Best Kohala Ukulele Review in 2024: Top 6 Models

Kohala Ukulele Review

Finding the best ukulele is not easy for you. Overall, there are many completely different brands available in the market to choose from. However, we are about to present the Kohala Ukulele Review, a worthy brand, and you might be with it for the rest of your life.

How do you find the best brand? As for a correct answer, there are no specific rules about what makes an excellent or worse brand/model.

You need to consider if the company makes a reasonably-priced ukulele that looks great, sounds great, and looks stunning.

For those looking for a uke that works beautifully for practice and gigs, Kohala ukuleles become worth a try.

We are here with this article to show you a more specific and detailed Kohala ukulele review and highlight some of the best models.

Top 6 Best Kohala Uke Reviews

1. Kohala Tiki Soprano Ukulele Review (KTSPU)

Best Kohala Uke Review

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You find an instrument with a particular feature that you play with both hands. No matter, Kohala has introduced a ukulele with that feature, and it’s the KTSPU Soprano Uke.

You are probably wondering how it is possible to play with both hands. The brand has placed fretboard markers on either side of the fingerboard, and all you have to do is change a string to convert it to the left.</p.

It is an instrument of the Tiki Series. The Tiki brings an all-linden wood body with a custom laser-engraved Tiki bridge and a rosewood fingerboard. Moreover, each Tiki series features chrome-plated tuners to ensure tuning durability and authentic Aquila strings.

This 21-inch soprano delivers a stylish sound and ensures superb playability. This series offers five colors: Seafoam green, pink, purple, yellow, and checkerboard. So, you can opt for which one you like the most.


  • All wood veneer body
  • Available colors to choose from
  • The default is right-handed but can be changed to left-handed
  • Low price considering the quality


  • Some say it sounds a bit hollow

2. Kohala Concert Ukulele Review (KOC Kine’O)

Kohala Ukulele Reviews

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The Kohala KOC Concert Ukulele, slightly larger than the soprano size, produces a slightly fuller tone but a simple and fun size. It is constructed of eastern mahogany. KOC is an ideal option for beginners.

This model has good sound and a good tuner. Also, it comes with GHS ukulele strings, which sounds great. Like all new strings, they will stretch and be out of tune first, but be patient as they will hold their tunes over time.

KOC adds a few marks to the wood, and there is a spot on the neck-back, sanding better. Also, the manufacturer has a geared tuning machine, which helps keep it in tune for a long time.

It has a rosewood fingerboard, which provides a comfortable feel while playing. Its weight is light. So travelers can go to their destination. All in all, it can be a fantastic choice for beginners and professionals alike.


  • Convenient and fun size
  • Light to carry
  • Full body tone
  • Instruction booklet included


  • It’s hard to stay tuned for long periods

3. Kohala Akamai AK-C Concert Ukulele

Kohala Uke Reviews

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The AK-C is an affordable ukulele made for complete beginners. It is made in China and used for the back and sides of the Eastern Mahogany. It’s the wood used for the upper surface. Its back is slightly arched, a somewhat unusual design for a ukulele.

It produces a warm, rich sound. Also, the body has a bright dark brown spot that appears with a white band.

The neck consists of solid wood with a rosewood fingerboard. This model features four inlay dots and has 14 easy-to-play frets. The plastic nut makes room for the strings to make it easier to make chords.

Above the headstock, it incorporates die-cast tuners with gears attached to Aquia strings. It weighs less than a pound and measures 34 x 5 x 14 inches. As a result, it becomes light and easy for a beginner to handle.

This concert performs beautifully and features an impressive-looking instrument with an elegant sound. Considering the price range, it is pretty worth it. It won’t mark the best-sounding uke you can buy, but it’s more than adequate for a beginner.

For complete beginners, this model is very considerable as a very good option. It is not the best concert uke but comes with quality materials.


  • Mahogany top, back, and sides
  • A clear and crisp tone
  • Easily playable


  • Professionals may prefer something else.

4. Kohala Soprano Ukulele Review


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The Kohala soprano ukulele has a figure-eight characteristic with an acoustic shape. Its body comes with a satin finish, protecting the body and creating more. Plus, the body is well-made without flaws.

The weight and size of this model make it easily transportable. In truth, you can travel with it to any destination, even with it in your suitcase.

This uke comes from durable eastern mahogany wood for producing a full-volume and resonant tone. It has Aquila Nylgut strings, comfortable for fingering and strumming.

The Kohala Soprano Ukulele has a geared tuning machine that makes tuning very easy. This tuning machine makes the ukulele last longer and better than others in this price range.

For newbies, the company provides an instruction booklet to help them play. It offers a one-year warranty that protects your investment.

In short, this model has fantastic quality, which suits every player, especially beginners. It looks solid and attractive in the price range.

We recommend this instrument for beginners looking for an affordable, reliable, and durable ukulele to start their journey.


  • Made from durable eastern mahogany
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to keep
  • Soothing and warm sounds and tones


  • No accessories

5. Kohala Tenor Ukulele Review (AKAMAI AK-T)


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Kohala always provides a good quality ukulele to play. We’ve used the brand’s ukulele as a starter and kept it in our collection. Now we are going to talk about AKAMAI AK-T Tenor Ukulele by Kohala.

The manufacturer used eastern mahogany wood for its top, back, and sides. This wood type produces a clear and crisp tone regardless of your playing style. We believe you will understand the matter better when you own it.

Each model comes with a rosewood fingerboard, making your playing comfortable. Also, it deploys real Aquila strings, which helps you play your fingers without damage. This combination is generally beautiful for the ukulele.

Each Akamai series instrument equipped with a geared tuner helps you tune without hassle. Also, these tuners keep it in tune for a long time with a sweet tone.

This Akamai has excellent value. The reason is that it is high-quality and certainly rivals any ukulele in this price range. Moreover, the brand provides a limited lifetime warranty to ensure your investment. All in all, it wouldn’t be a wrong choice for any level of player.


  • Strong construction
  • Nice finish and good tone
  • Perfect for a new player
  • Excellent value for money


  • No accessories

6. Kohala KO-T Tenor Ukulele


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Is there a better bet for a tenor uke other than a quality-built one? Go for the Kohala KO-T, a gem that boasts an Eastern Mahogany body with quality performance.

It has an eastern mahogany body known as tonewood. The woods added to this ukulele produce a sound that leans toward the mid-range and sustains upper-midrange timbres like a tenor ukulele.

The tone profile exhibits a superb, balanced sound. But how is the ability to play? It features a rosewood fingerboard renowned for comfortable playability. Also, the frets are set up wide for effortless finger movement.

One of the reasons we’ve chosen this ukulele to be our top tenor model is how the brand emphasizes saddle and nut placement. Here, this instrument is not muted by strings, and its vibrations are not limited in our experience.

After getting used to it, this instrument will give you a better playing feel. On the plus side, we didn’t encounter any issues with pronunciation accuracy. Frankly, if you buy it, your investment will not go in vain.


  • All Eastern Mahogany
  • Firm fingerboard
  • Overall, balanced sound and tone
  • One year warranty


  • Some say it has height

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In this Kohala Ukulele review, we have mentioned the best products accessible for your purchase. This brand offers high-quality items at reasonable prices.

Hopefully, we were able to help you choose your new appliance or get more information about Kohala as a brand.

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