Best Mitchell Ukulele Review in 2023: Top 7 Model

Best Mitchell Ukulele

When it comes to a ukulele, it is best to depend on the best brands. The best Mitchell ukulele might become a trusted item with which you can go with confidence.

There’s no hesitation in saying that Mitchell is regarded as one of the favorite brands in today’s music world. In recent years, the brand has manufactured some of the best models, and top-rated instruments by musicians far and near.

Mitchell has become familiar for years to create highly unique instruments. It happens mainly due to the choice of their portions which is not conventionally noticed in ukuleles.

What’s more astonishing is that the company combines some ingredients to make a ukulele that gives a unique and delightful sound.

We have done this Mitchell ukulele review to introduce you to the best-picked manufactured by this brand and will aid you in sorting a new uke, hopefully.

Top 7 Best Ukuleles by Mitchell for Beginners & professionals

Product Name Price
1. Mitchell MU40 Soprano Uke Natural Check Price
2. Mitchell MU70 12-Fret Concert Uke Natural Check Price
3. Mitchell MU75BK Concert Uke Black Check Price
4. Mitchell MU100 Koa Concert Uke (Natural) Check Price
5. Mitchell Concert MU80XCE Uke Check Price
6. Mitchell MU45FCHY Exotic Soprano Uke Check Price
7. Mitchell MU100CE Uke Check Price

1. Mitchell MU40 Soprano Ukulele Natural

Best Mitchell Ukuleles

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If you’re looking for an amusing soprano ukulele that will not exceed your budget, you can consider the Mitchell MU40 once.

This beginner-level model has captured the hearts of many as a fantastic value for the price. It provides the highest performance in each sector and occupies one of the top positions on our best list.

The MU40 consists of all-linden wood. Honestly, it is widely accepted that wood highly affects the instrument to do the job perfectly and produce enriched sound.

Linden woodworks like mahogany, and if the basswood does not become helpful for a specific choice. Also, it contains impeccable construction quality, and the MU40 Soprano Uke takes the shape of the unibody approach with a satin finish.

As a whole, the lasting of this model is praiseworthy, and it becomes worthy of every penny. Due to the use of linden wood, many musicians hope for something new, and in reality, it has happened in a fun way.

Further, the MU40 features a conventionally warm melody with clarity and loudness. This instrument delivers a smooth hand feel because it has a fretboard crafted from Indian rosewood.

It is conspicuous that the MU40 is ready for the learners considering the design and price range. The marked frets with enough frets space will entirely help beginners hold it properly.


  • All-Lindenwood body
  • Exceptional sound and an outstanding look
  • Comfortable playability
  • The instructional booklet included


  • Need tuning frequently

2. Mitchell MU70 12-Fret Concert Ukulele Natural

Best Mitchell Uke

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Have you been searching for the best entry-level ukulele for many days? The Mitchell MU70 is now ready for you to meet your demand.

This concert ukulele will seem to be a mini acoustic guitar that has a laminated spruce top and laminated rosewood back and sides.

This laminate build shapes this model into a solid instrument. As a result, it becomes easy to transport with you as it will not be easily affected by changes in temperature and humidity.

Mitchell incorporates a mahogany neck and an Indian rosewood fingerboard with 16 frets. Also, there are well-finished frets, which have no sharp edges to injure fingers.

The combined use of the spruce, rosewood, and mahogany on this uke produces a full, brilliant, and sweet tone that inspires beginners to practice the uke all day long.

The body holds a natural gloss finish, whereas the neck retains a plain gloss finish, giving players a smooth and fast-playing feeling.

The mother-of-pearl mini dot inlays on the fretboard, abalone purfling with custom multi-ply ABS binding, and the abalone rosette around the soundhole have made the look more captivating.

The MU70 has a 15-inch scale length, and the total length is 23.25 inches. Once the strings are fixed, the sealed tuners do an excellent job of keeping the uke in tune.


  • Performing like expensive models
  • Cozy to play
  • Well-crafted and durable
  • Less affected by humidity and temperature changes


  • It might seem heavy

3. Mitchell MU75BK Concert Ukulele Black

Best Mitchell Ukes

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The Mitchell MU75BK is a fantastic option for musicians who consider their music seriously. Its body has a black color, which is somewhat exceptional in this price range.

The brand utilizes a Mahogany top, back, and sides, guaranteeing its durability. The Mahogany wood delivers a warm and rounded tone with excellent projection, recognized by all.

This model includes traditional dovetail neck joint construction, adding to it a different dimension. As a result, the neck becomes a stiff part of this uke.

It has a brilliant glossy black finish, which gives it a different look. On the other hand, the abalone rosette and purfling further increase its beauty.

Many players feel worried about whether the instrument stays in tune or not. Don’t worry. The MU75BK comprises vintage-style geared tuners, which help it keep in melody for a long time.

One of the negative aspects compared to others is that it does not come with extra accessories. However, in the case of high quality, the issue of accessories can be discounted.

All in all, it will not be an unsuccessful investment if you choose it. So, you can try once to go with it.


  • The newest addition to the Mitchell line
  • Featuring all-mahogany construction
  • Crisp tone with fantastic projection
  • Unparalleled design


  • No accessories

4. Mitchell MU100 Koa Concert Ukulele (Natural)


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You expect a ukulele that will perform well and make your investment worthwhile. Well, Mitchell has fetched the MU100 to market with you in mind.

The brand has used Laminated koa to fabricate its top, back, and sides. If it had been completely Koa wood, it would have been better, but Mitchell may have made it this way thinking about the price.

Even this construction type is durable and produces a balanced melody and sound. Also, it has a rosewood fingerboard, which is ideal for delivering a good feel for fingers.

Considering the cost, this Koa uke is an impressive-look instrument. The combination of the abalone purfling and rosette inlay has proved this fact. Many people focus on solid wood construction rather than decoration, but other opinions have in this case.

It is a laminated construction. So, many opine it affects the tone. But, once the strings are settled, everything stays in perfect harmony, then the intonation becomes excellent on open-position chords.

One of the positive sides of all-laminate instruments is that it becomes well durable and resistant to changes in humidity and temperature, and it’s not exceptional. That means you can travel with it anywhere.


  • Beautifully finished
  • Suitable for traveling
  • Lovely sound and tone
  • Enjoyable to play


  • Someone says frets aren’t quite right

5. Mitchell Concert MU80XCE Ukulele


Many admit that the MU80XCE concert is a top item among products of Mitchell, carefully crafted to meet the needs of a musician.

It consists of high-quality pieces and Maplewood, which looks unparalleled and glossy. There is a body structure that is shaped to tackle and play effortlessly.

This instrument contains a cutaway uke feature. Also, it has a Maplewood body, a Mahogany neck, and a Rosewood fretboard. Further, there are 26 frets and 4 strings in this uke.

In the question of sound, the MU80XCE includes a preamp from Fishman Kula and an EQ, aiding it in producing the best quality sound. Moreover, it puts a chromatic tuner that lets you tune in according to your need.

Apart from so many diverse and unique properties, the MU80XCE Ukulele might become a companion for any music lover having a passion for music. The price may be a little over for many, but it provides a return for every penny.


  • Prepared from Maplewood,
    Mahogany, and Rosewood
  • Preamp and EQ options included
  • High-ended instrument
  • Mind Blowing look


  • Highly-priced for many

6. Mitchell MU45FCHY Exotic Soprano Ukulele


The MU45FCHY features a good instrument and is also fun to play. With superior wood and finish, playing is easy for anyone seeking a beautiful uke. Besides, it might become a beautiful part of the collection.

This instrument will be an impressive addition to any musician’s instrument collection with authentic Flame maple tops and matching headstocks, lots, black walnut fingerboards, bound body, plus genuine open-gear, vintage-style tuners.

The MU45FCHY has a low string pressure, making it simple to learn. Moreover, its instructional guide helps you accelerate the learning process.

This model is accessible in eye-dazzling Blue, Cherry, and Natural finish colors. Top of all, its price is reasonably low.


  • Soprano sized ukulele
  • Laminate neck
  • Worthy for beginners
  • Cheap in price


  • It might seem small for some fingers

7. Mitchell MU100CE Ukulele


One of our favorite things about ukuleles from Mitchell is that most of them have this unique head.

The most peculiar thing about the MU100CE is that it is a concert-sized uke with 19-frets whereas a conventional concert holds 17 frets. So, it has a sweet, charming sound.

Mitchell uses a professional setup to design it. It brings an acoustic/electric feature, including a cutaway for spreading those higher notes. Further, it comprises a Fisherman KULA preamp with a built-in tuner.

This model contains a rosette and cream binding with an abalone purfling. Also, the binding is designed along the side of the neck.

You should get a compensated saddle because it helps keep your strings in tune as you travel on the fretboard.

Mitchell is running a great job! You can think of buying this uke, but intermediate players and professionals can pick it up eagerly.


  • Unparalleled head
  • Beautiful design
  • Advisable for intermediate to pro players
  • Exceptionally 19 frets


  • Needed compensated saddle


We’ve gathered the top 7 ukuleles in our Mitchell Ukulele review, considering construction quality, body structure, sound quality, and many different properties.

Easy to choose with Mitchell Ukulele, for starters, the best choice ought to be Soprano Size, in particular, designed for students.

And if you are a seasoned or intermediate player, you can pick Concert size as it provides more customization alongside complexity.

Whatever you choose, you will have a ukulele that will be high quality and reliable.

Give it an attempt, and you must not feel sorrow starting this music journey. Our concepts will aid in picking your new uke from the Mitchell brand, hopefully.


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