Best Ukulele Under $50 Reviews in 2023: Top 6 Models

Best Ukulele Under $50

Due to the close-fitting, simple playability, and affordable price range, the ukulele has become a fantastic beginner instrument, especially the best ukulele under $50.

But sorting a suitable one among numerous inexpensive ukuleles might be rugged due to its popularity.

We’ve appeared with an updated list of the top-rated $50 ukuleles depending on current reviews and ratings here.

Below is a look at which of the many reasonable-priced ukes are suitable for you to get, whether to start your musical journey or to use it as a portable beater.

Top 6 Best Ukulele Under $50

Product Name Price
1. First Act Blippi Soprano Uke Check Price
2. Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Uke Check Price
3. Kmise MI2169 Soprano Uke under $50 Check Price
4. Martin Smith UK-222-BK Soprano Uke Check Price
5. Flight Travel Series Soprano Uke (TUS-35WH) Check Price
6. JMFinger Concert Uke Check Price

1. First Act Blippi Soprano Ukulele

Best Ukuleles Under $50

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The First Act has the fame for manufacturing kid-friendly instruments. Indeed, this model adheres to the formula of using their known and tested kiddie brands to appeal well to youngsters.

This ukulele is linked to an educational program called Blippy, seen in the distinctive graphic at its top. Also, it brings in a small 20-inch soprano size, which is simple on the kids’ hands.

Although it seems like a toy, it’s capable of tuning and playing like an actual instrument using its excellent construction quality, guitar-style tuners, and bridge and nylon strings.

In the context of Blipping’s popularity among children, it has become an unrivaled choice for gift receivers and givers together. In truth, most satisfied parents who have gifted to their kids have written reviews.

The main strength is its aesthetics, but many praise it due to its build quality. Again some even remark that it can withstand children’s use with some logical guidance.

It may not be appealing to older children like younger children. But it’s a perfect attempt for the First Act to use as a gift for children.


  • Eye-catching design.
  • Better performance considering the price.
  • Well-selection for kids’ gifts.
  • Helpful for the development of auditory and creativity skills.

2. Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele

Best Ukes Under $50

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Beginning ukulele players looking for an unlikely price and a real instrument will detect the Diamond Head DU-150. Although affordability is a prime reason for the choice, this small standard uke contains a surprisingly beautiful tone apart from a captivating classic appearance.

The body and neck consist of resonated maple with a glossy finish. On the other hand, the bridge and fingerboard come with contrasting dark-stained robust wood.

The guitar-style geared tuners contribute to a constructive difference between it and many other soprano ukes in their price range.

Smooth nickel-silver frets confirm an easy-to-play action. Besides, quality nylon strings deliver the authentic, sweet sound of the Hawaiian Islands.

Rightly, the Diamond Head DU-150 does not feature to meet the demand of professional players. But it’s the first pick for those who hope to learn how to play a uke without making plenty of investment.


  • The Pearloid position dots.
  • White ABS nut and saddle.
  • A sturdy gig bag of black nylon with the Diamond Head logo.
  • Easy tuning for the beginning student.

3. Kmise MI2169 Soprano Ukulele under $50


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You are keen to start playing the ukulele but don’t have sufficient money for that mahogany uke. If you own $50, you can buy the Kmise soprano mahogany uke. Not only that, but you also receive a lot of accessories.

Now it’s a fantastic value! Think of everything you require in one bundle for half the price of most uke starters. But why the Kmise uke is better? Due to its cost, of course!

The mahogany body and neck not only contribute to making it look beautiful but also aids in producing an enriched sound and surprising tone. Further, the walnut fretboard and bridge offer contrast to that classic appearance.

Also, the MI2169 contains pure copper gears for the tuning pegs, in reverse to other affordable ukuleles, only containing brass-plated zinc alloy for the tuners. In effect, the Gears stay the tuning stable, particularly after the initial period of string expansion.

This model features a designed bridge that allows players to alter strings effortlessly if they shatter or need replacement. Overall, the MI2169 becomes straightforward for playing, sounds lovely, and looks great.


  • Sealed 18:1 gear tuning machine.
  • Carbon nylon strings.
  • Free ukulele online lessons.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. Martin Smith UK-222-BK Soprano Ukulele


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Nowadays, one of the most popular musical instruments is the ukulele. The reasons for its popularity are simple to understand. The ideal introduction to the ukulele is its short body and simple play style, making it a suitable pick for players of all ages.

With this in mind, Martin Smith has introduced this soprano ukulele, featuring an ergonomic, lightweight, and contoured body. In truth, this body confirms the best play experience.

Featuring nylon strings with this basswood body, they might require time to settle down and needs regular tuning. But once after settling down, it gives you a mild playing experience with your fingers in addition to producing warm tones.

The UK-222-BK is available in a range of colors with a high-gloss finish. It looks as lovely as it produces sound. Further, it includes metal gearheads, allowing for accurate and easy tuning with sustain.

To ensure your convenience, this model brings a perfectly sized uke bag. As a result, you can protect your instrument and accompany it where you go.


  • Striking design with a glossy finish.
  • Pre-strung nylon strings.
  • Best performance considering the price.
  • A free gig bag.

5. Flight Travel Series Soprano Ukulele (TUS-35WH)


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This Travel Ukulele by Flight seems to be an innovative product. Finding such an affordable ukulele with noted sound qualities is very difficult.

The TUS-35WH is incredibly well-built. With the nice-looking ABS plastic back, all its materials will impress you. Besides, the neck is stiff and heavy, although plastic.

The rounded plastic back attached to Aquila strings aids in producing a loud tone and conspicuous projection. Also, the neck and body of this uke consist of plastic, which turns out a balanced tune from this instrument.

The TUS-35WH is the perfect ukulele for kids. Plastic frets never cling. Moreover, its low action turns it easier to press strings, and it virtually features indestructible.

Flight ukuleles are renowned for their durability. It’s a beginner uke for kids, but for those who intend to own the instrument like a real one at a surprisingly low price.


  • Stunning quality at a low price.
  • Gorgeous intonation with beautiful projection.
  • Fret markers.
  • Blue denim-colored gig bag included.

6. JMFinger Concert Ukulele


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The top, back, and sides of the JM Finger Ukulele consist of high-quality solid basswood, generating a conspicuous, crisp, and tuneful sound. Also, while playing, the stiff construction and sleek touch let you move the frets over the strings effortlessly.

The 3-3.5mm is the string height at the 12th fret. That means it’s best for kids or beginners. Indeed, correct string contributes to making play easier and lessens stress on your fingers.

Further, the advanced and potent nylon allows for a fuller and more stable sound in addition to avoiding avoid strokes while playing.

In general, the new ukuleles may not stay in tune at first. For a new instrument, it needs time to adjust to the pulling force of the strings and wood.

All you need to do is make the screws tight and tune them before playing them in the beginning. Then, it’ll stay in tune after a few weeks. Moreover, the concert uke includes a gig bag, 3-picks, and extra strings.


  • Premium quality materials.
  • High-quality solid basswood.
  • Available in different 4-colors.
  • Best value for the price.

What to expect from the Best Ukulele Under $50

Most instruments in this price range hold the features of beginner-level. For this, several options mentioned above bring instructional videos so the newbie can master the basics before beginning their journey.

Still, there are some things that none should compromise. Among them, it includes body composition. A robust body usually lasts longer. Besides, other parts, such as strings, you can replace and thus ignore in terms of quality.

Nevertheless, based on how nearer you intend to have to the $50 mark, as the price goes up, you’ll notice an increase in accessories and their quality as well.

Things to consider before Picking the Best Ukulele Under $50

Picking the correct ukulele does not mean just choosing the first one. It requires a data-collection process where you can compare instruments by their characteristics against each other.

Sure, you also need to know what each feature means to be incorporated into a particular instrument. Here are most of the characteristics attached to the ukulele.


When looking for the best ukulele under $50, there’s little chance to consider what materials are being used to make it. Even so, quality ukuleles are available in making various materials, including wood and plastic.

Most of the instruments under $50 are beginner-level because many people at this level don’t want to invest a lot of money in the beginning. Therefore, you can choose the one that suits you from the above list.


The soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone are the four main sizes of ukuleles. While they all can seem the same to look, each size affects the instrument’s playability and sound.

First, the G, C, E, and A is the tuning method for the soprano, concert, and tenor size. On the contrary, D, G, B, and E is the tuning method for the baritone. Typically, larger ukes contain a longer neck with many frets and more space between frets. Here’s a general presentation to fret about size proportions.

  • Soprano: 12–15 frets.
  • Concert: 15–20 frets.
  • Tenor: 15–25 frets.
  • Baritone: 18 + frets, tuning the D-G-B-E.

The additional space helps make the play easier for big-hand players. On the other hand, small-hand players feel cozy playing smaller ukuleles due to less space between the frets.

The playability and tone of the ukulele vary due to the body size. Also, bracing, tonewoods and even strings will be the reason to impact the instrument tone.


Naturally, cheaper ukuleles will be of lower quality than more expensive ones. But large manufacturers are making rationally quality instruments using cheap materials to make cheap ukuleles now.

Now is the time to dispel the myth that only solid-wood ukuleles are the best. The reason is that laminate ukes have reached the point where the sound of some of them is downright surprising in terms of durability and ability.

Moreover, these days good quality plastic is also available in the market. The ukuleles made of plastic have excellent qualities too. Rightly, it might not be as good as a solid ukulele in terms of quality, but it’s not bad for those on a tight budget.


Action means an indicator of the attempt needed to press the strings and build the chord. When it gets too high, meaning you’re spending plenty of energy. On the other hand, too little, and you are likely going to listen to some fret buzz.

The happy news is that most manufacturers try to keep the action in a middle ground. Actually, action is such a thing that might be adapted if you stay unhappy with it out of the box. It is a matter but should not become a deal breaker.

Final Note: Best Ukulele Under $50

Finally, we have put together the products you can shop for the best ukulele under $50 from prime music gear stores, including the bundles, which bring accessories.

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