Best Martin Ukulele Reviews 2023: Top 7

Best Martin Ukulele

Martin carries a long history of musical instruments. At the beginning of the production, they work with Guitars and start producing the ukulele. Today, we’ll speak of the best Martin ukulele.

As a whole, we need to keep an eye on several factors to determine which Martin we would recommend. We’ve planned to think about things like tone, volume, sound, construction, materials, and look, along with the price.

Indeed, it is easy to indicate like a bunch of $1000-$2000 ukuleles, perhaps out of affordability for many. So, we’ve gathered such models, which are almost affordable and enjoyable for all.

Top 7 Best Martin Ukuleles

Product Name Price
1. Martin S1 Uke Soprano Check Price
2. Martin C1K Concert Uke Check Price
3. Martin OXK Soprano Uke Check Price
4. Martin T1K Tenor Uke Check Price
5. Martin 1T IZ Tenor Uke Check Price
6. Martin T1 StreetMaster Tenor Uke Check Price
7. Martin 0X Uke Bamboo Uke Check Price

1. Martin S1 Ukulele Soprano

Martin S1 Ukulele Soprano


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The S1 seems to be an incredible instrument. If you have the intention to be a guitar or ukulele player, getting acquainted with the Martin instrument is just a matter of time.

Indeed, we can’t deny that one of the most reputed brands is Martin Guitar, having over 100 years of history in building instruments. Unquestionably, it might be the top-sounding uke.

The things to distinguish it from others are that it holds a brilliant, shimmering tone alongside handling to ring more loudly and projecting more fully.

As a whole, this Martin soprano ukulele has other stunning properties. They are handmade quality, beautiful binding, attention to detail, and generally a well-built instrument. That means it is suitable to play at home or on stage.

If you don’t feel problems spending more money to own a professional-level instrument, this model from the famous brand might become a good companion. Rightly, high-finished items might not be a perfect decision, but it might be the right one in the case of professionals.


  • Superb projection with the mahogany design
  • Hand-built quality
  • Nice and natural finish


  • Not a less-priced one

2. Martin C1K Concert Ukulele

Martin C1K Concert Ukulele

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We don’t understand where to start it. But, you’ve already presumed how much the quality contains since it comes from Martin. The company trusts that playing concert ukulele, meaning the sound ought to resonate from Hawaii Island.

The Tattoo like Luna used in this Hawaiian uke has come in the essence of the Martin C1K. Also, Martin’s concert incorporates the pure Hawaiian Koa uke instead of Mahogany. It produces just the right medium-range uke sound, boasting like professional models.

Besides, the C1K utilizes a Sipo fingerboard. Although the satin finish body shines, you will feel relaxed when you adjust to the stability of these nickel-plated tuners. You have to admire Martin’s uke sound and accent in any situation.

One of the happiest news for left-handed uke artists is that the model has left-friendly features. In truth, you need to continue finger-picking with confidence. It puts high-quality silver-plated nylon strings as a pre-installment. Okay, almost all prefer a branded gig bag, but not a startling cost.


  • Applicable for both right or left-handed players
  • Well-proportioned sound and tone
  • Good-conditioned tuning machines


  • Plump price tag

3. Martin OXK Soprano Ukulele Review


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Martin always brings some of the superior musical instruments. This Martin OXK Uke is another among the uke of the mob, enough to prove its essentiality to musicians. In reality, its construction structure ensures its durability.

The first item of the Martin X-Series is the 110XKUKE, crafted from high-pressure laminate wood and including a Hawaiian koa style textured finish. The laminate ukulele confirms that it is as durable and stiff as possible.

Martin connects the body to an equally potent and zestful brown-colored Stratabond neck with a fingerboard built with Morado. Besides, it has a straight, tuneful appearance, sufficient for creating an appeal among players.

If you want to go with this design, you can like this uke’s beautiful and neutral appearance. The used substitute materials (HPL and Stratabond) do not have features to compromise the sound quality.

Other properties are a white Tusq nut and saddle, dot position markers, nickel Grover tuners with white buttons, a Morado bridge, and a single-ring rosette.


  • Lasting Construction
  • Lovely sound
  • A padded gig bag added


  • The neck may appear to be a bit heavy

4. Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele

Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele

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The Martin t1k becomes somewhat bulky considering a ukulele. But, one of the best tenor ukuleles is all around you, no doubt. So, pick it in the case of the best model. In the realm of stringed instruments, the brand has established itself as a trusted name for a long. So to say, you’ll find its reflection in the t1k.

The t1k produces a full-body voice. So, we applaud for its solid Hawaiian koa body. In truth, the solid koa top gives the uke a balanced tone, shining more as you play. On the other hand, the stiff koa affixes resonance to the back and sides.

The company uses the selected hardwood to build the neck. Plus, there is a top with a solid Morado fingerboard with 20 frets. The Morado fingerboard aids in keeping the melody in balance and lets you have a sleek playing experience.

The bridge paired with a white Tusq saddle comes with Morado wood. Further, the manufacturer has placed nickel tuners with white buttons for uninterrupted tuning and a high-quality hand-rubbed satin lacquer finish for making it striking.


  • Sturdy body structure to ensure quality sound
  • Trustworthy materials used
  • Natural playing experience


  • Shortage of strap buttons

5. Martin 1T IZ Tenor Ukulele


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When you figure out buying ukes or acoustic guitars, you are bound to come across the Martin brand. This distinguished manufacturer has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing instruments. That being said, the 1T IZ is a shining example of what it can supply.

Sincerely, this acoustic ukulele is a kind of instrument that targets real professionals, and the construction quality and components speak a favor of it. It is a matter of mentioning that this model is a homage to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, a Hawaiian forerunner of music.

The ingredients used are renowned tonewood Hawaiian koa and East Indian rosewood, including an ‘IZ’ inscribed as respect. Due to the Hawaiian koa use, you can enjoy a consecutive Hawaiian experience and tone.

Martin puts the rosewood fingerboard, allowing your play comfortable. Further, it depends on the mahogany for its enrichment and tonal projection like others on the market. For the conspicuous tone, loud projection, and lively sleek playability, it’s a fantastic option.


  • An excellent combination of koa wood and mahogany
  • Enhanced playability
  • Warm melodies and superior projection


  • Expensive to many

6. Martin T1 StreetMaster Tenor Ukulele


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The Martin T1 Tener is a favorite for gripping ukulele players, seeking pleasure from its increased volume, added play space, and rounder tone. Indeed, the T1 StreetMaster is a felicitated item, added as the latest version to the Tenor lineup.

The T1 exerts a satin finish to the all-mahogany body. More, Martin polarizes its ragged look like the guitars too. Yet, the outcome is excellent playability, the Martin name on the headstock, and all-solid-wood uke with a good sound.

The brand utilizes an ultra-thin finish, making a different look and having the players’ eyes on each StreetMaster. Also, there is a gentle Bevel around the back and top ends, enough to make the body cozier.

The T1 comes out the bright, crisp, and warm tones from the soundhole that players generally expect from the uke. Furthermore, its projection and volume are praiseworthy that does not lean towards a scream or whisper.

Honestly, it might become somewhat troublesome to find such a standard uke in this price range.


  • A beautifully weathered appearance
  • Light-weight with a bright tone
  • Easy affordability in one gorgeous instrument


  • Not gorgeous enough to justify the price

7. Martin 0X Uke Bamboo Ukulele


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Not wonderfully, the brand is nowadays adjusting some of its vintage designs with high-technology manufacturing methods and ingredients, making it the leading stringed instrument. Recently, we have tested a new uke like the 0X Uke Bamboo that clarifies it.

Depending on Martin’s conventional body and peghead shape, the 0X Uke Bamboo characterizes a soprano-size ukulele. In effect, the company assimilates the instrument’s top, back, and sides with the HPL instead of a solid wood body, generally used by Martin for its X-series guitars.

The manufacturer selects the surface, which likens bamboo for this 0X Bamboo uke. It has natural rigidity apart from withstanding extremes in temperature and humidity.

The 0X build structure will seem like a wood instrument, including a bridge and fingerboard crafted from Sipo wood and Sitka spruce braces. Further, the laminated birch neck and peghead are a distinct addition, no doubt.

The bright tone, lovely presence, and fitting volume let you play with a fun feel. Overall, each part of the fingerboard will become balanced for you to play.


  • Exceptionally a bamboo-patterned instrument
  • Durable and appealing look
  • Competent for all levels


  • A little heavy

Martin ukulele-size

The Martin Company does not presently supply the only baritone among large sizes. Yet, they keep preferable offers within the Soprano, Concert, and Tenor.

Martin Soprano Ukuleles

Their Soprano Ukes retain a standard structure and dimension with a 20-inch length on average and 17 frets. Maybe, the sizes are small, yet the brand conducts to enjoy an accurate and light sound. All in all, these bring the feeling of playing musical instruments on a Hawaiian beach.

Martin Concert Ukuleles

Perhaps, the proper beginner Uke is the Concert, straightforward for many players to play compared to the Soprano. In some cases, it generates a standard sound compared to some Tenor or Baritone models. Prepared 23 inches long and 17 frets, they are our favorite Martins.

Martin Tenor Ukuleles

It might become the correct size for the players, willing to transfer from Martin guitars to ukes. The Tenor Uke is the highest type manufactured by Martin, somewhat shorter than travel guitars. These 26 inches in length and the regular 20-fret instruments are cozy enough for former guitarists to play.

Martin Ukulele Models

From 1916 to 1930, ukuleles were at the top of their production. They produced in the amount in till 1965. The production amount at some intervals was just as rampant as their guitars.

Many regard Martin Ukes as one of the best due to their craftsmanship and sound. That being said, instruments crafted from Koa wood are more gatherable than mahogany ones. The fashioned 5-models get more worthy than plainer types 0 to 3. To be fair, all are gatherable.

The initial ukuleles made in 1916 contain serial numbers ranging from one to less than 200. Further, the ukes built after 1916 do not contain serial numbers and were to be fixed by the date by changing the specification. For example, in 1962, on the inside stamp, Martin attached: “made in the USA.”

On the back of the peghead till 1935, ukes put the stamp. Peghead decals do not appear in catalog pictures until after World War II.

The brand manufactured smaller sopranos in the highest number, but the concert and tenor sizes were the same as in 1922.


Through their stringed products, Martin has been impulsing musicians across the globe for almost 200 years. Further, they design instruments of unrivaled high quality, craftsmanship, and tone, aiming at musicians everywhere in the world.

The company produces such quality products, suitable for all genres of music and in all departments of pop culture, from theater stages and concerts to films and TV. Therefore, you can collect one that is adaptable to your skills.


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