Best Soprano Ukulele in 2024: 5 Ukulele Reviews

Best Soprano Ukulele

If you’re a newbie, the best soprano ukulele can fulfill your interest in learning to play the ukulele. So, we are about to discuss the soprano.

When we talk about the ukulele, an image of a Hawaiian floats in mind, right? This is because the ukulele developed in Hawaii after Portuguese immigrants arrived in Hawaii.

However, discussing the history of the ukulele is not the subject of this article. We will help you choose a soprano to learn to play the ukulele.

Honestly, sorting one from the different types of ukuleles is a troublesome task. But we believe the following list of the best soprano ukes will simplify your job.

Our Selected 5 Top Rated Soprano Ukulele

After that, here is a list of 5 best soprano ukuleles of best ukulele brands that you should know about to stop you from venturing in the wrong direction.

1. Fender Venice Soprano Uke (Daphne Blue)

Fender Venice

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Venice Soprano Uke holds the spirit of Venice, California. Plus, it supplies a characterized instrument versatile enough to play on the boardwalk, beach, or studio.

This Venice ukulele comes from basswood and is lightweight. Due to its compact and light body size, many travelers opt for it as a travel company.

The Daphne Blue has a thin C-shaped neck profile that is comfortable to hold and simple to play. Also, it has a no-tie bridge, making altering strings a breeze. This product contains a 4-in-line headstock designed with inspiration from Fender’s Telecasters.

Sometimes, this item might not stay in tune for long, but its sound quality is quite balanced. Overall, it can be suitable for students and small-handed players to start.


  • Four in-line painted Tele headstock
  • Effortlessly changeable strings
  • Excellent look


  • Trouble staying in tune for long periods

2. Kmise Soprano Ukulele Professional

Kmise Soprano Uke

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We’ve come up with another soprano instrument under $50 from Kmise, which is an expectation for those looking for a cheap instrument with high quality.

This Kmise Ukulele brings a traditional mahogany top and back. Due to the construction of this popular wood, it becomes impeccable from durability to sound. Moreover, its copper finish holds its natural appearance.

The brand includes a sealed 18:1 gear tuning machine, which aids in tuning more precisely. Also, this tuning machine keeps the instrument in tune and prevents it from getting out of tune quickly.

This instrument has advanced strings like Carbon strings, keeping it in a lower action. One of the mentionable things is that the company offers a lifetime free string replacement.

This Kmise instrument provides a lot of extras, which is necessary for starting to play the ukulele. As a result, many select it as their favorite musical instrument, from professionals to learners.


  • Free online lessons
  • Available with the truss rod
  • Essential accessories included


  • Not better enough for an advanced player

3. Martin Smith UK-222-BK Soprano Ukulele

Martin Smith UK-222-BK Uke

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Nowadays, the ukulele has become the most popular musical instrument on the planet due to its small body and simple playing method. In truth, Martin Smith has launched this UK-222-BK with that thought in mind.

The Smith UK-222-BK characterizes an ergonomic-lightweight contoured body, perfect enough to confirm a comfy playing experience. It has a basswood body with Nylon strings.

Due to the use of Nylon strings, this instrument might need longer to settle. Consequently, you may require regular tuning, but it will deliver a milder playing feel. The tone that this combination creates makes it an ideal option for beginners.

This item uses a high gloss finish with black color, perfect enough to make it captivating for design lovers. For your benefit, Martin Smith supplies a proper-sized bag to defend it while not in use and lets you carry it with you wherever you move.


  • Best choice as a first ukulele
  • Attractive glossy finish
  • Better performance considering the low price


  • Looks like a plastic device

4. Diamond Head DU-150 Soprano Ukulele

Diamond Head DU-150

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Finding a quality soprano uke with a classic appearance and sound never becomes easy. Indeed, the DU-150 from Diamond Head blends all the correct properties in an excellent and affordable instrument.

The DU-150 looks like a prized and vintage collectible because it has a lovely dark mahogany stain in the semi-gloss. Further, the manufacturer uses resonant maple for the neck and body and dark-stained hardwood for the fingerboard and bridge.

The low and sleek nickel-silver frets of the Diamond uke confirm the lower and easy-to-play action. Besides, quality nylon strings give the actual and mellow sound of the Hawaiian Islands. It has the white ABS nut and saddle and contains pearl positioning dots on the fingerboard.

The guitar-style, nickel-plated tuning machines with white buttons make tuning easy for new learners. In addition to those properties, the brand incorporates a robust gig bag of black nylon, combining the Diamond Head logo.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Decent sound, although a low price


  • Complaint against being in tune

5. Official Kala Learn to Play Soprano Ukulele

Kala Ukulele Soprano Starter

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One of the most acknowledged and explored brands worldwide is the Kala ukulele, renowned for its high-quality musical instruments. Mostly, beginner-level musicians love to play the ukulele of this brand compared to other brands.

The Official Kala Learn becomes an excellent kit for those just beginning. On its mahogany top, you’ll find a traditional laser-etched rosette.

This model has a walnut fingerboard, GraphTech NuBone nut and saddle, and Aquila strings from Italy. Besides, the brand adds a satin finish to make it attractive.

The KALA-LTP-S provides a cheery and conventional sound, including a bit of a ring. Further, it contains a 13.625-inch scale and a 1.375-inch wide nut, too much standard for the soprano. The fingerboard holds 12 frets.

You’ll also get this ukulele under $100 with accessories like access to Kala’s ukulele app with tuner, a quick start booklet, and a handy tote bag.

Overall, we can say that it’s one of the best soprano ukuleles available, ideal for brand-new musicians on a tight budget.


  • Lovely for beginners
  • Impressive sound
  • A 20-page quick start guide


  • Not best for professionals

What Is A Soprano Ukulele?

The soprano ukulele is one of the smallest ukuleles in the ukulele family. It is a 21-inch instrument with four strings and has 12 to 15 frets. The G-C-E-A is the tuning method for the standard soprano.

Many smaller ukuleles are available on the market, producing a higher-pitched sound than a soprano, like a pocket ukulele (also known as a piccolo ukulele). However, companies do not mass manufacture these ukes for the music world as they are not perfect for performance.

So why choose the soprano ukulele?

While shopping for the ukulele, you’ll opt for the soprano size. But why would you do that? Check out the following factors to understand it:

  • This type is the most usual one and sounds traditional and classic.
  • It features a short scale and tight fret spacing with the smallest and lightest ukulele size.
  • Playing this instrument is possible for players of any skill level or experience. Also, it becomes ideal for newbies and those smaller hands and fingers.
  • Due to its size, it provides a brighter, softer tone and has less projection and resonance than larger sizes.

Tips to Choose The Best Soprano Ukulele

Among the baritone, tenor, and concert ukuleles, the first and smallest type is the soprano. It has been around since the creation of the ukulele.

Thus, they are similar to ukuleles with their smaller, portable size and properties compared to other ukuleles. Anyway, while exploring the best soprano uke, there are some things you can consider. They are:


The ukulele is usually available in three sizes, which impacts its sound quality.

First, figure 8-shaped ukuleles seem more like guitars and provide a focused and balanced melody.

Second, pineapple-shaped ukes give louder tones with their larger size.

And finally, banjo-shaped ukuleles generate the loudest sound with a banjo-like melody. However, most sopranos come in a figure-8 shape, but some are also pineapple-shaped.


The wood type changes the tone of the entire uke. So, you opt for one crafted from wood that aids you in delivering sound that can soothe your soul.

Mostly, manufacturers use Hawaiian Koa and mahogany to build ukes. Both have high-quality features. But the Koa uke generates a focused, pleasant mid-range melody. Mahogany, on the other hand, delivers an enriched mid-range tone. Besides, fingerboards and bridges usually come from rosewood to give a soft surface for your fingers.


If you want to amplify acoustic guitar sound, you require an external mic or device. Electrics, on the other hand, contain onboard electronics supporting plug-and-play for amplification. If you plan to grow your uke, the electric ones are enough.


When you think of shopping for a uke, the more you pay for it, the more you can buy a quality one. In another sense, newbies usually prefer the cheaper ones with accessories, but seasoned musicians concentrate on playability.


Q: Is A Soprano Ukulele Better For newbies?

A: Soprano ukuleles can be better for beginners or younger musicians as they don’t have as much tension on the strings as other ukuleles. In another sense, players don’t require much finger strength to press the strings on this instrument.

Further, the soprano is inexpensive compared to others. It is a fantastic starting instrument for new players on a tight budget or unsure of the longevity of their playing relationship with the ukulele.

Q: How Is The Sound Of A Soprano Ukulele?

Generally telling, the soprano produces a bright, shimmering, and enriched commonly found in Hawaiian music. But not all models and brands of soprano uke sound the same.

Using different types of wood to make it is the main reason. Due to using various wood, it impacts the tone and sound quality of the instrument.

Final Word

If you’ve been with us, you now know the things and features to find for buying the soprano. A wrong uke might affect your playing skills.

So pick the best soprano uke and get the satisfaction of playing most conventionally. Already, it is time to say goodbye.


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