Best Pineapple Ukulele Reviews in 2023: Buying Guide

Best Pineapple Ukulele

Pineapple Ukuleles are very beautiful, and they provide higher resonance compared to standard-shaped ukuleles. It is always fun to play ukuleles, and the sound is passionate and lively. It is even more true, especially for the best pineapple ukulele. Whether you bring it to the beach or play it at home, it makes your music activities more enjoyable. Below you will find the best pineapple ukuleles.

Our Top Pick:

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Enya Pineapple Soprano Ukulele

Best Pineapple Ukuleles
  • Great quality and durability guaranteed
  • Designed to optimize the playing experience
  • The mahogany neck and fluorocarbon strings
  • Premium sound and comfortable holding
  • Free accessory included

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Top 6 Best Pineapple Ukuleles

1. Enya Pineapple Soprano Ukulele


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We have a review on a pineapple ukulele from Enya. The Enya ukulele is 21 inches long with sixteen frets. The EUP-X1 is a bundle and includes some online lessons, a case, strap, strings, capo, sand shaker picks, and polishing cloth. This model offers open-geared tuners and solid Headstock Floor Carbon strings. It even has two strap buttons that are already installed.

The neck is laminate mahogany, and the body is HPL or high-pressure laminate. It is very durable and made virtually indestructible. Something interesting to know is that it has a compensation rod and a drill through the bridge, which increases the resonance of the instrument.

The look of this instrument is beautiful and elegant. Indeed, it seems to be persuading you to play. It uses HPL, which reduces temperature and humidity concerns.

This Pineapple Soprano Ukulele gives the same as sound real wood. It will not fail to affect resonance and maintenance. At this price range, it is difficult to find the best pineapple ukulele that sounds better than this model.


  • Excellent quality and durability guaranteed
  • Stable sound and tone
  • Decent design and appealing look
  • A lot of accessories included


  • There are no DVD lessons

2. Kala KA-MK-P Makala Pineapple Soprano Ukulele


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Kala is one of the most renowned brands on the market in the field of musical instruments. The brand claims the KA-MK-P is the best entry-level instrument. Their claim becomes right due to its construction quality and playability.

Kala uses Mahogany wood for the body which ensures its durability. Mahogany holds a natural tone. As a result, it gives a sweet, full, and warm sound. Its captivating design makes music lovers eager to buy it.

The neck of this Kala pineapple ukulele is fabricated of mahogany and is equipped with a 12-fret walnut fingerboard. The action of the strings is very comfortable for beginners and easy to play.

Many players become surprised by the sound of this instrument. So, some compare it positively to a price that is twice or three times higher. But the most noticeable thing is its reasonable price, entry-level size, and ability to play. Consequently, many beginner players choose this pineapple uke without any hesitation.


  • Perfect beginner ukulele
  • Fantastic tone and sound
  • Aesthetic craftsmanship
  • Easy to play


  • The case is not included

3. Sawtooth ST-UKE-MPS-KIT-2 Pineapple Ukulele


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This time we talk about a uke for the new players that comes with some accessories. This model offers a Quick Start Guide, Stand, Gig Bag, and Tuner. But the real thing is that it is a pineapple soprano ukulele.

This Sawtooth ukulele has a mahogany top, back, and sides, which provide an enriched mid-range, and warm tone. It looks eye-catching due to its natural satin finish and laser-etched rosette. It has a mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard.

This pineapple uke is small and light, and it has a distinct shape. The beginners or players with smaller hands feel comfortable playing it because of its close frets. It is perfect for traveling because of its lightweight. It delivers a resonant sound compared to other models in this price range.

The ST-UKE-MPS-KIT-2 includes Aquila Strings that stay in tune perfectly. All the combinations make it the best pineapple ukulele. Besides, the affordable price adds excellent value to your purchase.


  • Mahogany pineapple instrument
  • Elegant look and design
  • Lovely sound and tone
  • Accessories included


  • It may be better to have a hard case

4. Luna Tattoo Soprano Pineapple Ukulele


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This time we’ve included a pineapple ukulele that is designed like the traditional Hawaiian body ornamentation. The brand uses monochromatic, tattoos in black against brown skin for an attractive design. The waves and sharks’ design is echoed as fret markers.

The body of this pineapple uke consists of mahogany, which guarantees its durability. This type of construction ensures a warm tone resonance. Also, it has a walnut fingerboard that produces high-quality sound.

The Satin Natural Finish makes it an impressive instrument. Besides, it has a mahogany neck and a walnut bridge. It provides open-gear tuners, which help to keep the instrument in tune.

The Luna’s 21″ Tattoo Soprano pineapple ukulele brings in a bundle. Consequently, you will get not only a uke but also some essential things. The bundle offers a gig bag, a polishing cloth, and a clip-on tuner that will be an excellent gift for beginners and experienced players.


  • Fantastic pineapple shape
  • Nice tattoo design
  • Great value for the price
  • Accessories included


  • The frets are sharp

5. Kala KA-PSS Soprano Pineapple Ukulele


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The Kala brand always produces attractive-looking instruments, which always surprise people. Similarly, the Kala KA-PSS Mahogany Soprano Pineapple Ukulele is an instrument of exceptional appearance made using a dense silkscreen pineapple fruit design. As beautiful as this model looks, its bright and warm tonal qualities are perfect for beginners.

The shape of the Kala KA-PSS is the soprano, and the top, back, and sides are of mahogany wood. The bridge consists of rosewood. The pineapple design in a glossy finish gives it a stunning look. The rosewood fingerboard contains dots as fret markers. The mahogany neck has 12 frets.

There are Graph Tech NuBone Nut and Saddle and Red Tortoise binding in this ukulele. On the other hand, it includes Aquila Nylgut strings and machine heads with splendid White Buttons and open-geared tuners.

Both beginners and seasoned players can choose it because it works just as well as it comes at a reasonable price.


  • Excellent pineapple ukulele at a reasonable price
  • Great playing ability
  • Enriched sound and unique design


  • No case

6. Oscar Schmidt OU2P-A-U Pineapple Concert Ukulele


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So far, we have reviewed the soprano-type pineapple uke, this time the concert pineapple ukulele. This Oscar Schmidt Ukulele holds the shape of a pineapple concert ukulele. It gives a vivid full body that echoes with glittering highs as well as warm lows.

This pineapple concert uke offers an engineered wood fretboard style. It has a mahogany top, back, and side, which means it will last longer with better service. Besides, Mahogany is famous for tonewood. As a result, it will give an enriched and sweet melody.

There is a guitar bridge system in this uke. It’s kind of the 4-string concert-sized ukulele with a somewhat larger scale that allows you to play it quickly and easily. Its attractive design creates additional motivation for players to play this uke regularly.

At this price, the brand produces this instrument with quality and craftsmanship. So, you can pick it to continue your music career smoothly.


  • Concert-sized pineapple ukulele
  • Easy to carry
  • Great ukulele for beginners
  • Fantastic craftsmanship


  • It doesn’t come with a case

Difference Between the Pineapple and Standard Ukulele Body Shapes

You want to buy a ukulele but aren’t able to decide whether to buy a standard-shaped ukulele or a pineapple-shaped ukulele. So, you are interested to know the difference between a standard and pineapple-shaped ukulele.

It is usually considered that a pineapple body shape ukulele has a loud volume and gentle sound compared to a standard body ukulele of the same materials, brand, and quality.

Let’s know more about the differences below and then make a decision.

Sound Differences

Most people think the body shape of a pineapple to be louder and full size, resonating sound more gently than a standard body shape of the same size.

The pineapple body holds more air to resonate and will vibrate more than the comparatively rigid side panels due to the larger front and rear panels, which are large compared to the conventional size.

We should keep in mind that these differences are seen in the construction method or material, type of wood, strings, same-sized ukuleles, etc. Ukuleles, which differ between these elements, cannot follow this pattern.

Differences in Playing

Most people say that there is not much difference between the playing pineapple ukulele and the standard ukulele.


Both shapes have the same tuning method for their respective sizes. The GCEA tuning is for the soprano, concert, and tenor. The DGBE tuning is for the baritone.


Although the pineapple is large-sized, it requires less wood compared to the actual size of ukuleles (for the same size ukuleles).

But why? The reason is that the external-after-internal line of the standard shape holds much background compared to the just-outward curve of the pineapple shape.


It is easy to carry the standard body shape ukulele comparatively. Packing in tight spaces and taking these with you can be a bit easier though the difference won’t be much.

The Differences in Style and Aesthetic

Many say that the pineapple-shaped ukulele looks like the Hawaiian aesthetic. On the other hand, the standard shape is like traditional Americana. Again, you can often find the pineapple shape in the form of a toy or an item of novelty, but the standard size offers a somewhat more deadly feel.


Usually, pineapple ukuleles used to come in the form of a soprano. However, currently, these are available in the shape of a concert, tenor, and even baritone.

Best Pineapple Ukulele Buying Guide

Exactly how do you pick the best and top pineapple ukulele among so many options? Simply put, you can go to the market and then buy a ukulele. But we think that before buying a pineapple ukulele, you should consider the following things.

Body Material

The expensive ukuleles are constructed with solid wood for their body. So, their sound becomes better. You can pick laminated wood for beginners though the sound is not as good as pure wood ukes. But, at least, check to see if the body material is durable.


In most cases, people look for products from well-known brands. The reason is that they have a clear idea about these brands. Also, familiar brands naturally produce quality products to maintain their brand image.

See our best ukulele brands, as these brands are known to give good value for money.


You can choose the soprano ukulele because it is the most popular and familiar type. Also, it provides your known tone.

However, there are other types too. They are the tenor, concert, and baritone. You will pick it according to your needs.


Most people stay concerned about the tuning of the ukulele. It should be easy to tune in and stay in tune for a while.

You must consider that a ukulele doesn’t lose its tune quickly. After a single strum, some cheap ukuleles are likely to lose their tone.


You can buy an electric ukulele if you are an experienced player. Just connect it to the amplifier, and you continue your performance. Furthermore, electric ukuleles are easy enough to record performance.


You need to consider the cost to buy the best pineapple ukulele like any other customer. If you search for a cheap one, it can probably make you disappointed.

If you want to spend less, you can begin with a price limit of around $50. Within this price range, ukuleles will give a sound that is suitable enough to start without any hassle.

For seasoned players, premium-quality ukes will be the best option. But you have to spend more on this.


You can opt for such a ukulele that comes with the accessory because you need not buy accessories separately. Accessories will make your music activities easier and reduce your cost.

Final Word

Each ukulele here is excellent, and any of the lists can be suitable for you. After that, you can read more reviews online or watch YouTube videos to pick the best pineapple ukulele.

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