Best Colorful Ukulele Reviews in 2023: Top 7 Models

Best Colorful Ukulele

If you’re querying for the best colorful ukulele, which will make you individualize from the mob, you’ve come up in the correct place.

Below we’ve listed some beautiful, painted, and best colorful ukuleles that will suit your needs.

Top 7 Best Colorful Ukulele

Product Name Price
1. Flight Tuc-Kitty Uke Check Price
2. Mahalo Art Series Uke (MA1SK bk) Check Price
3. Ortega RUPA5MM Pineapple Uke Check Price
4. Luna Guitars Vista Deer Acoustic/Electric Colorful Uke Check Price
5. Honsing Colorful Uke Check Price
6. Hola! Music HM-121 Soprano Uke Check Price
7. Mahalo MA1HE bk Colorful Ukes Check Price

1. Flight Tuc-Kitty Concert Ukulele

Best Colorful Ukuleles

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Are you thinking about what the cat’s favorite movie might be? It’s likely the Sound of “Mewsic”!

With the sound of this Flight uke, let the mountains become lively with music. This instrument becomes fantastic for all but, in particular, cat lovers!

The TUC-KITTY seems similar to all other flight ukes for travel and provides quality, value, playability, and durability, and notably, it delivers a fantastic sound!

Flight Travel Ukulele (TUC) contains a larger body and a little large fretboard compared to Soprano Travel Uke, which results in a louder sound and all the excellent qualities but is larger!

This model has a relatively large fretboard, so players with larger hands get extra space to play. The Flight Tuc-Kitty characterizes an ABS body with a Linden wood top, neck, fretboard, and bridge.

The outcome becomes an instrument with less action, really easy to maintain. If you hope for a uke sounding and playing well, you might take this Tuc-Kitty Concert Uke.


  • On the soundboard and headstock, a whimsical print of cartoon cats.
  • The Okoume neck with the walnut fingerboard.
  • Strap button to let your hands be free.
  • Designed headstock fitted with geared tuners.
  • Light and gorgeous gig bag added.

2. Mahalo Art Series Ukulele (MA1SK bk)

Best Colorful Ukes

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Mahalo’s Art Series ukes play a role in a ceaseless attempt by the manufacturer to launch various designs driven by user demand and popular culture. Mahalo has released dozens of limited-time models over the years, and this Soprano MA1SK bk is just a part of that effort.

This stylish Mahalo Skull Day of The Dead Uke has become a bestseller and an excellent value for your money. When we compare it with others in this price range, a clear difference can be noticed in terms of quality.

Mahalo Skull Uke brags about more speed and playability. Besides, this uke contains a laminated body (Sengon), Janbon neck, and mahogany fretboard. This package incorporates a carrying bag.

The craftsmanship of this brand assembles convenient properties and modern components with all their experiences to give you this captivating and very reasonably-priced instrument.


  • Dia de Muertos Celebration soprano-body uke.
  • Mahogany Fingerboard with nickel Frets.
  • Aquila Nylgut strings.
  • Graphtec NuBone saddle.
  • Added fitted Gig Bag.

3. Ortega RUPA5MM Pineapple Concert Ukulele

Colorful Ukulele

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The Ortega RUPA5MM Pineapple Ukulele appears unparalleled but has contained a classic shape since 1927. Sure, it’s given a name to the pineapple.

This model is catchy and funny. It’s such an instrument that it becomes enjoyable for all. The Ortega RUPA5MM offers a conventional tone and fantastic value for the price within reach.

It is no matter whether you are entering the music arena for the first time, buying for your kids, or desire to bring that delightful melody of the instrument into your daily life, this Ortega uke becomes an ideal choice in a variety of situations.

The Ortega uke characterizes a distinguishable Sapele construction. It delivers all the stimulation of mahogany with a mellow, soulful effect.

If you explore a naturally resonant melody with decent accents, be sure it won’t disappoint you.


  • Sapele body.
  • Mahogany neck with 18 frets.
  • Walnut fretboard and bridge.
  • Die-cast machine heads with black plastic buttons.

4. Luna Guitars Vista Deer Acoustic/Electric Concert Colorful Ukulele


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The Luna brand Vista Series mixes developed instrument construction with the world of fine art. Every of these Vista ukes characterizes an aesthetically lovely portraiture of wildlife, depicted utilizing a variety of tropical woods.

The Vista Deer Concert from Luna Ukulele is crafted from a blend, incorporating Spalted Maple, Blackwood, Padauk, Teal Abalone, koa, Mother of Pearl, and quilted mahogany. Honestly, it is a unique piece of art.

It’s crafted with quality, preciseness, and a 15-scale of the hand-shaped Mahogany neck and Pearloid moon phase resting on a black walnut fretboard.

The Luna Guitars Uke Vista Deer Concert PU has a concert-sized body, including a Koa back, maple binding, gloss finish, and sides for improved melody and projection.

Moreover, you could relish premium amplification from the Fishman Kula preamp with an onboard tuner. Above all, the brand adds a padded gig bag to this set.


  • Fishman Kula (OEM-KUL-201) Pickup.
  • Open Gear Black Button machine heads.
  • Pearl Moon Phase fretboard inlays.
  • Koa back and sides with the black walnut fretboard.

5. Honsing Colorful Concert Ukulele


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This brand manufactures a series of catchy instruments with unique styles and colors. When anyone says of unparalleled instrument designs, they mention this brand product due to its varied color.

Apart from the dark pink and purple models, you’ll find more colors like rainbows, waves, and tropical designs.

Its body consists of basswood, which has no harm to people and nature. Playing with the Aquila strings is too effortless. Indeed, nylon strings aid them in being low harsh on the fingers compared to the average.

Basswood’s body not only gives a stylish appearance to the instrument but a brilliant sound. The melody is precise with pretty excellent resonance. Starting learning and getting stable brilliant performance is too easy.

This company has gained fantastic customer reviews, and we’re sure these are wonderful if you need one for a cheap novelty uke.


  • A bright, soft tone with less projection.
  • A fashionable look with lovely resonance and intonation.
  • Simple enough to begin learning and gain stable brilliant performance.
  • Boasting quality compared to the price.

6. Hola! Music HM-121 Colorful Ukulele


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The Hola! HM-121 features a step up from HM-21. It brings a few cute colors and wood options with high-quality performance.

One remarkable thing we notice right away is that the construction quality of the HM-121 is too stunning. The craftsmanship seems compact-fitting and clean, with a superb sight of detail.

The body of this model contains a lovely finish that allows the wood feature to see. The finish appears a bit natural compared to other models in this price range. These also have a clean laser-engraved rosette pattern.

Hola Uke also seems to hold updated tuners, a bone nut, and a saddle. At last, this bundle incorporates a gig bag, a padded tan bag in reverse to the flimsy fabric slipcover added to the HM-21.


  • All Mahogany body.
  • Silver-plated geared machine heads with black rubber pegs.
  • Built-in strap pin.
  • Very pretty and reasonably priced with gorgeous value.

7. Mahalo MA1HE bk Colorful Soprano Ukuleles


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An attractive instrument with a fun design is the Mahalo Heart Soprano Uke. Also, it’s an excellent way to begin playing the uke.

The distinctive instrument blends art and culture, including the unique shape of the soundhole. Besides, it’s turned into a fantastic-sounding uke that will make you impressed.

The Mahalo Art series offers original designs like the heart and flower design. This uke characterizes a Sengon body, jawbone neck, mahogany fingerboard, and bridge that create a brilliant tone, ideal for the soprano.

It adds a Graphtech Nubone XB saddle and a geared machine head that provides sleek and precise tuning with simple playability.

Aquila strings get almost always suited to Mahalo ukes to create a fuller, louder, and more balanced sound. A carrying bag and a full-color display box are also available with this box.


  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Mahogany Fingerboard with nickel Frets.
  • Simple to tune and stays tuned.
  • A low-priced uke, but sounds very good.
  • Stunning feelings to play.

Final words: Best Colorful Ukulele

It’s our intention to show you a few of the best colorful ukuleles in this short review. Those colorful ukes are available at a reasonable price with a good build, a striking body finish, and quality sound.

Our expectation is that the article will aid you in choosing your new instrument, bringing pleasure and color to your life.

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