Best Flight Ukulele Reviews in 2023

Best Flight Ukulele

Located in Slovenia, Flight has become a global model, manufacturing the best flight ukulele and supplying around worldwide. Indeed, it is a brand with a blooming and innovative vibe, a specific style, and a firm concentration on the depiction of the model.

There is an active online group recognized as the ever-new travel ukulele assortment. Also, Flight works tirelessly about its offering development for players of all ranges.

Sincerely, we inspire you to see at glance quickly at the company’s choices to improve your music skills. Anyway, the company’s innovations will make you inspired to see their great devices, as they have a lot to offer.

The Flight uke items run into pompous instruments crafted from the most workable tonewoods out there for novice players or professionals.

The joyful news is that a few flight ukulele dealers are available globally for supplying instruments. There are plans to move forward with the expansion of the Flight because the brand has already got popularity.

Our Preference:

Editor’s Choice

Flight TUSL50 Salamander Travel Ukulele

Best Flight Ukuleles
  • Soprano body but concert scale
  • Travel-friendly features
  • Suitable to withstand challenging climates
  • Found in varied colors
  • High-standard but inexpensive

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Top 6 Best Flight Ukulele for Sale

Product Name Price
1. Flight TUSL50 Salamander Travel Uke Check Price
2. Flight Pineapple Uke Check Price
3. Flight Soprano Uke Check Price
4. Flight NUB 310 Baritone Uke Check Price
5. Flight TUS35 DB Soprano Uke Check Price
6. Flight Concert Electro-Acoustic Ukulele Check Price

1. Flight TUSL50 Salamander Travel Ukulele

Flight Ukuleles

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You have the plan to go for the tour. As a musician, you long for a ukulele to take with you. So, you require a travel-friendly instrument. We have no bar in saying that the TUSL-50 travel ukulele from Flight will be your ideal partner.

The TUSL50 is originally an ABS plastic version with the back, bridge, nut, neck, and fretboard. The manufactured team has inducted a laminate Walnut top with an etched Salamander design over the sound gap.

The most astonishing thing is that the brand attaches a concert scale to the soprano body to enjoy the concert flavor. As a result, producing a crunchy and warm sound is an effortless event. It is mentioned that it can withstand more mileage than your expectation in climate changes.

There are 17 frets on the ABS fretboard and open-backed geared tuners on the headstock. Again, the frets are set to stay the string action low and intonation on the point. All arrangements promise to deliver a praiseworthy sound and tone.

In addition to all these, this plastic ukulele includes a blue denim gig bag to make your carry trouble-free. So you can attempt to move forward with it once.


  • Absolute beginner-friendly
  • The long-necked concert scale uke
  • No effect in weather changes
  • Superb inexpensive


  • Objection about the sound

2. Flight Pineapple Ukulele

Best Flight uke

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Many musicians prefer the pineapple type. Flight brings this type to the market keeping in mind their demand. If you are such one, it is for you.

The rounded formation of the ukulele is consistent enough to generate extra volume and a full tone compared to the conventional soprano. So, it appears to be not only fun but makes an enriched sound as well.

The body structure stands from the Sapele wood, a mild stiff wood from tropical Africa with a golden to dark reddish-brown color.

Further, the neck and fingerboard also consist of African Okoume and walnut. All layouts are standardized in creating an effective and stable intonation across the fretboard.

The NUP310 comes with a bone nut and saddle instead of plastic, sufficient to make a clear difference more than other models in this price range. As always, Flight also carved rosettes of this model by hand and laser engraved them.

An integral part of a brand’s identity is the Headstock design. All Flight ukuleles feature a carefully designed headstock suited to a geared tuner, being in tune at all times. Above all, it has a gig bag to ensure your instrument’s protection.


  • Solid structure with sturdy wood
  • Pineapple-shaped sound and tone
  • Superb combination to perform well
  • Cost within the reach


  • Sharp frets, some reviewers’ opinion

3. Flight Soprano Ukulele

Flight Soprano Ukulele

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Now we are reviewing another item of Flight. This item is soprano size and offers superior performance for beginners at a reasonable cost. It will be a fantastic option for the soprano choosers.

The NUS 310 has placed a Sapele wood top, back, and sides alongside a robust Okoume wood neck. Also, you will find a beautiful touch of a laser-etched rosette with the rosewood fingerboard and bridge. In truth, it is a perfect array for a decent instrument.

This model features an arched back for confirming warmth and richness. It holds 12 frets, measuring 1.377 inches at the nut. Moreover, the company uses tuners for increasing benefits in the case of tuning.

The authentic bone nut and saddle are exceptional properties, making them more different than others. Furthermore, it includes a bag to make your carrying cozy.

We applaud the brand for having its clear and bright tone. So to say, one of the best soprano ukuleles we have reviewed lately.


  • Rigid body structure
  • Captivating design
  • Soulful sound and tone
  • Simple playability


  • No enough accessories

4. Flight NUB 310 Baritone Ukulele


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This time, there is an option of a larger size in the ukulele family, the baritone ukulele. This Flight baritone ukulele is available at an affordable cost compared to other models in the market but high standard.

This model is a stylish instrument crafted from reddish-brown Sapele wood, almost containing the same features as mahogany wood. Also, using hand-drawn, laser-engraved rosettes is a precedent of an artistic task.

The NUB 310 guarantees a sustainable intonation and fantastic feel by putting a rosewood bridge, Okoume neck, and walnut fingerboard. Instead of plastic, it has placed the nut and saddle of pure bone.

You will be stunned if you see the number of location markers in this baritone. These markers are on the 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets.

Additionally, keeping an arched back plays a significant role in delivering an elegant sound and tone.

Maybe, this manufacturer’s items are new in the USA, yet it will not be a barrier to your purchase.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Full body-sized sound
  • Eye-dazzling finish
  • A gig bag included


  • One strap button

5. Flight TUS35 DB Soprano Ukulele


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It is such a uke that has appeared on the market with complete beginner properties. We can assure you that there’s nothing more perfect to start playing ukulele than it is for the first time.

The sound quality of these ukuleles will create an exceptional feel for their well-construction from ABS plastic. Alongside, it produces a middle-range volume compared to average soprano sizes due to a more spacious arched back. It resonates well and sounds excellent.

Flight applies a particular wiping color technique to make it more stylish. Its watercolor shapes it with exceptional form. Also, the neck profile comes with an oval shape to hold the uke comfortably. Its projection remains surprisingly large and full.

The fretboard, frets, neck, and nut are fabricated with plastic. As a result, everything will remain in place. All in all, the innovative design of the TUS-35 performs so consistently that any level of player can play it without any trouble.


  • Eye-dazzling design and color
  • Brilliant sound and smooth texture
  • Wiping color technique used
  • More volume than the average soprano


  • Slim neck profile

6. Flight Concert Electro-Acoustic Ukulele


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Those who need an electronic version can insert this Flight ukulele electric into their collection. But why? Okay, it meets everything you expect from an electronic edition.

Since most players prefer open projection and volume, the Sophia Soundwave consolidates spruce wood to form the top. Its back and sides are of laminate walnut.

Consequently, the two types of wood braces marvelously create a maximum tone and a mind-blowing resonance.

With a cream color on the body, this Flight concert ukulele looks beautiful to attract the mind. Moreover, it has a purpleheart fingerboard and Okoume neck with 14 frets.

Commonly called, the purpleheart characterizes a lot in common with rosewood, and many use it as a choice for its availability.

This Flight concert ukulele keeps electronics, allowing you to blend in onboard digital effects like Reverb and chorus. Plus, the delay lets you blend in not only your plug-in sound but also your acoustic sound.


  • Summation of modern designs
  • Acoustic or amplified sound effects
  • Easy strings changing for slotted headstocks
  • Premium brown fluorocarbon strings


  • No ladings included

Flight Ukulele Price Range

An entry-level Flight ukulele comes at a low price. Right now, people prefer the ukulele more than ever before. Although the options appear to be limitless, there is a vision of Flight that might always remain unchanged:

  • Every Flight ukulele you possess will be subject to our emotion and high-standard features, either for a beginner or a professional instrument.

In a nutshell, most flight ukuleles cost between $ 49 – $ 600, which makes most players satisfied with a blend of quality and affordability.

Furthermore, priced over 600$, ukuleles are also available for advanced purposes. If you require, there are more alternatives for you to pick from.

Accessories of Flight Brand

Ukulele Stand: This brand has lightweight aluminum stands. For this, you can use it to secure your instrument while taking a break from playing or avoiding collapse at traveling.

Strings: In general, many ignore Strings. Rightly, they seriously impact the structure and sound of the uke, no doubt. The Flight fluorocarbon strings constructed in Japan produce a clear, crisp, and bell-like tone. So, why be behind not using a set of flight fluorocarbon strings on your device?

Straps: You have the capability of being a more effective musician, and Flight craves to contribute to your process with its Strap. Moreover, there are many straps with hooks to make your mounting easy.

Humidifier: The wood of any instrument can dry out in case of residing in low humidity. Consequently, it can cause trouble like useless string sounds, fret buzz, and more.

The issues don’t arise due to the design. In truth, it is the natural behavior of wood. A humidifier of the Flight Company can play a vital role in avoiding these problems.

Capos: Capo’s spring-loaded mechanism allows you to alter the keys quickly on your instrument. Besides, it lets your music take Flight irrespective of any key you choose.

It is needless to say that a capo plays the role of a friend for the uke. Additionally, it helps you extend your music so that you can study on your ukulele. Plus, playing with totally different keys will be effortless according to your needs.

Final Note

At last, you can pick this beautiful brand from pineapple to bass ukulele items. The price level can fluctuate based on product quality. Most importantly, you can opt for ukuleles from beginners to professional levels with affordability.

We are happy to say that all products hold supreme qualities like renowned brands, for sure. So, you can go with any one of them.

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