G Ukulele Chord: How To Play It With 3 Easy Variations

G Ukulele Chord

Among almost all genres of music, one of the most common ukulele chords is undoubtedly the G chord. It’s commonly familiar as a G major. In truth, in starting your ukulele’s journey, mastering how to play the G major chord on your instrument is a primary step.

Here are three different methods to play this chord by utilizing your middle finger, index finger, and ring finger. Although the ukulele, an instrument in the guitar family, is nothing like it to play this G major chord.

In this article, you’ll find approaches to playing the G chord in entirely different positions on the ukulele. Also, we’ll present several fun songs, showing you how to exert this essential chord.

Ways to Play the G Ukulele Chord

This G chord on the ukulele consists of three notes: B, D, and G.

Moreover, you will learn this chord mentioned as the G major chord to differentiate it from G minor, G7, and so on. Within the G major scale, the G chord relies on the notes. It utilizes the basic note G, the third B major, and the perfect fifth D.

Within a variety of musical instruments and genres, the G chord is frequently found. Further, you will notice it within C and D, A and D, and ample other ukulele chord progressions. Indeed, too multipurpose, in a just widespread range of positions on your ukulele, mastering this chord is entirely essential.

It’ll aid you in building a robust base of G chord data. Now, we are about to see three separate approaches you can become capable of playing this chord on your instrument. Besides, you can learn how to place your finger correctly.

In addition, we’ll present a few fundamental songs you can strum by mastering completely. By pressing three strings across the fretboard, one of the first is this ukulele chord you ought to learn. Let’s dive into it.

G Open Position: G Chord on Ukulele

You won’t require any particular fingering technique to play this G chord. The position of fret pressing remains closer to that of ukulele tuners, where most fundamental chords are available.

Start with the index finger on the 2nd fret of the C string to play an open G chord on the ukulele. Next, put your mid-finger on the 2nd fret of the C string. Finally, you place your ring finger on the 3rd fret of the E string, just like the following:

  • Index finger: Put the 2nd fret of the C string
  • Mid-finger: Place the 2nd fret of the A string
  • Ring finger: Put the 3rd fret of the E string

No G string is required to play this chord, so keep it as it has remained. However, without pressure on any fret, we’re strumming the G string. If it becomes straightforward for you, you may make a “barre” chord for the last three strings and squeeze the ring finger or E string to structure the chord.

G Chord on Ukulele

G Chord Variations for the Ukulele

There’re cases when playing the G chord in a different place on the neck of your ukulele might make sense. For instance, if the chord before the G remains on the 7th fret, you might want to place it in that area.

Further, if you play with another participant, playing entirely different shapes of identical chords might be better to add depth to the sound. After learning the basic chords mentioned above, attempt the G chord variations below.

These chords are the G chords similar to the initial, just in a different location. Any chord will probably be beautiful if the music calls forth the G chord. The 1st two below are similar, but the bar chord is the 3rd. Consequently, your 3rd finger is strumming all the notes on the 7th fret.

G Chord Variations

Famous and Popular Songs That Use the G Chord

Now, you have understood ways to play G chords on the ukulele. The simplest method to practice is to study such songs, embracing this G chord. Countless Songs contain this widely used chord, and these are likely portions of some of your favorite melodies.

With the G chord, we have chosen several songs, helping you begin to practice attaching this chord to your collection.

If playing the G, C, and D chords makes sense to you, you have gained what it needs to play along with “You’re My Sunshine.”

This cheerful, sweet song is suitable for opulent fundamental chord practice. Furthermore, it includes a simple yet usable strum style to train your strumming hand a little.

For those who’re searching for extra fashionable music to strum alongside, take a look at Vance Joy’s alt-folk hit “Riptide”.

This melody includes G, C, A minor, and F. Further, it contains an amusing substitute strumming pattern. Another simple chord progression is the four chords of this melody, so acquiring this melody will aid you in unlocking numerous different melodies.

Final Note

Hopefully, this lesson will be helpful. Many songs use the G chord, so you long to master it. Understanding the approach to playing this chord in entirely varied areas of the ukulele will also become effective.

If you are learning this ukulele chord first, we recommend studying the C and F chords later. That’s because we’ve noticed that when you master one of these ukulele chords, you’ll become capable of playing any modern song!

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