Best Ukulele Under $300 in 2024: Guide to Buy

Best Ukulele Under $300

Exploring the best ukulele under $300 with high quality and melody is not straightforward. Plenty of well-built ukes in the $300 price range are available on the market, so making the right decision becomes sometimes troublesome.

Anyway, we did a study and tested almost all the popular ukuleles on the market in this price range. Consequently, you can compare their features, specs, highlights, and defects and opt for the perfect one. Similarly, we’ve sorted some fantastic instruments to incorporate into this buying guide. Any ukulele on this list is proper for beginners and professionals.

Now, let’s dive into some top-rated ukuleles that will aid you in getting to the next level.

Top 5 Best Ukulele Under $300

1. Luna High Tide Koa Concert Acoustic/Electric Ukulele


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The Luna’s premier ukulele product is this High Tide Koa. This beautiful Uke Series features a full moon to the first fret, with abalone wave fret markers below that can be raised on the fretboard in the moon direction.

This concert-sized ukulele contains a deep Koa body, ensuring stability and producing a full and rich sound. In contrast, this acoustic-electric ukulele has a mahogany neck rosewood bridge and a fretboard that affixes stability and clarity to your tone.

Plus, this nice uke inserts an open-style tuner and onboard preamp. Tuners aid in keeping the instrument in precise tune. On the contrary, the preamp provides amplification by dialing in quickly.

In addition, the brand furnishes this device with a satin finish. It consists of multi-ply maple and walnut binding, making it a captivating design. The item also includes a travel bag.


  • The exterior, made from tropical hardwood
  • Comfortable to play
  • Enchanting sound and melody
  • Unparalleled look


  • Not enough stuff

2. Enya EUC-M6 Cutaway Concert Ukulele


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We’ve found the finish of a concert uke that contains a glossy veneer or satin matte. A satin matte elicits a more natural expression of the wood. On the contrary, a shiny finish looks a little more rock and roll.

This EUC-M6 Cutaway Ukulele from the Enya is no exception. In reality, its smooth mahogany body and cutaway at the top take it an exceptional mini-guitar shape.

Further, if one explores more design elements, he might notice mother-of-pearl inlays along the fretboard. It features gold agate die-cast tuners, providing more stable tuning and ensuring the ukulele offers the best tone and is in tune for longer.

Also, Enya inserts high-quality strings to deliver sustained sound. These strings aid in avoiding strokes and making a full-bodied sound when playing the ukulele.

All in all, the EUC-M6 has built a legion of satisfied customers. Previous users have been happy with the beauty and performance of this device.


  • A rare glossy finish instrument
  • Unique mother-of-pearl inlay
  • Rich and charming tone
  • High-quality tuner


  • Too expensive for many

3. Cordoba 25T-CE Tenor Ukulele


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For the outstanding blend of design, tone, style, and value, Cordoba ukes have become well-known worldwide. Players desiring to spend more on new equipment may opt for the Cordoba 25T-CE for the affordable package with advanced hardware, construction, and sound.

Cordoba applies solid acacia wood to build the body, top, back, and sides. Also, it shapes a sleek cutaway on the top for effortless access to the upper frets.

In contrast, the gorgeous ebony and maple rope pattern turns it into a potent binding body. Plus, its natural satin finish attracts users more.

Additionally, this tenor incorporates nut, saddle, bone, and Aquila strings, making it appealing to musicians looking to shop for a pure instrument. Likewise, it uses Cordoba’s active pickup system with treble, volume, and bass controls.

This instrument is an automatic choice for novice and seasoned players due to its versatile nature, spacious sound, and attractive appearance.


  • Made of solid acacia wood
  • Pleasant tones and sounds
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Easy playability


  • No extras

4. Kala KA-ZCT-T Ziricote Tenor Ukulele


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Kala KA-ZCT-T comes with a nice Ziricote with a shiny finish. While it is a layered model, it offers a fantastic tone and excellent construction quality with an eye-catching design.

The Ziricote Series contains rich shades of dark chocolate brown, contrasting with the honey-blonde sapwood in the middle and sides. Kala covers the body with a high-shine finish to make all the details pop.

The KA-ZCT has a satin neck to make it a great choice. On the contrary, it’s adorned with closed-geared tuners, black knobs, and black Graphtech Nubone Nut and Saddle.

Further, the bundle includes a gig bag for protection, an easy-to-use clip-on tuner to keep your ukulele in tune, and an Austin Bazaar polishing cloth to put your new instrument in mint condition.

Apart from those, it offers an Austin market instructional DVD to pick up some tips for learning your new instrument.


  • Made of quality materials
  • Great value for money
  • Stunning performance
  • Free essentials


  • A bit expensive

5. FLEA Concert Ukulele

Best Uke under $300

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A different instrument on our list of the best ukuleles under $300 is The FLEA M40. An American-made model is this Flea Concert Ukulele that charms musicians with quality. Now, check out our review of this instrument below to know more.

The FLEA contains an almond-shaped body and a flat bottom that displays its exceptionality. Also, it inserts an injection-molded thermoplastic to construct its back and sides. Its laminated birch top is designed in various colors with transparent red or blue and a natural finish.

Moreover, this model features a molded body, solid maple neck, and polycarbonate fingerboard, ensuring precision, durability, and heft. While we’re speaking of it as an acoustic model, you won’t find any pickup. You might only get some variations with electronics.

Additionally, the M40 brings a set of Grover tuners with black plastic tuning keys that aid you in holding your tuning well. Apart from those things, it incorporates a set of good-quality Nyltech strings and a padded gig bag.


  • Clear and bright sound
  • Natural finish on birch soundboard
  • Polycarbonate fingerboard
  • Suitable for travel


  • Expensive for new students

Similar Best Ukulele Under $300 to consider more:

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Flight Electric Uke

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Cordoba 25C Concert Ukulele (04041)

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Things To Know Before Buying The Best Ukulele Under $300

It’s not easy to opt for the best ukulele under $300. But you will go through the process seamlessly when you have a concept of the proper information. Below are the essentials to confirm you have the correct device.

Materials for the body

The ukulele usually comprises wood. But plastic instruments are getable in the market. To manufacture a ukulele, makers use wood species like maple, cocobolo, rosewood, and walnut. Each wood type impacts the performance of any instrument.

Apart from wood, various materials like nylon, steel, plastic, and glue are applied. Plastic ukuleles remain lighter than wooden ones. Consequently, these don’t sustain long and ruin quickly. Steel ones become too durable but are troublesome to transport. Moreover, they are prone to being impacted by rust and corrosion.


You get four sizes of ukuleles.


Guitarists feel relaxed to play it. Its length usually remains between 51 cm and 53 cm.


These types might remain up to 43 cm in length with a G-C-E-A tune. Their basic range gets wider. So, playing it is a little easier for many.


The length remains about 38.5 cm. Its characteristics tend to be like a blend of soprano and tenor.


This type has been the most popular, including a length of about 35 cm. The G-C-E-A is its tuning method.

So which one is the suitable size for you? Honestly, each size becomes enjoyable. Usually, players with small hands love sopranos, and large-handed ones go for baritones. But you prefer the size based on your needs.


Compared to other stringed instruments, the ukulele is light. Holding and carrying it is too easy. In general, their weight remains:

  • Baritone: 24 to 28 ounces
  • Baritone: 24 to 28 ounces
  • Concert: 15 to 22 ounces
  • Soprano: 8 – 14 ounces

This difference in weight indicates that the lightest is the soprano and the heaviest is the baritone. In general, the weight changes depending on the materials used. Wooden ukuleles tend to be light and durable. In contrast, steel ones contain durable features but are cumbersome to carry. Again, plastic devices remain the lightest but tend to be breakable effortlessly.

Final Word: The Best Ukulele Under $300

When you” go for a ukulele for $300, ensure you are satisfied with the model you pick. Make a list of the chosen ones and narrow down the list to decide.

Finally, opt for an instrument from our list of the best ukuleles under $300 to raise your musical skills.

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