Top 20 Ukulele Music Blogs You Need to Tune

Are you searching for ukulele music blogs? Whether you want to learn how to play the ukulele, or want to improve ukulele playing skills from a beginner to an advanced uke player, look for ukulele-related information or ukulele music lovers, you can fulfill your desire from the below ukulele blogs of music. Now, start to read and discover your interest.

ukulele music blogs

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Popular Ukulele Music Blogs for uke lovers

1. Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle




Indie Shuffle is a ukulele music blog where you can get all things related to ukuleles.  You will get new bands to listen to, Apps for Android and iPhone as well as find music to encourage your own playing. You can also submit your music if you want.

2. Ukulele Underground

Ukulele Underground




Ukulele Underground was founded in 2007 to help ukulele lovers who want to learn to play the ukulele. There are a lot of lessons to learn to play the ukulele. Ukulele Underground is the best site for ukulele learners.

3. Live Ukulele

Live Ukulele




Brad Bordessa, the founder of Live Ukulele, teaches how to play the ukulele. Anybody can get chord books, ukulele tabs, lessons, and ebooks from the site. A ukulele lover or learner can visit the site to collect more information.

4. Ukulele Hunt

Ukulele Hunt




Are you looking for a site to learn to play the ukulele? Ukulele Hunt is a suitable site for you. There are a lot of ukulele lessons, reviews, and ebooks on this site. Ukulele Hunt also updates their site with new posts.

5. Ukelele Go

Ukulele Go




Ukulele Go is a perfect place for ukulele lovers who are looking for a complete set of lessons for beginners. Ukulele tabs, lessons, ebooks, and blank songs can be collected here.

6. Ukulele Tricks

Ukulele Tricks




Ukulele Tricks is a site that assists you to be an ideal ukulele player. You can get several ukulele books, courses, and lessons that can help you to learn to play the ukulele.

7. Ukulology





Are you searching for a site to learn to play the ukulele? Ukulology is the right place for you. Beginner and mixed-level ukulele players can easily learn to play the ukulele. Easy ukulele songs can be found here. You can also buy their coursebook.

8. Uke School

Uke School   



Uke School is one of the oldest ukulele learning online sites. A lot of lessons can be found on this site for beginner and advanced ukulele players. All lessons are categorized systematically.

9. Learning Ukulele

Learning Ukulele




Learning Ukulele is a massive collection for ukulele lovers. A lot of free ukulele lessons can be found here. This site provides a wealth of information so that one can easily be a ukulele player and broaden his ukulele skills.

10. Start Ukulele

Star Ukulele




Start Ukulele is a perfect website for all-level ukulele players. Ukulele books and songs can be found here. This site has 30 Days ukulele program which helps to learn to play the ukulele very fast.

11. Play Ukulele By Ear

Play ukulele by Ear




Do you want to learn how to play the ukulele or improve your ukulele playing skills? Certainly, you can visit the Play Ukulele By Ear. The links to ukulele Audio, video, workshops, basic lessons, and featured articles can be found here.

12. Ukulele Scales

ukulele scales 



Ukulele Scales are a rare library of ukulele scales/modes. Any ukulele lover can get easily any ukulele scale. There are a lot of lessons on the site. Visit the site and know more.

13. Ukulele Mike

Ukulele Mike




Yes, Ukulele Mike is the best ukulele music blog if anybody searches for an online ukulele learning site. Ukulele Mike teaches ukulele playing using Skype. Thousands of people follow Ukulele Mike through his YouTube instructional videos. If any ukulele lover visits the site, he can get a wealth of information about the ukulele.

14. Uke4U

Uke 4 u




Uke4U is very helpful among ukulele lovers. Those who want to learn to play the ukulele can visit the site because there are popular ukulele songs, video tutorials, and smartphone applications on the site.

15. Ukeeku

Ukeeku is a blog where you can get sound samples of different ukuleles, links to ukulele-related events, and much more. If you can shop for stickers and cases, this is the site where you can visit.

16. Ukulele 4 Kids





Ukulele 4 Kids is a site for kids who want to learn to play the ukulele. There are a lot of songs and videos on the site. You can visit their Facebook and YouTube channels as well.

17. Ukeonomics





Ukeonomics is a blog that is full of ukulele-related things. You can find blank ukulele tabs and chord charts, tips, beginner information, how-to articles, tools, interviews, reviews, etc. You can collect your necessary information by visiting their site.

18. Bryan Holley

Bryan Holley




Bryan Holley is an expert ukulele teacher for beginners of all ages. His ukulele lessons and song charts assist anybody in being a skilled ukulele player. If anyone learns to play the ukulele, he can visit Bryan Holley’s site.

19. Flea Plucker




If you want to learn to play the ukulele using Skype, look for links to festivals and events and find ukulele-friendly places to visit, you can visit the Flea Plucker site. This blog provides tips for ukulele players. It also offers soprano uke lessons.

20. Doctor Uke

Doctor Ukulele      



Doctor Uke is a great source of ukulele information for beginner and intermediate ukulele players. There are songs, lyrics page, theory page, and medley page on the site.  You can know more about visiting the site.

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