Best Ukulele Under $300 in 2023: Guide to Buy

Best Ukulele Under $300

It is not easy to find the best ukulele under $300 with high quality and tone. There are plenty of well-constructed ukes in the $300 price range. So, it becomes difficult for you to make the right decision.

However, we have done a study and reviewed almost all of the most popular ukuleles on the market in the $300 price range. As a result, you will be able to liken their features, specs, highlights, and flaws and choose the perfect one. Likewise, we have assorted some pretty ukes to include in this buying guide. Any ukulele on this list is suitable for beginner ukulele players and professionals.

Then, let’s take a look at some of the top-rated ukuleles that will help you get to the next level.

Top 6 Best Ukulele Under $300

1. Luna High Tide Koa Concert Acoustic/Electric Ukulele


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Luna High Tide Koa is the product of this brand’s premier ukulele. This beautiful Uke series creates inspiration from the full moon to the first fret, below which the fret markers of the abalone waves can be raised by lifting them over the fretboard toward the pull of the moon.

However, this concert-sized ukulele has a deep koa body that ensures its durability and produces a full and enriched sound. On the other hand, this Acoustic-Electric Ukulele features a mahogany neck rosewood bridge and a fretboard that adds stability and clarity to your tone.

Further, this beautiful Luna uke comes with open-style tuners and the onboard preamp. The tuners help to keep the instrument in precise tuning. Likewise, the preamp delivers amplification that can be quickly dialed.

Furthermore, this instrument is equipped with a satin finish. Besides, it comprises multi-ply maple and walnut binding that gives it an eye-catching design. Again, it also offers a travel bag.

Finally, if you desire to get the best ukulele under $300, you can pick it up.


  • Crafted from exotic tropical hardwoods
  • Comfortable to play
  • Charming sound and tone
  • Unique look


  • No adequate accessories included

2. Enya EUC-M6 Cutaway Concert Ukulele


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We find that the finish of a concert uke could be either a shiny veneer or satin matte. A satin matte brings a more natural expression to wood. On the other hand, a glossy finish shows a bit more rock and roll. And there is no exception in the case of the Enya EUC-M6 Cutaway Ukulele. Indeed, its sleek mahogany body and the Cutaway at the top of the uke give it a shape like a mini guitar that is exceptional.

Also, if anyone seeks more design components, he can look at the mother-of-pearl inlay along with the fretboard. It includes the Gold Agate Die-cast tuner that gives more stable tuning, makes sure the ukulele has the best Intonation, and keeps it the tune for longer times.

Further, Enya gives high-quality strings that deliver sustainable sound. These strings help to avoid strokes and allow for a full-bodied sound while playing ukulele songs.

Above all, the EUC-M6 has built a team of satisfied customers. The previous users were happy with the beauty and performance of this device. The makers say that both beginners and professionals can use this best ukulele for under $300. But, it is probably not worthy of kids.


  • A rare glossy finish instrument
  • Unique mother-of-pearl inlay
  • Enriched and charming tone
  • High-standard tuners


  • Quite expensive for many

3. Cordoba 25T-CE Tenor Ukulele


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Cordoba’s musical instruments are well-known around the world for their outstanding combination of design, tone, style, and price all over the world. Players who want to spend a bit more on new equipment can choose the Cordoba 25T-CE because it comes in an affordable package with advanced construction, hardware, and sound. Now let’s see why the 25T-CE is the best ukulele under 300 dollars.

Cordoba uses solid acacia wood to construct the body, top, back, and sides of this uke. Besides, it has a smooth cutaway on the top for easy access to the top frets. On the other hand, the stylish ebony and maple rope pattern gives it a sturdy binding body. The natural satin finish makes it more appealing to users.

Moreover, this tenor ukulele offers bone nut and saddle, and Aquila strings, creating an appeal to the musicians who want to shop for an authentic ukulele. Similarly, it includes Cordoba’s active pickup system with volume, treble, and bass controls.

Finally, this instrument has become an automatic choice for novice and experienced players for its versatile nature, appealing looks, and amplified sounds.


  • Made with stiff acacia wood
  • Pleasing tone and sound
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Easy playability


  • No extra accessories

4. Kala KA-ZCT-T Ziricote Tenor Ukulele


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The Kala KA-ZCT-T features a beautiful Ziricote with a gloss finish. Despite being a layered model, it gives a beautiful tone and has excellent build quality. You’ll be happy to get this device because it delivers real performance at a reasonable price. Besides, its design is also eye-catching.

However, the Ziricote Series has enriched shades of dark chocolate brown, contrasted with the middle section, and sides as well as the honey blonde sapwood. Kala has coated the body with a high gloss finish to pop all the details. The KA-ZCT includes a satin neck so that the players pick it as a great choice. On the other hand, it is equipped with black knobs, closed-geared tuners, and black Graphtech Nubone Nut and Saddle.

Moreover, the bundle offers a gig bag for safety, an easy-to-use clip-on tuner to keep your instrument in tune, and an Austin Bazaar polishing cloth to keep the new instrument in mint condition. In addition to these, it provides an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD to take some tips to learn your new instrument.

In short, Kala is a well-known brand and always produces quality products. So, you can add this best uke under $300 to your collection.


  • Crafted with quality materials
  • Great value for money
  • Stunning performance
  • Free necessary accessories


  • Somewhat expensive

5. Luna High Tide Koa Acoustic/Electric Soprano Ukulele


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This High Tide Koa is another instrument of Luna’s prime line in their ever-growing ukulele collection. So, we can hope that it is a quality instrument. It is an electro-acoustic that can be played and plugged in quickly and is worthy for both intermediate and advanced players. Let’s take a look at what is on offer.

This uke consists of a soprano-sized body that is built entirely with stiff koa (a native Hawaiian wood). Besides, it features a smooth satin finish, a fascinating walnut/maple binding, and an attractive abalone rosette as well. The Mahogany neck, Rosewood Bridge, and Fretboard will help you add permanence and obviousness to your tone.

Due to being an electro-acoustic instrument, it has a piezo pickup and preamp for simple amplification. You’ll see a set of open-gear tuners that feature small Pearloid buttons and deliver smooth action and good melody accuracy.

The sturdy koa uke offers a crisp, full, flickering tone that is what you desire from a soprano ukulele. The advanced and beginner players can sort this uke that comes in below $300 to improve their skills to go to the next level.


  • Standard construction and easy playability
  • Magnificent and well-considered design
  • Ample tone and decent sound
  • A gig bag included


  • Not enough extra accessories

6. FLEA Concert Ukulele

Best Uke under $300

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The FLEA M40 is a different instrument in our list of the best ukuleles under $300. This Flea Concert Ukulele is an American-made model that has had a profound effect on players with its quality. Now, let’s see a review on this uke below.

However, The FLEA has an almond-shaped body and a flat bottom that shows its exceptionality. It uses an injection-molded thermoplastic to make its back and sides, and the top is of laminated birch. This top has been designed in a variety of colors including transparent red or blue, as well as a natural finish.

Further, this model has a stiff maple neck, polycarbonated fingerboard, and a molded body that ensures its accuracy, durability, and elevation. Although we are reviewing it as an acoustic model, it has no pickup. You can only find some variations with electronics.

Moreover, the M40 comes with a set of Grover Tuners with black plastic tuning keys, which are stiff and help to hold your tuning well. In addition to these, it includes a set of good-quality Nyltech strings and a padded gig bag. You can select it as a different dimension in your collection.


  • Clear and bright sound
  • The natural finish on the birch soundboard
  • Polycarbonate fingerboard
  • Suitable for travel


  • Costly for the new learners

Things to know before buying the Best ukulele under $300

Picking the best ukulele under $300 is not an easy task. But, when you know the right information, be able to do the process seamlessly. The following factors are essential to ensure that you have the right instrument at hand.

Materials for the Body

The ukulele is mainly built of wood. But, plastic instruments are available in the market. Manufacturers make a ukulele using different species of wood, such as maple, cocobolo, rosewood, and walnut. Every type of wood has a profound impact on the durability of any instrument.

In addition to wood, various materials such as plastic, steel, nylon, and glue, are used. The ukuleles of plastic are milder than wood ones. As a result, they don’t last long and break down faster. The ukuleles of steel are very durable but become difficult to carry. Further, they are at risk of being affected by rust and corrosion.


You will get four sizes of ukuleles.


It is the most popular size, with a length of about 35 cm. It is usually tuned to G-C-E-A.


Its length is about 38.5 cm. Its properties are like a combination of soprano and tenor.


The length of these ukuleles can be up to 43 cm and have a G-C-E-A tune. Its base range is wide. So, it’s a bit easier for many to play.


Guitar players love it. Its length measures between 51cm and 53 cm.

So, what is the perfect size for you? Every size is enjoyable. Generally, small-hand players prefer sopranos, and big-hand players prefer baritones. But you choose what size is comfortable for you.


The ukulele is milder than other stringed instruments. It is easy enough to hold and carry. In general, their weights are:

  • Soprano: 8 – 14 ounces
  • Concert: 15 to 22 ounces
  • Tenor: 23 – 27 ounces
  • Baritone: 24 to 28 ounces

From this difference in weight, we understand that the soprano is the lightest, and the baritone is the heaviest. Usually, weights vary based on the use of materials. Wood ukuleles are mild and sustainable. On the other hand, Steel ukulets are very durable but difficult to carry. Again, Plastic instruments are the lightest but the most breakable.

The Final Word: Best Ukulele Under $300

Since you buy a ukulele for $300, be sure you are entirely pleased with the model you are going to choose. Make a list of the best ukulele under $300 and shorten the list to make a perfect decision. Otherwise, read reviews online or watch videos on YouTube.

In conclusion, pick your instrument from the list of the best ukulele under $300 that will help you develop your musical skills.

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