Best Plastic Ukulele Reviews in 2024: Buying Guide

Best Plastic Ukulele

A general perception is that a plastic ukulele resembles a toy musical instrument. But such ideas existed in the past. These days, the best plastic ukulele is available on the market, featuring just like wooden ones.

The renowned brands produce plastic ukuleles applying high-quality plastics such as ABS or polycarbonate plastic. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to consider it as a toy.

In reality, getting a plastic one is an opportunity for newbies because plastic ukuleles let learners get accustomed to the ukulele without spending much money. Below are some top-rated plastic ukuleles on the market to choose from.

Top 5 Best Plastic Ukuleles for Backpackers

1. Official Kala Learn To Play Color Chord Plastic Ukulele


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You are looking for a plastic instrument with high quality and affordability. This Color Chord Ukulele from Kala has come into the market to meet your needs. Also, this brand has a reputation in the world ukulele for quality products.

Anyway, Kala puts on renowned ABS plastic to construct this soprano ukulele. As a result, it guarantees stability and a rich-full sound. This product is waterproof, so you’ll travel with it on the beach or the pool.

Also, the company incorporates free tuner apps to aid in tuning. With this tuner app, you can tune it on your phone, computer, or tablet. It inserts a large soundhole to offer a sound projection compared to other models in this price range.

Kala has introduced it with beginners in mind so they can begin playing as soon as they purchase it. This kit supplies a tote bag, including a quick start guide.


  • High-quality composite plastic soprano ukulele
  • Free art apps and online lessons
  • Colorful design and quality craftsmanship
  • Low-cost and travel-friendly uke


  • It needs a while to tune in

2. Bugs Gear RPNS-RD Outdoor Plastic Ukulele


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The RPNS-RD Outdoor Soprano Ukulele has a captivating design. It includes a darker color, a cutaway, and an unparalleled offset soundhole to opt for the conventional uke look instead. While it looks unconventional, its playing feel resembles a regular soprano ukulele.

Note that its body is slightly larger than the traditional shaped soprano ukulele. Indeed, it is one of the main reasons it turns out to be a better-sounding plastic ukulele.

While ABS plastic doesn’t sound as resonant as a wooden one, it aids in compensating for the larger body. But Bug Gear’s best outdoor ukulele delivers a crisper, louder, and richer sound than many wooden ones.

In addition, the tuning becomes simply outstanding. It’s playable, yet it needs to improve the overall playing experience. It does lose a string and is always in tune.

Finally, this model becomes easy to carry due to its lightweight, resulting in well worth doing outdoor activities like camping, touring, or relaxing on the beach. All in all, it will be the best plastic ukulele for children and backpackers.


  • Scientifically formulated for sound resonance
  • Distinctive appearance
  • Child-friendly and travel-friendly
  • A luxurious feel to play


  • Experienced players may not like it

3. Vorson AUG24 ABS Concert Plastic Ukulele


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Of the soprano sizes in this article, the Vorson AUG24 is the smallest. But this version becomes the first choice to many due to a broad space on the fretboard.

The Vorson inserts a larger body to provide more volume and resonance. It retains its own in a short jam session. Above all, it delivers a fantastic tone and has projection value.

Moreover, the AUG24 brings the ABS plastic capable of impact resistance, sturdy, and rigidity. Also, temperature changes and humidity can’t impact the Vorson ABS. So, you don’t require any adjustments to maintain the correct neck angle and string height.

In addition, Vorson has launched this model for those going to start. It guarantees easy playability for newbies, like timbre tone and volume. The news for color lovers is that this Series is getable in different colors, such as blue, pink, red, orange, and black.


  • Super playability and neck stability
  • Use of quality materials
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Great value for the price


  • Tuning the ukulele takes a while

4. Ukulele Woodi USA 21″ Plastic Soprano Ukulele


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The Woodi USA has brought an all-plastic ukulele to the market. It’s getable in a soprano shape with a comfortable satin-soft feeling plastic. As a result, this uke becomes quite comfortable to hold when playing.

The company applies a single piece of plastic to construct the sides, back, neck, and headstock. Conversely, the fingerboard, headstock face, and top are attached separately.

Compared to other plastic ones, this model offers a solid feel and a nice touch. It’s a bit heavier than others but never feels like an inexpensive device.

The bridge contains a unique design, making it eye-catching. There are 12 plastic frets on the fingerboard without marking the fret numbers. This plastic ukulele features a guitar-style, nickel-plated tuning machine with black buttons. The tuning Machine helps turn out tuning effortlessly for new learners.


  • Solid hardware and unmatched design
  • The playing is enjoyable
  • Comfortable to play
  • Cheap but quality uke


  • Not markers to indicate frets

5. BugsGear Portable Plastic Soprano Uke


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BugsGear launches a stainless steel tuning gear, functioning well to defend against rust. Due to the plastic-made ukulele, atmosphere changes cannot impact it. After being submerged in water, it performs well.

The large soundhole sets it apart from others with an outstanding volume and projection. Many admit that it is very encouraging. Additionally, its fretboard offers a fantastic cut, allowing you to penetrate 18 frets on the A string. Indeed, this advantage turns out to be something special for the soprano.

Above all, it sounds like a real wooden ukulele, while everything can seem like mourning. A plastic ukulele doesn’t hold the spirit of a wooden ukulele but contains tremendous strength and water resistance.

A free gig bag is offered with the purchase as a nice gift for this instrument. Also, this portable soprano includes a carrying handle, tie, and zipper stash.


  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Decent sound and tone
  • Water-resistant and cost-free gig bag
  • Incredible value for the price


  • Requires frequent tuning

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What Is The Reason To Choose The Best Plastic Ukulele?

Many musicians search for the best non-wood ukulele. They mostly choose plastic ukuleles in this case. But why do they do this? Let us consider the following factors:

  • Like wood, plastic uke does not need maintenance. You might play with them as long as they remain clean.
  • Most plastic ones come for under $50. These remain mainly small and transportable with a soprano size.
  • One of the most crucial things is that a plastic uke becomes adaptable to any environment or weather.
  • Musicians prefer music. They are not shy to carry the uke and like to perform a song at the right time. Undoubtedly, plastic ones are the most chosen for them.

Advantages of Plastic Ukuleles

  • A plastic ukulele is characterized as waterproof. As a result, it becomes secure to take on a beach, camping trip, or boat.
  • Wooden ukuleles might become ruined quickly in extreme humidity and temperature conditions, but plastic ones hold up just fine.
  • Another crucial thing most people worry about is price. Okay, plastic ukuleles are available at a reasonable price and thus are great options for travelers and ukuleles for kids.

Disadvantages of Plastic Ukuleles

Of course, we see some disadvantages when it comes to plastic ukuleles.

  • Some models retain standard features for better sound quality but don’t produce the same sound as a solid wood ukulele with the same vibration and resonance.
  • When a beginner learns a musical instrument, it gets difficult for him. It can be pretty troublesome to see the frets on the fretboard as they mix in with the plastic, and the dots indicate the fret numbers, making it difficult to read.

The Best Plastic Ukuleles Buying Guide


Many different brands of ukuleles are available in the market. So, choosing the perfect one can become painstaking. Before purchasing one, you might attempt playing the ukulele. It can help you find the best brand that suits you.

If you fail to decide, you can consult a seasoned player. You might also watch videos on YouTube or read some articles.


The most crucial thing when buying any musical instrument is the budget. In truth, no one intends to spend too much. You don’t need to shop for the cheapest ones you can ask for. The fact is that cheap ones can make you frustrated to play.

You don’t need to worry too much about the budget as the best plastic ukuleles under $50 with durability for a long time.

Final thought

You’ll find many plastic ukuleles in the market in different colors, designs, sizes, and styles. Opt for the right plastic ukulele for you. Undoubtedly, the ukulele is amusing, and you relish it.

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