Best Ukulele Pick Reviews in 2023: Top 10 Models

Best Ukulele Pick

The best ukulele pick is not always essential. But when a song invokes it, it becomes necessary. You should own one if you require to play it for a piece of music.

Thankfully, many ukulele picks are available to choose from on the market. Whether you attempt to abstain from your finger wounds or wish to enjoy the correct sound, we can aid you in picking what you require.

Carry on reading, and we’ll assist in correctly doing you to play melodies in the approach you intend to listen to them!

Top 10 Best Ukulele Picks in 2023

1. Lohanu Leather Picks for Ukulele

Best Ukulele Picks

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These Picks for Ukulele are crafted from genuine leather, meeting the maximum quality standards. You’ll be capable of hearing higher sounds different than the other uke picks if you go to strum these picks with your ukulele strings.

It generates a warm-enriched melody that is much better than plastic picks. This easy-to-grip cutout hole makes it an attractive option because the particular design of this cutout hole will aid you in holding these picks with less pressure.


  • These picks are very cozy and come in lovely shape.
  • They make a beautiful soft sound.
  • These offer a powerful sound in a team play.

2. BoloPick Felt Picks for Ukulele

Best Uke Picks

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This time our list of picks is the best Felt Pick for the Ukulele. We consider it a superb choice as it remains soft and small compared to conventional felt Picks.

These consist of a synthetic felt that confirms a pure sweet sound. Their construction tells us that it becomes superior for beginners. They come in various colors.


  • Firm enough for a perfect choice.
  • Long-lasting and they might be washed gently, air-dried & reused.
  • They’ll give you a pleasant and gentle sound.

3. I-MART Stylish Colorful Ukulele Pick

Best Ukuleles Pick

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If you explore a cheap pick but high-quality, you can take this I-MART Stylish without looking further. The brand supplies in different colors. Therefore, you can relish different colors for a pack of 12.

Only 0.46 mm is their thickness. So they are light and thin enough. While strumming it, its natural feel and warmth will become a daily partner. Also, its round musical tone will give you a new feeling.


  • Built with Celluloid material.
  • Multi-colored randomly.
  • Suitable size for smaller fingers.

4. Anwenk Leather Ukulele Pick

Best Pick for Ukulele

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Getting the authentic sound is your expectation from a ukulele pick. Well, receive these leather picks from Anwenk. When these hit your ukulele strings, plastic and metal picks will not create the same percussive sound.

Durable genuine leather is their construction material, bringing out that sleek sound. Further, it’ll never scratch your instrument due to being soft and comfortable.


  • Genuine leather, so they can withstand the rigors of daily use.
  • Double-sided leather with multiple colors.
  • There’s no risk of scratching your instrument.

5. MIBOW Felt Picks/Plectrums for Ukulele


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These picks from MIBOW comprise high-density felt material, firm and durable enough to go with your instrument. They’ll not create any marks or scratch the ukulele.

One of the remarkable things is that they are available in different sizes to meet your needs. These are simple enough to hold compared to other plastic picks with synthetic felt surfaces.


  • A very mellow authentic sound.
  • Size:3 cm * 2.5 cm * 0.4 cm.
  • Quantity: 8 pieces.

6. Dunlop Shell Plastic Finger & Thumbpicks


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Choose quickly and correctly with these turtle print finger and thumb picks. One of the most significant things making them more different than others is that the plastic fingerpicks and thumb picks from Dunlop might be utilized on almost any stringed instrument.

These Dunlop picks consist of plastic. As a result, they ensure durability and deliver a warm tonal response and increased control.


  • These become comfy for long-term use.
  • Dunlop has made these Picks with high quality, as always.
  • The sound of their natural fingernails getting louder has made them even more lovable.

7. HonuPicks Ergonomic Leather Ukulele Pick


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Made of premium leather, these Leather Ukulele Picks are introduced for comfort and will produce an enriched, clear sound.

The brand has built them by ensuring extra durability to avoid being floppy like many leather picks. While playing with your fingers, they’ll give you a natural, warm sound. Also, they confirm effortless play for those having long fingernails, arthritis, or neuropathy.


  • These diminish thumb and finger fatigue due to the ergonomic design.
  • With some of the most comfortable and best-sounding picks, you can get.
  • They never lose volume.

8. Tifanso Colorful Plectrums for Ukulele


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These Colorful Plectrums for Ukulele bring in different thicknesses that let you play various timbers. They deliver a sweet and warm tone confirming quality performance.

Crafted from high-quality Celluloid, these picks have sleek edges. They are very durable and wear-resistant. Further, being light and comfortable, they become pleasant to the fingers.


  • It fits on the finger perfectly.
  • You can control it at any speed.
  • A broad body with a thick rounded tip.

9. Diamond Leather Ukulele Pick With Diamond Cutout


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These diamond-cutout picks comprise two layers of 100 percent authentic leather for extra durability. Every Pick contains a diamond-shaped hole in the center to ensure an excellent grip for jamming. Besides, these will deliver a unique and mellow sound.


  • They are firm enough to be long-lasting but mild to be simple to play.
  • The cutout aids you in maintaining excellent control of the Pick.
  • Compatible with almost all musical instruments.

10. Wedgie WRMS50 Rubber Mini Sampler Pick


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The rubber component of the Wedgie WRMS50 Pick eliminates almost all pick noise, giving you a beautifully clean, sweet sound that a conventional pick will never be capable of matching.

The rubber is configured to suit your thumb and gives you a potent, grippy surface to place your grip on while jamming.


  • They offer a beautiful warm tone without the click of the pick.
  • They are too helpful for someone having many health problems with holding onto a Pick.
  • These Picks unquestionably deliver a profound sound.

Types of Ukulele Picks

Several types of picks are available on the market. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages, but choosing one becomes essential due to play. Now, look at the types:

A Flat Pick

Even though you’ll find different types of flat picks, those are not generally utilized with the ukulele. We will show you the details because they probably aren’t an alternative for you in this case.

Plastic Pick

When you opt for a plastic pick, it’ll have a beautiful, clear, and crunchy sound with sleek movement.

Felt Picks

These work similarly to plastic picks and provide faster sound and smoother movement. But you might hope for a milder and softer melody from Felt. Based on the felt quality, the Pick can be worn down quickly.

Rubber picks

Many remarks that rubber picks tend to wear down quickly and these sometimes aren’t suggested for that argument. But many also mention that they deliver a uniquely milder and warmer sound.


This type lets you become more relaxed and comfortable when playing. When you play, you can enjoy a beautiful, complete, and enriched sound using a thumbpick. While playing, if you usually apply your finger and thumbnail, it’s best to practice once in a while if your nail breaks.

If you usually prefer to play with a thumb pick, be sure to practice using your bare thumb and fingernails so that you do not make any strange changes if a Pick shatters.


Like thumbs, you go for slipping them over your fingers and rocking. Your speed range may nevertheless be confined to only becoming capable of strumming up.

Classic fingerpicking

Your fingers always remain with you, hopefully at least so. It’s a better skill to be capable of using just your fingers, particularly with a uke. By using your fingers, you relish that lovely warm, and natural sound. The only negative side is that your fingers feel pain after a while.

What to Consider When Buying the Ukulele Pick

All you need to do is to determine the standard properties for a pick before you commence to search for a ukulele Pick. Thus, you can choose the correct one that suits you and is functional for your needs. Above all, we’ve highlighted some key features for you to consider:


You’ll see several materials to opt for while sorting a Pick. The Felt is one of the most common components commonly utilized for ukes. The reason is that these give your nylon strings a softer strike. Besides, it’s even noticed that there’s a poly-felt pick with a hard inner core.

This pick type delivers a punchy strike with no plastic feel. Reversely, you may also pick between rubber and leather-made picks. Leather especially features a classic material, assisting you to produce that classic uke sound and feel.

Degree of Hardness

The hardness level of a pick is one of the first things you need to search for while selecting the different ukulele picks. You’ll find that some Picks are soft enough to touch. On the other hand, some Picks are very hard.

The hardness may affect the quality of sound produced by the ukulele. Soft picks typically create a gentle sound. The more the pick will be mild, the more the music you’ll be mild.

The shape of the Pick

Lastly, you have to look at the shape of your pick. Classic Uke Picks are available in various shapes. One between the oval or triangular shapes might be your selection.

You will have to consider the pick shape because the shape also has some effect on the sound. Attempt to distinguish the instruments utilizing picks and what shape will suit your preferred sound.

Our above-mentioned things are a few of the properties that each player should think about while buying the picks. Since these properties contribute to choosing the best ukulele pick, they should be carefully scrutinized.

Conclusion: Best Ukulele Pick

In truth, one of the necessary tools to improve your ukulele-playing skills is ukulele picks. Thankfully, you have an idea of the Picks to buy now.

Hopefully, a closer look at this article will aid you in determining the best ukulele pick with the correct properties and ingredients.

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