How to Play the B7 Ukulele Chord

B7 Chord on Ukulele

What is required to master the B7 ukulele chord? Paul McCartney and George Harrison, a pair of young musicians, quested across their hometown, Liverpool.

As McCartney said that the E and A chord was familiar, but the B7 chord was entirely unknown to us. This portion was absent or lost.

However, your search to strum the B7 learning will not become so challenging. Below we’ll cover everything you require to learn how to master and play this necessary chord.


The Basics of the B7 Chord on Ukulele

Our most used chords within the music remain major or minor. These are made depending on major and minor triunity that remain groups of three notes strummed together. The 7th or influential 7th chords are another major groups of chords. 7th chords get added to the major chords to blend an extra, flat 7th.

If you want to create a 7th chord, you need to add a flat or influential 7th to th3 major triunity. The major scale is typically made of a major 7th, but this note gets flattened by a semi note, and you can achieve an influential 7th, and it’s the note that delivers the 7th chords their distinctive sound.

In Western music, one of the extensively used 7th chords is the B7 chord, which comes from B, D#, F#, and A notes. Different voicings of the B7 chord will also be added to other Notes or likely omit one of the notes mentioned above.

How to Play the B7 Ukulele Chord

An influential seventh is the B7. It begins with three notes, D#, B, and F#, from the B major scale. After that, it affixes a minor 7th, in this field, the A note.

Many approaches apply to playing the B7 chord. But the most common one we’re mentioning is here.

  • You put your 1st finger on the 2nd fret of the E string. It creates an F#.
  • Place your 2nd finger on the 3rd fret of the C string for the sake of a D#.
  • The 3rd finger moves on the 4th fret of the G string, and it’s a B.
  • The open string is A. So, you don’t need any touch on the frets.

How to Play the B7 on the Baritone Ukulele

You can strum this chord effortlessly if you own a baritone ukulele. The same notes follow. But, the finger positions remain different because the tuning method is the D-G-B-E for the baritone uke.

  • The 1st finger runs on the 1st fret of the D string. It’s the D note.
  • Put your 2nd finger on the 2nd fret of the G string for the A.
  • Place your 3rd finger on the second fret of the E string. There’s your F#.
  • The B string remains open.

B7 Ukulele Chord

Make Accurate Sound

Producing a buzzing noise becomes very bad when trying to learn a new chord. Utilize these straightforward tricks for the B7 that come true.

Place the fingertips on the fretboard but not on your finger pads. Put your fingertips on the side of the fret but not on top. It produces a clear sound and needs the lowest pressure.

Crook your knuckles so that the fingers can’t strike the other strings. Grasp your ukulele with the thumb behind the neck, but it’s not the side. It imparts your hands and fingers the space as much as they require to continue all of the above.

Play slowly with one finger or your thumb to strum one string at once. Hear for evident notes. If anything does not create sound properly, revisit your trick, adjust and attempt again.

Even a slight alteration in hand position, knuckle, and frets might create all the difference.

Songs that Use the B7 Chord

Now, it’s time to practice songs on your ukulele. So, below, we mentioned some popular songs that use the B7. These will help you how to utilize this chord in songs. Let’s take a look:

  • “Eddie Cochran” ā€“ “Summertime Blues”: “Summertime Blues”, a rock ā€˜nā€™ roll classic, uses the B7 chord usual to the epoch.
  • “The Blues Brothers” – “Sweet Home Chicago”: you play “Sweet Home Chicago” on your instrument if you intend to see the excellent display of the B7 chord.
  • “The Beatles” ā€“ “I Want to Hold your Hand”: This bitter-sweet amour song with an intimation of gloom utilizes the B7 to build a sense of tension and set free as it goes along.


It is the chord where you need to work hard to learn to play the chords. But rightly, everything becomes simple in practice. Once you master the B7 ukulele chord, this chord will open you up to the world of jazz, blues, pop, and rock.

Therefore, continue your practice slowly and steadily to enter the advanced music world. Hopefully, this lesson will be helpful meet your demand.

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