Best Kala Ukulele Reviews in 2024: Top 7

Best Kala Ukulele

Do you want to play high-quality and beautifully designed beginner, professional, or ideal intermediate ukuleles? Have you attempted to use the best Kala ukulele brand? Kala, a relatively new ukulele brand, features high quality. It has made a great impression on the music industry.

After that, we assure you that this ukulele brand is a lovely choice for musicians interested in a well-designed, high-quality ukulele at a fair price. This ukulele buying guide is designed for people interested in playing the ukulele with the best brands available. Now, come here and pick up your Kala ukulele.

Top 7 Best Kala Ukulele: Our Selection

1. Official Kala Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit


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You want to start training now. Therefore, you require a ukulele that brings everything you need. The perfect choice to meet your needs is the Kala Ukulele Soprano Starter Kit. In truth, this kit is one of the most favorite ukuleles for beginners.

However, this kit incorporates a logo tote bag, a 20-page quick start guide, and all the tips to play the ukulele. You can learn to play the ukulele by following online lessons through the Kala Brand Music website. We can assure you that this whole learning process is easy and smooth.

The starter kit includes a high-quality mahogany soprano ukulele with traditional Polynesian shark teeth laser-etched rosettes, quality open gear tuners, GraphTech NuBone nuts, saddles, and Aquila strings from Italy. All the included materials are quality. So, it makes playing the instrument easy.

Kala is famous for his ideal ukulele. Hence, school boys and renowned players worldwide choose this brand of ukulele. You can opt for it and enjoy playing uke.

2. Kala MK-S Makala Soprano Ukulele Bundle

Best Kala Ukes

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The Kala MK-S Makala Soprano Ukulele offers quality sound and a stunning vintage look. The best entry-level ukulele is the MK-S, with affordability.

This MK-S has many catchy features that make it easy to learn in the UKE. This bundle provides a DVD that helps beginners learn the instrument. Also, this soprano uke gives you a gig bag that protects your ukulele from scratches and dust.

The gig bag also offers backpack straps and a zippered pocket for small accessories. It contains a standard ukulele strap. You also get an extra set of Nylgut Strings, world-renowned as one of the best ukulele strings.

Plus, this uke adds a clip-on chromatic tuner to stop vibrations. Consequently, you can tune the instrument to any setting.

In addition, this soprano-sized uke has a mahogany casing and neck, walnut fingerboard, satin finish, and geared tuners. Considering the features and functions, you can buy this instrument.

3. Kala KA-15T Satin Tenor Ukulele Bundle

Kala Ukulele

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The Kala KA-15T is ideal for large hands and people of all ages. Also, it is the preferred size for solo performers seeking an entire and balanced tone. The KA-15 series will play a crucial role for generations as it is designed to stand the test of time.

This tenor uke constructed of mahogany top, back, sides, and neck ensures durability. On the contrary, highlighted with a satin finish, the traditional design makes it more attractive.

It has a walnut fingerboard, which helps the instrument to play comfortably. Also, this tenor-sized uke GraphTech NuBone Nut and saddle and Aquila Super Nylgut strings feature.

Also, the bundle offers the accessories, saving you extra money. You don’t require any electronics for this uke. Most importantly, this bundle brings some impressive features that set it apart from other models. So saying, if you buy this bundle, you will use it for a long time without any hassle.

4. Kala KA-15S Satin Soprano Ukulele Bundle

Kala Ukes

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If you wish to include an affordable, high-quality, eye-catching soprano model in your collection, you can opt for the KA-15S. It brings quality, sound, affordability, and great features more than other models in the same price range.

Moreover, Kala offers you two months of live online ukulele lessons. Also, the bundle inserts an Austin Bazaar polishing cloth to keep the device in mint condition. The happy news is Kala provides a hard case to keep your uke safe.

Also, it has a geared tuner, which makes the tune easy. This soprano-sized uke has several lovely features, such as a satin finish, cream binding, and a walnut fingerboard. With a mahogany body and neck, the ukulele delivers a full and rich tone.

Due to the ideal soprano size, this ukulele is perfect for children and beginners. If you long to get your money’s worth in any instrument, you should start with the KA-15S.

5. Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele


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Are you looking for a quality instrument at a reasonable cost? KA-15S is suitable enough to meet your needs. This ukulele delivers a full-bodied tone with plenty of sweet highs and mellow lows that blend for a full and rich sound.

This ukulele brings a mahogany body that ensures its quality. The all-mahogany construction delivers a melody that is bright and warm, as well as substantial. Also, the Kala KA-15S comes with standard gear tuners to help you stay in tune.

Plus, with a satin finish, this ukulele is designed to keep up with the times. A notable feature of this instrument is the mahogany top, back and sides. This soprano uke packs a lot of sound despite its small size.

Additionally, this package comes with a gig bag to keep the instrument safe. Guitarists interested in playing similar instruments will appreciate the low performance and ease of playing. Also, newbies and learners can begin their musical journey with this uke.

6. Kala Satin Soprano Ukulele (KA-S)


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If you are exploring an inexpensive but good-quality ukulele, the Soprano Ukulele (KA-S) is the correct option. It’s the most common size of the ukulele and has the shortest scale length of the ukulele.

The ukulele is crafted from mahogany wood, which ensures its durability. Plus, mahogany wood always promises a good sound and tone. Thus, this gorgeous instrument delivers a warm, full-bodied, balanced tone. The satin finish and contrasting cream binding make it more impressive than other models.

It gives you a Chrome die-cast tuner to protect the device. Additionally, the KA-S features Graphtec NuBone nut and saddle, silver nickel frets, and Aquila Super Nylgut strings.

This classic mahogany soprano uke comes at a low price. So, all categories of players can buy this uke. We think this fantastic device will not disappoint you. So give it a try.

7. Kala KA-SMHT Tenor Ukulele


The Kala KA-SMHT is a tenor-sized ukulele bought for its outstanding tone and sound quality. The combination of all-mahogany construction and lovely tortoise gives it a great sound and a clean look.

If you are seeking a tenor uke that produces a warm and balanced tone, this model will be the best choice. This tenor consists of solid mahogany, which is the most popular tonewood.

Similarly, the sleek satin finish makes it an incredible look. On the contrary, the mahogany neck with laurel fingerboard helps you play this uke comfortably.

The Specialty Of The Best Kala Ukuleles

Kala offers great musical instruments at affordable prices. Therefore, their instruments are perfect for beginners or taking to the beach, perfectly designed, solid wood ukuleles made with experts in mind.

In short, if you’re looking for a simple and melodic-sounding soprano ukulele or an acoustic-electric, bass, banjo model, you’ve probably got a Kala Uke that is proper for your needs.

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Various models in perfect finish and color
  • Great materials
  • Available in Acoustic-Electric uke
  • Fantastic sound with a transparent tone
  • Some Kala ukuleles offer accessories

FAQs Of Kala Ukulele Brand

Q: Are Kala And Makala The Same?

Undoubtedly, Kala and Makal are the same brands. Kala named Makala an affordable product line aimed mainly at novice ukulele players.

Q: Where Are Kala’s Ukuleles Made?

Some ukuleles are made in California and the United States, and some are in China. In most cases, professional ukuleles are manufactured in California, and you can understand it considering the price. In contrast, most entry-level and budget-friendly products come from China.

Q: Are Kala Ukuleles Good?

Yes, because Kala is one of the most popular brands, which always produces high-quality instruments at reasonable prices. They maintain high quality, even when making the most affordable models. Therefore, Kala Ukulele is a famous brand in the world.

Q: Does The Kala Ukulele Brand Offer Any Guarantee?

The answer is yes! Models made in the USA offer a two-year warranty. On the contrary, models made in China provide a one-year warranty.

Note that this is applicable only when you purchase the product from authorized Kala dealers in the USA or Canada or directly from Kala Music stores. Kala offers a money-back guarantee within 30 days.

Q: Are Kala Ukuleles Suitable For Beginner Players?

Thoroughly! Kala offers models which are suitable for players of different levels. Many of these models are produced only for beginners and are small in build to ensure maximum comfort.

Q: What size ukulele should I choose?

Generally, a soprano ukulele is the smallest and most perfect size for newbies. It produces a brilliant sound and tone.

The next size of the soprano is the concert ukulele. It contains a slightly longer scale and produces a fuller tone. Also, it is suitable for both adult players and those with large hands.

The tenor is a large size and fingerable. So, most professional players utilize this size.

Eventually, the baritone size is closest to a classical guitar, and guitar players prefer it if they want to send themselves to the uke.


Finally, Kala is committed to making the finest Kala ukuleles, and any of these instruments is a great choice. On the other hand, they pick all their ingredients by hand, and each one has to pass the Hawaiian market test before being released to the rest of the uke.

However, it ensures that their instruments meet the high Hawaiian ukulele standards that indicate a quality type of instrument and a high probability of success in the world market.

When you finish buying this brand of uke, we are sure you will enjoy the quality and sound of the instrument.

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