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Best Koa Ukulele

You are considering buying a ukulele that has durability, high-quality sound, captivating design, and glossy finish features. After much deliberation, you have decided to buy the best koa ukulele made in Hawaii. The reason is that the koa is the best tonewood for a ukulele, according to many uke experts.

Choosing the right one among the many products on the market may seem like a daunting task for many. So, we have compiled some of the best koa wood ukuleles to make your pick hassleless here.

We don’t talk anymore. Let’s take a look at koa-made ukuleles.

Top 6 Best Koa Wood Ukuleles Made in Hawaii

1. Deviser Concert Solid Koa Ukulele


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We have appeared with another mid-size uke of a top brand, again. Honestly, a music lover can start his musical journey with this solid Koa concert ukulele if he wishes. Let’s show you through a review what benefits this device has.

You will have no question about durability because the Koa-made top, back, and side of this device guarantee it. Pearl inlay, high-gloss finish, and candy can binding give it a stunning look, making charmed beauty lovers.

You can desire the best playing feel from this instrument, right? Well, the manufacturer uses carbon nylon strings to meet your demand. Besides, these strings produce loud-bright sounds alongside stiff and generally durable materials compared to traditional nylon strings.

Moreover, thinking of affordability for the customers, it comes with a strap, polishing cloth, a digital tuner with a battery to do smooth tuning, and a padded gig bag to carry. So, you can pick it to improve your skills.


  • Fantastic & unique for beginners
  • Thin body to travel
  • Sturdy build
  • Ease for playing


  • A little thin voice in the eyes of
    some critics

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Cordoba 28C Hawaiian Koa Concert Ukulele

Cordoba 28C Koa Concert

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2. Kala KA-KTG Tenor Hawaiian Ukulele – Best Koa Tenor Ukulele


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This time about the koa wood tenor ukulele, Kala has designed its Hawaiian origins in mind. We are bringing to the Kala KA-KTG that consists of using Hawaiian koa.

Its soundboard is originally fabricated from Hawaiian koa resulting in mid-range sounds, expanding up to the upper-midrange in tenor features. It has a glossy finish, doubling the beauty of this Kala koa ukulele.

Furthermore, the mahogany neck reduces the loud noise that koa can generate sometimes. Above all, you will enjoy a balanced, concentrated melody with a tradition while playing ukulele koa tenor.

Complementing that makes a relaxed sound, you can feel equally playable comfort. The Pau Ferro fingerboard creates a melody like rosewood, providing a home-like experience. It is suitable enough to amplify the tone manufactured by the koa and mahogany blend.

This ukulele koa tenor has included the GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle to confirm your uninterrupted playing experience. Besides, its chords can resonate without echoes or buzzes. Most importantly, this uke will deliver a semblance of the original uke tone, unquestionably.


  • Highly gloss finish
  • Hawaiian koa body
  • An unrivaled mix of mahogany and koa tones
  • Easily carriable


  • Supreme string action

3. Martin C1K Hawaiian Koa Wood Ukulele – Best Koa Concert Ukulele


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When we think of a quality uke, the Hawaiian Koa Ukulele comes to our mind first. Martin has brought the C1K to the market using the Koa wood body and Sipo wood fretboard, featuring an excellent tonewood.

The company designs it using the satin finish, compatible with this wood type. This concert uke will never lose its glow by rubbing a cloth. It looks surprisingly excellent with impressive sound.

Also, the body of the instrument produces deep, luscious notes. It has beautifully paralleled strings, and they are tied compactly in their grooves.

It is disappointing to ceaselessly tune an instrument. Fortunately, there is no problem in this field for the Martin C1K. If you can tune it once, it will sustain for some time.

One premium reason to buy it is that its price range is relatively low compared to other koa concert ukuleles. So, if you pay for this craftsmanship, it will not make you frustrated.


  • Comprised of koa wood
  • Soft and pleasing tones
  • Best for staying in tune for a while
  • Simple for playing


  • More expensive than
    fundamental ukuleles

4. Luna High Tide Koa Concert Electric Ukulele


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Luna is always careful to keep its reputation by producing good-looking and easily playable instruments. The materials used in this uke interpret why we have placed it on our list despite being pricey. We consider that it looks captivating because of having the abalone ring around the soundhole.

There is an inbuilt electrics benefit. That means you can expand your play by plugging it into an amplifier or a PA system. Another amenity is that it is worthy of recording and live performances.

Luna’s High-Tide utilizes Koa Hawaiian wood, making sure of a bright tone. Overall, this electric uke deserves a very complete and well-rounded melody. Besides, the mahogany neck and walnut fretboard play a vital role in making your performance simple.

What is more, the cutaway body uke design lets you play at the higher frets for solos and riffs. Maybe, it does not come as a complete pack with accessories but offers a gig.


  • Equipped in a satin finish
  • Offers inbuilt electronics
  • Highest style and quality
  • A gig bag included


  • Not ideal for larger hands due to
    a bit slim neck

5. Cordoba 28T Hawaiian Koa Ukulele Tenor


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Many people opt for the tone of koa wood. Indeed, this koa uke from Cordoba will provide the original flavor of the cheerful sound with a classic look. It can be worthy of consideration for its quality.

The 28T is constructed with conventional tonewood koa for a bubbly, joyous sound. For brightness and clarity, ukulele players respect Hawaiian Koa. In that continuity, this koa uke discloses a resonant tone with more playing.

This model comprises a unique and flair-slotted headstock that gives it an exceptional mood compared to others while playing. The Pau Ferro fingerboard is adapted well to the koa wood due to its bright tone.

This uke from Cordoba has an abalone rosette that exaggerates its beauty. You will get a C-shaped neck crafted from mahogany. This neck supports you to play it simply.


  • Well-structure with koa wood
  • Brilliant sound with a conventional vibe
  • Natural design
  • Lightweight


  • Not beginner-friendly

6. Enya EUT-X2K EQ Solid Koa Ukulele


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Enya always supplies an enriched and professional instrument for players, exploring high-quality and good-looking products. This uke from Enya comes with durability and performance, surprisingly.

This HPL koa-built instrument features a stylish texture with a crisp sound. It works well on waterproofing, corrosion-proofing, and sustainability with environment-friendly.

The company has included a fretboard with care using mother-of-pearl lily flower inlay. It allows you to perform comfortably. Everything can seem an exceptional feel.

This model has used a classical headstock that makes your playing more enjoyable, sure. It delivers a clear and harmonious, warm, and bright sound. You will be charmed if you buy it.

The most vital thing is that it offers a complete set of free accessories. If you want to start playing for the first time, those will be more helpful for you, no doubt.


  • All-solid concert ukulele
  • The conspicuous and melodious sound
  • Corrosion-proof and wear-proof
  • Necessary accessories included


  • Sharp sound

What is the Difference between Acacia vs. Koa Ukulele?

The Two Wood

You should know that acacia and koa wood are very close to each other. Indeed, acacia remains the same family as koa. So, while purchasing an acacia wood ukulele, you will notice it is named “koa acacia.” You will find about 1300 different types of acacia wood.

  • Acacia: It means hardwood collected from trees 60 to 100 feet tall in Australia and Hawaii. In tropical and temperate weather, it grows up as a thorny shrub. Smaller types of acacia are not commonly used as a wood source. Australian Blackwood is available more compared to acacia wood. It is utilized to make guitars and ukuleles.
  • Koa wood: it, On the contrary, is only available in Hawaii. Koa implies “warrior” and has been used as a weapon of war for generations. Hopefully, the Hawaiian natives and government have remained very careful about conservation. So, you will see that more Koa are available than ever before, fortunately. In truth, KOA is regarded as a protected and valuable tree species for the island of Hawaii. Consequently, musical instruments made of Koa require more cost compared to other species of wood.

Therefore, creative ukulele makers began to manufacture ukes with wood originating from the Koa family, but they are not authentic Koa wood. And it is where the issue of acacia wood arises. It is found much more plentiful and at the same time cheaper at cost. Since it originated from the same species as Koa wood, it features the same style and sound. Even then, differences can be noticed if you play the instrument backward through the sensitive ear.


So, how would the difference in sound between the two types of wood be? Okay, acacia wood ukuleles feature a more treble and compact sound. In reverse, solid Hawaiian koa wood veneers retain depth, while acacia wood veneers are lacking. Indeed, a Koa uke holds a fulfilled, profound sound compared to an acacia wood ukulele.

You have to hear for yourself to understand the comparison of the sound difference. The reason is that preference always depends on the matter of personality. You might also have your self-style. So, you can prefer the sound of the acacia wood ukulele too.

You can watch the video below if you are curious about comparing a detailed sound and appearance between two different types of ukuleles.


We have already talked about sound and appearance somewhat. Now, let’s see the price for each of these instruments. Honestly, affordability probably becomes one’s key consideration while purchasing something. As already mentioned before, KOA wood is pricer than other kinds of wood used for ukuleles due to its being native only to Hawaii’s wood.

Even though you could find some acacia wood ukuleles at a high price, Koa becomes the cream of the crop in the case of a ukulele, sure. So, you need to spend a lot of money on a genuine Hawaiian koa wood ukulele.

Koa or acacia ukulele: which one?

You know more about acacia vs. koa uke construction now. So, how do you decide which instrument you ought to buy? Ultimately, it will rely on what you want. Rightly, both are marvelous. An Acacia uke is a little more expensive than just the koa, nothing more.

Final Thought, the best koa ukulele

We’ve put together some of the best koa ukuleles for you above. Hopefully, this article will help you choose the right one for your needs. But, before buying one, decide which model will be suitable for you, okay?

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