Best Ukulele Humidifier Reviews 2024: Top 6 Models

Best Ukulele Humidifiers

The ukulele, a simple instrument, is one of the reasons why this instrument is becoming more popular by the day. Learning to play this instrument is straightforward. But, a ukulele needs to take a little care, and a big part of it is to keep the wood from moisturizing. So you need the best ukulele humidifier.

What is a Ukulele Humidifier?

A Ukulele Humidifier, a small moisture-filled container, fits inside your ukulele case or on top of your ukulele, slowly releasing some moisture as needed but without harming your instrument.

The best ukulele humidifiers aid your instrument in keeping adequately moisturized without getting too damp. Between 40 and 50 percent is consistent with the ideal humidity level.

Also, some ukulele humidifiers protect your instrument from excess humidity.

Some ukulele humidifiers also protect your device from excess moisture. Indeed, it is a win-win situation, especially if you live where humidity increases or decreases as the weather changes.

Top 6 Best Humidifiers for Ukuleles

1. D’Addario Humidipak Automatic Humidity Control System

Best Ukulele Humidifiers

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We start with the best. The D’Addario Humidipak appears to be the most popular ukulele humidifier. It aids the device in keeping at a reliable 45% to 55% relative humidity.

Many consider this system a mixture of packets, either releasing or taking up water depending on the humidity level inside the case. You have to utilize these packets inside the hard case. Be sure to stop the case when playing the instrument to extend the life of the Humidipaks.

  • Lay down the packets inside the provided mesh or fabric bag.
  • Lay up a pack in the soundhole.
  • Put a packet under the ukulele headstock.
  • When the pack gets hard, cast it away and freshen it with a new packet.
  • The packets might last anywhere from 2 to 6 months, depending on the weather.
  • Use a hygrometer to make sure the packs are working.

Some players find it beneficial to incorporate a tube-style humidifier during critical dry months to stretch the pack life.

Only for the most acute weather conditions, when you understand the packets drying out in a short time, it makes the system expensive. Conversely, conserve the uke in a moist room and use the Humidipak to make conditions ideal.

2. MusicNomad Humilele Ukulele Humidifier (MN302)

Best Uke Humidifier

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The MusicNomad Humilele, a hydrophilic sponge humidifier, measures two inches wide by two inches deep. Therefore, it fits nicely inside the ukulele hole and rests on the string top.

The great thing about this particular humidifier is it is possible to examine the water by removing the rubber cap and touching the sponge. Whenever water is too much, the upper part will get dry and hard. Be sure to take it aside before refilling it with distilled water.

Another thing to watch out for when using any sponge-type humidifier is the quality of the sponge. Periodically, it’s better to remove it entirely and check it for signs of mold or mild disease.

They will come as gray, green, blue, or patches or reddish spots on the outside or inside of the sponge. Notice the rubber seal around the lid from inside the humidifier case.

  • Throw away the sponge at the first sign of mold or mildew.
  • Thoroughly and carefully sterilize the humidifier container with sanitizing wipes or products that will not damage the plastic or rubber seals.
  • Allow the container to dry completely.
  • Replace the sponge using a brand-new hydrophilic sponge soaked in distilled water.
  • Check for leaks or drips before installing a humidifier.

3. D’Addario Ukulele Humidifier Pro


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D’Addario Humidifier Pro is perfect for instrument soundholes. The brand sets up it using two middle strings. This setting ensures that moisture penetrates the exposed wood, which can cause water damage without touching it. Many variations are available at different companies with this same overall design.

  • Uncover the rubber cap to reveal the hydrophilic sponge.
  • In distilled water, soak the hydrophilic sponge, allow it to absorb the water for one minute, and let the excess water end.
  • Place the sponge inside the humidifier and then change the cap.
  • Jolt the unit so that excess water does not escape.
  • In the soundhole, you set up the unit and secure it with the two middle strings of the ukulele.
  • Check the unit frequently to confirm it doesn’t dry out.
  • A sponge might hold 12 times its weight in water. But, depending on your season and weather, it may not be enough to keep many days in a row.

This humidifier mod gets much cheaper, but it becomes less specific, and you need to test your device more often. If you want to put the device for storage, you should do it in a climate-controlled room.

However, for those who play daily and use the instrument for fun, this humidifier type is an easy and inexpensive way to put the uke in better condition.

4. Oasis OH-18 Ukulele Humidifier

Best Humidifier for Ukulele

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The Oasis OH-18 is one of the most frequently recommended ukulele humidifiers. After producing one of the best guitar humidifiers (known as the OH-1), Oasis has introduced this humidifier specifically for ukulele use.

Opposite the OH-1 guitar humidifier, the OH-18 contains a separate and particular hanger angled from the strings inside the soundhole. Also, since a ukulele is smaller than a guitar, it needs less supplemental moisture.

Oasis changes the liner for the uke humidifier to adjust with the difference. This model comes with a fixed stabilizer and a 10cc syringe to refill the humidifier with water.

The brand recommends using only distilled water when using this model. After the initial filling, you should fill the humidifier at least once a week. Furthermore, it is mandatory to replace the Humigel crystal once a year for about $9.

5. Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Packs for Wood Instruments


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Boveda is the maker of the D’Addario mentioned above Humidipaks. Indeed, the brand makes this awesome 2-way humidity control starter kit.

These packets are brand-labeled by the D’Addario Company. The brand has developed a separate mesh pocket design to slip before packing.

Before buying, you can view the offer from Boveda if you like the original packet design. The material design becomes separate.

Also, you drag the packet up and down the string into the soundhole instead of sliding into the sound hole. You can buy a packet from D’Addario or directly from Boveda. In both cases, you need to use two packets in your case.

6. Oasis Case Plus+ Humidifier


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It has a tube-style humidifier, which has a larger capacity to act in dry climates or areas with too-dry winters.

Humidifiers contain water-absorbing crystals to use. A refill kit is attainable if the crystal terminates and needs to be changed.

When you feel that a regular humidifier cannot hold enough humidity for the health of your instrument, you can consider a case humidifier.

When you require therapeutic moisture to rehydrate the wood in your machine, it can be an excellent temporary approach to increasing the water content of the wood fibers. It can be too humid for a healthy ukulele in moderate climates.

This humidifier type contains a clip for the inside of the case and can be used with a smaller humidifier in acute cases. You might utilize a hygrometer to confirm there isn’t too much wetness inside your case, especially if you wish to double up.

As with all absorbent materials when using a humidifier, be sure not to overfill with water. Besides, allow some time for the material to fully absorb the water before putting the container in the device or case. It’ll help ensure that you don’t have any issues with water leaking out and damaging your device or case.

Why Need A Ukulele Humidifier?

Many musicians become interested in learning how to care for their instruments. After all, a humidifier is one of the most effective tools for any woodworker. You need a humidifier for the following three reasons.

1. Dry air can cause wooden appliances to crack or shrink

Keep your device in the weather, not too cold or too hot. Your uke might suffer damage if you place it in too dry or humid conditions. Dry air is a common culprit in this case.

When your wooden uke is exposed to dry weather, the wood begins to lose moisture and dry out. After that, the uke may shrink or crack. But, a humidifier will aid in protecting the device from this damage.

2. A case does not become adequate protection from moisture loss

For many who live in specific dry climates, one trick might be to place an instrument in an instrument case and forget about it. It might not act as a substitute for a humidifier.

Any significant fluctuations in humidity for the instrument’s environment might impact the instrument. Between 40% and 55% is the ideal humidity.

Too little moisture leads to cracking and less action. On the contrary, if wood is exposed to excess moisture, it can expand, causing buzzing and raised work. Effortlessly, a humidifier can work appropriately to maintain the correct humidity level.

3. The instrument will function more consistently without the risk-probability of damage

Any change of moisture might impact your uke’s function. You may have a more comfortable and consistent experience with your instrument.


Once you’ve picked the best ukulele humidifiers, check them often – especially in the beginning. Mold can increase if your unit gets closed for long periods, and humidity can run out in dry weather and destroy your uke.

Also, you can carry a digital hygrometer inside your uke case to give a readout of the humidity level. It’s a great approach to ensuring that your device is safe, with no expectations involved and peace of mind.

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