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ukulele clubs and societiesUkulele Clubs And Societies

People these days mostly come to you with a favour to ask or to remind you to finish your work before the deadline. In this robotic world with overflowing stress and work, you need an occasional escape to a peaceful place. A place where people do not push you around or ask for favours and you have nothing to do but have fun. If you have just bought a ukulele and do not know how to play it, ukulele clubs and societies would be a great place to plan your escape to.

Again, if you know how to play but are tired of playing alone at home without anyone to give feedback, it’s still a great place to meet people who are busy enjoying the same thing.

So, have you decided to join a ukulele club? Let us introduce you to some of the best ukulele clubs and societies in the world and the features they possess.

Best Ukulele Clubs And Societies In The World

After thar, here is a list of 29 best ukulele clubs and societies reviews.

1. Survivor Girl Ukulele Band

If music can bring people together, it can change lives as well. Apparently, this ukulele band lead by Laurie Kallevig is the living proof of it. The noble purpose of this group is to visit Southeast Asia every year and show love by sharing music with the survivor girls from human trafficking. In fact, hundreds of girls are being taken to India from poorer countries with the hope of finding a nice rich family to work in but later being prisoned and raped in brothels. Laurie could not sleep in peace knowing this. So, to give these unfortunate girls the love they never got, she formed this band.

She even taught a few children to play and they have already done shows. So, this is a band that gives people hope that there is more good than bad in this world. And, you can even donate to help them or join the crew yourself!

2.The Allegheny Ukulele Kollective

Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA

It’s a waste to only meet and greet people of your community to get your work done. Therefore, this ukulele band steps forward to encourage people to engage in community activities. And, with the help of ukuleles, of course! It is a club that rose from the ground.

In the beginning, it used to jam in any place possible. Now, slowly expanding, they even jam at local schools and nursing homes. So, with the power of the ukulele and the great souls playing it, they spread love to everyone in the community with or without someone to love them. They also have a consistent schedule and available songbooks on their website.

3.Gay and Lesbian Ukulele Band

Canberra, Australia

This is a small club that speaks loudly of gender rights and equality from Canberra. Apparently, the members of this club call themselves GLUBsters. And, they welcome anyone with a peaceful soul to join them in finding more peace. In case you consider yourself weird and feel uncomfortable in gatherings, you can stop worrying. Because this club has the most comfortable people to spend some time with, without getting any judgmental glances. Just be yourself and share your love for the ukulele. It is actually a great place to make friends and get over your social anxiety.


Aldershot, UK

If you fear commitment and daily engagement, here is a club you can enjoy yourself in. Apparently, this club form England has no membership fees or regular members. Moreover, it invites no one but welcomes everyone. So, you can just go to The Lion Brewery in Surrey whenever you feel like it and jam with them. However, it’s not only the ukulele they play, they play every genre of music and have a gala time.

5.Wirral Ukulele Club

New Brighton, UK

If your intention of joining the club is not just jamming and enjoying but also developing skills, this club from the UK is a great choice. In fact, the main focus of the founder Clive Byron is to encourage and help the pupils play the ukulele better. So, with the proper scheduled guidance and the right people to practice with, you will become a ukulele maestro in no time at all!

There are numerous other best ukulele clubs in world excelling at what they do. Each of them with a purpose of their own. Some offer frequent events and big programs, others strive to fulfill a mission. Whatever their purpose, you will find one that has the same as yours. Moreover, whichever the club, the warmth that the ukulele spreads will remain the same.

6. San Jose Ukulele Club

San Jose, USA

If you want to collect the ukulele songbook, the San Jose Ukulele Club is the best choice for you. This California-based ukulele club proposes all who play or want to learn to play the ukulele. The club holds their meet-ups every second and fourth Tuesday. It has the meeting room from 5 until 9 pm. The club offers a free half-hour beginner lesson which starts at 6:30 pm. The main meeting begins at 7:00 pm and finishes at 9:00 pm with a 15-minute break at 8:00. The songbooks of San Jose Ukulele Club are available on their website and written easily for beginner to professional ukulele players.

7. Worcester Ukulele Club

Worcester, UK

The Worcester Ukulele Club started its journey in 2010 with six members. At present, the number of members is over 100 on the club’s mailing list. The club is directed by an annually elected committee. The members of this club meet every Monday. The club welcomes all the new and old ukulele players. The club arranges around 70 gigs each year. The money which is collected from the gigs goes to charity. The club publishes the updated news on its Facebook page. For download, there are many songbooks on the club’s website which is arranged alphabetically.

8. Bloomington Ukulele Club

Bloomington, Indiana, USA

The Bloomington Ukulele Club is a group of people where the group members come to enjoy playing the ukulele and singing some songs. This club welcomes all skill level ukulele players. The members of this club usually meet the first and third Sunday of the month. If you look for music files and videos, you can visit this club’s website.

9. Kolohe Ukulele Club

Southern California, USA

The Kolohe Ukulele Club is a Southern California based ukulele club which was formed in 2000. This club is comprised of beginners, intermediate, advanced players and performers. The club members practice twice a month. They perform several times a year. The He Mele Aloha, a Hawaiian songbook, is very popular among the club members. This group is the best choice for those who want to get in touch of Hawaiian art form.

10. Morecambe Ukulele Club

Morecambe, UK

The Morecambe Ukulele Club is a Morecambe based ukulele club which was formed in April 2008. This club welcomes everyone to join in the strum with the regulars every Saturday morning. The members of this club meet every Sunday morning.  They play regular gigs around the Morecambe and Lancaster area. If you wish to join the gigs, you can do. This club has four songbooks which can be collected from the club’s website.

11. Berkeley Ukulele Club

California, USA

The Berkeley Ukulele Club is a California based ukulele group which learns how to play the ukulele and grow as ukulele players. The club welcomes everyone if anybody does not have a ukulele or has never played the ukulele. The meetings of this club are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The club uses songs from many sources, including Berkeley Ukulele Club songbook. There are a lot of songs on the club’s website for downloading. Anybody can download the songs easily visiting the website.

12. High Desert Sand Fleas Ukulele Club

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

The ukulele lovers who feel unrelaxed to play the ukulele around their house can come to the High Desert Sand Fleas Ukulele Club. To solve this problem playing the ukulele at home, the High Desert Sand Fleas Ukulele Club was formed by Michael Ve’seart in March of 2008. This club welcomes all levels of players. The members of this club assemble on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Many songbooks are found on the club’s website.

13. RIT Ukulele Club

If you want to learn to play the ukulele, the RIT Ukulele Club will teach you how to play the ukulele. This club was formed in 2012 by some ukulele lovers. During the year, the members of this club can be found playing ukulele around campus. They also participate in other social activities together. They meet on Friday from 7 to 9 pm in the reading room. This club always invites new members and other musical groups to network with them. A lot of songbooks are available on their website.

14. Tulsa Ukulele Club

Tulsa, USA

The Tulsa Ukulele club is a group of people who welcome and inspire all skill level ukulele players to join and grow in skill. The group members mostly meet to play ukuleles in a jam session. The Tulsa Ukulele club has a Wacky Hat Night on the rare fifth Thursday of the month. Sometimes, the members of this club perform ukuleles in different places.

15. Bellingham Ukulele Group

Bellingham, Washington, USA

Bellingham Ukulele Group (BUG) is a group of ukulele devotees who are devoted to the pleasure of ukulele lovers of all things about the ukulele. This group launched in December 2006. Now, the BUG is a vibrant ukulele group. The Bellingham Ukulele Group members practice the ukulele on Thursday night. The BUG jam organizes concerts at the different times of the year. The Orchestra of Bellingham Ukulele Group accomplishes annual winter and spring concert.

16. The Delta Strummers

Discovery Bay and Brentwood, California, USA

If you are a ukulele beginner, you can communicate with the Delta Strummers ukulele group because the Delta Strummers is the best ukulele group for the beginners. The Delta Strummers was founded in 2005. It organizes weekly ukulele group practices on Tuesday evening. It offers beginning ukulele lessons so that a newcomer can be able to be a skilled ukulele player for joining the main ukulele group.

17. Highland Pickers

Highland, California, USA

The Highland Pickers is a community-based ukulele group that inspires the study, practice and enjoyment of music giving priority to the ukulele without cost. Its Vaela’s Residential Kitchen Band encourages residential living facilities and community organizations to stimulate their participants to keep active in their local communities. It has a calendar on the website about the ukulele jams and activities. 

18. Seattle Ukulele Players Association

Puget Sound, Washington, USA

The Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA) offers the inhabitants of the Puget Sound region to join their ukulele song circle on the cusp of summer with a workshop. The Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA), a nonprofit corporation, was established in 2003 to build up a better relationship among the ukulele lovers. The Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA) gets together the second Sunday of every month.

19. SLO Strummers

San Luis Obispo, California, USA

The SLO Strummers is a California’s central coast based ukulele society. The members of SLO Strummers are very friendly to share music with the ukulele lovers. They meet on the second and fourth Monday of every month. They have an online music library which helps to print, download or view the music sheets. You can visit their website if you want more.

20. Boulder Ukulele Group

North Boulder, Colorado, USA

The Boulder Ukulele Group (B.U.G.) is a community ukulele group that is welcome all ages people at their meet-ups. The members of this group meet on the second Saturday of every month. B.U.G has a supportive group to teach the learners. The musicians of this group enjoy the summer by playing ukulele in the outdoors. You can also upload a favorite song following their instructions before their monthly meet-ups.

21. Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society

Brisbane, Australia

The Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society Incorporated is a Brisbane based ukulele society which was founded on 2 May 2007. The BUMS began as a small group of ukulele lovers. Now, It is one of the largest ukulele group of Australia. The monthly jams of BUMS are held at the six locations in Brisbane. The Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society has a number of community bands which perform at community and charity events around Brisbane. It arranges a festival named Brisbane Ukulele festival which is very popular. If you want more about the Brisbane Ukulele Musicians Society Incorporated, you can visit their webpage.

22. JustUke Strummers Singapore

Yishun, Singapore

If you are an Asian and want to join an active ukulele group, the JustUke Strummers of Singapore is the best one for you. The JustUke Strummers was established on 2nd July 2013 with some ukulele enthusiasts for sharing the joy of singing and strumming the ukuleles. The members of this group meet every week and play mostly Mandarin and English songs together with some dialect songs. The performers of the group actively take part in various music festivals in the country. The videos and photos of their performances are found on the group’s website.

23. Nihon Ukulele Association

Tokyo, Japan.

The Nihon Ukulele Association (NUA) is a non-profit organization which was founded in 1959 for Amateur ukulele players. It is one of the oldest ukulele associations in the world. Many of the founder members of this association has already died but NUA is still running over the years and creating ukulele players and instructors. The members of this association meet on every third Sunday of the month. At the beginning of the meeting, NUA arranges a lecture for the beginners for two hours. It also offers workshops which are held on the morning of the monthly meeting day.

24. Ukulele Bedford

Bedford, UK

The ukulele Bedford welcomes anyone to join because it is an open community-based ukulele group around the Bedford area. The members of this group meet weekly on Wednesday. They also play out for charity events on occasion. This group does not teach ukulele but the members of this group increase their helping hands to the newcomers. If you need a ukulele group to play the ukulele at your fete, garden party or village hall, you can communicate with this group.

25. Bytown Ukulele Group

Ottawa, Canada.

The Bytown Ukulele Group is such kind of ukulele group which is free for everyone who lives in the Ottawa area and loves to play ukuleles. This group arranges a free jam on the third Wednesday of every month to meet each other of the group members. This club posts a pdf of the songs before the jam so that the ukulele lovers can download or print the pdf of the songs. The Bytown Ukulele Group welcomes all levels even children ukulele players with their parents. Anybody can get songbooks, videos and ukulele playing tips visiting this club’s website.

26. Vermont Ukulele Society

The Vermont Ukulele Society was founded in 2008. The regular meeting of this group is held from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. This group arranges a regular beginner session. Their performing group plays ukulele in different occasions. This group plays music mostly from the Great American Songbook. You can get more information from this group’s website.

27. Long Island Ukulele Strummers Club

New York, USA

The Long Island Ukulele Strummers Club is a ukulele group which was established to collect ukulele players around the Long Island, New York area. You can easily join the group if you have a ukulele. This club welcomes all level ukulele players. The club arranges jam sessions every two weeks on Friday. A member of this club submits his opinion through the club’s website following the club’s instructions. There are a lot of videos, resources and fun YouTube clips on their website.

28. People of Lewisham’s Ukulele Club

London, UK

The London based People of Lewisham’s Ukulele Club is a great ukulele group of all level ukulele players. The club’s weekly Tuesday meetings are very helpful for the ukulele players, especially for the beginners. The performing group of this club play ukulele at various charity events, ukulele festivals or other functions. There are a lot of posts on the club’s website most of which are very helpful to the beginners and new players. A great collection of other site’s links is found on their website to learn the ukulele.

29. Prescott Ukulele Guild

Northern Arizona, U.S.A

If you are the inhabitant of Northern Arizona in U.S.A and want to learn or expand your ukulele playing skill, you can join the Prescott Ukulele Guild group. The monthly meeting of this group is held on the first Thursday of each month. This group has sub-groups that collect to practice and perform. The sub-groups play ukuleles to help various organizations. A lot of videos can be watched on this group’s website. You can download songbooks visiting their website.

People feel tired of doing work in this robotic world. Then, they need entertainment. Those who want to refresh themselves or learn to play ukuleles can visit those ukulele clubs and societies which have been mentioned above.

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