The Best Ukulele Amp (Amplifier) Reviews 2024: Top 6

Best Ukulele Amp

The best ukulele amp is a unit containing the amp circuit, which amplifies the sound, EQ, channel control, and a speaker to push that sound into the air.

Many players are concerned about which model to choose. Then, they opt for any ukulele amp that matches the image and pocket.

It is initially true once you start your playing journey with an amp. It’s completely understandable, but it’s something we want to fix!

Top 6 Best Ukulele Amp

1. Orange Crush Mini 3-Watt Micro Analogue Combo Amp

Best Ukulele Amps

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The Orange amp became popular in the ’60s and ’70s. In reality, it led to some of the best sounds of early hard rock bands. Since then, some ups and downs have been observed, but Orange lies as great as ever.

This Orange amp does a better job of nailing that vintage orange tone and delivers 3 watts of power through a 4-inch speaker. Control gets very straightforward. These are volume and tone knobs and a switch for cleaning or crunching. Also, it looks good with classic orange wraps, knobs and graphics.

This model has a feature that others do not contain. It has a built-in tuner. It means a lighter-weight item to carry with your gig bag.

But this combo amp doesn’t need to overwhelm you with tricks. The fact is that its quality build and tone put it among the best ukulele amps.

If you dig that British tone and become a fan of Orange amps, it will go to your choice list.

2. Powerwerks PA System (PW50) Amp


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The only Public Address (PA) system added to our list is the Powerwerks PA System (PW50). PA systems are somewhat different from amps because they can accommodate different instruments and vocals. On the contrary, amplifiers concentrate on one instrument in particular.

Since this model may handle both instruments and vocals, this PA system usually gives you more power, and you can relish 50 watts here. It comes with 2-microphone inputs for 1/8″ aux and two more 1/4″ line inputs.

This amplifier is perfect for small gatherings and is superb for producing smooth sounds that make your instrument sound better. Its shape is slightly different from regular amps due to the shape of its tower. This product also weighs 15 pounds.

Most musicians who use this amp are satisfied with it. However, some have commented that it can produce unexpected distortion and a few crackling sounds together.

3. BOSS Acoustic Singer Live LT Amp

Best Amp for Uke

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Its highly efficient bi-amp design is the spotlight of this amplifier, implying two neutral power amps jostle the custom-designed 6.5-inch woofer and dome tweeter for more optimized sound and eco-friendly full-range reply.

Ukulele and mic channels have separate analog input circuitry and add neutral three-band EQ, an anti-feedback notch filter, a phase swap, an acoustic resonance switch to the instrument channel, and an amplification effect.

Its onboard effects implement delay/chorus on the ukulele channel, delay/echo on the mic channel, and free reverb on each channel.

Also, through the loaded rear panel, you can interface with PA systems, music players, computers, and more.

4. Stagg 20 AA R USA 20 Watt RMS Acoustic Ukulele Amp


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This Stagg amplifier provides almost all options. It lays every piece a player might want to have for home practice, rehearsal, or a small coffee shop gig.

20 AA R USA is easy to use because every parameter is neatly designed at the entrance of the gadget, altering it.

The company has launched a black, sturdy chassis and brown vinyl overlay, guaranteeing it is long-lasting. Also, its lightweight packaging and sturdy handle help you take it anywhere.

This amplifier brings 20 watts of power driving a single 8″ speaker with a coaxial tweeter. Also, it has two channels of acoustic instruments and a microphone.

This way, you can pair your uke with vocals or play acoustic and acoustic-electric ukulele together.

Further, this model has several active and passive devices incorporating a 3-band EQ with parametric mids.

Speaking of onboard effects, it consists of Spring Reverb, which has quite a bit to offer in the case of sonic power.

5. Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge

Best Amp for Ukulele

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If you’re a vocalist-composer or other type of musician, you’ll likely run into a scenario where you wish you had a battery-powered ukulele amp. In this factor, a new amp from Fishman might back you up.

The new mini amp features a rechargeable battery-powered version of Fishman’s much-hyped Loudbox Mini. Their forward panels have virtually identical features.

Each has a quarter-inch input jack on the 1st channel, a phase button, a gain knob, a three-band EQ, and two knobs to dial the amount of reverb and chorus. The second channel has an XLR input, a gain, two EQ bands, and a reverb.

The Charge provides a Bluetooth-pairing button to connect your wireless playback instrument to the amp, including output stage control from the master volume.

Charge Simplicity becomes fantastic for quick setup but can be a drawback for those who require extra flexibility. For example, the 2nd channel, with its XLR input designed primarily for Voiceful use, contains only high and low EQ adjustments.

Furthermore, the reverb and chorus effects appear respectable but are usually not adjustable outside setting the wet-to-dry signal ratio. But that’s not the reason for you to go ahead and try this stunning ukulele amplifier.

6. Yamaha THR5 Mini Amplifier


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Players known with Yamaha’s THR sequence will identify the captivating design of the THR5A. It is introduced to appear like a basic radio and is a departure from the basic cabinet-type ukulele amp. Output is handled by two 8cm / 3.1″ audio systems, which produce 10 watts of power.

1’s optional two audio system properties let the THR54 create stereo sound, improved by Yamaha’s Extended Stereo technology.

You might power this amp with 8 x AA batteries or the inserted power adapter. It’s great that the brand includes a power adapter because a battery-powered amp can cease use without recharging.

The THR5 is remarkably compact and maneuverable, great for those in tight spaces or those on the move regularly.

Indeed, the THR5 weighs just 2 kg. It contains a sturdy metal carrying handle instead of a cheap leather-based strap handle. Some of the best features are inserted in this amp.

Types Of Amplifier: Best Ukulele Amp

If you understand what type of sound you need from a ukulele amp, what size/weight, and how much volume you want, it’s time to learn about different amplifier types.

Unquestionably, one of the most crucial things to do after researching an amp for ukulele is to understand the type of ukulele amps you need to learn.

Typically, four main types of amps are available:

Solid-State Amp

Also called an analog ukulele amp, a solid-state amp uses transistors in its preamp configuration and power supply. Generally, this amp type delivers a conspicuous sound.

They are recognized for their sturdiness and reliability. Many players opt for solid-state amplifiers for practicing ukulele amps. Also, professionals frequently take them on trips because they usually don’t need repairs.

Tube Amp

This amp type applies vacuum tubes to extend signal strength and exacerbate volume. Many musicians interpret a tube amp sound as warm or dense.

They are louder than solid-state amps, even at the same wattage. Besides, a tube amp’s tone contains an extra pure texture.

Usually, tube amps have 2-separate channels. These have a clean sound and a distorted sound. In truth, musicians can swap between these two channels.

Tube amps are usually characterized as large and heavy. In addition, they require frequent maintenance and restoration. Tubes should be changed because of wear and tear.

Modeling Amp

Also identified as a digital amplifier, a modeling amp is the most recent version of the ukulele amplifier. It applies software to model various classic tube amp sounds.

Another way, they are entirely different and can replicate the sonic palette of the best ukulele amps. Several modeling amplifiers additionally receive built-in effects.

Because modeling amps rely on computer components, they are too light compared to tube and solid-state amps. They also get more durable, which makes them excellent as guitar amps due to sound quality.

Hybrid Amp

These amps combine solid-state technology with vacuum tubes. Sometimes, in power supplies, these use a tube between the preamp and the solid-state circuitry.

They mimic the sound of a tube amp without using heavy power tubes. Consequently, they become small and extra transportable.

Things To Consider For The Best Ukulele Amp

We’ll now discuss more individual aspects to turn these amps great for the ukulele. Certain features may be more attractive to you than others.

We’ll mention the most notable features to know them better.

Your choice of the best ukulele amp may depend on what you seek. If you don’t have a specific feature in your brain, we’ve identified the most notable features, helping you choose one.

Type and configuration

The most frequent amps are combo types getable across the ukulele and guitar for their versatility. In brief, it implies the unit will have an amp and speakers.

Power and speakers

For the best amp ukulele, if you wish your whole house to quake, we mention you are about to play the wrong instrument. That being said, you still relish a fair amount of power in these diminutive amps.

Amps for ukuleles vary in power, but usually, you’ll find them between 5 and 15 watts.

As for speakers, models with single, dual, or more speakers are available on the amp. It depends on your preference whether you need a stereo effect or not.

Sound quality

You want to ensure your amp produces a bright and crisp sound and can cope with EQ. EQ is conducted by knobs on the amp, which can increase or lower the frequency. Three primary ranges are available– bass, mid, and treble with frequencies.

Like an electric bass guitar, you feel more than you listen to with the bass. The range becomes a bit wider and affects the clarity of the sound with a mid-frequency. For the treble, you enjoy a much more airy and lively feel as it handles the higher frequencies.

Control and influence

Most ukulele amps have control capabilities operated by channel. Amps usually contain one or two channels. You can consider a channel as a set of controls that can accept signals from one or two sources (usually one).

By plugging your microphone into one channel and your instrument into the other, you might control each sound source’s volume and other characteristics.


For connectivity, there are many options available. As for inputs, all amps include sockets for 1/4″ instrument jacks, and some of them even come with 1/8″ aux ports.

Considering output, most amps incorporate a 1/8″ output jack for headphones. But more ports can be for different needs. So, you need to select them.

Size, weight, and portability

One of the most distinguishing features of amplifiers is the ease of transportability. The Studio items remain much heavier, but other models do not exceed nine pounds.

So, as they are very light, there is no reason to feel any problem with the weight of these amps.

Battery Powered vs Adapter Amp

You might utilize the amp with an AC adapter or batteries. Different types of amps require different power. As for more versatility, it is simple enough for you to find an amplifier powered by both batteries and an AC adapter. The fact is backup options always get better.

Brand and price

Many famous brands are available for the best amps for the ukulele at affordable prices. Well, amp prices vary like anything else, with many options. So, choose the one that adjusts to your affordability.

Final Note: Best Ukulele Amp

Finally, we’ve compiled a list of the best ukulele amps in our consideration.

We hope this review helped you pick the best amp for the ukulele. Now, you can amuse your audience with clear and smooth ukulele tones.

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