Easy Beatles Ukulele Song Chords: Top 13

Easy Beatles Ukulele Songs

The Beatles, famous as one of the most legendary UK rock bands, raised a storm in the music world in the 60s. So far, countless generations appreciate them for being a followable legend in the music world. Today we highlight the easy Beatles ukulele song in front of you.

Honestly, their music has remained among the best-selling records in the world. That’s why people show fondness to play their songs till today.

Many are playing the Beatles ukulele song on various instruments now. Even it is possible to play their song in the ukulele, one of the most simply playing instruments. So, try to make them a perfect combination within your music learning.

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Top 13 Best Beatles Ukuleles Song

1. Hey Jude – Popular Beatles Ukulele Song

Many denominate it as one of the most emotional Beatles songs. Indeed, a real-life situation is the context of this song. A non-album single song came to the market on 26 August 1968. The writer of this song was Paul McCartney, and it gained fame as a number-one hit in different places around the world.

The songwriter composed it during the breakup of John Lennon and his wife, Cynthia. From a long ago, Cynthia had become a part of their social circle before the Beatles got famous. The lyricist remained anxious about her soundness apart from her little son, Julian.

For breakup reasons, McCartney went to meet Cynthia and Julian. He composed the song to console and support little Julian through the tormentful divorce of his parents.

The actual name of the song was “Hey Jules” like Julian. But the title was altered to Jude because it was better to hear.

When you search for a song carrying a positive outlook on a sad situation, this song might be the next pick. So, hold your uke and play it.

Hey Jude Ukulele Chords

2. Yellow Submarine – Best Beatles Ukulele Song

This song has highlighted generous explanations on both social and political levels, despite its desire to create children’s music. It was unleashed on 13 January 1969 in the United States and on 17 January in the United Kingdom.

Paul McCartney and John Lennon jointly scribed Yellow Submarine, a song from the Beatles’ album Revolver, released in 1966. They also wrote it by consolidating two rhythms and did the job separately.

Although most songs of them remained typically in the Rock genre, the style of this song came as pretty different compared to other Beatles songs. However, they demanded that they had no other aim behind making the song. They only intended to create a piece of happy music for kids.

An animated United Artists film inspired by this song was created in 1968 with the same name. Also, the soundtrack of the animated movie was this song.

Learning the Yellow Submarine on your ukulele will be a different experience. To be just, knowing how to change the chords rapidly will become a big challenge for you. But, it’ll be a honey moment if you master the right speed once, unquestionably.

Yellow Submarine Ukulele Chords

3. Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rugby, a song from the Yellow Submarine album, identified a delicate juncture for The Beatles. The reason is that they transferred from a live pop music group to a more studio-based group.

This lyric is an odd song since it utilizes plenty of syncopation, a novel word. While learning it, you will observe that the “powerful beat” in the vocal melody does not constantly go in the same way as the strong beat of the strumming pattern. It is a remarkable thing for the song.

If you fall into trouble singing the song in your strumming, you’re not prepared for going with it yet. So, try to make the playing simple and then move forward.

Eleanor Rigby Ukulele Chords

4. We Can Work It Out

We Can Work It Out is the song that came as a double A-side single in December 1965. A true Lennon-McCartney collaboration for this song is a relatively rare instance. In truth, the lyrics have reflected that.

McCartney penned the accents and music in verse and chorus, lyrics that could be personal. It was possibly a mention of his relationship with Jane Asher. After that, McCartney went to Lennon with the song, and Lennon contributed to the middle 8.

For many new learners, this song could become an accurate growing project. If you crave to learn it, you can start slowly and then speed up carefully. Also, you can notice the video below.

We Can Work It Out Ukulele Chords

5. Here Comes the Sun

“Here Comes the Sun” came from the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album on 16 September 1969. George Harrison, a lead guitarist of the band, penned this song while passing through a rough patch of his life.

The song supported Harrison gaining as high familiarity as any of his friends. Not surprisingly, he was known as the Quiet Beatle. Despite most of the Beatles songs written by Lennon and McCartney, it is, without a doubt, one of the band’s favorite songs.

Just before Harrison scribed the song, he took a break from all of the band’s business tasks because of his arrest for keeping marijuana. He also operated surgery to remove his tonsils.

While running his live performances, Harrison used to sing this song as a single singer, considered comparatively rare compared to the feats of the other members.

You can watch the following video to make your learning smooth.

Here Comes the Sun Ukulele Chords

6. Obla-di, Obla-da

“Obla-di, Obla-da” is a song of light mood with an excellent message. It also mentions the reggae influences of the Beatles, making it fantastic for fetching an island feel into your playing. Above all, it’s very suitable for the ukulele.

McCartney composed the song in a Cod Jamaican ska style. For the song’s title and chorus, he used a phrase by Jimmy Scott, a London-based Nigerian musician.

Desmond’s character in the song word “Desmond has a barrow in the marketplace” was used as a reference to reggae singer Desmond Dekker. Again, the songwriter added the “Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, life goes on, brah” line, an expression utilized by Nigerian conga player Jimmy Scott-Emuakpor.

Anyway, you can keep it on your learning list. To start learning in your attempt, you can keep watching this video.

Obla-di, Obla-da Uke Chords

7. Let It be – Easy Beatles Ukulele Song

Just after the first release in the 70s, it gained the status of the 6th most played song on the Billboard Hot 100. Paul McCartney both penned and sung. “Let It Be” remained the final song with the Beatles for Paul McCartney before being separated.

McCartney said that this song’s idea came to him two years before its first release. While recording “The White Album” in 1968, a dream about his mother made him inspired.

In the dream, Paul heard his mother saying to him, “It’s going to be okay; just let it be”. And the title of this song was derived from that dream.

He declared that his mother had died of cancer at the age of 14. He devoted the lyrics of Mother Mary to her. Anyway, most devotees imagined that it remained a mention of the Virgin Mary.

In response to the Virgin Mary’s demand, Paul replied in the interview that devotees were independent to explain the songs of their choice.

Therein vests the beauty of art. You can pick your interpretation of any artistic part according to your point of view.

Continue watching this easy Beatles ukulele song video tutorial in the case of learning to play. One of the best parts for beginners is that the performer is going forward slowly.

Let It be Ukulele Chords

8. Eight Days A Week

This song raised it to the Billboard Hot 100 just one year after its reveal. Okay, we might have dreamt once to have extra days in the week to spend a more enjoyable weekend, it did not remain the prime idea behind composing the song.

The lyrics of this song originated from the songwriter John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s brains, and it was revealed first on 4 December 1964. Anyway, this song’s idea was essentially McCartney solely. Based on his opinion, a driver who drove him to Lennon’s place inspired him.

McCartney recalled that one fine day, while the driver was managing him a tour, they conversed quickly. During the conversation, McCartney asked the driver how he was. The man’s response was as below: “Oh, working hard. Working eight days a week.”

Although the expression was intended to reveal how much the driver was extra industrious, McCartney took it as an attractive title for their next song.

You will find a video tutorial below to go in advance with it.

Eight Days A Week Uke Chords

9. Can’t Buy Me Love

In 1964, in both the UK and the USA, this song remained a single hit after release. Just after its preliminary release, it was at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for a month.

They penned the song while visiting Paris after the grand success “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. Afterward, the band members went to the George V Hotel to stay, where a piano was transferred to their suite to continue their songwriting process.

McCartney was the writer of this song. Two years after being released, he announced the true significance of the music to several American journalists.

Anyway, he was informed that some fans contemplated that the song’s words were prostitution. Then, he revealed the real meaning of the song.

McCartney interpreted that the lyrics say about the thought that having materialistic possessions is pretty soothing. Yet, money cannot give you things you expect from life with love.

You can keep your eyes on the following video to learn the song.

Can’t Buy Me Love Uke Chords

10. Bésamo Mucho

Rightly, it is not a genuine song of the band. But, many consider it one of the most notable songs recorded by the Beatles. It was essentially a Mexican hit song by Jimmy Dorsey. A Mexican songwriter, concert pianist, and recording artist, Consuelo Velázquez, composed this song in 1940.

Kiss Me a Lot is the exact translation of the song. A rumor went on that anyone never kissed Velázquez before writing this song. The reason that kissing was regarded as a sin in her then culture.

“Follow the Boys”, a movie, took the Mexican song into the film in 1944 for the first time. Later, Beatles member Paul McCartney fell in love with this song. Sunny Skylar, an American performer, metaphrased it in English.

The Beatles first brought the song on 6 June 1962 and performed it in Hamburg Star Club on the eve of New Year among their many songs.

We have included a video tutorial for you below to aid in learning the song effortlessly.

Bésamo Mucho Uke Chords

11. Octopus’s Garden

Ringo Starr, a performer-songwriter of this song, stated that the writing theme of this song appeared in his mind from his first experience eating Squid. The event took place in 1968 on a boat owned by comedian Peter Sellers.

In the opinion of Ringo, he requested to be served fish and chips but was dished up the Squid. This music idea came in the way.

This song may help you have the hang of the quick chord changes. The strumming tempo doesn’t take too long to sink into the chords.

While practicing, attempt to ponder the next chord shape before being the time to change the chords. That means you’re mentally going to make your hands prepared to drive your hand to a new position while playing a phrase.

This song cover will support you to pace your learning activities, hopefully.

Octopus’s Garden Uke Chords

12. Happiness Is a Warm Gun

We have included a song in the list that features their double album – The Beatles” or “The White Album. John Lennon jotted the song, which was revealed on 22 November 1968.

While writing the lyrics, Lenin had a love affair with a Japanese artist, and the ongoing relationship motivated Lenin to write it.

The lyricist announced that the song words played a role as a dual entrant, where Lennon disclosed his desire to have sex with his lover and mentioned guns. All the band members asserted that the song on this album remained their ultimate favorite.

Wonderfully, music reviewers appreciated this song despite its somewhat complicated structure. Anyway, the BBC afterward banned the music for its evident words and meaning.

Pay your attention carefully to this beautiful ukulele cover.

Happiness Is a Warm Gun Ukulele Chords

13. Blackbird

We talk about a song that remained in the double album, acquainted as either The Beatles or The White Album. Paul McCartney was the songwriter, recorded on 11 June 1968.

McCartney explained two situations during asking about the source of inspiration for writing that song. Listening to the call of an original Blackbird was one of them when the band studied Transcendental Meditation in India.

Another edition of the story was the 1968 uprising in the United States, driven by ethnic unrest.

Stay tuned to this sound-compelling ukulele tutorial created by a famous YouTuber.

Blackbird Ukulele Chords

Final Thoughts, Easy Beatles Ukulele Song

Although there’s plenty of music to pick from to get started on your ukulele learning journey, many strongly recommend the Beatles’ ukulele song known as prominence. There’s no hesitation in saying that not only did they remain an unparalleled rock band in the 60s, but the Beatles Ukulele song are simple to learn for learners.

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