Best Cutaway Ukulele Reviews in 2023: Top 5 Models

Best Cutaway Ukulele

Ukulele popularity has increased over the years, helping create a wide variety of types and models. The best cutaway ukulele has become a popular version these days. But what is a Cutaway Uke?

What is a Cutaway Ukulele?

A cutaway ukulele is constructed so that one part of the lower body bends inward below the knee. The bend, familiar as the cutaway, permits the stretched one’s hand when playing the lower fret positions that make the highest notes more accessible.

Cutaways are common and pretty popular on guitars, electric guitars aimed for lead playing, in particular. It can be troublesome to access the lowest frets with a standard body guitar.

Anyway, it’s generally less noticed in the case of a soprano uke (the smallest among four standard sizes) because the frets are procumbent to be pretty accessible.

In the latter three sizes (concert, tenor, and baritone), the cutaway may assist quite a bit because the fretboard remains longer and runs further into the body. Indeed, it’s a highly controversial topic in the ukulele world and often depends on personal preference.

If you are interested in playing rhythm and just strumming and singing around the campfire, you likely won’t require much of a cutaway. But if you wish to stay mostly into fingerpicking, the cutaway might meet your purpose better.

Okay, you may calm cool as the cutaway is available on the market today. Therefore, grasp a wave with us and see what is swinging each of them.

Top 7 Best Cutaway Ukuleles

Product Name Price
1. Cordoba Tenor Cutaway Uke Check Price
2. Ortega Guitars Baritone Cutaway Uke Check Price
3. Luna High Tide Koa Concert Uke Check Price
4. Flight Blue-Multi (AUC City) Cutaway Uke Check Price
5. Kala Baritone Uke with Cutaway Check Price

1. Cordoba Tenor Cutaway Ukulele

Best Cutaway Ukuleles

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The Cordoba Cutaway Electric Uke is the charm of traditional instrument ornamentation. Also, it combines with the captivating natural image of acacia, an exotic tropical wood closely attached to Hawaii’s beloved tonewood koa.

This tenor-size instrument characterizes a solid exotic acacia top and pictured acacia back and sides that deliver a brilliant, rounded, and known voice.

This model highlights the uke roots, adding a herringbone rosette and tie block to a wooden rope-style top binding, which hearkens back to the instrument’s old-world origins.

This uke gets decorated with Cordoba’s active pickup system, including volume, treble, and bass controls. Besides, the soprano, concert, and tenor sizes are available under this Series.

Other properties incorporate a thinly used satin finish, bone nut and saddle, and Aquila strings that create an appeal to wise users shopping for a delicious and pure ukulele.

All in all, it’s a superb instrument with a fantastic tone and is worth each penny. Besides, its action becomes perfect for players.


  • Cordoba active 2-band uke pickup.
  • A unique spirit and varies excellently in color richness and wood grain.
  • Weight: One pound.
  • Dimensions: 26 x 8.5 x 8 inches.
  • Fretboard material: Pau Ferro.

2. Ortega Guitars Baritone Cutaway Ukulele

Best Ukulele with Cutaway

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The Ortega Electric Baritone Ukulele delivers instantly avowed ukulele tones but with an enriched, deep, multifaceted perspective compared to the young members of the family.

Seek the enriched sweet beauty of a baritone body while a conventional spruce and mahogany build confirms you can enjoy sonic pliability.

But these are not all. This wonderful Ortega Baritone Uke additionally includes a tidy feel with a sheeny cutaway profile. It also guarantees you’ll be capable of obtaining those pesky higher frets with comfort.

Further, you’ll be capable of showcasing your capabilities in any live setting thanks to Ortega’s built-in preamp. It’s time to reveal that it’s an acoustic-electric uke, so you will get more approaches to creating sounds due to its electronics.

The transparency that the model offers is on another level, and both the price and the pickups of these ukuleles will make you surprised. Considering everything, it’s the best cutaway uke, no doubt.


  • Closed die-cast machine heads.
  • Tortoise style ABS binding.
  • Laser engraving “Butterfly and Grass.”
  • Preamp/pickup system with built-in tuner.

3. Luna High Tide Koa Cutaway Concert Ukulele


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Luna’s premier line of ukes is the High Tide Collection. This collection receives inspiration from the full moon at the first fret, happening the abalone wave fret markers below it rise as they make their way up the fretboard to the moon pull.

This uke is made from unique tropical hardwoods. Also, the soundhole is structured by an abalone ring. This Luna ukulele features a deep Koa body that produces a full and deep sound, including the concert body dimensions.

Mahogany neck, walnut bridge, and fretboard enhance sustain and playability to your tone. Further, the cutaway provides ease when you access upper-register frets.

Open-style, Pearloid tuning machines keep the uke in perfect tune. Plus, the onboard preamp provides easy amplification that you may dial in fastly.

It wears a satin finish incorporating multiple maples and walnut bindings you won’t make your eyes believe with the ukulele’s natural splendor. Moreover, this model adds the Luna brand gig bag.


  • A deep koa body.
  • Branded travel bag included.
  • The onboard preamp.
  • Twenty frets.

4. Flight Blue-Multi (AUC City) Cutaway Ukulele


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The Elise Ecklund City features a super ukulele, which includes a laminate spruce top and laminate Okoume back and sides. Also, the ukulele’s specialty holds the city-inspired design on the soundboard. It produces a sound as stunning as it looks.

The neck of the Ellis Eklund City is crafted from African Okoume, and the fingerboard is Walnut. This blend ensures a sustainable tone across the fretboard. Further, the neck contour gives a lovely feel to your hands and offers a fantastic look too.

The Flight expects you to reach your full potential as a musician. You might not require the cutaway initially. But this type will let you discover your highest possibility and increase further compared to your possible thought when you intend to play with the neck.

The brand always thinks about users, so it incorporates strap buttons. Playing the instrument without a strap may be nice, but there’s a time when a strap becomes incredibly helpful. Plus, it adds a special edition black signature gig to the Blue-Multi (AUC City).


  • Weight: 2.6 pounds.
  • Dimensions: 26.14 x 10.63 x 5.2 inches.
  • Strap buttons included.
  • A gig bag with 5mm padding, a front pocket, handles, and backpack straps.

5. Kala Baritone Ukulele with Cutaway


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The baritone’s decent solid spruce top in striped Ebony contains each little thing: well-thought-out appointments, wonderful tonewoods, purfling framed in mahogany binding, and ornate herringbone rosettes – more things add up.

Spruce is familiar with its well-playability, steady, balanced, and offers a fantastic response. On the other hand, Ebony provides a potent bass presence and reactive highs for a well-structured sound profile. Plus, the solid Spruce Top remains famous for its obviousness, dynamic variety, and reaction.

Solid spruce wood features a living wood where the melody detonates from the soundboard. Indeed, it becomes necessary for a baritone as it aids you in eliminating the low-end “thud” of some baritones.

This instrument has a wide dynamic range, functioning perfectly for every strumming and fingerpicking. Moreover, this model brings a round, clean Venetian cutaway and Fishman Kula preamp.

Many baritones contain an average built-in pickup system. However, Kala is committed to improving the pickup and moving along with the Fishman Kula, a great-sounding pickup, EQ, and tuner. The reason is that Fishman aids in providing a clear tone with a much low buzz compared to conventional built-in pickups.


  • 18-Frets, Mahogany binding.
  • Striped ebony fretboard.
  • Mahogany neck.
  • Satin natural finish.


Does the Cutaway affect the Ukulele Sound?

The scientific perspective is that altering the surface area of an instrument affects the sound. Generally, the wider the surface instrument area is, the fuller and louder the sound is.

Is a Cutaway tuned differently?

Cutaway ukuleles feature like others, except the body contains a cutaway for accessibility. That means that a cutaway can be tuned the same way that others uke are tuned.

Are there Cutaway options for all Ukulele Sizes?

Sure, you can find the Cutaways in all four usual ukulele sizes. But Cutaway is less noticed in sopranos because it has prone to be more of an aesthetic. Considering how small a soprano’s body is, it does not have a lot of surface area to trim.

Does the best cutaway ukulele cost more?

Generally, a cutaway is on par with a conventional body type when comparing prices. Honestly, the uke’s price depends on the quality of its materials compared to the variety of bodies. In other words, the final price is determined based on what materials a uke is made of.

Final Note

Having Cutaway capabilities in a ukulele may uncover all kinds of new doors. It lets you further distinguish your sound, perform on stage without microphone issues, and record songs.

Fortunately, cutaways aren’t exclusive to expensive ukes, meaning that even somebody on the tightest budget might buy them. From this list of the best cutaway ukuleles, you have plenty of opportunities to pick one.

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