Best 6 String Ukulele Reviews in 2024: Buying Guide

Best 6 String Ukulele

Six-string ukulele – As you can tell by the name – traditional ukuleles contain four strings, but these are made up of six strings. If you are a newbie or seasoned player and are willing to enjoy a loud sound, you can opt for the best 6-string ukulele.

But before shopping for one, you need to think of the product features. Therefore, we’ve presented some of those ukulele types to aid you in making the correct decision.

Top 4 Best 6 String Ukuleles

1. Oscar Schmidt OU26T-A-U Ukulele


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The Oscar Schmidt OU26T-A-U is available at an affordable price. So all-level players, particularly newbies, pick it as their instrument. Yet, the ukulele itself features ultimately pretty basic.

Its top, back, and sides are made of mahogany wood, which provides a rich tone and sound. Plus, it is a satin-colored ukulele, making it an eye-catching instrument.

While the Oscar Schmidt Uke is affordable, this astonishing uke welcomes you to the ukulele-playing idea. The brand places ebony material to make the fretboard with the steel string.

This model holds a hardtail bridge like a guitar bridge system. Its weight is 1 pound, and the product dimensions remain 24 x 2.75 x 8 inches, making it easily portable.

New or experienced players can opt for it to improve their music career. Plus, its low price will aid you in adding value to your purchase.


  • Mahogany body
  • Rich and sweet tone
  • attractive appearance
  • Affordable


  • Low-quality string

2. Kala 6-String Tenor Ukulele

6 string ukulele

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Kala has introduced this 6-string ukulele as the tenor. It’s a simple, classic design and reasonably priced ukulele, making it an outstanding appeal to players who expect a combination of quality and value.

The KA-6 contains a mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard, and bridge. It features a traditional white binding on the top and back, pronunciation of the rich satin mahogany finish that turns it into a stunning look. Plus, it inserts 19 silver nickel frets with Aquila Super Nylgut strings.

The Kala Mahogany Series uke produces a full-bodied melody with lots of mellow lows and sweet highs, combining for a full, rich sound. It incorporates chrome die-cast tuners that aid the uke in staying in tune.

Top of all, playing this instrument is very amusing. If you intend to spend to buy a ukulele, you can take it to get an actual purchase price.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Many traditional features
  • Bright, crisp sound with fantastic playability
  • Cheap price


  • No gig bag

3. Luna Tattoo 6-String Baritone Ukulele


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Luna has a reputation for producing quality musical instruments at affordable prices. You’ll see no exception in this 6-string Baritone Ukulele from Luna. It’s a lovely instrument, like a mini-classical guitar, and suitable for traveling.

The crucial thing you’ll find is that it features tattoos, getting its name from the design concept. It appears to be a unique-looking device as Luna inserts various patterns to tattoo its body.

The body comes from mahogany wood. Plus, it keeps Chrome hardware to ensure its longevity with a spruce top and a rosewood fingerboard. Moreover, this instrument has stylized shark teeth as fret markers.

The Luna UKE TAT 6 delivers a clear, rich, and resonant sound at a relatively cheap cost. If you take this Luna model, you’ll relish your music activity.


  • Impressive design
  • Excellent travel ukulele
  • Great building structure
  • Low price


  • Moisture sensitive

4. Eddy Finn EF-G6 Tenor 6 String Ukulele


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The Eddy Finn EF-G6 6-String Tenor Ukulele features high quality found at a reasonable price. The basswood uke provides a particular feel from the typical mahogany construction and creates a unique look.

The top, back, and sides of this six-string ukulele bring basswood. The Eddy Finn includes a vintage matte mahogany finish to produce an astonishing amount of resonance and volume. The unorthodox shape of the soundhole gives a new dimension to its distinctive look.

The neck frets bring nickel-silver construction to guarantee their durability and longevity. Plus, it adds pre-installed Aquila strings. The EF-G6 uses an open-geared tuner to stay in tune.

Note that the initial setup might become for left-handed uke players. So, right-handed players may need to set it up properly. Additionally, those wishing to travel with the device can opt for it as this model features lightweight.


  • Made with durable materials
  • Great resonance and a sweet tone
  • A lightweight device for travelers
  • Less expensive


  • No accessories

You can also see this 6-string Guitalele

Yamaha GL Series GL1 TBS Guitalele

Yamaha GL1 TBS

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Things To Consider While Buying The Best 6 String Ukulele

Playing the 6-string ukulele can be relatively easy for seasoned string instrument players. The fact is that it transcribes the general numbers of a stringed instrument.

But before shopping for the best 6-string ukulele, there are certain things you should consider. You have to do it so you won’t repent it later. Plus, you have no intention of wasting your time and money buying a product that might or might not perform for you.

Skill and knowledge level

If you’re new to learning the standard 4-string ukulele, you should avoid the 6-string ukulele. You might get frustrated, confused, or both if you’re not at least an intermediate level with conventional ukuleles and go to a six-string ukulele!

Do you know about the basics of tuning? Are you comfortable plucking and strumming with a 4-string ukulele? Have you already memorized the essential chords of the 4-string ukulele? You first reach a proficiency level with a 4-string ukulele before transitioning to a six-string ukulele.


Generally, a six-string ukulele is a bit more cumbersome to learn to play than a four-string ukulele. So care with the fretboard, chords, and tuning to maximize the full potential of learning the ukulele.

However, if you learn to play it and are comfortable playing it once, your effort will get rewarded.

Sound Range

A six-string uke means more playability, and if you play them right, you’ll relish a full-range sound. Indeed, the extra strings aid in adding more depth and layers to the sound.

However, if you hope for a more basic tone, 4-string ukuleles will be a good choice. Moreover, if you want to add more flavor to your tunes, 6-string ukuleles might become a great alternative to add to your musical journey.

Guitalele vs. 6 String Ukulele

Many ponder that 6-string ukuleles and Guitaleles are equal. Both contain six strings and have the same size and shape. But the actual distinction is the two get tuned differently.

Guitaleles get tuned the A-D-G-C-E-A. In contrast, the G-C-C-E-A-A is the 6-string ukulele standard tuning.


A few options are available in the ukulele size. But, their play method remains almost the same. Concert-sized ukuleles generally sound a bit richer than smaller sopranos.

However, their strategy remains the same. Shopping for a performance-sized ukulele needs a lot of money. Generally, most newbies start with a soprano. If you have no desire to perform, size won’t matter much.


Players might utilize an amplifier for the ukulele. It is another consideration that can be necessary for performers. However, you have to invest some extra money to purchase an amplifier.


It is worth noting a ukulele is an instrument that does not need a lot of money to purchase. You can get a high-quality ukulele for under $100 if you wish. In the world of instruments, this is a bit rare.

For a seasoned player, you may consider investing more money in the purchase. For a beginner, you can think of spending on a moderate budget. But, the good news is that there is something for shoppers of every budget.


If you opt for the correct product, you will notice the best 6-string ukulele sounds better than a 4-string ukulele. While the manufacturing process is equal, no device is flawless.

That is why there are some defects that users may identify after purchasing these items. But do not refrain from buying the product for this reason.

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