16 Best Ukulele Festivals for Music Lovers

Ukulele Festivals

Do you want to enjoy the ukulele the most? Go to ukulele festivals. Honestly, there’s something about festivals that is authentic magic about staying with other uke lovers and producing music together.

Passing away time at ukulele festivals is a way to overcome all the challenges life sometimes imposes on us. Also, it is a surprising way to reconcile with old friends while we stay there.

Further, participating in ukulele festivals is an excellent way to master new skills and songs from the best ukulele teachers. Indeed, there is too much more to accomplish at a beautiful uke festival.

You might buy the best-sounding ukes and pick-up, gear, and new sheet music, listen to fantastic performances from some of the best uke artists, and even attend or perform at an open mic.

Around the world, you will find lovely ukulele festivals, and we will cover a few of them in this article.

Top 16 Best Ukulele Festivals

1. Midwest Uke & Harmonica Cam

Lansing MI, USA

Mighty Uke Day Ben Hassenger and Elderly Instruments’ Stan Werbin introduced Midwest Uke & Harmonica Camp (or just Midwest Uke Camp).

The success of the Midwest Banjo Camp eventually guided the launch of this ukulele and harmonica camp, which combines workshops with the excitation of a festival environment and community-based activities, like group strums, instructor concerts, open mics, and workshops for all-level players with spontaneous gatherings and jams.

As best we can say, they organize annual events. But, it is best to check their website periodically to know what else they may keep in store for you.

2. The Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival

Torrance, CA, USA

Hawaii-born and raised Mitch Chang of Kala Koa Entertainment started the Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival. It was created with families and ukulele lovers of all ages in mind. This festival turns community-oriented with an inspiring atmosphere.

The Los Angeles International Ukulele Festival arranges an event every year. All-level players are ensouled to attend the event. Even if a person never touches or plays the uke, it becomes a place to gather.

The event gets packed with all-star performances throughout the day, Ohana Family Theater (for beginners and kids), a uke marketplace, unlimited workshop access, and excellent prizes. You can also learn more by visiting the website.

3. Ukulele Festival Hawaii

Oahu, Waikoloa, Kauai, and Maui, HI, USA

Ukulele Festival Hawaii takes place in various parts of Hawaii, focusing on love, laughter, and expectation for uke and music-loving people of all ages.

The journey of the festival began with the brainchild of Roy and Kathy Sakuma, who are determined their aim to spread the joy of the ukulele through various means – festivals, lessons, and community events.

The Ukulele Festival Hawaii organizes a festival each year. Indeed, this festival has quickly become a summer tradition, so if you are interested in the ukulele festival, you can come here.

4. Utah Ukulele Festival

Logan, UT, USA

The Utah Ukulele Festival prioritizes harmony, unity, and humility. This family-friendly, free outdoor event brings up the uke music and the Polynesian Islands’ culture.

The festival becomes home to performances, classes and workshops, open mic competitions, awards, and sellers and concessions.

The Utah Ukulele Festival has become somewhat quiet of late, but once large assemblages get common again, they will probably recommence activity.

5. Reno Ukulele Festival

Sparks, NV, USA

Dani Joy and Perry Stauffer are selected as the new producer of the Reno Ukulele Festival following the retirement of the Reynolds family.

The videos and photos on their website delineate plenty of amusing performances. At their latest event, it seems they become creative with their “mask team” party.

6. Strathmore Uke Fest

North Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Workshops and performances are organized in three locations around the city and incorporate teachers such as Daniel Ward, Herb Ohata Jr., and Marcy Marxer.

What sets this Strathmore Uke Fest apart from others is that they propose an advanced track of workshops to aid you in improving your ukulele skills. They are baritone-friendly class options alongside drop-in classes that do not need registration.

7. Bracklesham Ukulele Weekends

Eastbourne, England

Bracklesham Ukulele Weekends is held twice a year at the Queen’s Hotel on the seafront. They feature many players at their events, including Andy Eastwood, Phil Doleman, Peter Moss, Andrea Cooke, and more.

This festival incorporates performances, open mics, workshops, and jam sessions to be fond of all types of ukulele lovers and enthusiasts.

Don’t forget to check their website to know more.

8. Winchester Ukulele Festival

Winchester, England

The Winchester Ukulele Festival is organized in Winchester, England, at the Winchester RFC. Their festival characterizes artists and workshops.

Due to various reasons, the authority of the Winchester Ukulele Festival has decided to take a break in 2023, but if all things are equal, they will return in 2024.

If you want to watch their events, their website has videos of past events (2016, 2017, and 2018).

9. Grand Northern Ukulele Festival

Huddersfield, England

The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival (GNUF) remains an entirely volunteer-led operation, aiming to bring more young talent to art and music and supporting ukulele-based art and music worldwide.

The celebration of this festival includes performances by various artists, musical experiences, and performance art. You can follow past event videos on their website.

10. Ukulele Festival Of Scotland

Dumfries, Scotland

The Ukulele Festival Of Scotland, one of the people’s favorite festivals, takes place in Dumfries. Their activities have been on the downswing since 2019, but they will surely come back soon with many rave reviews and a hard online presence.

This festival is constructed on a three-legged stool of workshops, live performances, and jam sessions to keep attendees engaged.

You will find a downloadable songbook on their website, incorporating 82 lead sheets (chords and lyrics) of various popular Uke songs.

11. Vancouver Ukulele Festival

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Although the Vancouver Ukulele Festival is on pause now, they will resume operations soon, hopefully. This festival was started by Daphne ‘Ruby’ Roubini, the founder, producer, and director of the Vancouver Ukulele Festival

Their events and activities are full of performances to be accompanied by tutors, gala events, workshops, and more.

12. Midland Uke Fest

Midland, ON, Canada

The Midland Uke Fest is organized at Midland Cultural Centre each year. This 3-day festival proposes all-aged ukulele players to partake in workshops, concerts, jam sessions, and all-things ukulele-based.

Over 150 participants play in their mass jam session together. They believe that Uke Mania means a fascinating experience and a festival favorite that each uke lover should experience.

13. Hills Ukulele Festival

Emerald, Victoria, Australia

Although the Hills Ukulele Festival activity has initially become online late because of health restrictions, this festival’s events take place in Victoria, Emerald, and the beautiful suburbs of the area.

Their website seems rare and somewhat oddly designed, but gratefully they share regular updates on Instagram and Facebook. So follow them for online and live events.

14. Melbourne Ukulele Festival

Northcote, Victoria, Australia

Dean W. Denham (Dino Divo) founded the Melbourne Ukulele Festival (MUF) in 2010. Since then, the MUF has turned into a musical institution.

The MUF characterizes a range of motivating artists, market stalls, open mics, workshops, and much more. Indeed, this festival welcomes all and inspires new visitors to come and take a look.

On the website, you will find many media from past events dating back to 2011. Also, you can shop for stickers and branded badges directly from their site.

15. Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival

Imbil, QLD, Australia

The Sunshine Coast Ukulele Festival characterizes a variety of jams, performances, programs, and workshops. Their three-day events are diverse, with opportunities to master tai chi, bass uk and blues, drum circle, and more.

It seems like an excellent festival for those who like variety.

16. Czech Ukulele Festival


The Czech Ukulele Festival is in July this year. This festival organizes workshops, open mics, performances, and more every year.

You will look at a single paged website for the Czech Ukulele Festival. So there’s not much to look at. But if you search for tickets, you’ll find them. There are a songbook and a few videos posted on their site too.

Final Thoughts: Best Ukulele Festivals Near You

If you want to grow as a ukulele player, surrounding yourself with culture and immersing yourself in the ukulele world is the best way. What can be a better approach to getting into it than by attending a festival?

Long-term festivals become plenty of fun as you become capable of exploring new products, meeting more people, watching talented and experienced artists perform, and more.

So push yourself out of the confines and start joining the ukulele festival!

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