31 Best Ukulele Love Songs in 2021 With Chords

Ukulele Love Songs

Are you searching for the best ukulele love songs to play with your mate and attempting to be inspired? Perhaps, you have come to the right spot. In this article, we have included some popular romantic ukulele songs with chords to aid in your romance. Let’s dive into it!

1. “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

Chords in this song: G, Em, C, D

In our lists, “Perfect” is one of the most viewed songs. You will find a good reason while hearing it. So to say, this song gets thoroughly perfect to choose the best love ukulele songs.

If you understand the G, Em, C, and D chords, you will not fall into trouble. Indeed, skilled players play the chords in various orders in different parts of the song. But if you can master the structure once, you should not stay away from this song.

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2. “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars

Chords in this song: Bb, Dm, F

It may be opposite to our thinking that no matter how handsome or beautiful every human being looks, sometimes he realizes self-consciousness.

It is one of the reasons why Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” is so successful. In concise, it says that you don’t have to dress up to look your best – you are just as beautiful as you look.

It is simple enough to learn for players who just are going to get started playing the ukulele love songs.

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3. “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston

Chords in this song: A, Am, Abm, B, D, Dm, E, Gb, Gbm

This startling proclamation of unconditional love may begin with Dolly Parton. But the ultimate version of Whitney Houston’s that most of us keep in mind. Honestly, one would not remain except the other, and both are surprising.

This song will work well on top of the reason you chose it. But remember that you have to show your voice skills.

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4. “Yellow” by Coldplay

Chords in this song: Am, C, F, G, Gm

Coldplay’s “Yellow” can become nothing more than romantic with songs. Even Chris Martin, a leading performer, mentioned that the “Yellow” energy made the song inspired.

With a slow and mild rock melody, the song might be a little pleasing and emotional. But this song is something that can make you fun.

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5. “Crazy” by Aerosmith

Chords in this song: A, Bm, D, Dm, Dbm, E, G, Gbm

One of the perfect melodies to set the mood is “Crazy” by Aerosmith.

Sure, the voice of Steven Tyler is often emulated, seldom transcribed. If you make a plan to vocalize, you may require to explore a way for yourself with it.

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6. “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt

Chords in this song: C, G, Am, F

Get rid of emotionally singing pictures on a wet, shirtless James Blunt camera if those pictures do not assist you in learning to sing.

Well, I confess that this song is not my selected one. But it is simple enough to learn with just four chords. Also, you can impact your vital other with it.

So, why don’t you affix it to your assortment?

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7. “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith

Chords in this song: A, Bm, Bb, C, D, Dm, E, Em, F, G

The 70s rock band Aerosmith was popular and fruitful for decades. They gave us another chart-topper, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” in the late 1990s. Based on your taste, the song might be either a blessing or damnation.

Songwriter Diane Warren reportedly mentioned that if Aerosmith did not claim it as their own, it could be tough to say whether the song reached the top or not.

You will find several chord changes in this song. So, continue rehearsing it and keep trying!

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8. “Truly Madly Deeply” by Savage Garden

Chords in this song: C, G, F

Maybe after the release of their eponymous 1997 album, the popularity of the Australian pop Savage Garden began to wane. Still, we can’t say that this song is a surprising occurrence to be a hit. All in all, this release has created four chart-topping singles with “Truly Madly Deeply.”

Since its release, the song has fascinated teenage girls everywhere. Also, the song is a romantic major to this day.

For playing it, you need just three chords.

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9. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley

Chords in this song: A, Bm, B7, Db7, D, Em, Gbm, G

You must include this song in the list of the best classic ukulele love songs of the time. Multiple authors wrote this song, and the tune used was a classical French love song.

Of course, several ukulele chords have been used in this song. Maybe, you may have to learn those chords. Honestly, those chords make it so beautiful. If you fall into trouble adjusting to this change, first take time and gear up your speed.

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10. “All My Life” by K-Ci & Jojo

Chords in this song: Dm, C, G, Am, F, Em

The lively working power of K-Ci and JoJo of “All My Life,” in his time, was a tendency to cross genre-based loyalty.

Of course, it remained delightful and probably a little more on the top. But it does have a beautiful melody and a hook that will push you hard to get it out of your mind.

It is a suitable song for practice.

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11. “You’re Still The One” by Shania Twain

Chords in this song: D, G, A, Em

“You’re Still The One” is the Grammy Award-winning song. Canadian singer Shania Twain co-wrote and recorded the song. The singer gained some solid crossover success for this tune.

Twain’s most recognizable is “You’re Still The One” although it has never gone at the top. If you look for easy ones to learn ukulele love songs, you cannot cut out this song from the list.

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12. “I Just Called To Say I Love You” by Stevie Wonder

Chords in this song: A, Am, Ab, Bm, Bbm, C, D, Dm, Dm7, Db, F, G, Gb

Do you want to call someone?

Today, we can remain connected to anyone through chat, texts, emails, and more. We do not call by phone like before.

But we all feel surprised if it comes from someone who cares for us.

Stevie Wonder, with its musical instruments, appears to evoke pictures of sitting there, wearing all the clothes and not going anywhere. However hey, this song gained a lot of popularity. So, there is a happy thing that interprets well into the ukulele.

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13. “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton

Chords in this song: C, D, Em, G, G7

In guitar circles, Eric Clapton is reckoned as a Lord. But this mild and excellent song become easy enough to play even for starter players at home.

If you want to deal with the lyrics, it might become a different tale. However, it is not out of reach for mere mortals.

Of course, your partner will praise your choice for a night.

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14. “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison

Chords in this song: C, D, D7, Em, G

“Brown Eyed Girl” is the song that shows respect to young hormone-flowing love. It is another fantastic melody for all ukulelists to hold.

The chords do not become too challenging. So, you could go away with strumming through the full lyrics. Overall, it is not difficult to play.

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15. “Something” by The Beatles

Chords in this song: F, Eb, C, Cmaj7, C7, D7, G, Am, A, F#m, D

The Beatles had a lot of romantic songs. But, “Something” is pretty different compared to them. In this song, we see the narrator poetical, expressing both the excitement, the fear, and the weakness that often goes with love.

The song format does not become awkward. It is excellent to learn, just like most Beatles songs.

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16. “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer

Chords in this song: m, C, C7, Cmaj7, Dm, Em, F, G

“Kiss Me” comes as a necessity in the late ’90s, reflecting the words of that time. Its provocative and poetic lyrics and overflowing ballads mood make it innocent and romantic.

Its chord changes will become vital learning for all ukulele players because they remind a bit of the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” by Frankie Valli.

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17. “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers

Chords in this song: Am, C, C7, Em, Eb, F, Fm, G

With its impeccable vocal performance and never-to-be-forgotten tune, this song attained the title “Unchained Melody.”

This romantic ballad has kept potent rhythmic importance on two and four. Therefore, remember it while playing.

The chords ought not to bother you too much!

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18. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye

Chords in this song: Bm, E, G, A, Bm7, F#7, B6, A#7, Cm, D#, A#, Cm7, Dm7, G#

If you have never heard “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye, first, listen to the song.

Probably, love can seem to be tough. Continuing a relationship might become a challenge. But if the person is correct, it is the most valuable.

If you plan to do something for your partner, I am sure that this selection is appreciated by your partner.

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19. “Your Song” by Elton John

Chords in this song: A, Asus4, Bm, D, Dsus4, Em, G, G6, Gmaj7, Gb, Gbm

Elton John, a rare genius, cherished the notion of many generations. That being said, one of his most romantic songs is “Your Song.” Is there any person who has a different opinion about it?

It is a creation of Elton. So, you can’t hope that it would be straightforward, whether lyrically or musically.

If you want to show love to your partner, it may be an option for appeasement.

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20. “Keep On Loving You” by REO Speedwagon

Chords in this song: F, G, Am, C

In “Keep On Loving You,” I have always noticed vocal delivery a bit odd. That being said, there are some impeccable arrangements in the song for it, so it is probably the equal for the course. The chorus is the best part to me.

If you look for a love song of the 1980s, it is a simple love song on the ukulele to play and sing for your partner.

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21. “Earth Angel” by The Penguins

Chords in this song: Am, C, D, Em, G

I think of The Penguins’ “Earth Angel” and get surprised. Yet at a school dance in the 50s, protagonist Marty McFly finishes playing guitar in the movie Back to the Future.

One of the most suitable songs is “Earth Angel” for a slow romantic dance. Its simple feature makes it so.

Five chords require to play it. It will not be much pressure for you.

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22. “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie & Diana Ross

Chords in this song: C, F, G, B, Am, Em, Em7, Dm7, E, Am7, F7, F#

From Happy Gilmore, one of the best comedy films of all time, you would keep in mind this melody – strangely. It is stated, opposite to some of the songs on this list, “Endless Love” goes beyond whatever media it remains.

Women almost always get crazy for a bit Lionel Richie. So, hey people, to spend some happy moments with your partner, “Endless Love” can be an automatic liking to include in your collections.

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23. “I Love You Always Forever” by Donna Lewis

Chords in this song: C, Em, Am, F, G

Fascinated by Welsh singer Donna Lewis’ gentle voice and poem “I Love You Always Forever,” it was a prime song on easy-to-listen radio from the mid-90s to the end.

To fix the mood, it is not a worse melody at all. It becomes tough to opt for the best ukulele love songs without this song.

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24. “You’re The Inspiration” by Chicago

Chords in this song: C, G, Am, Am/G, F, A#, E, D, A, B, G#m7, Dsus4, Gsus4, D/G, F#, C

Chicago linked itself firmly with the contemporary genre of adulthood in the ’80s, Led by Pete Setter, and with memorable ballads like “You’re the Inspiration.”

It might be for good or ill, based on asking the opinion of persons. Honestly, “You’re the Inspiration” has given birth to many imitators worldwide because of the undeniable impact of the song.

For all romantic persons, it is a must song.

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25. “Baby, I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton

Chords in this song: G, D, Em, C, F7, Bm, E7, Am, D7

In the mid-70s, one of the most romantic songs is “Baby, I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton. In truth, a big deal happened at that time.

The chord change in this song occurs a little unexpectedly. However, most of them happen in an excellent method. So, it can seem to be a bit jazzy.

In addition to the lead guitar, my most liked portion stays likely the harmonies in the chorus.

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26. “My Girl” by The Temptations

Chords in this song: A, A7, C, D, Dm, Em, F, G, G7, Gbm7

This attractive and notable Motown hit brings the trademark walking guitar riff.

“My Girl” is the song about how that particular someone remembers you, and the talented vocal group The Temptations skillfully serves. This glorious musical layout is seldom noticed in today’s pop music.

Sure, you can see the reflection in the chords. Indeed, it is not so complex as your thought. The modulation that occurs after the song is the main reason for the necessity of so many chords.

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27. “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

Chords in this song: A, Bm, D, E, G

This song has made immortal in the 1989 film Say Anything. A nice rhythm for all ukulele players to tap is offered by the world music vibe.

You will find an excellent build in the chorus in this song. Try to extract those dynamics on your ukulele for getting full impact.

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28. “God Only Knows” by Beach Boys

Chords in this song: A, B, B7, Bm, Bm7, C, D, Dbm, E, E7, Em6, Ebm7, F, G, Gbm

It may sound strange, yet the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows” can’t be thought of being as an ordinary pop. Selecting it for ukulele love songs means you have done the right thing for yourself. I do not conceive this news arrives as a surprise.

If you cannot remain alone without your partner, you will not find any better alternative for doing so.

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29. “Baby Love” by The Supremes

Chords in this song: C, C7, Am, Dm, F, G

On Baby Love, the vocal performance of Supremes solely remained tidy. Their bobs got impossibly tall even though it is the portion of what makes them a cultural event.

The song is about one-sided love, where at least, a love that was great at one time and is now passing through some trouble.

The bouncy beat and pleasant cord progress of this song keep you with a positive feeling.

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30. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli

Chords in this song: C, Cmaj7, C7, F, Fm, D, Dm, A, Dm7, G, Am7

Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” usually remains to stand on the horns. That means you may anticipate that the song will be tough enough to play on the uke. The well-suited chord progression to the instrument is the truth, and it is entirely worthy of learning.

If you desire to share your particular love feeling with your companion, of course, you can keep this song on your choice list.

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31. “When A Man Loves A Woman” by Percy Sledge

Chords in this song: C, G, Am, F, G7, C7, D7

6/8 times in slow dance classics, Percy Sledge did a never-to-be-forgotten and passioned performance.

For better or worse (some would mention sick, of course), the song is eternalized by a random-haired and ear-piercing Michael Bolton. But if you consider it as a good song, you can never recriminate it for insulting women.

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Final Thoughts about the Best Ukulele Love Songs

Now, there are some best ukulele love songs above to pick for your partner. So, make fun of a lot and spend some moments with your sole partner with joy.

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