Best Ukulele Wall Mount Reviews in 2024: Top 6 Models

Best Ukulele Wall Mount

Best Ukulele Wall Mount!
Advice on proper mounting hardware is such a thing we often hear from my well-wishers and neighbors. We suppose you have the same concerns, so you come here. It is enjoyable to Play the ukulele, but you might put a wonderfully crafted instrument as a family heirloom even if you don’t utilize it.

A wall-mount ukulele can get a stunning embellishment on your wall and display a brilliant ukulele collection with different features.

You may be required to store or showcase your ukulele in the studio, on stage, or at home. A ukulele hanger can accommodate practically all ukulele types, guaranteeing that your ukulele will be as protected as possible and making it easy to display! It’s a necessary accessory that you should have.

In addition to these things, the wall-mounted uke conserves a lot of space. Besides, you can take it down to play and make music whenever needed.

Many options are available in the market, and their quality is worth considering.

Excellent Ukulele Wall Mount or Hanger You Should Have

Whether your reasoning, mounting your ukulele to a wall is the safest and easiest way to store your instrument for long-term and short-term use.

If unconfirmed where to begin or which hanging uke mount might be your best option, keep reading to unravel all the information you need to make the most productive choice to meet your personal needs!

Top 6 Best Ukulele Wall Mounts

1. Jashem Ukulele Holder

Best Wall Mount Ukulele

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This wall mount from Jashem supplies a horizontal hanger at a reasonable price. The iron frame remains rubberized to resist any scratches or slipping. Also, the hook has a portion that extends backward so the device can’t touch the wall while in position.

The split design means you’ll enjoy mounting a freestyle on your ukulele. But don’t forget to calculate the space between the top and bottom hangers when mounting on the wall to confirm maximum safety features.

This mount is too tightly attached to the wall. Also, the foam around the metal frame is dense and durable. The “finger” of the base mount may appear like a convenient place to dangle a shoulder strap.

2. Ohuhu Wall Mount Ukulele Hanger

Best Ukulele Wall Mounts

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This wall mount comes with a box of 4 hangers, which makes it popular. So, many players opt for it as their choice.

This mount includes a cradle feature to protect the finish of your instrument. Moreover, it has an adjustable possibility with two rubber wheels attached to the yoke. You can make the hanger smaller or larger to suit the instrument dimensions perfectly.

You’ll enjoy another plus point that appears from its ingredients. The item primarily puts solid wood components, including dark wood color. Due to this fact, it characterizes an old-school look, ideally coinciding with the tone color of your walls.

The brand includes a smooth and soft padded sleeve to prevent scratches and damage to your device. Plus, this model is potent enough to handle 22 pounds of musical joy.

3. String Swing Ukulele Wall Hanger CC01UK-C

Best Wall Mount Ukulele

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This manufacturer always cares about user satisfaction. Therefore, this item is no exception since it works well and sustains long.

This product is not out of sight. It uses a deep cradle design that prevents the device from being improperly positioned. Besides, its high-end rubber layer eliminates the possibility of instrument finish sliding.

This hanger is too straightforward to install. Also, the box incorporates screws and detailed instructions to be easy wall mounting.

4. Orgrimmar Horizontal Ukulele Wall Mount


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This horizontal ukulele hanger will be a great choice if you can arrange plenty of space to store your ukulele in an unmatched style.

The package is available in two hanger types. The primary holds the instrument finish, and the second holds the body.

However, this hanger does not have rubber covers for the hooks. So, you’ll need to be careful to prevent scratches when you put the device on it.

This holder is crafted from foam wrapped around the iron frame. It is stable and can protect the ukulele. It becomes stretched. Consequently, the device will not touch the wall.

5. Moodve Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger


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This hanger comes from two prime materials. These are carbon steel and walnut solid wood. Therefore, this model is functional, lightweight, and worthy of carrying as much as 40 lbs.

In addition, as a gift among your friends, it will be the first choice due to its impressive design and performance. By retaining its simplicity, the box can be easily mounted on various walls with hardware and tools like screws or dry anchors.

Its guaranteed coverage becomes another bonus point, so any time you feel an issue with your hanger, you may dispatch it to the shop to have it fixed at no cost.

6. String Swing Black CC15S-FW


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This time, we’ve emerged with a modern horizontal that is our favorite. Let’s see what functions it contains.

This hanger was launched by a famous company, String Swing. Its tubes consist of high-density rubber, connected by 2-component steel bars to hold the top and body of the instrument.

You don’t want to spend time on alignment because of the connection function. Unlike the split design, you may be able to switch it from left to right or vice versa.

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Is it possible to use a guitar wall mount for the ukulele?

Sure, it is doable if the hook size remains adjustable. The fact is that the hook must be able to hold the ukulele neck firmly.

The guitar wall hanger can carry most stringed instruments without any hassle. The guitar wall mount bracket is potent enough to retain the ukulele effortlessly.

What is the neck width of the ukulele?

Most uke nuts are around 1.375 inches or 3.5 cm. Indeed, this width is average, and nut widths can change slightly between 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) and 1.25″ (3.175 cm).

The final word

Above are six recommendations for the best ukulele wall mounts we want to bring to your attention. Hopefully, you can opt for a uke wall mount for your situation with these items.

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