Best Bass Ukulele Reviews in 2020: Buying Guide

Best Bass Ukulele

The best bass ukulele is a super hybrid instrument that has gained a lot of popularity among musicians over the last few years. This ukulele-sized bass surprisingly creates a big melody that makes it an amusing option to bass guitars and upright basses.

However, today we will review all about the Bass Ukulele. In our list below, we have highlighted our top ukulele bass choices. If you are interested in classic uke sound, you will probably like your desired modern instrument from the list. So, let’s start a journey to seek the best bass ukulele for you.

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Donner DUB-1 Electric Bass Ukulele

Best Bass Uke
  • High-quality Electric Bass Ukulele
  • Unique Design and Standard Construction
  • Comfortable Playing Feel
  • Enriched and Bright Sound
  • Inclusion of a Good Quality Bag

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8 Best Bass Ukuleles: Our Choices

1. Donner DUB-1 Electric Bass Ukulele


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You might think that Donner is a relatively lesser-known brand in the world, especially when you compare it to the likes of Kala and others. But this North Carolina based ukulele company is producing quality instruments at a reasonable price. No doubt, Donner DUB-1 is one of the most popular bass ukuleles among its quality products.

To clarify, the brand has designed the DUB-1 to play the same notes as a standard bass guitar. For an enriched and bright sound, they use high-quality mahogany to build the body and neck of this best bass uke. On the other hand, the 26-inch uke offers an EQ and a preamp for amplified use that features volume, bass, mid, and treble control.

Also, it includes 18 Brass Frets with Fret position Marks at 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th frets on neck and top of the fingerboard. The DUB-1 gives Aquila Nylgut strings to ensure the accuracy and durability of its tunes. It has an integrated tuner.

Moreover, this bass uke comes with a bag to protect the instrument. The beginner and professional ukulele players can choose it for the easy portability, captivating sound, excellent playability, and affordable price.


  • Constructed with quality materials
  • Good sound and tune
  • Beautiful design
  • 30 Days Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee


  • No additional accessories included

2. Kala UBASS-SSMHG-FS Solid Spruce U-Bass Fretted

Bass Ukulele

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If you have an idea about the market of ukulele, you probably know about the Kala Ukulele brand. Their instruments are at the top of the range in terms of quality, performance, and popularity. For that reason, it’s no surprise that the Kala U-BASS-SSMHG-FS Bass is one of the best bass ukuleles.

Kala gives extra visual options for the Bass player. With mahogany back and sides, it affixes a mid-range punch with the solid spruce top U-Bass. It has a mahogany neck. Kala has utilized dark brown binding all around the top and the back of this uke that makes it look unique. Going to the neck, we find a standard rosewood fretboard, featuring 16 frets on a 21-inch scale.

Further, the electric U-Bass offers a new custom-designed shadow pickup system that is acclaimed for its colossal low end. You can wire up to your amp to amplify the sound. After connecting, you will find sound like the upright bass instrument.

Finally, many bass players pick Kala’s UBass-EM-FS due to its performance. Despite the slightly higher price, it can be considered for its quality.


  • High standard bass uke
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Inclusion of a gig bag


  • Quite expensive for someone

3. Hadean Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele UKB-23


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Hadean is not such a well-known brand in the ukulele market. Yet, they produce quality instruments at an affordable price. That’s to say that the Hadean UKB-23 is one of the best-selling bass ukuleles on Amazon.

The body is crafted of Walnut instead of the more common Koa. The walnut will make a warm sound, not produced by any other wood. As a result, it in itself becomes different from other instruments. Likewise, its look also creates a separate dimension.

Also, the UKB-33 includes a rosewood neck with a simple inlays truss rod. When you choose this tool, it feels quite good, which hints that it is a well-made material.

Further, this Bass Ukulele has a rosewood bridge with four individual saddles and at the headstock four die-cast tuners. They don’t seem glamorous but do their job accurately. It offers like a little package-a preamp with treble, bass, and mid and volume control, a tuner, and a three-band EQ.

By the end, in terms of sound, it is undoubtedly an outstanding device. True, this 30-inch tool will give you a great feeling at a low price.


  • A well-built machine
  • Eye-catching design
  • Extraordinary electronics with tuner and EQ


  • No case or gig bag

4. Kala U-Bass Fretted w/Bag


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Another product of Kala Brand, it is the Kala U-Bass Fretted. We mention it because it is easily portable, and anyone can move around with it.

Kala manufactures their ukes out and out, and this instrument is no exception. In general, the body of mahogany is famous for providing full-bodied sound. Also, it is slightly a smaller body but creates a warm resonance on the deep notes.

Kala uses more quality woods to build the walnut fingerboard inlaid with dots. The bridge is also constructed of the walnut and individual saddles for each string for a better setup. There are diecast tuners at the top end.

This U-Bass includes a Piezo electronics pickup that grants the bass uke some power. The active EQ helps to generate your tone with bass middle and treble controls. Again, the control panel comes with an onboard tuner.

If the bass uke is to form an instrument that looks like an upright bass, they are entirely successful. The selection of the wood is pretty much good, making a warm, deep sound. This Bass offers a custom padded gig bag that adds value to the purchase.


  • Prosperous materials and superb structure
  • Sounded like a full upright double bass
  • Instrument suitable for travel


  • Some say it is expensive for a short scale bass uke

5. Oscar Schmidt OUB200K Comfort Series Bass Ukulele


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Oscar Schmidt is well-known for its acoustic guitar production. This time it has manufactured a bass uke that is high-standard.

Oscar has utilized Mahogany for top, back, and sides. Mahogany is beloved of all for its natural color but also noted for its resonance. Therefore, this wood is an ideal choice. Also, the Satin Finish makes it spectacular.

This Series characterizes the rosewood, which provides an extra level of comfort for your arm. Plus, it has a Rosewood partial cutaway for access to the upper frets. It includes 16 frets with Dot inlays.

They have ended the body design beautifully by tying it around the main body even up to the top, paying it a magnificent look. The quality of the structure is praiseworthy. So, it has become an eye-catching instrument.

The sound is unparalleled. The preamp tone controls deliver you additional space to generate a sound. On the other hand, the resonance of the instrument never misses out through amplification.

Until the end, we can say that you will get better service at a reasonable price by using one of the best bass ukuleles.


  • Beautifully built
  • Prosperous materials use
  • Elegant sound


  • No accessories

6. Kala UBASS-JYMN-FS Journeyman Acoustic-Electric U-Bass


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It is another standard bass ukulele from Kala.  Kala UBASS-JYMN-FS is a bass ukulele, which is crafted to the high-quality of the brand, featuring in these instruments.

Firstly, you can see the shape and design of this tool. Its design has a stunning feel to it, and it tends to be too cello or steep for its appearance. Indeed, it is not a bad thing at all. Even the ‘F’ hole and the Venetian cutaway prove its class.

The main body of this uke is of mahogany, and the back, top, and sides are the same too. Mahogany is famous for creating warm tones and deep resonance. Therefore, this wood is a good selection for building a quality bass ukulele to make a flawless tone. Also, they use a cream binding to make the ukulele look spectacular.

The Journeyman comes with a mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard with sixteen frets. The Acoustic-Electric U-Bass has a piezo pickup with an active EQ for giving it the amplified sound.

Above all, you can add this beautiful-designed instrument to your collection as a bass ukulele.


  • 20.875″-Scale mahogany neck
  • UK-500B piezo pickup
  • Offers a padded gig bag


  • Not enough accessories included

7. Hadean Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele UKB-24


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For the second time, we include the acoustic-electric bass ukulele of Hadean. There have been some improvements from previous versions (UKB 22). The difference between the UKB 22 and UKB-24 is the use of material.

The remarkable thing is that Hadean uses the finest high-quality materials to craft it, including a swamp ash body. They set it up with the same notes as a full-size bus guitar. Its swamp ash body has distinguished the UKB-24 from other models.

This Electric Bass Ukulele has a preamp that helps for the amplified use of the volume, midsection, treble, and bass. It consists of the installed Aquila Nylgut strings that ensure tuning stability and offers increased accuracy of fret-intonation.

It also comes with a truss-rod adjustable neck and built-in chromatic tuner with LCD display. Its sound is decent.

As a bass player, you can use it because its quality is a high standard. On the other hand, its price is reasonable too.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable bass ukulele
  • Good performance


  • No Accessories

8. Hilo, 4-String Acoustic Upright Bass


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Hilo Acoustic Upright Bass is another Deluxe Mahogany uke that is fitting enough to grab the attention of any ukulele fan. It is slightly big compared to your usual uke and is complementing the sound of the bass. With a light mahogany finish, this bass uke is comprised of the top-notch mahogany wood.

The important thing is that this uke brings actual frets on its wooden fingerboard. So, it has become a beginner-friendly instrument. This 4-String Acoustic Upright Bass offers the best quality geared machines that give authenticity with its sound quality.

In brief, it is one of those luxurious ukuleles capable of fulfilling your desires. Most importantly, it is as good as a reasonable price. We can say that this uke is affordable when compared to other mahogany ukuleles. It is one of the best bass ukuleles in its price range.


  • Constructed with top-notch quality wood
  • Generates an enriched and thick bass sound
  • Quite affordable


  • Craftsmanship is inconsistent
  • The tuners require further improvement

The Buying Guide of the Best Bass Ukulele

You don’t find any magic formula for picking the best bass ukulele. It can be said that the bass ukulele is still a new musical instrument because it started its journey almost a decade ago. This instrument still needs plenty of development.

Although the early days of bass ukulele and the fact that the original owners are continuing to dominate the top edge of the market. Consequently, most of the products on the market at this moment are not very different from each other.

We suggest that you pick just like any other similar instrument. So, you go for the best tonewood considering your budget. Above all, to choose quality options, do a lot of research and find out what you desire.

Which is the Best Bass Ukulele?

It’s difficult not to be biased, but the Kala models we see today are the benchmark bass ukulele.

From this list, we like the Donner DUB-1 due to its quality construction and functionality.


If you are considering buying the best ukulele, we think this review will help you a lot. In conclusion, we hope our reviews and guides will be helpful to choose the best bass ukulele for you.

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