Best Ukulele Under $200 in 2024: Reviews

Best Ukulele Under $200

When you think of shopping for the best ukulele under $200, a superior instrument on the market will be in your hand. As prices rise, we require more perspicuity on entry-level instruments. As a result, we can play a variety of good-quality ukuleles.

Whether a newbie or a professional uke player, this 200-dollar range will provide a boastful instrument. To aid you in saving through every model in every online or physical store, we’ve listed a few of the most popular ukuleles on the market.

Of course, there is a wide range on the market, but below are some items to provide a better taste. Dive into lists to select your best one.

Top 5 Best Ukulele Under $200: Our Picks

1. Luna Tattoo Concert Ukulele Bundle

Ukulele under $200

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We talk about the Luna Concert Ukulele Bundle first. Indeed, we are charmed by its quality and craftsmanship, and you will likely be too. Their tattooed aesthetic sets the design apart from other models.

On one of these, we’ve preferred the features of concentric segmented triangles that zigzag into a fantastic pattern on the soundboard and the brand tattooing the triangle motif around the sound hole. The shark tooth model gets aptly named offset against a burnt orange all-mahogany body with a dark tattoo.

A simple rosewood fingerboard-compatible fret spacing is the highlight of the bundle. It contains an easy-to-use clip-on tuner that aids in keeping the instrument in tune. Plus, the satin natural finish gives it an attractive look.

Most importantly, a newbie may begin his musical journey with the essentials. In contrast, these extras include value in your purchase to save hassle.

Finally, the best concert ukuleles under $200 will affect your playing skills.


  • Hawaiian body adornment
  • Exceptional design
  • Charming tune
  • Necessary things immediately start the game


  • Complaint against strings

2. Epiphone Electro-Acoustic Concert Ukulele


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Are you seeking a guitar-shape ukulele? Well, the Epiphone Electric Concert Ukulele has now come on the market to meet your needs. Speaking of uniqueness, it may seem like a guitar, but it acts similar to a ukulele. It becomes a special package for those exploring to add a ukulele to their setup with some classic rock tendencies.

Undeniably, body construction is the first thing to consider for a ukulele. In this meaning, the Epiphone adds mahogany to build the body. It’s top-laminated AAA flame. In contrast, cherry or vintage sunburst finishes increase its look to other models.

This electric uke has a solid mahogany neck, including a 19-fret granadillo fretboard and a headstock. It also contains a piezo pickup. The granadillo fretboard working like rosewood is a fantastic feature of this model.

In short, due to its high-level construction, finish, and craftsmanship, the EULPVSNH3 is regarded as a lovely instrument.


  • Beautifully flawless finish
  • Perfect action
  • Quality tone and sound
  • A robust Epiphone gig bag


  • It’s too expensive for some.

3. Cordoba 20SM Soprano Ukulele


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This time, we are reviewing the soprano-size ukulele for the first time on the list. The 20SM Soprano, a handmade ukulele, is getable at a reasonable price. It’s the best buy for money guaranteed.

This item has already received many satisfactory ratings, so this Cordoba Uke is now a top-choice instrument among beginners.

With laminated mahogany back and sides, this Soprano Uke features a solid mahogany body. Also, it inserts a solid mahogany neck with a tapered C-profile to aid the instrument in playing comfortably.

Notably, optimizing vibration transfer becomes effortless for the mahogany neck. Also, it comes with a rosewood bridge and fingerboard with 16 frets.

It consists of herringbone creek wood on chrome tuners with pearl buttons, and these beautiful details will compel you to love it forever. This instrument offers a warm and hearting tone thanks to its mahogany construction.


  • Awesome sound and tone
  • Beautiful design and pleasing shape
  • Completely handmade
  • Ideal for beginners


  • No extras

4. Kala KA-B Mahogany Baritone Ukulele


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Whether your first foray into the ukulele world or a few years of experience, either way, you likely know about Kala because they bring the highest range of ukuleles to the market.

If you intend to have a ukulele with comfort and convenience, one of the best ukuleles under $200 is the Kala KA-B Mahogany Baritone Ukulele.

The KA-B features a mahogany body, including a satin finish and white binding. The mahogany neck with walnut fingerboard remains too soft and polished without sharp edges.

Plus, it adds quality geared tuners that aid you in getting in tune. This baritone delivers a highly pleasing, profound, mild tone with enormous projection.

Above all, it appears attractive and experiences excellent play. Generally, going wrong with the Kala brand is tough, and this affordable KA-B adds one more step to substantiate it.


  • Comfortable for someone with larger hands
  • Works well
  • Elegant look
  • keeps in tune


  • Too pricey for new players

5. Luna Tattoo Tenor Ukulele


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Luna has worldwide fame for its high-quality instruments and time-appropriate design. In the case of introducing this Tattoo Tenor, you will find no exception. The traditional Hawaiian uke design is one of the exceptions among them.

The brand uses geometric patterns and layouts. Also, the shapes and symbols illustrate the natural world. The mahogany top, back, sides, and neck give it a classy and sleek appearance.

Additionally, this uke brags about a clear, resonant sound for its tenor body and mahogany construction. The sleek satin finish features original designs and maintains the natural color and feel of the wood.

In addition, the 19-fret fingerboard consists of walnut topped with shark tooth inlays. Throughout the neck, the headstocks feature a graphite nut and chrome pearloid open-gear tuners.

In short, the UKE packs an attractive tone with a comfortable size at a reasonable price. It becomes perfect for entry-level and skilled players and those looking for tenor at this price.


  • Spacious strings for easy fingering
  • Captivating design
  • Elegant and solid tenor uke
  • Easily playable


  • Some complaints about the durability of strings

You can take a look at these items: Best Ukulele Under $200

Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Acoustic/Electric Uke

Luna Tattoo Concert Electric Ukulele

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Lanikai Concert Uke (FMC)

Lanikai Ukulele Concert (FMC)

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What To Expect From The Best Ukulele Under $200

Whatever the size you intend to play, we feel you should always attempt to finish with an ideal instrument.

Some cheaper devices might contain rough bumps or sticky spots. It doesn’t imply shopping for a ukulele under $200 will dispose of such shortcomings. But naturally, a $200 ukulele will come with good properties more than a $100 ukulele.

How To Choose The Best Ukulele Under $200


The ukulele is getable in four standard sizes – soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

You have to select the correct size based on the size of your hand and the instrument sound.

The soprano size creates plenty of sounds similar to a conventional ukulele, and it is difficult for players with larger hands to play due to their smaller size.

In contrast, baritones provide a lot of sound like guitars and feel comfortable enough to play for musicians with larger hands due to their large size.


Acoustic, bass, and acoustic-electric are the three main types of ukulele. Choosing the right one relies on your musical taste and the kind of music you want to play. So, there’s no question of what is right or wrong. But keep that in mind when you pick up your first ukulele.

Type of wood

The type of wood impacts the sound and durability of the instrument. Due to a reasonable price, most ukuleles consist of Mahogany wood as it offers a high-quality sound with lightweight, durability, and affordability. However, solid wood ukuleles feature better than laminated ones.


The action refers to the effort to squeeze the string and form the chord. If it’s too high, you’re applying a lot of energy.

In contrast, annoying buzzings might be heard when the action becomes too low.

Luckily, most makers aim for a middle ground. If you feel unsatisfied out of the box, you need to adjust the action. It is crucial but should not violate the contract.

Final Note: Best Ukulele Under $200

Ultimately, opting for the ukulele under $200 is no easy task. But there are many options to decide based on what you require.

We’ve featured models in the best reviews on Amazon, and countless musicians use them daily. So, select a ukulele from the list.
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