Best Enya Ukulele Reviews: Top Models in 2023

Best Enya Ukulele

In this guide, we’ll discuss why Enya is one of the most beloved uke brands available in the market. Even though their arrival in the musical instrument world is only a few years, they have created a place with excellent sound, quality, innovative design, and reasonable price for the best Enya ukulele. You’ll get everything here that you require to know about the Uke of this brand.

About Enya

Enya is a harvest of the newish uke brand located outside of China. Their headquarters are situated in Huizhou, near Hong Kong. For this reason, unlike US-based brands that produce ukes in Asia, they remain very closely linked to where their instruments are manufactured.

Our Top Preference

Editor’s Choice

Enya Nova Ukulele

Best Enya Ukuleles
  • Crafted from carbon fiber composite polycarbonate
  • Super lightweight but durable
  • Travel-friendly ignoring temperature and humidity
  • Much more bright sound and tone
  • Affordable despite being a rare design

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Top 7 Best Enya Ukuleles for beginners to professionals

Product Name Price
1. Enya Nova Uke Check Price
2. Enya EUT-M6 EQ Electric Tenor Uke Check Price
3. Enya Bernadettes Signature Bougainvillea Concert Uke Check Price
4. Enya K5 Concert Uke Check Price
5. Enya Nova Mini Uke Check Price
6. Enya 25D Concert Blue Uke Check Price
7. Enya Pineapple Soprano Uke Check Price

1. Enya Nova Ukulele


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Satin Orange uke color, a polycarbonate plastic, and the carbon fiber supplied by the manufacturer are too enriched to play. The lightweight carbon fiber is acknowledged to build musical instruments for its strength and resonance.

The blend of carbon fiber and plastic means that you don’t have to worry about the impact of weather, temperature, or humidity. Overall, in this cost range, it becomes a lovely musical device.

The brand has taken the brand-new material advantages to assembling some rare sleek designs into Enya Nova U Ukulele.

The body, bridge, neck, fretboard, and even frets are fabricated into two parts, one on top and another on the back and sides, taken together with glue to form the uke.

The saddle sitting on the bridge that contains the strings on the body is one of the few individual pieces.

This Model has a full, round C shape neck. Its soundhole is constructed in a way to deliver a full-volume voice and tune. Further, this carbon fiber uke includes some goodies like strings, a strap, a capo, and a thin padded carry case.


  • Cutaway body with radius fretboard
  • Full-bodied sound and tone
  • Available in various colors
  • Relatively low prices


  • Tuning peg machines seem to be flimsy

2. Enya EUT-M6 EQ Electric Ukulele

New Enya Ukulele

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The M6 Cutaway Acoustic-Electric is the next choice in our Enya ukulele review lists. Not just a gloss-finished body but a simple abalone rosette is an expression of the beauty of this cutaway uke. Floral motifs across the fretboard, a dramatic shaking cutaway, and a sharp inline headstock make it an eye-catching instrument.

Having a 3A solid mahogany top, back, and sides imply that it produces a clear, crisp, and sweet sound by corroding resistance. Also, the company uses the import strings to ensure stable sound by avoiding strokes when playing uke songs.

The Enya ukulele tenor has a bridge, neck, and headstock veneer made of Richlite ebony material. You will get a 1:18 gold agate die-cast that allows it stable tuning, and the best intonation with keeping in tune for longer times.

The neck measures 15-1/8 inches with a 1-1/2-inch scale, ideal for the concert. Besides, the radiused fretboard indicates its luxurious properties. It holds an installed pickup for a more enriched and brighter sound, suitable for solo playing.

Whether a beginner or a professional player, everyone will be watching you when you play it, of course. So, try once with it.


  • Crafted with famous tonewood
  • Long-lasting and corrosion-resistant
  • Well-balanced and moderate sound
  • More stable tone and accent


  • Somewhat costly for many

3. Enya Bernadettes Signature Bougainvillea Concert Ukulele


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This Bougainvillea instrument is the precedent of rosy artwork from the brand. Indeed, this innovative design uke is proper for intermediate-level players. One of the remarkable addition to this pattern is the signature of Bernadette, a reputable uke teacher on YouTube.

This Enya ukulele concert has remained a stand upright as a brave representation of professionalism with the brand logo and devoted bougainvillea flower pattern. If you have the confidence to go with this model, it will support you in taking into the spotlight wherever you’re.

In addition to its captivating design, this MAD stringed uke generates a mellow, vivid, and more sustainable melody compared to laminated ukes. So, we applaud its solid mahogany body. With a glossy finish, this uke can retain enough sound and has less prone to be soft with age.

Moreover, this solid wood uke offers all your necessary goodies for the best price value, such as a strap, strings, finger shaker, and a safety case. You will get an exclusive tassel while buying, a fancy inclusion for the instrument.


  • Ideal concert-sized instrument
  • Stunning solid construction
  • Charming sound and melody
  • All essential accessories included


  • Everything appears to be compact
    in the soundhole

4. Enya K5 Concert Ukulele


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This time we will explain another product from the K5 solid acacia concert uke, having an abalone binding and a shiny finish. Acacia features hardwoods. This instrument is not crafted mildly, but rather, its tone is clear, sweet, and wood-like, and sounds throughout the entire range of this instrument.

It is the melody, united with the koa ukulele. We are not speaking about volume, but it is about a beautifully balanced tone. Individually preferred notes continue to play, but Notes are mixed when strumming.

With a radiused ebony fretboard, the neck characterizes a cozy-full shape. The size comprises the conventional 15-inch scale and 1-1/2-inch width. Also, the slotted headstock comes with a glossy Richlite ebony veneer with an affixed brand name.

You will find dots on the side of the 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, and 14th frets. As a result, you can effortlessly identify additional signs on the fretboard. This model uses the colorful abalone as a part of the soundhole rosette and multilayer binding. The K5 is available in concert and tenor with an electronic pickup installed.


  • Incredible build and design
  • Full-bodied sound
  • Well-stability and resonance
  • High-quality double pickup installed


  • The price is very high

5. Enya Nova Mini Ukulele


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There is no doubt that it is another groundbreaking version of the product development team. They always turn the entire uke into two main parts – a simple structure and an accurate inner design. So, it is no exception of it.

This Enya soprano ukulele maintains a lightweight and slim body, compatible enough to give it a fashionable look. It is to say that the company has designed it to be water-resistant and to withstand temperature and humidity with travel-friendly properties.

Better self-resonance while playing is an expectation for any player. Using an arched back, radius fretboard, and cutaway body is proof to meet your demand. Besides, its specially made soundhole delivers a harmonical and enriched melody, including conspicuous accent and sound.

It is soprano size, the first choice for beginners. So, the brand has used carbon fiber composite polycarbonate to build it, ensuring its durability and portability. While shopping, it brings a semi-hard case, and spare uke strings that will add the best value to your purchase.


  • Sturdy-resistant material used
  • Strap buttons pre-installed
  • Appropriate for starters or intermediate levels
  • Lovely pick for the limited budget


  • No lesson instructions

6. Enya 25D Concert Blue Ukulele


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You are looking for a uke, reminding you of the blue sky and the sea while playing. Well, the 25D is for you. Honestly, this model is fully ready to give your intended taste with its ocean and blue sky-like color.

But it’s not just the color that will impress you. The solid mahogany texture promises beautiful sound and melody and guarantees durability. Furthermore, its matte natural finish makes it more eye-dazzling in consideration of design.

The 25D utilizes the high-standard 18:1 die-casting tuning gears and Enya fluorocarbon strings, staying the instrument in tune much longer with a balanced and sweet sound. It provides the Richlite fingerboard with 20 silver Frets, marked at 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th frets on the fingerboard and side. This layout will be much helpful for novice players.

It is worth mentioning that it comes in the form of a package with all the accessories you need. So, you can consider it based on its design, construction layout, and moderate price.


  • Stiff mahogany soundboard
  • Sustainable tune
  • Exceptional color and finish
  • Less money but more returns


  • Comparatively short-tuning pegs

7. Enya Pineapple Soprano Ukulele


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There are several types of uke, one of which is the pineapple uke. Yes, if you prefer the pineapple type, this model might be a better selection for you. You will find all kinds of pineapple-shaped ukulele properties in it.

Essentially, this shape holds a Hawaiian aesthetic, but the EUP-X1 has something more than our viewing in the eyes. This model contains a louder volume and more mellow sound, and it is the conventional feature of pineapple uke.

You will find 450 radiant on the fretboard for a cozy play, attached carbon fiber for a higher sound, and the HPL construction has supplied all the benefits. The company includes the BT Neck Junction to optimize the playing feel.

The abbreviation of high-pressure laminate is called HPL. This component offers a warm and stable sound. Also, it will be effortlessly portable for your playing in any place because its shape will never change in the case of weather conditions changes.

All in all, this Enya ukulele soprano is ready to bring complete accessories and superb packing. Indeed, it is a gift for the producer to expand your purchase ability.


  • Unparalleled design and superior craftsmanship
  • Simple playability with a pleasing experience
  • Well-action and performance
  • Affordable for customers


  • Some reviewers say
    about the off-intonation


Enya is possibly becoming one of the most favorite uke brands not only in the United States or China but also worldwide rapidly. The reason is that they grant incredible value to have some revolutionary designs in addition to the usual wood ukes.

Be sure to check out the brand’s ukes once in a while on the travel ukuleles, or your first uke, or just search for sounds and melodies of varied tastes. Besides, you can take one from our list of the best Enya instrument.

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