Em Ukulele Chord: Learn to Play

Em Ukulele Chord

The Em Ukulele Chord!
Having a sense of contrast or balance in your composition is one of the keys to writing great music. We all don’t relish minor chord sounds by ourselves because these are bad and oft dark.

Anyway, it’s very crucial to include minor chords in the music to make the Major chords and milder elements of the music brighten.

If you begin on the ukulele right now and wish to master playing one of the most basic minor chords in Western music, you can’t actually want to make a mistake without learning the E minor.

It’s being utilized in numerous music and, applaud to the role of the low E string in the guitar, also contains a particular role in bulky genres such as punk and metal.

Players extensively use the E minor chord on the ukulele in other genres such as jazz, folk, and rock. So, it becomes an excellent beginning point for players wishing to habituate themselves with minor chords on the ukulele.

This lesson speaks about the formation of the E minor chord, outlining several voicings you might intend to attempt and popular songs featuring the Em chord.

Fundamentals of the E minor Ukulele Chord

Chords go on depending on major or minor triads. A triad refers to a troupe of three tones or notes: a root note, a 3rd, and a correct fifth.

The 3rd will become a major third if the bestowed triad is a major triad. Again, it’ll become a minor 3rd if it’s a minor triad. Other, more complicated chords offer their foundation to other notes apart from the trio.

The notes structuring the E minor trio are B, E, and G. G is the minor 3rd in the E minor triad, and it’s the note giving the chord its joyless, sorrowful sound. Altering this note to any other entirely alters the whole chord nature.

How to Play the Em chord on Ukulele

Em Chord on Ukulele

Besides being a vital portion of many songs, playing the E minor ukulele chord becomes fairly simple. It is a matter of why we inspire newbies to master chords first while beginning with the ukulele.

To perform the standard voicing of E minor, you need to fret the 4th fret of the C string with your 3rd finger, and also, you have to the 2nd fret of the A string with your 1st finger. Keep the other strings open.

Although it’s a fairly straightforward chord to perform, getting used to keeping the non-fretting fingers clear of the fretboard might become a little tricky for some ukulele beginners when it is strummed. Ensure to remember the shape of your fretting hand at all times.

Barre Shape – Variation #2

Em Uke Chord Barre Shape

It’s another effortless approach to playing an Em chord on the ukulele. Holding for extended periods might be challenging for some barre chords, but these shouldn’t pose too much of a problem for you.

All you have to cause is fret the C, E, and A strings with your 1st finger on the 7th fret. Keep the G string open.

Barre chords become helpful as we can transfer them around the fretboard for playing various chords without having to alter their shape.

They hold a deeper and more powerful sound as they entirely forsake the use of open strings. For this, mastering them becomes a crucial portion of learning to play many string instruments.

High Voicing – Variation #3

High Voicing

If you crave to offset several dark or deep qualities, this voicing type becomes an excellent choice that the Em uke chord usually has.

You require to fret the G string at the twelfth fret with your 3rd finger, the A string at the tenth fret with your 1st finger, and the C string at the eleventh fret with your 2nd finger.

You can enjoy an entirely different sound from the instrument by playing the neck of your ukulele so high even though you’re strumming the same chord. We inspire you to test with different voicings, and you notice which one you prefer most.

Songs that Use E minor

You’ll find plenty-range of ukulele-friendly tunes featuring the Em chord. Following are a few of the songs we have for you:

The White Strips – Seven Nation Army: It’s likely one of the most famous riffs. Seven Nation Army runs depending entirely on the chord of Em.

Tears for Fears – Mad World: Tears for Fears’ contemplative classic Mad World contains a distinguished, depressed feature, being in debt much to the Em chord.

Simon and Garfunkel – Scarborough Fair: This mystical melody by Simon and Garfunkel features a true folk classic. The legendary melody and intimate harmony shared by Simon and Garfunkel go on the Em chord.


Learning the varied approaches to playing the E minor chord on the ukulele needs more practice. In truth, the more you strum, the faster your fingers remember the accurate positioning.

If you learn the Em chord by heart once, you can go on to other chords, such as the E7 and D7 ukulele chords.

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