Best Ukulele Pick Reviews in 2024: Top 8 Models

Best Ukulele Pick

Using the best ukulele pick always does not become indispensable. But it is necessary when a song calls for it. If you play it for a piece of music, you should have the picks.

Fortunately, there are many ukulele picks available on the market to pick. Whether you try to avoid hurting your fingers or only want to relish the perfect sound, we can help you choose what you need.

Keep reading, and we’ll aid you in tuning rightly the way you want to hear it!

Top 8 Best Ukulele Picks Reviews

1. Diamond Leather Ukulele Pick With Diamond Cutout


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These diamond-cutout picks feature two layers of 100 percent genuine leather for added durability. Each pick has a diamond-shaped hole in the center to confirm a comfy grip for jamming. Also, it will provide a unique and sweet sound.


  • They are rigid enough to last but soft enough to be easy to play.
  • The cutout helps you maintain fantastic control of the pick.
  • Consistent with almost all musical instruments.

2. HonuPicks Ergonomic Leather Ukulele Pick


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These premium leather ukulele picks are designed for comfort and generate a rich, clear sound.

The brand has launched them with added durability to overlook being floppy like many leather picks. When played with your fingers, they will present you with a natural, warm sound. Additionally, they ensure effortless play for long nails, arthritis, or neuropathy.


  • These reduce thumb and finger fatigue for ergonomic design.
  • You can get some of the most comfortable and best-sounding picks.
  • These don’t lose volume.

3. Lohanu Leather Picks for Ukulele

Best Ukulele Picks

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These picks for the ukulele consist of actual leather, fulfilling the highest quality standards. If you go for strumming these picks with your ukulele strings, you will become capable of listening to a different high note than other ukulele picks.

It produces a warm-rich tone that is much better compared to plastic picks. This easy-to-grab cutout hole turns it into a captivating option as the specific design of this cutout hole will help you hold these picks with less stress.


  • These are very comfortable and bring a beautiful shape.
  • They produce a stunning, mellow sound.
  • These provide a powerful sound in team play.

4. BoloPick Felt Picks for Ukulele

Best Uke Picks

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This time, the best-felt picks for the ukulele are the list of picks. It is a fantastic choice because it is softer and smaller than conventional felt picks.

These bring the synthetic felt that ensures a pure and sweet sound. Their construction presents that it is superior for newbies. They are available in different colors.


  • Rigid to be a perfect choice.
  • They can be gently cleansed, air-dried, and reused.
  • They will deliver a pleasant and mellow sound.

5. I-MART Stylish Colorful Ukulele Pick

Best Ukuleles Pick

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If you seek an inexpensive pick but high quality, look no further than this I-MART Stylish. The brand offers it in different colors. So, you can taste different colors for a pack of 12.

Their thickness is only 0.46 mm. So these are light and pretty thin. While playing it, its natural feel and warmth will make it a daily companion. Further, its round musical melody will provide a new feeling.


  • Constructed of Celluloid material.
  • Randomly multicolored.
  • Perfect size for little fingers.

6. Anwenk Leather Ukulele Pick

Best Pick for Ukulele

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Your expectation from the ukulele pick is to enjoy the authentic sound. Okay, take these leather picks from Anwenk. When these strike your ukulele strings, plastic and metal picks won’t produce the same percussive sound.

Their construction material is durable genuine leather, which produces smooth sound. Additionally, it will never scrape your device as it is soft and comfortable.


  • Authentic leather, so these can endure the rigors of daily use.
  • Double-sided leather in multiple colors.
  • Risk-free from scratching your device.

7. MIBOW Felt Picks/Plectrums for Ukulele


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These picks from MIBOW feature high-density felt ingredients, rigid and sustainable enough to adjust with your instrument. They won’t make signs or scratch the ukulele.

One notable thing is that they are attainable in different sizes to suit your needs. They are considerably easier to hold than other plastic picks with synthetic felt surfaces.


  • A sweet and pure sound.
  • Size: 3cm * 2.5cm * 0.4cm.
  • Quantity: 8 pieces.

8. Dunlop Shell Plastic Finger & Thumbpicks


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Pick quickly and accurately with this turtle print finger and thumb pick. One of the most notable things that has made them different is the plastic finger picks and thumb picks. It can be utilized on almost any stringed instrument.

This Dunlop pick comes from plastic. Consequently, they confirm stability and provide a warm tonal response and increased control.


  • They are comfortable for long-term use.
  • As always, the Dunlop has built these picks to a high standard.
  • The sound of their natural fingernails getting louder has turned them even more endearing.

Types Of The Best Ukulele Pick

There are different types of picks in the market. Each has benefits and inconveniences, but picking one is essential for playing. Now, let’s see the types:

A flat peak

Although different flat picks are available, they are not generally used with the ukulele. We’ll present the details as they might not be an option for you in this case.

Plastic pick

When you choose a plastic pick, it will contain a beautiful, clean, and crisp sound with sleek movement.

Felt Picks

They perform just like plastic picks and offer quick sound and smooth movement. But you might expect a soft and mellow tone from Felt. The pick might be worn down quickly based on the felt quality.

Rubber picks

Many comments that rubber picks might wear out fast, and these are sometimes not recommended for that reason. Again, many note that they provide a uniquely mellow and warm sound.


These allow you to be more relaxed and comfortable. While playing, you can relish a beautiful, entire, and rich sound with the thumbpick. During play, if you usually employ your finger and thumbnail, it’s good to practice once in a while if your nails are harmed.

If you usually play with a thumb pick, don’t forget to practice with your bare thumb and fingernails so you don’t make any weird changes when the pick breaks.


Similar to thumbs, you slip them on your fingers and wiggle them. Yet, your motion range may be limited to only being able to strum up.

Classic fingerpicking

Your fingers are always with you. Using your fingers is a good skill, especially with a ukulele. You taste that beautiful, warm, and natural sound with your fingers. The only downside is that your fingers feel sore after a while.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Ukulele Pick

Before starting your search for a ukulele pick, all you need to do is decide on the ideal features for the pick. That way, you can pick the right one that suits you and is fruitful for your needs. After all, we are highlighting some main properties for you to consider:


When selecting a pick, you’ll notice several materials to pick. One of the most common materials commonly used for ukes is the Felt. The matter is these provide your nylon strings with a softer hit. Also, We have even observed there is a poly-felt pick, including a solid inner core.

These pick types provide a punchy strike without the plastic feel. Conversely, you can also choose between picks made of rubber and leather. Leather, in particular, has a classic element that helps you create that classic uke sound and feel.

Degree of hardness

One of the first things you should look for when choosing different ukulele picks is the hardness level of the pick. You will see some picks are soft enough to palp. On the contrary, some picks are characterized as very difficult.

Stiffness can also impact the sound quality produced by the ukulele. Soft picks usually produce a milder sound. The softer the picks, the softer the music you get.

The Shape of the Pick

Finally, you need to consider the size of your pick. Classic Uke picks are getable in various sizes. You might opt for an oval or triangular shape.

You have to think of the pick shape as the shape also keeps some effects on the sound. Try to distinguish the instruments using the pick and see which shape fits your chosen sound.

The things we have mentioned above are some of the features every player should ponder when shopping for a pick. Since these features aid in opting for the best ukulele pick, they should be carefully checked out.

Conclusion: The best ukulele pick

Indeed, one of the essential tools to raise your ukulele-playing skills is the ukulele pick. Fortunately, you now know about picks to buy one.

Eventually, a close look at this article will help you determine the best ukulele pick with the proper features and components.

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