The C7 Ukulele Chord: Learn How to Play

C7 Ukulele Chord

The C7 Ukulele Chord!
If you’re a newcomer to the ukulele, struggling around the chords at this point might become a possible problem for you. How do they play a vital role in the ukulele, and what are they?

Chords become the basis of the music played by us. Sometimes, you’ll listen to them noted as the melody of a song. Indeed, they inform us what notes we may utilize in a provided piece of music.

It’s the 7th chord, only one kind of chord. It’s simple to identify them, and we applaud for the distinct sound. One of the most frequently heard chords in Western popular music is the C7 chord, just like the C chord. It’s essentially a must-learning for any player new to the ukulele. Luckily, we’ve presented this guide to help you.

The Fundamental Knowledge

It will be sensible to mention how the chord is structured before looking at how to play the C7 ukulele chord. The 7th chords consist of the main trio with an influential 7th added. A major trio is the basis of any major chord and is made of a root note, major 3rd, and perfect 5th.

An influential or flat 7th chord with other notes in the chord that delivers 7th chords their interesting, somewhat fuzzy sound. It happens due to the spacing between Notes. In the music theory context, spacing means the number of semitones between two notes.

Materially, the spacing on the 7th chord generates the dissonance and tension for which these chords are so famous. It might not necessarily create so affirmative sound at first blush, but intentionally incorporating moments of inconsistency or tension into your music is an excellent way to make sweet moments sweeter by reverse.

The C7 chord remains the C, E, G, and Bb notes.

How to Play the Ukulele C7 Chord

C7 Chord on Ukulele

As told earlier, the C7 chord ubiquity makes mastering it immediately or next essentially inevitable for anyone interested in learning the ukulele.

Luckily, it may also become the simplest chord to ring on the uke. If you want to play the standard voicing of the C7 chord, you have to fret the A string on the 1st fret with your 1st finger. Besides, play to leave all other Strings open.

The Version of C7 Chord Barre

C7 Chord Barred Version

If you can master that 1st voicing of the C7 chord once, you might want to attempt anything a little more challenging. Remembering it is vital that while playing chords with open strings, you can keep less control over the overall sound in comparison with your fretting all the notes.

The notes of fretting allow you a more forthright role in chord timbre. Also, you may play with other instruments like vibrato when you fret.

This voice is called a barre chord, found difficult to learn for some beginners as they press the fretting hand. Anyway, mastering this particular form does not need a lot of stretching and ought to become moderately fast for most new players.

If you wish to play this voicing, with your 1st finger only fret the 4th string of the 3rd fret. After that, with your 2nd finger, play the C string at the 4th fret.

If your puzzling hand gets tired playing this shape, ensure you put tension to a minimum. Attempt consciously to keep your hands as comfortable as possible while fretting, and you break up frequently.

Open Variation – The C7 Chord

Open Variation Chord

We’ve covered this voicing of the C7 chord because it has an open, striking quality. It is also simple to play. Keep the G and C strings open, with your 2nd finger, fret the A string at the 7th fret, and the E string at the 6th fret with your 1st finger.

While playing this chord, confirm that you have kept your 1st finger entirely clear of the C string. If the side of your finger touches the open string, it’ll close up the note and resist it from coming.

Songs that Use the C7 Chord

Hank Williams – Hey Good Lookin’:This lovely country song by Hank Williams utilizes the C7 chord in an excellent way, so very typical of the country from this epoch. It is a fantastic instance of the common country song composing devices from the period.

The Supremes – Baby Love: Baby Love clever utilization of the C7 chord aids in giving the harmony a feel of speed and diversity without being over lofty or irresistible.

Eric Carmen – All by Myself: This stimulating tune by Eric Carmen utilizes the C7 chord for excitement to unbelievable effect.


For your fundamental ukulele wisdom, it’s essential to master the C7 chord. So, continue your attempt to learn how to play it and use your time to practice it regularly. The more you keep on your practice session, the simpler your C7 chord play will become.

Just after mastering the C7 ukulele chord, you will be interested in learning more chords. So, visit the following lessons.

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