Best 5 String Ukulele Reviews in 2023

Best 5 String Ukulele

When people are asked about a ukulele, they will say it has four strings. They are right because those are the most common types of ukulele. There are also 5-string ukuleles, which are slightly different from the regular 4-string version. Today we’re going to discuss the best 5 string ukulele.

However, there are several good ukulele brand products on the market. Choosing the right one from there can sometimes be a bit daunting. So here are some of the best 5-string ukuleles to help you. Read carefully and choose the one for yourself.

Our Top Pick:

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AKLOT 5 String Tenor Ukulele

Best 5 String Ukuleles
  • Unique designed Mahogany
    constructed instrument
  • An installed truss rod with
    a rounded edge for ease
  • High performance with perfect action
  • Authentic and tuneful sound
  • Available at a reasonable price

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Top 6 Best 5-String Ukuleles Reviews

1. AKLOT 5 String Tenor Ukulele


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You’re looking for a musical instrument to raise your ukulele learning to a more advanced level. For this, you have decided to take the best 5 String ukulele. To help you, AKLOT has brought this version to the market.

This AKLOT 5 String ukulele consists of an extra low-G string compared to a traditional uke. As a result, it becomes richer and fuller to sound.

The excess benefit is that you can change it into a 4-string ukulele by hanging it on the side of the nut & saddle. It means if you buy one, you will get the benefit of two ukuleles.

This 26-inch instrument contains a solid soundboard of mahogany that produces a sustainable and pure, warmer tone and ensures tight construction. It uses advanced 18:1 Tuning Pegs that help the uke to stay in tune well. Besides, it prevents from being ‘out of tune’ rapidly.

This model comes with an installed truss rod with the original Allen wrench to adapt your action however you want. Also, the brand has created round-shaped edges to ensure your ease.


  • A modern version with a unique design
  • Stiff body structure
  • Exceptional sound and tone
  • Best value for the purchase


  • Some sharp frets

2. Kmise 5 String Ukulele

Best 5 String Uke

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We have compiled another item that will charm you with its quality and unique shape. It is an instrument from Kmise. If you want to welcome the new arrival, it can take you as your partner.

Kmise has designed it with an extra low-G string as a 5th string. This feature generates more replete and enriched sound while strumming. The mahogany build guarantees its durability.

This Tenor Uke Kit includes a higher gear tuning machine of copper-made, solid, and less impacted by rust. You can tune it more precisely by using this 18:1 gear. Moreover, it keeps the uke in a better melody ensuring that it doesn’t tune off too quickly.

This model comprises superior Aquila Strings to give it an accurate intonation. It utilizes the original Allen wrench so that you can adjust the action according to your habit.

Above all, this package adds a bag, a strap, one set of Strings, and five picks to the uke to make it affordable for you.


  • Walnut fingerboard and mahogany neck
  • Possible to turn it into 4-string
  • Reasonable price
  • Accessories included


  • Objection about staying in tune
    for a long

3. Lanikai MA-5T 5-String Ukulele


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This time, we are presenting another instrument from Lanikai, renowned for manufacturing quality products. This Lanikai 5 String Ukulele is consistent enough to meet the demand of players who have intentions to improve their skills from 4-string to 5-string.

Many think about the durability of any product before buying it, naturally. Don’t worry. The MA-5T has used Mahogany to make its top, back & sides which is enough to strengthen its sustainability. It holds a contrasting cream-colored ABS binding outline, promoting the overall look and adding extra bump safety.

The sound is the more surprising thing of this Lanikai uke that becomes much more profound and volume. The Low G tuning combined with a high G string produces an enriched dense sound, turning into a complement of a brighter and higher String.

Lanikai finishes the package with their somewhat wider neck to ensure comfort, installed chrome strap buttons, including a 5mm gig bag alongside a limited lifetime warranty. Everything has turned the MA-5T into an all-around demanding standard.


  • Outstanding structure and design
  • Cozy to play
  • Harmonious sound and tone
  • Good performance


  • A bit pricey

4. Kala KA-ATP-CTG 5-String Tenor Ukulele


There is nothing to say about the product quality of Kala newly. The Kala ukulele brand is the first choice of many buyers in the case of choosing any musical instrument, let alone. The reason is that Kala always manufactures products keeping in mind the buyer’s needs, undoubtedly.

Kala has brought to the market a 5-String ukulele, the best in quality in this line. It contains a top of Solid Cedar that acts well to generate strong projection and a deep tone. Moreover, its acacia back increases its longevity.

Also, this Kala 5 String Ukulele utilizes a striking red Padauk binding around the Cedar top to make it visually captivating. Its upscale slotted headstock is designed with a beautifully carved Kala logo with vintage-style open tuners.

The other features are a rosewood fingerboard and a bridge with 18 Frets, an abalone rosette. Its Gloss Finish has given it an unrivaled appearance. All in all, it features a soft, lush tone that inspires players to play it.


  • Stunning craftsmanship
  • Stylish look
  • A tender, lush sound and tone
  • Strong projection


  • No accessories

5. Ohana TK35G-5 5-String Tenor Ukulele


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Ohana is not as well-known as the other brands on our list, though. But it becomes different in the case of this product. Indeed, the Ohana 5 String Ukulele has properties that have enabled it to compete with well-known brands.

Once you see it, it seems ready to play, which proves its craftsmanship. The body made of all hard mahogany ensures its durability, just as its melodious melody will captivate you. Its gloss finish complements the tune alongside the true beauty of the ukulele.

The lower and upper G-strings stand side-by-side and 1-octave separate, delivering an extraordinary sound, yet like a ukulele sound.

Also, this Ohana Uke offers Grover Geared Tuners that allow the instrument to stay in tune consistently.

Furthermore, the Headstock Plate and Body Binding have given it a new shape, making it a completely different model. Maybe new, yet we’re sure you won’t be fooled if you put it in your collection.


  • All solid mahogany
  • A detailed premium adjustment
  • More mellow and fuller tone
  • Dexterous craftsmanship


  • No necessary accessories included

6. Oscar Schmidt OU100K Ukulele


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We have enlisted another ukulele from a reputed brand. It is the Oscar Schmidt OU100K 5 String Tenor Ukulele. A particularly interested person in Hawaiian music can receive it as their musical instrument. According to the product description, it delivers a pure Hawaiian sound.

The OU100K consists of beautiful Hawaiian Koa, famous for permanence and providing harmonious sound and melody. Also, it comprises a satin finish with a beautiful abalone rosette and binding, enough to make it eye-catching.

The neck holds stunning pearl dot inlays with a beautiful rosewood bridge. You will get a Fishman active EQ with a w/built-in tuner, letting you hear pure tones regardless of location. Moreover, its Gold Grover tuners confirm tuning stability all the time.

The nut and saddle crafted from synthetic bone sustain its durability. This 5 String ukulele with a low G string enables it to produce a Hawaiian sound and tone. In addition to those, this Hawaiian Koa Ukulele features a wider fretboard that gives it extra comfort while playing.


  • Hawaiian Koa constructed body
  • An Active EQ with a built-in tuner
  • The loud but mellow sound
  • Hardshell case added


  • Some reviewers say that
    the strings are higher

5-String ukulele tuning

The 5-string ukulele has come in the form of a modern metamorphosis. In reality, it provides both G-string options. It means that you can tune it using a low-G AND a high-g in a doubled course.

The high-g typically remains at the top. Therefore, everything comes together: gG C E A.
The thing a lot of people don’t perceive about the 5-string is that high-G and low-G are combined in one course. So, it is not similar to independent high-G and low-G options. Separately plucking each string is very tough.

Final note

We’ve consolidated some of the best 5-string ukuleles for sale. You study the whole article carefully. Then, sort out the perfect one that goes with your skills and affordability.

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