Best Ukulele Capo Reviews in 2023: Top 7 Models

Best Ukulele Capo

Many musicians cannot do without a capo, especially those who are not professionals. Therefore, we can safely tell that the best ukulele capo is as essential as having a musical instrument.

If you’ve utilized a capo, require a capo, and are looking for various types of capo, you’ve entered the correct place.

Capos apply to changing the chord structure and raising your string instrument pitch. If you use a capo, you don’t need to tune your ukulele to a higher key.

When you’re attempting to coincide your ukulele tone with the vocal range of singers, it’s particularly beneficial. This tool becomes fantastic for newbies as it lets them play a wide range of songs.

The Word Capo is an abridged word derived from” Capotasto,” meaning “head of the fret-board” in Italian.

Buying a capo doesn’t require a lot of money, yet in the case of a limited budget, you may attempt various alternatives and look at which one goes with you.

Below is our list of the best ukulele capos you might choose and purchase.

Top 7 Best Ukulele Capo Reviews

Product Name Price
1. Shubb Original Ukulele Capo (C9B) Check Price
2. Creative Tunings Spider Mini Capo for Ukulele Check Price
3. D’Addario NS Ukulele Capo Pro Check Price
4. Kyser Quick-Change Ukulele Capo Check Price
5. Donner DC-2 Ukulele Capo Check Price
6. GUITAR X X3 Capo for Ukulele Check Price
7. UGY Ukulele Capos Check Price

1. Shubb Original Ukulele Capo (C9B)

Ukulele Capo

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When it arises a question of one of the best ukulele capos, Shubb becomes a brand to choose from because this brand has fixed some qualities since 1980. For this, many musicians consider its capo as a beginning point.

Over a million musicians worldwide take the C9B Ukulele Capo as their first choice. Skilled and professional players can’t satisfy with something less than it.

You may be thinking of what is so special about this uke capo. Many customers mention that they like the C9B because it has a tricky and original design.

It has a patented locking action, providing a combination of precision, power, swiftness, and comfort of use with this capo.

This model is not about to intervene with your tuning as its soft elastic rubber comes with a particular design to function on the fingertip. As a result, it doesn’t curve the strings on the frets but puts Strings in place.

This capo closing action will seem to be your hand. So it will not drag the strings out of the center. Consequently, you won’t require to re-tune.

Stubb’s ukulele capos are built with uncompromising precision by machine and carefully assembled by hand. You can feel its quality when you hold it in your hands.

Checking out this capo on many models ensures that the capo becomes compatible with all tenors, sopranos, concerts, and baritones without very big-throated baritones.


  • Appropriate for the soprano, concert, and tenor uke.
  • Size: Standard.
  • Material: Brass.
  • Width: 4.20 cm.

2. Creative Tunings Spider Mini Capo for Ukulele

Uke Capo

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Creative Tunings Spider Mini capo comes for instruments with a slender neck. Yet, it incorporates others, such as the Ukulele, Bouzouki, Banjo, and Mandolin instruments.

Because the SpiderCapo sits above the fingerboard and not behind it, customer reports note that it might also be utilized on Mountain Dulcimer.

The Mini Spider allows doing hundreds of tunings possible with no de-tuning of your ukulele as its aim is to do capo each string separately!

It’s excellent news for Banjo musicians, as they intend to tune their instruments in various ways. This capo from Creative Tunings lets players make hundreds of tunings obtainable.


  • Modern particular capo, appearing to be a 3rd hand.
  • Making any tuning possible.
  • Possible to do capo every string separately
  • Possible to be played above and below with this capo.
  • Worthy for the ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and bouzouki.

3. D’Addario NS Ukulele Capo Pro

Capo for Ukulele

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D’Addario NS Ukulele Capo Pro and nearly all Planet Waves products are among the most creative professional tools for players. There’s no exception to their diversified capo line.

Plenty of their creative items result in a productive endeavor between designers Ned Steinberger and Jim D’Addario. No matter what type of ukulele capos you choose, this Planet Waves always remains a capo to fit your needs.

It comes with aircraft-grade aluminum crafted for ukuleles and ensures no-fret buzz and in-tune performance at any fret.

The mechanism with micrometer adjustment lets you dial in the correct tension required for conspicuous ringing notes with no exceeding force, regardless of neck position.

Before and after using the capo, all of this diminishes the requirement to retune your instrument. Even though you add lower additional weight to your uke, it will withstand the long playing schedule.


  • Fitting for all-sized ukuleles.
  • Best settings to lessen the requirement to retune.
  • Mild-weight build.

4. Kyser Quick-Change Ukulele Capo


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Whether we’re talking rock, country, pop, folk, or Americana music, the uke has become popular compared to ever before.

The Kyser capo is available for musicians, in particular, fabricated for the neck of small instruments such as the uke.

Expertly engineered and built to last, this tool is highly dependable and makes possible what the instrument is built to do.

Newbies and experienced pros alike praise how this tool aids them in tuning their instruments in the shortest time with just one hand.

Our consideration says that the beauty of this Capo keeps hidden in its easiness, reasonable and inexpensive price.


  • Easy to utilize with one hand.
  • Robust and lightweight aluminum with steel spring.
  • Parking on the Uke headstock when not in use.

5. Donner DC-2 Ukulele Capo


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This capo mechanism becomes efficient and sleek, made for quick changes. You only clamp it on your headstock for use without trouble at all. This tool clamps securely onto your instrument, eliminating that annoying string hum.

Okay, the DC-2 characterizes an excellent memory spring. You may stay free that its movement stays sleek even after long-term use, but it will not lose any of its grips.

The padding is another fantastic side of this capo, which is thick and potent. It lets the sound travel by covering your frets with comfort. Without the risk of muffling, you can protect your fretboard.

In the case of looking for a downside, we can indicate that it features too light. We can worry about shattering for its too much use. We sometimes like a product that’s somewhat tougher.

But we think it’s a petty complaint considering its tight grip, ample pad, smooth spring, and reasonable price. Note that it brings a couple of bonus plectrums.


  • Robust rust resistance and high-quality metal.
  • Simple to use when moving fastly to various instruments.
  • The firm tension and no scratches.
  • An accurate sound and has no fret buzz.
  • Steel spring with high performance.

6. GUITAR X X3 Capo for Ukulele


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Guitar X X3 is another capo crafted from zinc alloy, and its weight is 115 grams. It remains potent and resilient, withstanding successive use when staying on tour.

It’s a multipurpose model with a bent back. Its bent lets it suit most body shapes, mitigating pressure on those flattering backs. It is fitting not only for ukuleles but also for most other instruments.

The spring mechanism remains very robust. Without losing its grip, the hardened steel permits easy movement. It grips rigidly with just the correct amount of tension. Nevertheless, it stays supple enough to adapt to its position smoothly.

Due to making from high-standard silicone, we can enjoy ample cushioning with this capo. It remains firmly and safely on the Strings yet lets the vibrations. Also, it’s so soft that we may stay tension free from avoiding scratching or any other damage.

It brings quality at a high price. It’s not the low-priced capo that we’ve seen. We need to say that the manufacturer doesn’t suggest utilizing a 12-string guitar. But who ponders? All we consider 4-strings become excellent compared to twelve.


  • Made to be lasting.
  • Quickly changeable.
  • No scratch and no fret buzz.
  • High proficiency.

7. UGY Ukulele Capos


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With a memory spring, UGY capo is another one. This model applies sufficient pressure on the strings to eliminate that annoying hum but allows the conspicuous sound to come. When it gives us quick relief from our frets, we might become certain the spring will not spoil its tightness.

Here is another silicon pad. It conforms to your string shapes and comfortably keeps them in place and thick without being bulky. It confirms that we can eliminate scraps that don’t protect against other materials.

Unluckily, this model doesn’t bring the same quality as the others on our list due to the plastic build. Also, it doesn’t provide the same structural integrality found in other capos.

This UGY capo can seem weak. Plastic can tend to crack and scratch easily. As a result, many don’t get confidence in it. That means it is pretty inexpensive. If there’s something everybody prefers, it’ll become a bargain.

Many musicians might not love it, but it could be an elegant option for those whose budget is tight.


  • Quick release.
  • Easy to move.
  • No Scratches.
  • Available within affordability.

Types of Ukulele Capos

Different types of ukulele capos are available on the market, and everybody contains a personal preference. In general, capos don’t become too pricy, so you could attempt one of the following types if the budget does not become a factor.

Spring Loaded Capo

Spring-loaded capos are general, and most players prefer to utilize them. This type has a large handle that is a little bulky, and it’s one of the negative aspects.

The remarkable properties of most spring-loaded capos are low-priced, simple to use, and quite well-rated. Buy, stick it in place, and commence to play.

Elastic Capo

You might choose an elastic ukulele capo in case of having a super tight budget. Also familiar as a toggle capo, essentially a comprehensive piece of elastic, it is a sturdy element that puts your strings in place.

Just place it by wrapping it around your instrument’s neck. Elastic ukulele capos have become simple to put in your shopping bag due to their low price, but they are effortlessly breakable and prone to take your ukulele away out of tune.

C-Clamp Capo

Although this type is somewhat pricey compared to simple ones, they provide the convenience of letting you adapt the amount of pressure applied to your strings. Besides, it does not have any worrying handles.

Here’s a warning: If you concentrate on the C-clamp capo use, test at least twice to ensure the padded part remains in contact with the neck of your instrument when you tighten.

The reason is that the metal finish might contain some scratches. C-clamp ukulele capos have become fantastic for transposing entire songs, but their design isn’t proper for quick changes.

NS Ukulele Capo Pro

Combining the best properties of spring-loaded capo and C-clamp capo, it’s one type of new ukulele capo. It features an adjustable, safe, and well-padded.

Also, it contains a low profile. Therefore, it will not attach something heavy to the neck of your uke. Similar to C-clamp capos, this type is for transposing and not for rapid alters.

How do you use the capo with a ukulele?

Rightly, there’s no need for a capo for your instrument. But, even if you don’t have any idea how you can transpose it, owning one can aid you in expanding your repertoire.

In the case of singing along or accompanying someone else, or even playing with other instrumentalists, incorporating a capo can aid you in raising your ukulele pitch.

This quick guide will not entirely teach you how to utilize a capo with your ukulele but will aid you in getting started.

Using a quick clamp capo to make your barre chords easier

Many feel problems with barre chords, requiring you to cover all the strings by applying your index finger and then build the rest of the chords with your remaining fingers. At your fretboard with your fingers, a spring-loaded capo might be utilized anywhere.

It’ll need some time to become accustomed to clamping your capo in place. But if you slow the speed down once, you’ll notice that playing barre chords is simple.

Changing the Pitch with a Capo

To alter your ukulele pitch, use any capo. If you move down a fret from the nut, it’ll provide you with a half-step alter. For instance, C will create a sound like a C’s sharpness.

If you move two frets, it’ll provide a full step change, such that the C will create a sound like a D. You may place the capo any place to alter the song’s key or pitch you play.

One of the fantastic approaches to learning how to transpose a capo is you play around, hear the notes, and receive a lesson or two! It’s an excellent tool that allows you to move your nuts so that you may play known songs and chords in various keys.

It won’t become an alternative for mastering new chords. But it will aid you in enjoying your ukulele more, particularly while getting together with others and wanting to play in a separate key.


We’ve come to the last part of our article about choosing one of the best ukulele capos. Hopefully, this article will help you meet your demands. So, buy one and enjoy your ukulele play.

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