Best Concert Ukulele 2024: Reviews and Tips to Pick

Best Concert Ukulele

Maybe you’re exploring the best concert ukulele. Do not look ahead! Honestly, we’ve conducted research activities and experimented with different options to aid you in making a knowledgeable decision.

According to our research program, we have concluded that a concert ukulele is more popular with everyone regardless of seasoned and limited musical training players.

Our research considers factors such as durability, playability, sound quality, and aesthetics alongside customer reviews.

We’ve compiled some concert ukes below so players of all levels can choose one. So, continue reading to check one out for yourself.

Top 6 Rated Concert Ukuleles: Our Choice

After that, let’s introduce you to the best concert ukulele brands for professionals, intermediate, and beginners:

1. Martin C1K Concert Ukulele – Best for Professionals

martin C1K concert ukulele

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It is tough for me to figure out from where I begin reviewing this concert ukulele. But, you have already seen from the title that it is the ukulele of Martin. So, it is how quality the ukulele will be. When you play it, the manufacturers believe that its sound should resonate like from the high waters of the Ocean.

Indeed, the ambiance of the Hawaiian ukulele is materialized in the aesthetics of the Luna Tattoo. Yet, the brand manifests it in the summary of Martin C1K. Crafted from authentic Hawaiian Hawaiian Koa, this exotic tonewood offers mid-range ukulele sounds for professionals.

The brand has opted for a Sipo fingerboard for this concert ukulele. Needless to say, its satin finish will impress you. The nickel-plated tuners give you unique feelings to play it. Its sound and intonation make the music environment obsessive.

The most additional feature is that this model is left-friendly. If you are a leftist, all you need to do is inverse the string command. This concert ukulele brings an anti-cut and durable pre-installed set of high-quality silver-plated nylon strings.


  • Balanced sound and tone
  • Fit for both left and right-handed players
  • Long-lasting tuning machines
  • Gig Bag attached


  • Excessive pricey

2. Luna Tattoo Concert Ukulele – Popular Choice

Luna Tattoo concert uke

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Fabricated from satin-finished mahogany, this model from Luna provides a fantastic, reasonable-budget appearance and experience with an entire-size concert body.

Also, Luna equips it with a rosewood fretboard and bridge, a trustworthy open-gear tuning machine, and graphite nuts for a crunchy, enriched sound. To avoid a storage hassle, it also offers a fundamental gig bag.

The brand reinforces it using a solid C-shaped neck, including a rosewood fretboard and 18 frets, pronounced by mother-of-pearl inlays formed like shark teeth.

Further, this concert model uses open-gear tuning machines with pearloid buttons, which are dependable and responsive. On the other hand, to add stability, it includes rosewood bridges and graphite nuts.

For the price, this uke delivers a fantastic sound, which echoes through the mahogany. While it’s quiet compared to other models on the market, it becomes suitable for practice or small performances.


  • Unparalleled design
  • Exuberant sound
  • Price in reach


  • Tranquil compared to others

3. AKLOT AKC23 Concert Ukulele- Best for affordability


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For beginning to play, Aklot incorporates everything you require in this instrument. For instance, from a gig bag to a ukulele strap, online lessons, and picks, you are receiving much compared to others at this price.

Crafted entirely from mahogany, this beloved model contains a warm, enriched voice compared to comparable brands. It has rounded edges on all sides to add comfort.

Moreover, the AKC23 uses pure copper tuners, and Aquila strings assist in keeping this instrument in tune. Therefore, your melodies will never get flat unwantedly. Moreover, the strings feature a low action to aid in simple playability and melody control.

The Aklot keeps an embedded rib at the base of the neck to support the connection to the body, so damage is less likely. In addition to those benefits, the brand continues to offer free lessons to anyone wishing to play the ukulele.


  • Rounded edges and low strings
  • Melodious sound
  • Free online lessons.


  • The Frets may be somewhat sharp at the edges

4. Fender Fullerton Tele Concert Ukulele

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Fender introduced another Telecaster-based ukulele, which was the Ukulele ’52. But the new Fullerton Tele Concert Uke contains some developments, increasing its captivation and aligning it more closely with the iconic properties of the Tele guitar.

The Fullerton Tele UKE features a laminated mahogany body with a laminated spruce top. Indeed, the blend of woods becomes a dependable recipe for a robust instrument with an elegant tone.

The use of laminated wood, onboard electronics, and a maple neck make it a bit heavier. The characteristics of maple are slightly bulkier than the commonly used mahogany, but it provides a strong, bright, and clear tone.

Although this Tele has a fingerboard with nineteen frets, it becomes effortlessly accessible. Also, the brand includes vintage-style sealed gear tuners, which contribute to making it accurate tuning.

This acoustic-electric ukulele, looking like a bit of guitar, attracts some people and repels others. But the Fender Fullerton produces a fantastic and usable sound for live use.


  • Available in different colors
  • Telecaster-style body shape
  • Wonderful sound and tone


  • No accessories

5. Ortega Guitars Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele (RUMG-CE)

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The Ortega Electric Concert Uke comes from mango wood, delivering higher sound quality and accurate tuning. Also, its black-and-white color mix, cutaway style, and guitar-style tuners have made it a popular choice for seasoned players.

Opposite to other conventional ukes crafted from mahogany or walnut, this model consists of mango wood. Although most other woods are dark in color, mango wood features light but potent enough to produce decent music.

The blend of mango wood and the maple fretboard shapes a captivating black-and-white design, perfectly finished with a satin finish. Moreover, it contains a built-in tuner, confirming perfect tuning and unique sound quality.

The fret buttons remain old with black accents, proper enough to provide a luxurious feeling. Moreover, the stylish cutaway pattern on the side of this instrument enhances its appeal and beauty.


  • Crafted from mango wood
  • Guitar-type tuners
  • Free deluxe gig bag included


  • A little pricey for many

6. Diamond Head DU-200C Concert Uke

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Low-priced products are not good quality most of the time. But this concert uke from Diamond Head is one of them which is of low price but good quality.

The brand uses the mahogany wood to make the DU-200C. Indeed, the mahogany wood is famous for producing a balanced sound. Also, the combination of satin finish and mahogany makes it more captivating.

The neck also comes from mahogany. It guarantees clear resonance and tone as well as solidity and stability. Further, this uke also ensures better playability.

Diamond includes gold-plated geared tuners, confirming there is no intonation problem on this model. It is not at the top of the list, but you’ll feel better while playing it.

Sometimes, professional players might not choose it. But no doubt, it will become a fantastic selection for players who are getting started.


  • Effortlessly playable
  • A black gig bag for easy carry and storage
  • Distinctive sound


  • Professionals might not prefer it

Tips to Pick the Best Concert Ukulele

Among the soprano, tenor, and baritone ukuleles, concert ukuleles are the second smallest ones. As the name implies, it is perfect for the concert because its construction allows it to create an even louder sound. Furthermore, its generous scale length makes it easier to play. It’s usually around 23 inches in length. When you want to buy a uke, you have to find out the best ukulele brands and some basic things for consideration for a concert ukulele are:


Picking a uke among the numerous models available becomes a difficult task. Honestly, narrowing down your budget will make your choice list short. To clarify, you can get good-quality concert ukes starting from $50. But, the more you spend, the better quality you get.

Experience Level

If you are about to start playing a uke, you likely don’t wish for an expensive model with many properties to damage it. Therefore, you may begin with a reasonable price but better quality and later opt for a more expensive one as your experience expands.


Manufacturers use koa, mahogany, mango wood, and more. That is, mahogany produces a softer sound than koa, among other types of wood, superior quality.


Choosing a uke that delivers the sound of your soul is the best thought. Indeed, the melody relies on the wood used. So, opt for a wood instrument that provides a fantastic sound.


Q: Are there differences between concert, tenor, and soprano ukuleles?

A: Yes, the size and tuning are the prime distinctions between these three ukulele types. The smallest size is the soprano uke, containing the highest pitch. On the other hand, the tenor is the largest one, which has a resonant and deep sound. The concert ukulele is the middle one between the two in terms of tone and size.

Q: What type of uke is best for beginners?

A: For newbies, we suggest beginning with a concert or soprano ukulele. Indeed, these sizes become simple to conduct and contain a simple, conventional sound, superb for mastering the fundamentals. Anyway, the tenor might be a better option if you are larger handers or like a deep sound.

Q: May I employ the same chords for all ukulele types?

A: Yes, you can do that. But remember that the fingerings might change somewhat due to the various sizes and tunings. In truth, practicing and experimenting to find the best fingerings for your specific ukulele is highly crucial. Moreover, due to their unparalleled sound and melody, some songs produce a better sound on certain uke types.

Conclusion: Best Concert Ukulele

Most importantly, music should not be considered not only for amplifying skills but also for unbinding the soul. An instrument becomes useless if it can’t soothe your soul.

Similarly, a wrong instrument turns you and others around you into a worse musician. Therefore, you need to learn your preferred sound and structure on the way to choosing the best concert ukulele.

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