Best Vintage Ukulele Reviews in 2023: Top 5 Models

Best Vintage Ukulele

Today we’ve come up with another article on the best vintage ukulele. It’ll be your best choice to pick up a ukulele if you intend to learn to play a stringed instrument. The reason is the ukulele size becomes much more handlable than a big guitar body.

You’ll find a variety of ukuleles to choose from in the market nowadays. Also, a wide range of styles, sizing, and prices are available to sort for musicians of all levels.

A vintage ukulele is about to be a top pick, regardless of whether it is a beginner or a professional player who loves the classic ukulele sound.

Purchasing one might sometimes be troublesome according to your personal needs and goals if you never shop for an instrument. But to reduce your hassle, we’ve put together a list of the best vintage ukulele below. Therefore, quickly look at the list and pick one.

Top 5 Best Vintage Ukuleles

Product Name Price
1. Diamond Head DU-133 Vintage Soprano Ukulele Check Price
2. Luna Vintage Soprano Ukulele Check Price
3. WINZZ HAND RUBBED Series Vintage Concert Ukulele Check Price
4. Vintage Electric Soprano Ukulele from Luna Check Price
5. Vintage Rose Pattern Concert Ukulele Check Price

1. Diamond Head DU-133 Vintage Soprano Ukulele

Best Vintage Ukuleles

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If you’re a vintage lover, you can take this Diamond Head DU-133 Vintage Ukulele. Indeed, this model ensures durability, fantastic performance, and balanced sound with an eye-catching look.

The Soprano Ukulele evokes the spirit of Americana and golden years past with vintage graphics in warm, pastel colors. Although it is crafted from wood, the brand applies unique graphics to the top, making it more attractive to musicians.

Diamond Head uke uses a robust maple body and neck to confirm its long-lasting durability. Also, it applies a clear, satin finish to give a beautiful look.

You can be sure of any questions about staying in tune because the manufacturer has added the geared guitar-style tuning machines. In truth, these machines help it stay in tune for a long time.

Moreover, the Head DU-133 incorporates a gig bag for easy storage and transport. This model will never disappoint vintage ukulelists if they select it.


  • Not an expensive instrument, but looks excellent.
  • Maple body and neck.
  • Varnish finish.
  • Nylon strings.

2. Luna Vintage Soprano Ukulele

 Vintage Ukulele

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If you’re looking to buy a ukulele for yourself or someone and has just begun your research, the possibility is that you’ll face the Luna. The fact is that Luna is a renowned brand and always manufactures qualities product at affordable prices.

This Vintage Uke is a beautiful instrument for players of all skill levels. It’s lightweight and effortless to carry. As a result, you’ll be capable of taking this charming Red Satin soprano uke wherever you go.

Luna uke carries on its unique foray into creativity by launching a complete family of vintage ukes in red satin finish. Further, it comes with a conventional soprano-sized body, beautiful Pearloid triangle inlays, 13-scale length, walnut bridge, and fretboard.

It has the signature laser-etched rosette design around the sound hole, appreciating its vibrant red satin color. Besides, you can hope sharp yet lively sound from the all-mahogany body and be capable of keeping that rhythm in tune with ease with solid black open-gear tuners.


  • Balanced sound and stays in tune over time.
  • Suitable for travel.
  • Effortlessly transportable.
  • Inexpensive considering its quality.

3. WINZZ HAND RUBBED Series Vintage Concert Ukulele


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WINZZ introduces a ukulele designed to be played by musicians of all ages, from kids to adults and from novices to professionals. Also, its extras included have made it more demandable to tight-budget players.

The brand uses a hand-rubbed finish, making it silky-smooth and pleasant to the touch, resulting in a beautiful feel to the mind. Plus, the used tonal wood lets the instrument produce a brilliant and distinctive tone.

Regardless of playing a single note or a chord, the technical wood fingerboard and bridge permit you to move over the frets effortlessly to those Aquila nylon strings. As a result, you can accomplish your playing activities well.

This traditional uke is made by hand with smooth body lines. Further, it adds a finer and more stable machine head, which aids it in keeping in tune for longer.

In addition, WINZZ offers a padded & waterproof nylon gig bag, an extra set of Aquila strings, a clip-on digital tuner with an LED display, a fingerboard sticker, a strap, and a cleaning cloth with 1-month online lessons.


  • Traditional style.
  • High quality and fantastic sounds.
  • Simple to play.
  • Worthy for all-class players.
  • More accessories included.

4. Vintage Electric Soprano Ukulele from Luna


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Luna has launched this model for those who prefer the soprano size due to their smaller hands and are looking for an electric instrument. In effect, it produces good sound as much as it lasts for a long time.

The Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele comes with all-mahogany wood (top, back, sides, and neck). That’s why this model brags for a stunningly enriched and complete voice.

Since it’s equipped with Luna UK-T2 electronics, you will be capable of plugging in and playing through any acoustic instrument amplifier. Besides, a satin-finished neck with a “C” shaped profile tends to remain quick and clean.

The amenity of this instrument from Luna is that you can utilize it on stage by plugging it directly into the amplifier, recording with a microphone, and mixing both signals for the best results.


  • Sleek, easeful playability due to the C-shaped neck.
  • Aquila Super Nylgut strings for higher tonality and tuning consistency.
  • Walnut bridge improves vibrational transfer for a perfect tone.
  • 12-frets with a flat fretboard radius.

5. Vintage Rose Pattern Concert Ukulele


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This Teerwere uke is the most common size of the family and the smallest. It has the shortest scale length and the tightest fret spacing, tuned G-C-E-A.

The brand improves the curvature of the neck and designs it so that it fits the palm better. Consequently, continuous playing becomes possible, and it does not hurt the fingers.

In addition, it not only creates better sound but also provides a comfortable feel for fingers.

This Rose Pattern 23-inch uke consists of Sapele (top, back). It seems that it’s built to let you create warm, pitch-perfect Hawaiian harmonies. Moreover, it brings a wood color that makes it natural-attractive.

All in all, this model is perfect enough to meet your needs. You can buy it for yourself or give a gift to your loved ones.


  • Guaranteed durability with materials.
  • Playable anywhere without worrying about temperature and humidity.
  • Warm, vibrant sound.
  • A free gig bag.


If you explore a unique sound instrument, you should check out the best vintage ukulele. Indisputably crafted from high-quality components, these types sound excellent and generate surprising surround sounds.

The construction quality is fantastic, and it’s not a hefty price tag for ukes like these types. But, you’ll also find beginner ukes that will aid you in saving some money.

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