Best Diamond Head Ukulele Reviews 2023: 7 Models

Best Diamond Head Ukulele

Maybe you are a beginner or a seasoned player. In the meantime, you may intend to include another model in your repository. Considering both situations, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some models to select the best Diamond Head ukulele.

It is to say that the Diamond Head offers an unthinkable blend of distinguishable craftsmanship, easy playability, and elegant tones.

In each transition from Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone, DH applies unique styles and construction methods. In effect, their commitment is evident in every option attainable in this section.

Our Choice:

Editor’s Choice

Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele – Mahogany Brown

Best Diamond Head Ukuleles
  • Resonant maple neck and body
  • Low and easy playing action
  • Fine-toned with a mellow sound
  • Nickel-plated tuning machines
  • Prices within reach of everyone

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Top 7 Best Diamond Head Ukuleles for Sale

Product Name Price
1. Diamond Head DU-104 Soprano Uke Check Price
2. Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Uke Check Price
3. Diamond Head DU-100 Rainbow Soprano Uke Check Price
4. Diamond Head DU-250C Concert Uke Check Price
5. Diamond Head DU-200B Baritone Uke Check Price
6. Diamond Head DU-200T Tenor Uke Check Price
7. Diamond Head DU-134 Soprano Uke Check Price

1. Diamond Head DU-104 Soprano Ukulele – Yellow

Best Diamond Head Uke

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You don’t want to buy a professional, expensive instrument, but not a toy either. Only you want a mid-range, inexpensive uke that will not cost much. Okay, this Diamond item is by your side.

You will notice that the DU-104 makes an enormous difference in instrument playing. It sounds pretty good, even with the strings that come along it. There’re lots of informative videos on how to play online, so it’s fun to play and easy to hold.

Using the yellow color is an excellent decision for the brand to make it eye-catching. However, to strengthen it with a yellow coating, they have chosen strong maple wood for the body and neck apart from a clean, high gloss finish.

There is no doubt that melody and sound are essential for musical instruments. Well, the selected wood provides a balanced sound and tone, sure. Also, their geared guitar-style tuner will help ensure it stays in tune.

Furthermore, the manufacturer supplies a color-matching gig bag, making it handy to store and carry. If you find it difficult to understand something about the product, then their product description will be a big help to you.


  • Convenient uke for entry-level kids
  • Simple playability
  • Well-decorated body with brown color
  • Achievable at a low price


  • Seasoned players might not like

2. Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele – Mahogany Brown


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String players will test the Diamond Head DU-150 in search of an unimaginable price and an honest instrument. In truth, this beautiful uke contains an astonishingly nice melody apart from a lovely decent appearance where the cost is the key attraction.

The company incorporates maple in a lovely high-gloss finish to craft the body and neck. Contrastingly, the bridge and fingerboard bring the dark-stained stiff wood. Every mix is praiseworthy in a word.

The guitar-style geared tuners inserted are an immense work, which has given it a constructive distinction in this expense. Not only that, these tuners contribute massively to producing a harmonious tune. Of course, its sound will not make you disappointed.

One of the most provoking things is that it has color strings. More, you will get a small booklet with simple instructions. Maybe this item is not professional-friendly. But it is not bad for players who intend to learn how to play a uke but don’t want to cost more.


  • Pretty strong body
  • Balanced sound and tone
  • Fantastic playability
  • Less cost but good uke


  • The strings can require to be replaced

3. Diamond Head DU-100 Rainbow Soprano Ukulele – Black

Best Diamond Head Ukes

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The Diamond Head DU-100 Rainbow is available at an affordable worth that lets newbies choose ultimately. Despite being low-priced, this DU-100 holds a well-built body and is top of maple wood, delivering resonant sound with high sustain.

This model has a solid wooden fretboard that is suitable enough to give precision to the treble. Besides, it places a comfortably shaped mahogany neck and polished frets to confirm your fast and easy playability.

You’ll see that the brand has used a clear, high gloss finish to make it catching and long-lasting durability. Further, it comes with 4-metallic machine heads, allowing you to tune it with perfection.

Moreover, the simple tie-on bridge aids in altering strings effortlessly and minimizing breaking. As a result, you can handle this uke tension-freely.

This rainbow series has a variety of colors, so you have the opportunity to choose freely. If you desire to get an instrument for kids, this option will not be a worse selection for you. But adults can go with it to start their playing as well.


  • Superb to get started
  • Decent sound and tune
  • Available in fun colors
  • Color-matching gig bag included


  • It takes time to stretch strings

4. Diamond Head DU-250C Concert Ukulele


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The DH DU-250C from Diamond Head comprises a natural satin-gloss finish, pronouncing with the wood grain of its mahogany body. Not only does it exaggerate the appearance of the uke, but it also impacts positively on sound and playability.

The brand has bound the ends of the top and back in white. Further, the small mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard guarantees an excessive level of playing ease with tone. There are pearl position dots on the fingerboard.

Furthermore, this Diamond Concert Ukulele puts pure Aquila Nylgut strings, having an extended lifespan compared to the ordinary. That means it creates a long-lasting, enriched tone. More, the geared tuners rotate sleekly and retain pitch compactly.

The concert sizes give rise to a bit fuller sound with extra volume. So, there’s no exception in this case either. Additionally, the company adds a gig bag to the instrument. Consequently, you can move with it securely and get pleasure with this product for days.


  • Distinctive design and shape
  • Entire-body sound
  • High value compared to the price
  • Proper for all classes


  • Some say the fret edges are rough

5. Diamond Head DU-200B Baritone Ukulele


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Many altercate about the price of this Diamond Head DU-200B. The reason is that everything looks tidy. In truth, the DU brings it to market at low prices without compromising the quality.

The DU-200B characterizes a mahogany body and neck. Also, its warm brown mahogany finish presents it as more eye-dazzling. Hence, it may seem more expensive, although, in reality, it is not.

This model generates great sound and echoes due to the higher construction structure. Besides, its scale lengths are accurate enough to make it effortless and playable. The brand keeps the frets on the rosewood fingerboard polished and spaced.

This baritone uke allows your tuning easily due to its tuning machine style. Indeed, the distinctly designed gold-plated geared tuners deliver the correct intonation and sustain its melody longer.

Although it’s the larger instrument in the Ukulele family, the brand has made it suitable for everyone. Therefore, newbies, intermediate and advanced players can adapt to it.


  • Solid build
  • Largest size but lightweight
  • Staying in tune longer
  • Consistent scale length


  • Shortage of quality in the gig bag

6. Diamond Head DU-200T Tenor Ukulele


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It is another item of the Diamond Head Tenor Ukulele. Indeed, the tenor is the third in the ukulele family in terms of size. There’s no obstacle in saying that it will make you astonished by the quality considering the cost.

Top of all, the DU-200T remains a fantastic intonation that has turned it into an actual playable instrument. It incorporates a distinctive shape to produce a loud and full-bodied sound.

The Diamond uses the satin finish to highlight the colors of the mahogany body. Again, the body and neck of the mahogany impact profoundly to create a clean resonance and tone.

This model weighs 1.55 pounds, much less than other tenors. As a result, you can feel enough comfort while playing. It includes gold-plated geared tuners to keep the uke in the accurate intonation.

Above all, if you explore a tenor-sized instrument, you can take it. Of course, you can improve your musical career using it.


  • Strong-built mahogany body
  • Natural design and color
  • Obvious resonance and tone
  • Low expenditure comparing others


  • Complaints about being in tune

7. Diamond Head DU-134 Soprano Ukulele – White Floral


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Focus your close attention on the Trade Winds. Accordingly, you might listen to the gentling sounds of the Hawaiian Islands with the implausible tone of four unthinkable new ukes from the Vintage Series.

Each uke consists of the best-resounded maple of the actual scale length for the superior play. On the top part, the DH secures each uke using a flawless satin pastel finish and blends in with a fancy design vintage Uke.

So to say, they are enjoyable for all classes and spontaneous to play. More, they sound beautiful irrespective of where the journey takes you.

This Series is the soprano standard in warm, pastel colors that illuminates the uke spirit with classic sound and tone. Plus, its geared guitar-style tuning machine keeps the instrument tuned perfectly and creates a measured melody.

A strong maple body and neck with a clean, satin finish carry lasting firmness. The Vintage Series supplies a gig bag, attainable while buying to confirm easy storage and transportation.


  • Appropriate scale length for optimum playability
  • Availability of different styles
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Durable despite being a low price


  • Need to replace strings

Final note

In general, guitar players never long for performing the cheap ukulele. Yet, if anyone prefers for once, baritone might be an option. The reason is that the baritone tuning is similar to guitars. In this case, the Diamond Head DU-200B Baritone Uke might be considerable.

Strictly crafted from sorted mahogany and proud of a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, the DU-200 features a deep bass tone and is very easy to handle.

In another way, maybe you may have an acquaintance with a younger, interested in having a musical instrument. In this case, you may intend to regard a soprano.

The soprano is essentially the fundamental uke, known and perceived to all. It’s the smallest one among the species, making them glorious for small-hand uke players.

Just look at the DU-150 Soprano Ukulele. It has a sleek maple body with mahogany brown spots, the majesty of the DU-150 being appreciated only by its nickel-plated guitar-style tuners.

Ukulele has achieved many tops in recognition over the past 120 years. Still, it is not exaggerated to mention that this instrument is getting more praise now than ever before.

Above all, it’s not surprising while thinking about how enjoyable this cheap instrument is. Ukulele becomes a simple way to prove your musical skills. A lot of skilled players admit that Diamond Head uke comes with perfection. They would like to attach gig bags to their packs. Therefore, this reason may be another small argument to move forward with them.


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