Best Lanikai Ukulele Reviews in 2024: Buying Guide

Best Lanikai Ukulele

You are trying to pick an instrument for your smooth music journey. This review on the best Lanikai ukulele will aid you in finding the best alternative if you get tired of browsing for the best brand.

However, Lanikai has a reputation in the ukulele market for producing high-quality, great-sounding, and eye-catching designs. In addition, we have presented a buying guide to ensure you get the correct materials for your needs.

Top 5 Best Lanikai Ukulele for Beginners and Professionals

1. Lanikai, 4-String Ukulele (ACST)


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This ACST model from Lanikai brings a solid acacia construction to give you the balanced tone you’ve been searching for. It provides a warm sound that can captivate the listener’s mind. Also, this solid wood uke features a wide neck, nut, and saddle for your enjoyment and ease of play.

Moreover, for tuning precision, the brand offers deluxe Grover chrome open-back tuners. The ACST also features a lightweight headstock to give players the comfort they need. It comes with standard chrome strap buttons, which help attach a strap and securely hang it around your neck.

The nice gloss finish on the natural wood and maple binding shapes it an exceptional look. It provides a fuller and richer sound compared to smaller ukuleles. Its reliable D’Addario strings ensure a charming and elegant tone.

Finally, you can opt for the best Lanikai ukulele to improve your musical skills. We are sure it’ll not be a wrong decision.


  • Exquisite look and feel
  • Full tenor sound
  • Strong construction structure


  • Solid top but laminated back and sides

2. Lanikai, 4-String Ukulele (FBCETT)

Lanikai Ukulele

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Lanikai, 4-String Ukulele (FBCETT) is a musical instrument that will attract your attention immediately. But why would that be? It’s made using Bocote wood, a type of wood that has some interesting patterns. This wood is highly determined with a dark-grained streak and gives an excellent projection.

The look of this uke is enhanced by the quality of the open-back chrome tuners known for their tonal accuracy. The company makes a very light headstock for players to hold the instrument easily. Additionally, it features NuBone XB nuts and saddles for maximum tone.

Now let’s talk about weight. It weighs 3.14 lbs. So, it will not be heavy enough to carry and travel.

Moreover, its satin finish makes it a different uke compared to others. As a bonus, you get a padded gig bag with purchase. It means you can choose the best Lanikai ukulele for yourself and your loved ones.


  • An Illustrated Bocote Thin Body Tenor Ukulele
  • Active Shadow SH-3V pickup
  • Higher projection


  • Quite expensive

3. Lanikai LU-11 Soprano Ukulele


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As a beginner-level ukulele, the Lanikai LU-11 Ukulele is the perfect choice for players beginning their musical careers. The brand makes this soprano-sized uke, bringing a quality style and reasonable price.

However, this handcrafted model has nato wood on the top, back, and sides. This wood produces a crisp and rich sound. The sound retains the tradition of this instrument.

A uke is straightforward to play. Also, to help your learning process, it offers an instruction booklet. This ukulele is one of the brand’s most popular models, and you get ready to enter the world of fun.

Also, the LU-11 has a Nato fretboard with 12 frets. It has a 14-inch scale length, which is perfect for such a small instrument. The nylon strings are too smooth, which gives you a better feel while playing the uke.

Finally, unquestionably, the LU-11 will add a high value for money. For beginners, immersing yourself in the ukulele world is a low-cost investment and, if well cared for, will likely last for years.


  • Perfect beginner ukulele
  • A decent word for new players
  • The play is easy
  • Affordable


  • Uncomfortable to play for players with large hands

4. Lanikai Ukulele (QMBLCET)


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This time, we’ve put an electro-acoustic uke on our list, suitable for stage performance. The standout feature of this instrument is a Fishman Kula onboard preamp system designed for a ukulele. As a result, you can enjoy an exact tone for yourself. Another added benefit is that the preamp system has a built-in tuner.

However, we expect to hear louder sounds than other models since this is a tenor-sized uke. It features D’Addario strings, which provide a warm, rich, and full-body tone that perfectly complements the instrument’s natural wood. Likewise, standard-quality nuts and saddles help create a dynamic sound.

It weighs 3.3 pounds, meaning it’s a little hard to carry. Despite its large size, it is comfortable enough to play. Also, this model has a wide neck that helps you get extra space for your fingers.

Finally, we need to say something about the appearance of this uke. Undoubtedly, its design is attractive with its glossy, stained, and funky maple finish, making it the best Lanikai ukulele.


  • Electric-acoustic tenor uke
  • Stunning design
  • Rich tenor sound and tone
  • Preamp system with built-in tuner


  • A bit expensive for many
  • Heavier than other models

5. Lanikai Ukulele (MAC)


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Lanikai Ukulele (MAC) comes with all the features we need. Thus, this concert ukulele has become the best Lanikai ukulele in its product line. As a result, many players place it on their wish list.Also, crafted from the popular mahogany wood, this uke delivers a mellow, lively, and resonant tone. Despite being a concert uke, it features a slightly wider neck than other models.Therefore, it becomes easy to handle and provides a comfortable mood. The frets offer this comfort and are easy on the fingers as they have no sharp edges.

The weight of this device is the most noticeable aspect. This model weighs only 1.89 pounds and is easy to transport. Also, the brand has standard chrome strap buttons for security.

The Lanikai Ukulele (MAC) ensures an outstanding look, an ideal sound, a classy finish, and the highest comfort level. What else to expect? Yes, the price. This concert size uke is more affordable than many models on the market.

Ultimately, it is best suited for beginners. However, professional or experienced players look for higher quality.


  • Made from conventional mahogany wood
  • Easily portable
  • Straightforward to play with and cozy to hold


  • Experienced players may not like it

The Best Lanikai Ukuleles Buying Guide

Choosing which ukulele you want to buy depends on your needs. Maybe you are a beginner or an expert player looking for a suitable model. Most importantly, think about this before deciding which ukulele to buy.

We think new avid players should probably not be looking for something too expensive or high-end. The fact is that your interest can turn into a burning obsession. Instead, you can upgrade your device instead of spending a lot of money collecting dirt in the corner.

If you plan to play for a while and take it up as a recreational instrument, decide whether to buy an electric ukulele. The reason is that buying an electric uke requires a lot of money. So, it is crucial to consider whether you are willing to spend all this money.

That’s right! Now, decide what kind of uke you should buy. So, let’s look at the four most common sizes of ukuleles.


  • Typical length: 21 inches
  • Scale length: 13 inches
  • Frets: 12-15

It is the most common size and ideal for players of any level, especially beginners and those with smaller hands and fingers.


  • Typical length: 23 inches
  • Scale length: 15 inches
  • Frets: 15-18

It is slightly larger than the Soprano. It’s suitable for any skilled player, but players with slightly larger hands and fingers feel comfortable playing it.


  • Typical length: 26 inches
  • Scale length: 17 inches
  • Frets: 17-19

It’s the next size of the concert. In general, professionals and big-handed players prefer this shape the most.


  • General length: 29 inches
  • Scale length: 19 inches
  • Frets: 18-21

It is the largest ukulele in size. The baritone has a deep and full sound with a low end that sounds like an acoustic guitar.

After That! How Could Various Kinds Of Wood Make An Impact On A Ukulele?

Mahogany is the most popular and used wood to construct a ukulele. The reason is that wood provides a stunning tone. It is not too hard or soft, yet it delivers superior service.

Natto is just like mahogany. But its sound quality is not as bright as mahogany. Nevertheless, it is much more affordable than other materials. Also, it seems to be a good-looking device.

A fully cedar-built instrument is unavailable, but manufacturers use it to create soundboards. It gives a warm and sweet sound with a honey tone.

Now, we talk about the beautiful Bocote wood. Its outstanding wooden crop marks indicate that you are among the crowd.

And finally, we are talking about acacia wood. The top made using acacia helps create balance and provides a balanced sound.

Great! It’s plenty of information than you might think! However, hopefully, we have tried to present an idea so that you can understand what factors to consider when buying the best ukulele.

Do you need more options?

We have reviewed some of the best Lanikai ukuleles in this article. But naturally, you may have more choices. If so, no problem. You can see reviews of the best ukulele for beginners, the best soprano ukulele, the best tenor ukulele, the best concert ukulele, and the best baritone uke, which are currently available.

Is Lanikai a good ukulele brand?

Lanikai is one of the best ukulele manufacturers, especially for their low-price parts. They provide instruments according to players’ needs. The ukuleles crafted from natural solid wood are getable. In addition to these, you’ll find something made of plywood or a mix of both. Moreover, hybrid models are also available, such as the Banjo.

Lanikai also includes lots of accessories with the ukulele package. It also produces some exotic models made of premium tonewood as high-end ukuleles. The brand is based in Hawaii. Their ukuleles have already gained popularity and fame among musicians.

Final note

In conclusion, good luck with your search for the best Lanikai ukulele! Well, we hope you become a better musician or improve your skills with this instrument.

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