Best Solid Wood Ukulele Reviews in 2023

Best Solid Wood Ukulele

Opting for a standard product is not an easy task like walking in the park, especially among the countless products in the market these days. Indeed, it takes a lot of patience to choose a product that offers the best value for your investment. Incidentally, we have presented in this article the best solid wood ukulele available on the market to support you.

Our selected options are budget-friendly, and you could buy them from Amazon. We have thoroughly researched each solid wood ukulele so that you can get maximum benefit for your hard-earned cash. To know details, read consciously the below guide.

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Editor’s Choice

AKLOT Solid Wood Concert Ukulele

Best Solid Wood Ukuleles
  • Solid mahogany wood instrument
  • Stunning craftsmanship
  • Staying in tune well with warm sound
  • Unique design with a rounded edge for ease
  • Reasonable price with free online lesson

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Top 7 Best Solid Wood Ukuleles for music players

Product Name Price
1. AKLOT Solid Wood Concert Uke Check Price
2. Kala KA-SMHT Solid Mahogany Tenor Uke Check Price
3. Caramel 26-inch Tenor Uke Solid Wood Check Price
4. Enya EUC-MS BU Solid Wood Uke Concert Check Price
5. Caramel MT80 Solid Wood Tenor Uke Check Price
6. Kmise Vintage Solid Wood Uke Check Price
7. Strong Wind Solid Wood Soprano Uke Check Price

1. AKLOT Solid Wood Concert Ukulele


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AKLOT might not be renowned like Kala or Donner, but the case is different with this product. They always produce premium-quality beginner-level ukuleles, and this model becomes nothing less than complete. Needless to say that it could be the best solid wood concert ukulele kit you have so far.

The 23-inch kit assembles complete and enriched sound with comfort. The solid mahogany top, back, and sides play a vital role in producing a balanced, sweet tone. The Okoume neck lets players ease playing.

Its neck and rounded edges will seem to be smooth while playing, and the intricate and polished construction has ensured it. Moreover, the natural matte finish gives it an eye-catching design that is excellent enough to pick it.

In the case of sound, it is balancing and sweet. In truth, the quality construction and beautiful tonewood work well to create a pleasing sound. Also, one thing that sets it apart from its rivals is its melody.

In addition to those, this starter kit comes with many accessories that will save you money making it easier to start your playing.


  • Unparalleled Craftsmanship
  • Solid wood construction
  • Staying in tune better
  • Free online lesson


  • Intonation problem for higher frets

2. Kala KA-SMHT Solid Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

Best Solid Wood Uke

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This Kala uke brings an outstanding instrument in the case of searching for high-quality and a professional feel. Moreover, it will aid in enriching your collection with a good brand of products, of course.

Made out of mahogany, the KA-SMHT has created an outstanding device compared to other affordable models, no doubt. Alongside a Mahogany neck and body, it has a Laurel Fingerboard to help your play sleek.

The Graph Tech NuBone nut and saddle put the strings in the perfect place along with the transfer of sound. Besides, the Tortoise Binding with a white border shapes it into an attractive design. The company designs the machine heads to stay in tune more than other Kala models.

The Tenor Uke is a better option for advanced than intermediate or novice players if they’re interested in participating in live performances. Due to the solid wood and a high-quality finish, it comes with an additional price although.


  • Best solid wood tenor ukulele
  • Charming sound with good projection
  • Impressive Appearance
  • Thick Neck, nice for big hands


  • No standard case

3. Caramel 26-inch Tenor Ukulele Solid Wood


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This solid wood uke from Caramel consists of solid mahogany wood that gives a more amplified and steady sound with a pure melody. Also, players can gain better resonance. Both professionals and beginners receive to use it.

Caramel uses carbon strings, creating a full sound without buzzing like a pricey professional ukulele. The soundhole brings framed by an abalone ring, increasing its beauty.

The big-hand players can prefer it for utilizing wide-spaced frets. While buying this model, you will get a tuner, which assists you to be tuned it.

Furthermore, this 26-inch contains a walnut fretboard with 18 frets that make your playing cozy. Again, the buffalo bone nut and saddle guarantee its durability.

Although it is available at a low cost, it holds a lot of quality properties. Even this instrument also includes several accessories to add value to your purchase.


  • Durable construction
  • Great look with decent sound
  • Lightweight
  • Best value for the price


  • Lack of loud projection

4. Enya EUC-MS BU Solid Wood Ukulele Concert

Solid Wood Ukuleles

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If you seek a solid wood ukulele of mahogany, this instrument from Enya might become a premium option for you, no doubt. It combines an artistic look with craftsmanship and sturdy structure.

Mahogany is very popular for tonewood because it delivers a balanced, warm tone. The EUC-MS BU characterizes an all-solid mahogany body with the top, sides, back, and neck. Consequently, it generates much more durable, richer tones and more volume than laminated ones.

You can strum the uke with comfort and enjoy a fun rhythmic sound with unique harmony. Alongside, this concert ukulele includes an asymmetrical-shaped top headstock, exquisite to look at and expensive.

The brand uses a radius curved fretboard, very sleek and ensures a comfy play. The string spaces are about 42mm, comfortable for fingers. Further, it comes as a bundle and offers plenty of accessories. Top of all, both new players and professionals can equally adapt to it, okay?


  • Stunning appearance
  • Glossy finish with stiff build
  • Mahogany sound and tone
  • Inclusion of accessories


  • It might be expensive for many

5. Caramel MT80 Solid Wood Tenor Ukulele


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You desire to get a ukulele, affordable and made with quality tonewoods and materials. Well, this Caramel Uke is thoroughly consistent with your hope. Also, the brand has manufactured one of the best solid wood ukuleles for sale in mind the buyers’ needs.

This Beginner Kit is built using solid mango wood that ensures its longevity. Moreover, its gloss finish has added a new dimension to its attractiveness for beauty lovers.

Due to the mango wood construction, it sounds better than the price of this range of uke. Besides, this wood type gives a deep, resonating bass sound. Its tone lasts for a long time too.

The High Gloss Tenor Ukulele has a smooth fretboard and neat fret, designed carefully to confirm its comfort and lower the action. As a result, you can play it buzzing-freely.

Most importantly, the 26-inch instrument has arrived with a nice accessories bundle, listed in the product description. So, it’ll be affordable for you.


  • Outstanding mango concert uke
  • 18:10 metal gear tunings
  • Exceptional design
  • Affordable but standard


  • Lacking fret markers

6. Kmise Vintage Solid Wood Ukulele


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If you search for a ukulele that has decent build quality at a low cost, you should not look further. This model from Kmise provides such properties as your demand.

Kmise has brought this product with a sealed tuning machine that assures uninterrupted tuning. In the case of ease of playability, it has sanded frets and a pretty high-quality walnut fingerboard. Moreover, it holds a C-shaped neck to enhance your comfort level.

This model supplies the brand’s free online lessons with a booklet, starting on some ukulele basics. Rightly, it will not become the only learning component but an excellent beginning point, sure.

The accessories will, no doubt, be plenty of bonus in the case of thinking of price tag. They are a gig bag, an extra set of strings, a strap, and a tuner. Their qualities might not be the most elite but will become supportive enough for starters as the best concert solid wood ukulele.


  • Measured structure
  • Restrained action
  • Ideal for playability
  • Available in affordability


  • It can create some fret buzz occasionally

7. Strong Wind Soprano Ukulele


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We extremely recommend that you consider it, even if you are a beginner. This Strong Wind Solid Wood Soprano Ukulele is inexpensive, robust, and comprised of novices, in particular.

This uke characterizes a conventional 21-inch-length soprano structure with four nylon strings. On the other hand, the neck and body consist of mahogany wood. The Strong Wind applies a high-gloss finishing touch to shape the surface appearance even more captivating and reflective.

This model contains a thin body, assuring that the sound becomes too simple to make it louder and more lively. It can come to the question of how much its tone is. The answer is that it is perfect enough to give the melody with warm and bright high pitches.

The most preferred thing for us is that it comes with a well-finished fretboard and bridge. It includes four nylon strings that can withstand strokes and create a full-bodied melody when playing the ukulele. So, you can try to go with it once.


  • Stiff body shape
  • The clear and bright tone
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Budget-friendly


  • Objection about a good projection

Solid Wood Ukulele vs Laminate – Determining Which You Should Buy

Fixing what type of uke to buy might become a challenging decision. Rightly, it can be alluring for you to have a high-quality, solid wood ukulele. On the other hand, buying a ukulele by spending less to save money might be a nifty option as well. Anyhow, the following guide can somewhat help you make the right decision.

Solid Wood Uke


  • Better Tone: You will listen to a better tone with a solid wood instrument. This type permits a fuller sound to produce from the body and becomes resonating more. Sometimes this difference might be observed or might not. But you will find some laminate ukuleles, which will sound like solid wood ones.
  • Getting better with age: A solid wood one becomes better with age. Its tone turns over time, and it will sound better as it gets older. But in the case of a laminate one, it often sounds the same, and someone can consider it as a benefit.
  • Looks better: Typically, solid wood instruments tend to be made by hand, and everything remains details that are not available in cheaper ones. Those are fabricated carefully, and each product is unparalleled. The two models will never seem to be alike. The reason is that the wood will always make some slight differences between the two. All in all, the wooden instruments look excellent.


  • Needs More Care: Possessing a solid wood instrument may be a matter of pride but being careful of it is essential. Solid wood is impacted by the environment. So, you have to keep it at the proper humidity. You never expect it to dry out and cause it to become cracked.
  • More costly: You require to spend more on a solid wood ukulele. Additionally, you might need to cost upwards of a few thousand dollars in the case of a handmade ukulele from Hawaii.

Laminate Ukulele


  • Affordable: One of the best portions for laminate ukuleles is that they come at a low price, relatively. Less than $150 can be sufficient to purchase one in most cases. In truth, this ukulele type may be a better option for an occasional player.
  • Simple to care for: There will be no requirement to take too much care of this instrument type because it is stable compared to a solid wood one. It is impacted less by the changes in temperatures and humidity levels. So, it will become simple to maintain for you.
    It doesn’t mean you do not have to take care of it, and you will leave it off here and there. So, you must take care if you want to use it for a long time, no doubt.


  • Manufactured cheaply: These types of ukuleles are manufactured utilizing factory-pressed wood and become cheap compared to handmade solid wooded ones in this way. Sometimes, inferior parts get more inexpensive than a top-shelf instrument. It often exposes small details, and that’s why they are available at a low cost.
  • Doesn’t sound as good: The prime negative side of laminate ones is that they do not possibly sound like solid ones. Hearing for an untrained ear can seem to be tough somewhat, but you will find some nuances in the solid wood version that will generate a better sound.

So which one should I buy: solid wood or a Laminate uke?

The answer to this question can come in two kinds. One is that it will rely on what type of instrument you feel at ease playing. Another is your affordability to purchase.

Indeed, if you attempt to figure out what type of instrument you ought to take, here’re a few advantages and disadvantages of each type above. So, pick one that is perfect for you.

Final opinion

We have compiled some of the best solid wood ukuleles above according to our choice. Most importantly, all of them are the highest-rated. You can prefer one that goes with you among them.

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