Best Ukulele Capo Reviews in 2024: Top 6 Models

Best Ukulele Capo

Many players can’t play without a capo, especially amateurs. So, we can safely say that the best ukulele capo is as necessary as a musical instrument.

If you use a capo, need capos, and explore various capos, you’ve come to the correct spot.

A capo is essential to change the chord structure and raise the pitch of your string instrument. You don’t need to tune your ukulele to a higher key if you utilize a capo.

It is helpful when trying to match your ukulele tone to the vocal range of singers. This tool is fantastic for beginners, allowing them to play a wide range of songs.

Capo is an acronym derived from “Capotasto,” referring to “head of the fret-board” in Italian.

Shopping for a capo doesn’t need a lot of money in the case of a tight budget, so you can try different options and see which one matches you.

Here is our list of the best ukulele capos you can pick and buy.

Top 6 Best Ukulele Capo Reviews

1. D’Addario NS Ukulele Capo Pro

Capo for Ukulele

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The D’Addario NS Ukulele Capo Pro and almost all Planet Waves products become among the most innovative professional tools for musicians. Their diverse capo line is no exception.

Many of their creative items come from a fruitful effort between designers Ned Steinberger and Jim D’Addario. Irrespective of the ukulele capos you pick, Planet Waves has a capo to match your needs.

It brings aircraft-grade aluminum for the ukulele that confirms no-fret buzz and in-tune performance on any strum.

Mechanism with micrometer adjustment allows you to dial in the correct tension required for clear ringing notes without excessive force, irrespective of neck position.

All these things reduce the need to restore your instrument before and after using the capo. Although you include less extra weight to your instrument, it’ll endure a long playing schedule.

2. Creative Tunings Spider Mini Capo for Ukulele

Uke Capo

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Creative Tunings Spider Mini capo appears as a narrow-neck instrument. However, it includes others – the ukulele, banjo, bouzouki, and mandolin instruments.

Because the SpiderCapo is placed above the fingerboard and not back it, user reports note that you can use it on mountain dulcimers.

The Mini Spider permits hundreds of tunings without de-tuning your ukulele because it seeks to do capo each string individually!

It is good news for banjo players because they want to tune their instruments in various ways. This capo from Creative Tunings allows players to make hundreds of tunings available.

3. Kyser Quick-Change Ukulele Capo


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Whether rock, country, pop, folk, or American music, the ukulele is more popular than ever.

Kaiser capos are available for players, especially for smaller instrument necks like the uke.

Proficiently built and engineered to last, this tool becomes highly reliable and does what the tool is designed to do.

Beginners and seasoned pros alike appreciate how this tool helps them tune their instruments in no time with just one hand.

Our opinion says the beauty of this capo lies in its simplicity, reasonable and cheap price.

4. Donner DC-2 Ukulele Capo


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This capo mechanism is efficient and smooth, ready for quick changes. You just clip it onto your headstock to use without any issues. This tool sticks safely to your instrument, removing that pesky string hum.

Well, the DC-2 features an excellent memory spring. You can rest assured that its movements remain smooth even after long-term use, but it won’t spoil any of its grip.

Another fantastic aspect of this capo is the thick and robust padding. It allows the sound to travel comfortably, covering your frets. Also, you can defend your fretboard without the risk of muffling.

In searching for a downside, we can point out that it has very mild features. We might think of breaking for its excessive use. We sometimes prefer a slightly harder product.

But we suppose that’s a minor complaint considering its solid grip, ample padding, sleek spring, and reasonable price. Mentionable, it comes with a few bonus plectrums.

5. GUITAR X X3 Capo for Ukulele


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Another capo made from zinc alloy is Guitar X X 3, which weighs 115 grams. It is potent and resilient, tolerating consistent use while on tour.

It’s a versatile model with a curved back. Its curves allow it to fit most body shapes, reducing stress on those flatter backs. It becomes suitable not only for the ukulele but for most other instruments.

The spring mechanism is very potent. Without spoiling its grip, the solid steel allows easy movement. It holds tightly with just the right amount of tension. Yet, it remains flexible enough to accommodate its position smoothly.

Being crafted from high-quality silicone, we might also get a lot of cushion with this capo. It stays firmly and securely on the string yet allows vibration. Further, it is so tender that we might be tension-free to avoid scratching or harm.

It offers quality at a high price. It isn’t the cheapest capo we’ve looked at. We have to mention that the manufacturer does not recommend using it with 12-string guitars. But who cares? We emphasize the 4-string to be more appropriate than the 12-string.

6. UGY Ukulele Capos


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Another is the UGY capo with a memory spring. This model employs just enough pressure on the strings to extrude that boring hum but still lets clear sound come through. When it delivers quick relief from irritation, we can be sure that the spring will not lose its tightness.

It is another silicone pad that conforms to your string shape and comfortably remains in place and thick without being heavy. It ensures that we can remove scraps that don’t defend against other materials.

Unfortunately, this model doesn’t maintain the same quality as others on our list due to its plastic build. Moreover, it doesn’t offer the same structural integrity that existed in other capos.

This UGY capo might appear weak. Plastic may crack and scratch easily. Consequently, many do not trust it. That means it’s pretty cheap. If there is another option that everyone likes, it will turn out to be a bargain.

Many players may not like it, but it can be a decent alternative for those on a tight budget.

Types Of Ukulele Capos

Various types of ukulele capos are attainable on the market, and everyone has personal preferences. Usually, capos don’t get too pricey, so if budget is not a problem, you can try one of the following types.

Spring loaded capo

These capo types are common, and most players love to use them. They have a large handle that is a bit heavy, and that’s one of the downsides.

The notable features of most spring-loaded capos are that they are inexpensive, easy to use, and rated quite well. Purchase, put it in place, and start playing.

Elastic capo

Considering a tight budget, you can opt for an elastic ukulele capo. Also known as a toggle capo, a piece of elastic, it’s a sturdy material that holds your strings in place.

Wrap it around the neck of your device. Elastic ukulele capos are easy to keep in your shopping bag because of their low price, but they can easily break and take your ukulele out of tune.

C-clamp capo

Although these types are a bit more expensive than general, they offer the convenience of allowing you to adjust the amount of pressure you apply to your strings. It also has no worrisome handle.

Here’s a caveat: If you decide to use a C-clamp capo, check at least twice to confirm the padded part is in contact with the neck of your instrument when you make it tight.

The fact is that the metal finish may have some scratches. C-clamp ukulele capos turn out to be fantastic for transposing entire songs, but their design isn’t ideal for quick changes.

NS Ukulele Capo Pro

Mixing the best features of the spring-loaded capo and C-clamp capo, it is a one-of-a-kind new ukulele capo. It has an adjustable, secure, and well-padded feature.

Also, it has a low profile. So, it won’t link with anything heavy to your uke’s neck. Like C-clamp capos, these are for transposing and not for quick changes.

How Do You Use Capo With A Ukulele?

Well, you don’t need a capo for your instrument. However, even if you have no idea how to move it, having one can help you expand your repertoire.

When you sing with someone else or even play with other instrumentalists, adding a capo can help you raise your ukulele pitch.

This quick guide won’t fully show you how to use a capo with your ukulele, but it will help you get started.

Use a quick clamp capo to simplify your Barre Chords

Many people struggle with barre chords, which require you to cover all the strings with your index finger and then build up the rest of the chords with the rest of your fingers. A spring-loaded capo can be used anywhere with your fingers on your fretboard.

It will take time to get used to locking your capo in place. But once you slow down, you’ll see that barre chords are straightforward to play.

Changing The Pitch With A Capo

Apply any capo to change your ukulele pitch. It will give you a half-step change if you move down a fret from the nut. For example, C will produce a sound like a C sharp.

If you shift two frets, it will provide an entire step change, such that a C will make a sound similar to a D. You can put the capo anywhere to change the key of the song or the pitch you play.

A great way to learn how to transpose a capo is to play around, listen to the notes, and take a lesson or two! It’s a great tool that lets you move your nuts to play familiar songs and chords in different keys.

It won’t be a substitute for mastering new chords. But it will help you relish your ukulele more, especially when getting together with others and wishing to play in a different key.


We have arrived at the last part of our article on picking one of the best ukulele capos. Hopefully, this article will aid you in meeting your needs. So, shop for one and relish your ukulele playing.

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