Best Ukulele Humidifier Reviews 2023: Top 7 Models

Best Ukulele Humidifiers

The ukulele is an incredibly straightforward instrument- honestly, it is one of the reasons this instrument is getting more popular day by day. There’s needless to say that it’s easy to pick and learn to play. But, a ukulele must take a little care, and a big part of that is to stay the wood properly moisturized. Therefore, you require the best ukulele Humidifier.

What is a Ukulele Humidifier?

A Ukulele humidifier is one kind of small moisture-filled container keeping fitting your ukulele inside the case or on top of your ukulele, slowly leaving some of that moisture as required, but without damaging your device.

The best ukulele humidifiers help stay your instrument moisturized adequately without making it too damp. The ideal humidity level is consistent between 40 to 50 percent.

Some ukulele humidifiers also defend your device from excess moisture. Indeed, it is a win-win situation, in particular, if you reside in a region where humidity grows up or drops as the weather alters.

Top 7 Best Humidifiers for Ukuleles

Product Name Price
1. D’Addario Humidipak Automatic Humidity Control System Check Price
2. MusicNomad Humilele Ukulele Humidifier (MN302) Check Price
3. Oasis OH-18 Ukulele Humidifier Check Price
4. Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Packs for Wood Instruments Check Price
5. Oasis Case Plus+ Humidifier Check Price
6. D’Addario Ukulele Humidifier Pro Check Price
7. Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control System Check Price

1. D’Addario Humidipak Automatic Humidity Control System

Best Ukulele Humidifiers

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We begin with the best one. The D’Addario Humidipak seems to be the most popular ukulele humidifier on our list. It helps the instrument stay at a credible 45% to 55% relative moisture.

This system is regarded as an admixture of packets, either leaving or absorbing water based on the moisture level inside the case. You require to use these packets inside of the hard case. Don’t forget to close this case to grow the lifetime of the Humidipaks while playing the instrument.

  • Lay down the packets inside the supplied mesh or fabric bag.
  • Set one pack in the soundhole.
  • Place one Packet under the ukulele headstock.
  • Whenever the pack hardens, throw it and refresh it with a new Packet.
  • Based on the weather, packets can sustain from 2 to 6 months.
  • Utilize a hygrometer to confirm whether the packs are functioning or not.

Some players think it is beneficial to include a tube-style humidifier during the crucial arid months to extend the packet life.

Only for the most extreme weather, when you see that the packets are getting dried within a short time, it’s making the system costlier. Reversely, store the uke in a humid room and utilize a Humidipak to keep the situation ideal.

2. MusicNomad Humilele Ukulele Humidifier (MN302)

Best Uke Humidifier

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MusicNomad Humilele is one kind of hydrophilic sponge humidifier. Its measurement is two inches wide by two inches profound. Therefore, it adapts nicely inside the ukulele hole and stays on the peak of the strings.

The fantastic thing about this specific humidifier is that it is possible to test the water by touching the sponge by opening the rubber cap. Whenever required more water, the upper part will become arid and stiff. Never forget to remove it before refilling it with distilled water.

The quality of the sponge is another thing to observe while utilizing any sponge-type humidifier. It is best to periodically remove it entirely and examine it for signs of mold or mild disease.

These will appear as gray, blue, green, or patches or reddish spots outside or inside the sponge. Observe the rubber seal around the lid apart from the inside of the humidifier case.

  • At the first sign of mold or mildew, throw off the sponge.
  • Carefully and thoroughly disinfect the humidifier container with sanitizing wipes or products that will not harm the plastic or rubber seals.
  • Let the container dry entirely.
  • With a brand new hydrophilic sponge soaked in distilled water, alter the sponge.
  • Before installing a humidifier, always test for leaks or drips.

3. Oasis OH-18 Ukulele Humidifier

Best Humidifier for Ukulele

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Perhaps, one of the most repeatedly recommended ukulele humidifiers is the Oasis OH-18. After manufacturing one of the best guitar humidifiers (named OH-1), Oasis developed this humidifier specifically for use on ukuleles.

Unlike the OH-1 guitar humidifier, the OH-18 contains a separate, particular hanger, putting it at the angle from the strings inside the soundhole. Besides, since a ukulele remains small compared to a guitar, it requires low supplemental moisture.

Oasis has changed the liner for this ukulele humidifier to make up for the difference. This model brings a particular stabilizer and a 10cc syringe to be possible to refill the humidifier with water.

The brand suggests using distilled water only while using this model. After the preliminary filling, you have to fill the humidifier at least once a week. Moreover, replacing the Humigel crystals for $9 about once a year is mandatory.

4. Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Packs for Wood Instruments


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Essentially, Boveda is the builder of the aforementioned D’Addario Humidipaks. Indeed, the brand builds this fantastic 2-way moisture control starter kit.

These packets have been brand-labeled by the D’Addario Company. The brand developed a separate mesh pocket design for slipping before packing.

Before buying, you can pick to view the offer from the Boveda to observe if you prefer the design of the original packet better. The material design remains separate.

Besides, instead of sliding into the soundhole, you drag the packet into the soundhole above and below the strings. You can buy a Packet from D’Addario or directly from Boveda. In both cases, you have to utilize two packets in your case.

5. Oasis Case Plus+ Humidifier


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It features a tube-style humidifier, which holds a larger capacity to work in too many dry climates or too many arid winter regions.

The humidifier has water-absorbing crystals to use either. A refill kit is available when the crystals run out and need to be replaced.

When you think that a regular humidifier does not appear to hold enough moisture for the health of your device, you might think of a case humidifier.

When therapeutic moisture is needed to rehydrate the wood of your instrument, it might become an excellent temporary way to exacerbate the amount of water in the wood fibers. It can become too much moisture for a healthy uke in moderate weather.

This humidifier type has a clip for the inside of the case and can be utilized with a small humidifier in extreme cases. You can use a hygrometer to ensure that there is not too much moisture inside your case, particularly if you want to double.

Like all absorbent material using humidifiers, confirm not to overfill with water. Besides, let the component give some time to absorb water entirely before laying down the container in the instrument or the Case. In reality, it will assist ensure that there is no problem with your water leaking and harming your device or Case.

6. D’Addario Ukulele Humidifier Pro


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D’Addario Humidifier Pro suits the instrument soundhole. It is set up by the two middle strings. This setting makes sure that the wetness is entering the open wood, which can harm the water without touching it. You will find many variations by different companies using this same overall design.

  • Unfurl the rubber cap to disclose the hydrophilic sponge.
  • In distilled water, drench the hydrophilic sponge and then let it settle for one minute to absorb water and allow the extra water to finish.
  • Put the sponge inside the humidifier and then replace the cap.
  • Shake the unit so that no excess water can come out.
  • In the soundhole, set up the unit and make it safe using the two middle strings of the uke.
  • Examine the unit repeatedly to make sure that it does not become dry.
  • The sponge can contain 12 times its weight in water. But, considering your season and weather, it might not be sufficient to keep it in a row for many days.

This humidifier mode becomes very cheap, but it gets less definite and needs you to test your device frequently. If you wish to keep the instrument for storage, you should accomplish it in a climate-controlled room.

Anyway, for the people who play every day and utilize instruments for fun, this humidifier type is a simple and cheap path to stay the uke in better shape.

7. Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control System


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This Boveda system functions somewhat separately compared to other ukulele humidifiers, and it is stunning. Rightly, the company itself is not a specialist in manufacturing musical instruments but a specialist in moisture control, no doubt.

The brand has designed a system to safeguard and preserve all things, including tobacco, cigars, herbs, and moisture-sensitive, such as nuts and dried fruit.

The Boveda item might not seem to be like a humidifier. More, it is a two-way moisture control system. According to the company, it is the world’s first.

It means it truly affixes and dispels the necessary moisture, guarding your instrument against excessive dryness and humidity. In a closed case, the system retains a constant level of wetness between 40% and 50%.

Four replaceable packets will come, and you place them inside a soft, leak-resistant fabric holder. Place one pouch around your string on top of the soundhole and the other on your headstock at the top of your case. Both packets have to be used together.

You will find a specially prepared saturated water solution and salt inside the packets, including an aqueous vapor-permeable “reverse osmosis” membrane.

Specific salts naturally control the moisture blended with water by utilizing the scientific principle. The packets absorb and emit only pure water vapor through the semipermeable membrane.

In the opinion of Boveda, the packets sustain two to six months before being altered. You can tell by touching them that they have been “spent.” If utilized, they will become hardened and lose the humidity inside.

This model is not regarded as a usual ukulele humidifier and is pricey compared to others. Anyway, Boveda system users like how less maintenance it needs, and it regulates both aridity and excessive humidity.

Why need a ukulele humidifier?

Many musicians are interested in learning how to take care of their instruments. By and large, a humidifier is one of the most effective tools for any woodworking instrument. The following are three reasons you require a humidifier.

1. Dry air can crack or shrink wooden instruments

Put your instrument in the weather, not too hot or too cold. Your uke can face damage if you put it in too dry or humid. Indeed, dry air becomes a common culprit in this case.

When your wooden instrument comes in contact with dry weather, the wood starts losing moisture and becomes dry. Then, the uke might be shrunk or cracked. But, a humidifier will help the device protect from this harm.

2. A case does not become sufficient protection from moisture loss

Especially for many who reside in arid weather, a technique may be to put an instrument in the case and become oblivion about it. It can’t work as a substitute for a humidifier.

Any significant fluctuations in humidity for the instrument environment can affect the instrument. Standard moisture is between 40% and 55%.

Too little moisture results in cracks and less action. On the other hand, if the wood comes in contact with excess moisture, it can extend, leading to buzzing and raised acts. Effortlessly, a humidifier can function properly to keep the wetness at the proper levels.

3. The instrument will perform more consistently without the risk-possibility of damage

Any kind of humidity change can affect your uke function. You can gain a more comfortable and consistent experience with your device.


If you have picked the best ukulele humidifiers once, don’t forget to test them often – especially at the beginning. Mold can grow if your instrument is not left open for a long time, and moisture in dry weather can run out and annihilate your uke.

Further, you may take a digital hygrometer to deliver a readout of the wetness level inside your uke case. It is a fantastic way to ensure that your instrument is safe, does not involve any anticipation, and requires peace of mind.

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