Bm Ukulele Chord: How to Learn it

Bm Ukulele Chord

The language of music consists of major chords and minor chords. Minor chords contain unique “feelings” to them. Music teachers in the music class teach us that the Major chords create a “happy” sound and the minor chords create a “sad” sound. Today we talk about the Bm ukulele chord (another name is the B minor).

Whatever the chord of feeling, we must ensure that we have mastered a wide variety of them to get the liberty of playing different songs and widening our horizons. It’s a requisite chord that many songs contain and remember that you have to master how to play it!

In this B minor ukulele chord lesson, we’ll show the most common way of playing this minor chord on the ukulele with the growing inconvenience. Also, put the tune at the end of the lesson for a song you’ll be capable of playing with this chord.

The Bm Chord: How to Play It

The B minor is likely a little difficult chord. For this, we need a barre chord for us to play. A barre chord means a chord playing on a string instrument where several strings at a time are performed by one finger and are formed a “bar.”

Although it may seem intimidating, and it is while beginners may dread playing barre chords, you can probably learn it with a bit of practice. However, the good news is that barre chords are running shapes, which means when you have got the best approach to playing them, it is about to open up the fretboard for you and let you play any minor ukulele possible. Memorize the key notes of the G string anywhere on the neck. the neck.

Root Position: The B Minor Chord

To indicate the best approach to playing B minor chords on the ukulele, we are about to break down each press and neck place and share some uke chord charts. Essentially, the uke chord chart visually identifies the 4-strings on the fretboard of your ukulele:

  • A = The 1st string (and highest-tone string)
  • E = The 2nd string
  • C = The 3rd string (lowest tone)
  • G = The 4th string

Unlike the guitar, where the strings remain in descending order, the third string is necessarily the lowest-toned on a uke.

You’ll extra try to find out numbers and different symbols on these charts to show you place to place every finger to play the Bm chord correctly.

  • Utilize your Index finger to squeeze C, E, and A on the second fret.
  • Utilize your ring finger to squeeze the G-string on the fourth fret.

B Minor Chord Root Position

If you feel trouble pressing the 3-strings with the index finger and pressing the G on the 4th fret, it may become better for you to attempt to barre all the strings on the 2nd fret.

Place your hand a little higher on the fretboard, which implies that the fourth fretting G will come closer to you for pressing. However, look for the simple approach to playing it and never tire or twist your hand.

2nd Inversion: The Bm Ukulele Chord

Well, it’s an arduous task, but it’s the 2nd opposite. Indeed, we might not avoid it. Trust us that you’ll become suitable for going on stage if you learn this version of the Bm chord.

For this diversification of this chord, you need to utilize all four of your fingers and squeeze three different frets on the neck of your uke. To perform it, you require to take the following steps::

  • To press the A string on the fifth fret, utilize your Index finger.
  • Utilize your middle finger to press the C string on the sixth fret.
  • To press the G string on the seventh fret, utilize your ring finger.
  • To press the E string on the seventh fret, utilize your pinky finger.

B Minor Chord 2nd Inversion

We admit it’s a hand breaker, but it’s what it is. Move forward and continue practicing this version of the B minor chord if you can arrange more time. The reason is that it’ll require a lot of energy if you stay in the early stages of learning this instrument, in particular.

3rd Inversion: B Minor Chord on Ukulele

This task may become a simple one, yet it does not also come as the most straightforward one out there. Even though it may seem easier than the prior one, it comes somewhat rugged compared to squeezing the root of this minor chord.

You’ll be capable of observing below how to accomplish this variation of the B minor chord:

  • For pressing the C and A strings on the second fret, utilize your Index finger.
  • For pressing the G string on the fourth fret, utilize your ring finger.
  • And for pressing the A string on the fifth fret, utilize your pinky finger.

Bm Ukulele Chord 3rd Inversion

As all the other variations of this chord can also appear difficult enough, sticking with just these three variations will be better for us. We think it’s safe enough to know at least 3-versions of this Bm chord when switching from chord to chord.

Popular Songs that use the Bm Chord on Ukulele

Arguably, the most iconic song of the Eagles is Hotel California. This hit track remained a Billboard chart-topper. US citizens bought over 16 million copies of this song. This tune won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 1978.

In 1998, the Eagles were instated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “Hotel California” together on stage was performed by all seven former and current group members.


Again hopefully, we’ve presented another fantastic lesson for this complicated ukulele chord. Assembling the notes B, D, and F# will be capable of producing this minor uke chord sound that will strum us as long as we become sick.

We’ve mentioned several tips about it and one of the most popular songs to strum on it. It’s our hope that you master how to play it perfectly.

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