Best Ukulele Under $500 Reviews in 2024

Best Ukulele under $500

If you’ve been seeking the internet, expecting the best ukulele under $500 that adjusts your play style and sounds fantastic, we’d say you’ve entered the right place. After plenty of research, we have put together the items you like.

It is no extra to say that the ukulele contains many fascinating properties. So, costing a little more can open many favorable doors for your music career.

Let’s compare the top-rated ukuleles under $500. Perhaps you can get the one you like within your budget.

Top 5 Best Ukuleles under 500 dollars of professional models

1. KIWAYA FS-5G Soprano Ukulele under $500

Best soprano ukulele under $500

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You might have already known of this Japanese Kiwaya (known as a ‘Famous’ brand outside of Japan) brand name. This brand may have little global recognition. Yet, it has launched a standard musical instrument.

Kiwaya Soprano Ukulele is a shining example of how laminate wood performs better than expected. Rightly so, its functionality alters your previous thoughts about laminate instruments.

This soprano ukulele under $500 has thinner components, resulting in less weight. Furthermore, Laminate uke produces a sound that will restore your preconceptions. Honestly, quality matters more than anything else.

Something beautiful is produced when high-quality craftsmanship fulfills high-quality materials. We can say that the FS-5G brings great mastery, an almost flawless finish, and suitable alignment, which makes your playing comfortable.

It might not contain electrical facilities and may cost more than a laminate. But, when you liken it to others, it will score higher than you expected. All in all, this Hawaiian ukulele body will make anyone proud to own one.


  • Compatible with beginner to intermediate players
  • Durable despite being a laminated uke
  • Stable tuning
  • Includes padded bag, pitch pipe, and strap


  • It may seem expensive, considering laminate.

2. Kala KA-SA-B Solid Acacia Baritone Ukulele under $500

Best ukulele under 500 dollars

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Due to good reasons, Kala has long been famous and one of the top companies for popular musical instruments. Along that line, this Solid Acacia comes with another edition to meet all our expectations.

The brand impresses musicians with a solid acacia ukulele for the top, back, and sides. Indeed, acacia is similar to koa wood and appears to have a gorgeous grain pattern.

A solid wood ukulele delivers a rich and entire sound that is not transcribed even with a beautiful laminate. Plus, one of the benefits of hardwood is that sound and melody improve with age.

Maybe Kala simplifies the style for its prime designs, yet it has carved out a different form with herringbone purling and rosettes. Besides, this model has designed the fretboard uniquely for every fret inlay.

The brand has always set a high standard in hardware, no doubt. All in all, we believe its performance won’t disappoint you.


  • Solid construction with a simple design
  • Excellent for longevity
  • Full body sound and tone
  • Good performance


  • No electronics for the price

3. LAVA U Carbon Fiber Ukulele under $500

Best uke under 500

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When musicians speak of developing ukulele design, the LAVA U arises as an entirely exceptional instrument. It is an unparalleled alternative if you intend to grab something new for the best concert ukulele under $500.

The LAVA U consists of a specific carbon fiber composite called AirSonic in the brand language. In addition, it is protected against humidity from 10% to 90% and temperatures from -4 to 140 degrees, whereas a hardwood ukulele would be susceptible to weather changes.

One of the most astonishing features is adding effects to your play without plugging in. It implies that it allows you to specify your sound without an amplifier.

This carbon fiber ukulele still functions beautifully among all the features and breathtaking design options. Further, it delivers a deep melody with a balanced sound.

Above all, this item displays a new dimension considering the inclusion of carbon fiber. Therefore, this product can be an instrument with play and durability in mind if you live or long for rough weather.


  • Perfect for traveling with
  • Risk-free from breakage or damage
  • Adaptable to any climate
  • Available in many colors to choose from


  • Only one installed strap button

4. Kala KA-SA-T Solid Acacia Tenor Ukulele


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We’ve assimilated a beautiful Kala KA-SA-T in our list of the best ukuleles under $500. We unquestionably mention it’s a musical kit, putting a better number of potential users on their choice list.

The fact is that KA-SA-T comes with high property levels. Therefore, you’ll have a hardwood acacia top, which contrasts beautifully with other options. Many musicians describe its overall finish quality as the best.

In truth, you can get happy with its maple binding, deep mahogany neck, and stunning walnut fretboard. Speaking of sound, the maker can boast of choosing a lot of traditional Hawaiian ukulele players because of the presence of this amazingly crafted instrument.

The package features Aquila strings attached as standard, sounding excellent, and lasting for years. Above all, it contains a wondering layout, and players might keep it on their wish list.


  • Made from solid wood
  • Undoubtedly sustainable
  • Flawless design
  • Balanced sound and sustained tone


  • There is no free hard case

5. Deering Goodtime Banjo Concert Scale Ukulele


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Our list includes several stellar ukuleles. Indeed, one of them in those lineups is the Deering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele. We are about to review the first hybrid device in this article.

This concert-type banjo characterizes professional-quality instruments. It has 17 frets with 23.5 inches overall. Also, made in the USA, this instrument uses maple to make.

The banjo produces a surprisingly warm yet overwhelming loud and full sound across properly balanced Aquila Super Nylgut strings. Also, the attachment of the patented bridge plate further enhances the tone by lessening unwanted bass frequencies.

Deering has designed this uke, combining the traditional shape and beauty of old-style banjo structures with a modern theme. As a result, it has emerged as an attractive structure, very attractive to look at.

Additionally, its playable structure makes it an easy instrument for a seasoned ukulele or banjo player looking for something new. Sadly, you might need to spend a little extra on a gig bag as it doesn’t bring a package.


  • A versatile tool
  • All structures are strong
  • Hum-free sound and tone
  • Best value for the price


  • Not a gig bag

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Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Ukulele Under $500

Depending on your desires and experience level, you should prioritize the different features of this article to various degrees. Here, we will closely describe the types of ukuleles and the materials used during construction.

Besides, we’ll speak some essential parts, like fretboards, tuners, and other helpful properties. In other words, you should emphasize the essentials when you are choosing.

Types of Ukulele

There are many types of ukuleles, although many may seem the same at first glance. Depending on the sound level of your instrument, you can select a tenor or baritone ukulele for a deeper sound. On the contrary, you can choose the best soprano ukulele under $500 for a device with a high-pitched tone.

Hybrid ukuleles are now widely available in the market. In a word, many find a banjolele that offers many benefits of both the banjo and the ukulele – just as the name suggests.

Musicians who want to use the instrument to practice at home but perform in a band or solo can go for a wide range of semi-acoustic ukuleles. In truth, you can opt for semi-acoustic instruments with an amplifier or utilize them as acoustic instruments.


You’ll notice several wood types and materials in our list of the best ukuleles under $500, like maple, bamboo, mahogany, rosewood, and brass. Several artists emphasize natural materials in music and sound. You should hold an idea of what sounds good, to be honest. Above all, hardwoods offer much more durability and strength than softwoods.

Even the most expertly made instrument will not be durable long if it brings inferior materials. Therefore, it’s significant to notice what the makers have picked to make your device fashionable.


The fret numbers contribute to influencing the instrument range. The more fret numbers the instrument, the wider the notes.

So seasoned players hope for a ukulele with adequate frets to relish a wide range. In the context of the frets, components become crucial. Walnut, flame, and rosewood are some materials for frets.


Tuners contribute to how good or bad your ukulele produces a sound when played. Indeed, you are in tune to listen to a good sound, and it depends on the performance of a properly made tuner.

Some manufacturers use solid tuners. They are sturdier and perfect for adaptation than rivals created from flimsier or hollow materials.


Finish and color may be a consideration if you plan to show your device in public often. Some manufacturers employ a lot of time on design and finishing, pondering that it will appear better on stage.

Right, colors can impact hugely on the audience and aid you in performing memorably.

What other aspects should I consider?

When finding the ukulele, you have to ponder about extras and accessories. Some available items become essential for gigging musicians, travelers, or even practicing at a friend’s house.

So, attempt to get an instrument with a solid case or gig bag. Also, you think about string quality that will affect the instrument’s sound.

Final Thoughts: Best Ukulele Under $500

Seeking the best ukulele under $500 can be stressful or even exciting for someone at the same time. The ukulele suitable for you might not become perfect for others due to opinion and style.

We’ve tried to compile some stylish instruments in the list for you to pick the correct one.

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