The Fm Ukulele Chord: How to Play It

Fm Ukulele Chord

The Fm Ukulele Chord!
One of the vital parts of learning the ukulele is mastering all the varied chords you have the capability of playing on the instrument. It’s significant to understand clearly the melody of a song, whether you wish to strum a melody line or a backing part.

While mastering to play the uke, major and minor chords consist of most of the chords that you’ll deal with. One of the numerous minor chords is the Fm chord, usually utilized to create a sense of excitement, darkness, or sadness in a piece of music.

This lesson talks about the Fm ukulele chord, to make this chord, with several different approaches to playing the chord, and it also presents a list of a few popular ukulele songs featuring the Fm chord.

The Basics of the Fm Ukulele Chord

All minor uke chords consist of the concerned minor triad. The triad means a chord composed of three notes, and a minor triad is made up of a root note, a minor 3rd, and the perfect 5th. This mix of Notes consisting of the chord offers minor chords their sorrowful, melancholy sound.

Sure, you’ll find more of something in the chord except for just trios. With different voicings, you can strum a chord any number of ways. A few voicings will only reiterate chord trios lower or higher in the register of an instrument, but others remove or add notes from the chord entirely.

The fundamental F minor chord consists of F, C, and Ab. As stated above, different chord voices will contain separate notes.

Learning different voicings of the same chord is an excellent way to be capable of highlighting particular characteristics of a given chord or allowing a specific interval to enter forward more than it would while playing as part of a natural chord shape.

How to Play the Fm Chord on Ukulele

Fm chord on ukulele

Another challenging form to learn is the Fm ukulele chord for some new players. It can clearly seem to be awkward compared to several of the simple voices out there. Yet, it’s really a matter of endurance and practice to become accustomed to playing the chords.

With your 1st finger, you fret the G string at the 1st fret, the A string at the 3rd fret with your 4th finger, and the E string at the 1st fret with your 2nd finger. Keep the C string open and play as natural.

Keeping your fingers clear is one of the biggest challenges with this particular chord shape as soon as you open the C string. Avoiding brushing the C string accidentally with your fingers on one of the surrounding strings can be arduous, so stay careful about it.

If you fail to keep your fingers clear of the C string, you’ll probably suffocate while you attempt to play the note.

If playing this chord becomes like a struggle for you, attempt to retain the fingers of your fretting hand fairly straight and as relaxed as possible. It’ll aid in keeping them clear of the fretboard and that open C string.

Else, the most prime affair you may make to nail this Fm chord shape is to practice strumming it as plenty you can.

Fm Chord Closed Variation

Fm Chord Closed Variation

We prefer this chord for its robust, full sound. With your 3rd and 4th fingers, respectively, you fret the G and C strings at the fifth fret to perform this voicing. Again, with your 2nd finger, you have to fret the E string at the 4th fret, and also, you need to fret the A string at the 3rd fret with your 1st finger.

Fm Chord Barre Version

Fm Chord Closed Variation

This Fm ukulele chord variation is one type of barre chord. Barre chords could be troublesome to nail because these put the depressed arm under considerable stress. If you crave to play this shape, you fret the G string at the 5th fret with your 1st finger. After that, you need to fret the C, E, and A strings at the 8th fret with your 4th finger.

If you feel like you’re struggling with this shape, all you may do is only practice as long as the style seems to be effortless and natural.

Songs that Use the Fm Chord

Adele – Someone Like You: Of all time, it’s likely one of the best-familiar breakup songs and a display of Adele’s incredible vocals. There’s no wonder that Someone Like You uses such heavy minor chords.

Beyoncé – Halo: Beyoncé’s poignant ode to the strength and purity of love uses the Fm chord to considerable effect.

Blur – Song 2: With its almost instrumental chorus, Blur’s iconic hit substantiates that you don’t require tricky lyrics to seize public attention.


In the question of mastering the Fm chord on the ukulele, remember practice will make your learning perfect. The more time you pay to play this chord, the more straightforward it’ll become for you to bear in mind accurate finger placement and teach your ear to be acquainted with the sounds of this multipurpose chord.

If you might have the capability of strumming the Fm chord with comfort once, you will wish to master even more ukulele chords. So, visit our Training and Guide page.

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