Best Amahi Ukulele Review – Top 7 Models

Best Amahi Ukulele

Writing the best Amahi ukulele review is a difficult task because all of their products are unique to use. However, we have come up with some items so that you can choose the one you like.

Is Amahi ukulele the best pick for you?

In this Amahi ukulele review, we’ll show that the ukuleles come with guaranteed high quality at an affordable price. Moreover, the company manufactures over 40 types, including sophisticated designs and unparalleled materials.

Moreover, their models are fantastic enough for beginners and experts to use as it offers many options from quality and finishes to size. Some models are available with all the necessary accessories.

Common features of top Amahi ukuleles

  • Stunning build with decorated frets and fretboard and sealed guitar-style tuners
  • Highly playable and comfortable within the players’ arms while playing
  • Affordable considering the quality and varied models based on finish and size.

Top 7 Best Amahi Ukulele Reviews

Product Name Price
1. Amahi UK440C Concert Uke Check Price
2. Amahi DDUK7 Soprano Uke Check Price
3. Amahi UK880C Concert Uke Check Price
4. Amahi Penguin Uke (PGUKM) Check Price
5. Amahi UK770 Classic Spalted Maple Concert Uke Check Price
6. Amahi Snail Series Uke Check Price
7. Amahi UK550C-EQ Concert Size Electric Acoustic Uke Check Price

1. Amahi UK440C Concert Ukulele

Best Amahi uke

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Amahi UK440C Concert Uke comes with a darkish rosewood construction, making it a classic model. The brand applies a houndstooth binding to it.

Moreover, its structure is straightforward so that you can perform with it effortlessly. So, you project it to make your playing fill with a beautiful sound. Remember that its color is also bright.

This model becomes fitting for advanced players and professionals. If you start playing right now, you will not intend to stop playing.

The UK440C is also attainable in Baritone, Tenor, Concert, and Soprano. Noticeably, it is packaged with Silver Die-cast sealed tuners so that it harmonizes rightly and produces a remarkable sound.

This Classic Series includes a stiff Amahi gig bag apart from a leather-based pick design from Sherrin’s Threads.


  • Easy to use and handle
  • The fantastic projection for an enriched sound
  • Dazzling color
  • Sealed tuners of silver die-cast for perfect tuning


  • A question might have about the quality

2. Amahi DDUK7 Soprano Ukulele

Best Amahi ukuleles

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If you want to show your musical talent, this Amahi Soprano Ukulele can become a companion for you. In truth, it is very close-fitting but powerful.

Keep in mind that it creates a pure Hawaiian uke feel, including a tropical design and bright colors. It assures you that it always retains its soprano sound and tone.

The brand uses a painted-finish style, making it a choosable product for design lovers. Moreover, its sound and tone are highly decent compared to others in this price range.

If anyone searches for instruments for new players, they can buy this model without spending much. It utilizes quality tuners to crate sweet and melodious.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Colorful and eye-catching design
  • Hawaiian feel to play
  • Suitable for starters


  • Nylon string might create discomfort while playing.

3. Amahi UK880C Concert Ukulele

Top Amahi ukulele

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The Amahi UK880C Quilted Ash Top delivers the highest quality sound. Also, this item is excellent enough to attract your attention and ears.

This model looks somewhat like a violin design. As a result, such designs enhance the overall intonational, and tonal properties, playability, and visible appeal.

The brand chooses the binding to achieve a general impression due to its enhancement and performance. Further, it incorporates a guitar-like-fretboard. So, any hand size can play it comfortably.

The UK880C uses Ash Wood to build it. For this, it becomes a beautiful-looking instrument and produces a decent tone without sacrificing value.

This Amahi concert ukulele is available with and without electronics. So, you have an opportunity to pick according to your choice. Furthermore, its supplied 10 mm Padded Gig Bag helps you carry it effortlessly.


  • Guitar-like fretboard
  • Solid construction
  • Suitable for large hands
  • Impressive sound for a great price


  • Everyone might not like

4. Amahi Penguin Ukulele (PGUKM)


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Now we’ve included Amahi Penguin Ukulele in our best Amahi ukulele reviews. Surprisingly, the company has brought five models to pick from in accordance with your liking.

This Penguin Ukulele has a mahogany body that is known as solid construction. Also, the mahogany body is renowned for delivering an enriched sound and looking striking.

Amahi assimilates a cozy rosewood fingerboard topped with high-quality decorated frets. Further, there’re open gear tuners on the headstock, keeping the instrument in tune and preparing for playing.

There is a white ivory binding around the body, increasing beauty and tempting players to buy it. Furthermore, to carry it effortlessly, this Penguin uke offers a gig bag while buying.


  • Stiff construction with the mahogany wood
  • High-quality and easy playability
  • Five models to pick
  • A carrying bag for transport


  • Not too many accessories

5. Amahi UK770 Classic Spalted Maple Concert Ukulele


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In this review, we’ll look at how Amahi assembles a marvelous sound with a conventional design, which, in reality, makes you bound to tick almost all of the boxes.

However, this model assures the convenience of smooth and brilliant melodies from the highest standard accessory like Aquila Nilgut strings to allow you to enhance the natural sound.

It can seem to be unusual to pick maple as your construction material. Yet, you have to prefer it in the case of producing a crisp and sweet tone.

Nothing is available like this item that gives an astonishing sound. Remember that this known concert size becomes compatible with almost all range players.


  • A robust and durable maple body
  • A unique-twisting sound
  • Simple to play
  • Found in three sizes


  • It doesn’t work according to the advertisement

6. Amahi Snail Series Ukulele


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Are you looking for an exceptional ukulele? You need not look no further. This Amahi Snail Series Ukulele is now on the market for you.

This model comes with incredible value in soprano, concert, and tenor sizes, including fantastic sound and beautiful aesthetics to play. Also, there are various designs in this series.

The Ebony construction makes it durable and produces a bright sound with sustain. Further, the Gold Die-Cast sealed tuners keep the instrument in tune for a long.

This model is strung with Aquila Strings, making it an exceptionally well-built instrument. Furthermore, its satin finish gives it a unique shape, which is enough to create an extra attraction for musicians.

The Snail Series are prepared for traveling with you. The reason is that it includes a padded gig to keep your instrument close safely.


  • Ebony built a solid body
  • Dot fretboard inlays and gold tuners
  • Available in various exotic kinds of wood
  • An exceptional design


  • Many extras are not included

7. Amahi UK550C-EQ Concert Size Electric Acoustic Ukulele


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Amahi UK550C-EQ Electric Acoustic Uke prides itself on capturing ukulele impressions and creating sound. Also, it boosts up the sound by utilizing an electrical and modern twist.

If you have experience adjusting the electric rock sound and ukulele conventional tinkling sound, you need to buy this product.

Bear in mind that it might become according to your taste and possibly meet your demands. Moreover, this electric uke contains a sleek and complicated design, and it happens a combination of Rosewood, mahogany, and maple.

Furthermore, there’s a checkerboard design and binding on the neck for an enjoyable twist. Indeed, it’s a traditional impression.


  • An elegant and shiny model
  • An enriched melodic tone for the mahogany neck
  • Lifting the traditional sound to a unique sound
  • A carry bag to ensure the maximum protection


  • Only available in the string model

About Amahi Brand

A small part of Amati’s Fine Instruments is the Amahi Ukuleles. Their first and foremost headache is to produce the highest-quality stringed instruments. Honestly, the brand is doing it successfully for over 25 years.

Essentially, it is a family-based business. The president of Amahi is Michael Schear. After starting to make ukuleles for the after-school program run by his wife, Amahi appeared.

Bringing quality ukuleles for players is the core attention of the company. So, they carefully manufacture each product and guarantee a stunning, pure sound in an aesthetically appealing body.

The brand emphasizes how to enhance tonal and vocal features apart from visual appeal and playability. This overall activity produces beautiful instruments, but the price is affordable.

The first step in the creation is to choose the wood, which is the pre-condition for building a standard instrument. No doubt, Amahi always uses quality wood.

The prime theme of the Amahi brand is the high quality seen in their products.

Amahi Ukulele Models

In truth, Amahi is one of the best manufacturers to create fantastic models for beginners, including many options for size, finish, and quality.

In addition to delivering sizes to get along well with every student and well-finishes for quite a taste, most models incorporate padded gig bags, ensuring quality and alleviating the need to purchase a safety case individually.

Most ukuleles bring pre-attached Aquila Nylgut strings, one of the most familiar and popular brands.

There’s nothing as troublesome as picking the perfect Amahi Ukulele as they are varied in business. When you make a purchase, you will think that you are even leaving another better one.

Indeed, you have to realize that music goes on a personal intention in the last. This Amahi Ukulele review highlights a single brand familiar as Amahi, which flows with a glorious past in the ukulele business.

Amahi ukulele sound

The first factor you need to regard is sound if you intend to buy the Amahi Ukulele. If you possess great ears for music, you probably have the ability how to distinguish the sound produced by concert and soprano types.

If you like to enjoy a particular type of sound, baritone and tenor ukuleles will fulfill your expectation. Therefore, ensure that you pick your Amahi Ukulele based on the sound quality.

Amahi ukulele price

Remember that the brand always gives importance to affordability. It will rely on your money. Although the costs might become slightly different, everything functions effectively and successfully.

Due to this reality, you should purchase your Amahi Ukulele model considering the money you can spend.


Depending on the Amahi Ukulele review above, you hold a conspicuous concept about the best Amahi Ukuleles in the musical instrument industry. Those mentioned instruments feature highly sophisticated and gorgeous. Also, they confirm a harmonious tone, enriched at a low cost.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, go to the nearest store, gather the best Amahi ukulele, and enjoy a joyful playing experience.


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