F7 Ukulele Chord Learn to play with Variations

F7 Ukulele Chord

The F7 Ukulele Chord!
In western popular music, the most widely used vocal type is the influential 7th chord after standard major and minor chords. They contribute a significant role in a few genres like spiritual, country, jazz, and Blues and are frequently applied for their highly distinct sound.

Learning and working with the 7th chord becomes a crucial part of mastering how to play the ukulele correctly. In case being new to the ukulele and unsure where to begin, this chord might be a tidy choice to learn. You’ll listen to it a wide range of songs. In truth, learning and mastering it relatively become straightforward.

Our lesson runs over the F7 chord structure, as well as mentions the different shapes you’ll require to ring this chord. Besides, there’s a list of some famous songs using the F7 chord in this guide.

The Basics of the F7 Chord

Similar to other chords, the F7 chord runs on a trio. The trio type that a provided chord is dependent on identifying what kind of chord we finish up with when it’s built. The major triad comprises a root note, a major 3rd, and a perfect 5th. These notes become intervals relative to the Notes that build up the root note of the key.

An influential 7th is added depending on the 7th chord Major trio. The dominant 7th remains a flat seventh, unlike the standard major scale, which characterizes a major seventh. By leveling the seventh note in the Scale by a semitone, we can entirely alter the chord sound.

The F7 chord comprises mainly the notes F, A, C, and Eb. While playing chords, we might not always require to play all these notes. It happens because each chord has multiple different voicings that we may utilize for a specific chord.

It’s a compelling approach to playing with different voices to discover a set of notes still representing but best suiting a specific piece or style of music.

How to Play the F7 Ukulele Chord

As stated earlier, since all chords have multiple voicings, we enjoy considerable freedom in playing a specific chord. It becomes beneficial for newbies on the ukulele because some chord voicings might appear too challenging to play compared to others.

Anyway, avoiding mastering difficult chord shapes is not crucial. All chord shapes get reiterated in the instrument, and players need to be capable of dealing with them today or tomorrow.

We’re talking about the standard F7 ukulele chord. It may seem to be fairly complicated at first sight. This style might become a bit challenging for new players in the ukulele. The reason is that it’s too inconsistent. Therefore, keep patience if you feel this specific chord voicing needs a little time to learn.

To perform this chord, strum the G string at the 2nd fret with your 2nd finger. Then, fret the E string at the 1st fret with your 1st finger, the C string at the 3rd fret with your 3rd finger, and the A string at the 3rd fret with your 4th finger.

First, beginners might struggle to perform this chord continuously or to successfully incorporate it with chord alterations played at pace. Naturally, if you feel trouble playing any chord in any setting, the most important job you can do is to practice frequently.

F7 Chord on Ukulele

F7 Uke Chord Variation #1

This uncommon, frank variation on the F7 chord features an excellent ringing quality that we relish and applaud for the C string keeping left open.

With your 3rd finger, fret the G string at the ninth fret to perform this chord. After that, with your 4th finger, fret the A string at the ninth fret and the E string at the fifth fret with your 1st finger.

F7 Chord Variation 1

F7 Ukulele Chord Variation #2

This extended variation of the F7 chord may be easier to play than the standard voicing for some people. With your first finger, bar the fretboard at the 5th fret to play it. After that, with your 2nd finger, strum the A string at the 6th fret. Indeed, it’s pretty simple.

F7 Chord Variation 2

Songs that Use the F7 Chord on Ukulele

Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Taking Care of Business: There’s no surprise that “Taking Care of Business” gained the rock ‘n’ roll hit with its unbelievable chorus and intelligent use of the F7 chord.

The Isley Brothers – It’s Your Thing: Filled with horns and a solemn driving rhythmic portion, “It’s Your Thing” utilizes the F7 chord as The Isley Brothers recorded it.

B.B. King – Lucille: Famous for its iconic introduction, this legendary blues track makes generous usage of this F7 chord to dramatic effect.


Indeed, we’ve remained at the last part of the F7 ukulele chord lesson and informed you of some general and basic information about this chord. Also, we’ve explained how to play it in the root position and in several other variations.

Hard effort is forever praised, and the F7 chord needs it. Only it’ll become a fun challenge to learn in the case of a hard-working player. Therefore, go ahead, master it, and be sure to practice.

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