent Koa wood
  • Hawaiian flavor sounds and tones
  • Replete craftsmanship with a high gloss UV finish
  • Deluxe Oahu case and humidifier included

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Top 6 Best Hawaiian Ukuleles in Hawaii

Product Name Price
1. Lanikai MASC Uke Check Price
2. Islander MAT-4 Hawaii Uke Check Price
3. Lanikai MAS Soprano Uke Check Price
4. Islander SAC-4 Concert Uke Check Price
5. Kanilea Honu Premium Koa Concert Uke Check Price
6. KoAloha KCM-00 Concert Uke of Hawaii Check Price

1. Lanikai MASC Hawaiian Ukulele

Best Hawaiian Uke

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Lanikai always brings products for players who need reliability, playability, and style. Indeed, musicians emphasize using the Lanikai Ukulele MASC due to its melody and playability.

This Hawaii Ukulele becomes compatible with intermediate players and remains a few moves above all entry-level ukes. It holds a solid mahogany body with a gloss finish, appearing to be pricey compared to the actual price paid. You can customize it to make the low action.

The thing you will like most is that the neck is wide enough to give you more space among the strings. Also, the brand ensures tuning accuracy by providing deluxe Grover Chrome open-back tuners. The headstock used is light for the ease of musicians.

The MASC utilizes a well-responsive walnut fingerboard for your chording. Additionally, the NuBone nut and saddle deliver tonal support to the body. It includes a nice foam semi-hard case.


  • Pure Hawaiian construction
  • Lower action
  • Spacious neck
  • Improved tone with sustain and projection


  • It sounds a little weak
    with the stock high-G

2. Islander MAT-4 Hawaii Ukulele

Hawaiian Ukuleles

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Islander is one of the Hawaiian ukulele makers, building aesthetic instruments. This manufacturer meets the gap accurately where customers can’t cost more for possessing a perfect uke.

The MAT-4 comes with properties that fulfill the demand of elegant musicians, for sure. The spalted maple top, back, and sides go well for a long time with durability. Also, the Satin finish adds a new dimension to enhance its beauty.

Moreover, the combination of Okoume neck, walnut fingerboard, and bridge performs well their job to produce a crisp, tuneful sound and tone. It contains a 1.5-inch nut, sufficient to confirm ease on the fretboard.

The company has placed Aquila nylon strings, famous as smooth strings for fingers. The Diecast chrome machine head tuners allow you to produce a bright melody with stability.

You may require around $280 to have it, which seems a bit high to many, but the quality also needs to be regarded.


  • Dexterous craftsmanship
  • Stunning design
  • Good action with long-lasting
  • High-standard voice and tone


  • No extra ladings

3. Lanikai MAS Hawaiian Soprano Ukulele


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Are you exploring an authentic Hawaiian ukulele as a beginner? Well, this instrument from Lanikai is prepared to go with you, especially for getting started players. Essentially, its dynamic new features will make you charmed.

You want to begin but are not interested in spending more money. In this case, it is perfect for you because it delivers a sweet tone compared to others in this price range. Besides, it will last for a long time with Mahagony construction.

You will enjoy sleek action and flawless tuning due to the use of a standard tuner. Further, there is no problem with comfort because it comes with a light headstock. In the issue of safety, the Chrome strap buttons used have solved the issue.

The NuBone XB nut and saddle maximize sustainability and assure the best tone. Furthermore, the manufacturer has attached a wide comfy neck, letting you be more pleasure while playing.


  • Traditional appearance
  • Holding good tone
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Simple to play


  • No accessories

4. Islander SAC-4 Hawaiian Concert Ukulele


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We are presenting a ukulele, a bit expensive for many, but the features are outstanding. Its performance and hardness are praiseworthy, no doubt. In effect, we’re saying about the model from Islander.

This model is crafted from solid Asian Acacia on the top, back, and sides. Like Koa, Acacia holds a pure and balanced melody, turning into the brighter side. Moreover, this wood-constructed instrument type is perfect enough to use for a long time.

We have to say that the more you play it, the fuller and bright it will be day by day. The most notable thing is that it tends to be wider than a normal one. Perhaps, the most attractive thing about this device is the fretboard, of course.

The SAC-4 brings 1.5 inches or 38mm at the nut, absolutely a doddle to place your fingers in the right way. While assembling all those widths with its very slinky neck profile, you feel very simple to play the instrument.


  • Stiff body structure
  • Appreciable sound and tone
  • Natural design and color
  • Best in the quality


  • Somewhat expensive

5. Kanilea Honu Premium Hawaiian Koa Concert Ukulele


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Now, we’re going to review an instrument that has come from one of the best Hawaiian ukulele brands. It is the Kanilea brand, which is an expert in producing from standard to professional-grade musical instruments.

The brand keeps an individual touch in each ukulele, handcrafted utilizing the utmost category, well-seasoned wood, and scaled to manufacture a perfect intonation. Indeed, the HNS C Premium also contains those properties.

This model consists of glaring premium Curly Koa wood, altering with each varied reflection because of the mirror’s high-shiny UV finish. Besides, it comprises the Kanilea TRU bracing system, a charming melody with richness.

This koa wood uke includes abalone honu Inlays and tortoise top binding, making it more captivating. Moreover, you will get a deluxe Oahu case and humidifier with a warranty while buying.


  • Glorious koa wood built
  • Guarantee of longevity
  • Exceptional design
  • High-class tone and sound


  • Expensive without accessories

6. KoAloha KCM-00 Concert Ukulele of Hawaii


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If you crave truly authentic tones, KoAloha has brought to market for you, featuring Hawaiian uke for sale. In truth, you can enjoy the warmth and punchy tone of the Koa with their unique bracing system.

The solid mahogany neck has made it durable to avoid breaking quickly. Additionally, its deluxe friction tuners with nylon bushings characterize sleek and simple to tune. Once you play, you’ll understand what it’s like to listen to a complete professional uke.

One of the most exciting inclusions is that it offers a hard shell canvas case, an exceptional inclusion compared to others. The case protects the instrument from being damaged by moisture and wood movement.


  • Robust body structure
  • Resonant sound and tone
  • Stunning performance
  • A hardshell canvas Case added


  • No more accessories without a case

Originating of the Hawaiian Ukulele

The Hawaiian ukuleles might seem to be a small type of guitar, well-noted as Hawaiian instruments.

Presumably, in 1879, in Hawaii, this instrument was launched. The settlers from the Portuguese city of Madeira did it. They fetched with them a small guitar named “Braguinha.”

Jose Do Espirito Santo (who previously possessed knowledge of making braguinha), Augusto Dias, and Manuel Nunes three came from Portugal and settled in Hawaii.

Later, Espirito Santo, Dias, and Nunes began to manufacture instances for the local store. Thus, the Hawaiian uke came at its birth because the instrument was transfigured according to the taste of the local musical instrument.

The Hawaiian king Kalākaua indulged the uke as an instrument. After that, he acclimatized the uke into the traditional hula dance performances.

Several usual stories are found about how the name ‘Ukulele’ has come, meaning “jumping flea.”

There was a small, vivid musician known as Edward Purvis, popular in Kalākaua court, and his actual name was “Uku lele.” There are tales that the instrument’s name is derived from those person names.

Besides, fast musician actions while playing might probably make you remind of the Hawaiians jumping fleas.

Further, the name might carry a changed version of ‘Ukeke’ for the face bow, formerly the only stringed instrument in Hawaii.

Ukuleles Made In Hawaii

Several of the best ukuleles made in Hawaii are available on the market for your purchase. But, the problem is that their stock runs out rapidly. Remarkably, they are too much costly.

There are some best Hawaiian ukulele brands. These are Ko’olau, Kamaka, Kanile’a, and KoAloha, popularly named 4 K’s.

Kanile’a Uke familiarizes as the sister company of Islander Ukulele and has a specialty to produce standard to professional category musical instruments.

Apart from these, Lanikai is another brand, possibly well-known and popular among all Hawaiian brands. People prefer their instruments due to their easy availability and reasonable prices.

Features of the Hawaiian Ukulele

Honestly, a Hawaiian uke features handmade instruments in Hawaii and is crafted from the wood that grows and cuts in Hawaii.

Handmade implies that a person uses his hands and the power tools skillfully to build most parts. It lets manufacturers keep accountability for every wood feature and provides a personal touch to create the most refined tones.

Koa is the most common wood to construct a Hawaiian instrument. But, there are other local woods used too. They are milo, mango, ʻohiʻa, or Kamani.


People think of playing and purchasing a uke for many reasons. But the most significant thing they don’t regard is that they will bring happiness to life. The fact is that life sometimes becomes difficult, and you require relief from those pressures.

If you want to start your uke journey, you can take one from the lists of the best Hawaiian ukuleles considering your skills. Okay, enjoy your days!

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