Best Ranch Ukulele Review in 2023: Top 7 Ukes

Ranch Ukulele Review

Ranch Guitar launched its business in 1993, and since then, it has built a strong position for supplying the best ukuleles at affordable prices. Indeed, we’ll highlight those items in this Ranch Ukulele Review.

If you talk to a Ranch Ukulele user, he will inform you about the stunning craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and good experience of using.

Further, if you come to market for a reasonably priced ukulele, the products of this brand might be a choice to go with you.

But what, exactly, can be considered in the case of high-quality ukuleles? We’ve compressed it into three essential properties, sound, price, and appearance.

You’ll get all three features in the new and used Ukes from Ranch. For these reasons, we’ve checked out what this company offers. More, we’ve talked to Ranch uke users to present a list of the best Ranch ukulele.

Now, without further late, you should dive into the items that we have put together to choose the best one for you.

Our Top Choice of Best Ranch Ukulele Review

Product Name Price
1. Ranch Soprano Uke 21 inch Check Price
2. Ranch Concert Uke 23-inch Bundle Check Price
3. Ranch 23-inch Concert Professional Wooden Uke Check Price
4. Ranch Electric Concert Uke EQ 23-inch Check Price
5. Ranch 26-inch Tenor Professional Uke Check Price
6. Ranch 23-inch Left-Handed Concert Uke Check Price
7. Ranch Baritone Ukulele 30-inch Professional Uke Check Price

1. Ranch Soprano Ukulele Review 21 inch

 Ranch Ukulele Reviews

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Although the brand has designed the UK-21 for novice players, it’s refined enough for anybody. Indeed, this 21-inch soprano ukulele from Ranch provides all benefits.

This model has genuine rosewood bridges, Mahogany necks, and hand-polished frets, making songs joyful. Meanwhile, the warm, enriched melody hint at the craftsmanship of the brand.

This top-rated uke brings entirely pre-strong Aquila strings. Also, it includes extra Aquila strings, a digital tuner, straps, a polishing cloth, and a gig bag. That means it is a completely beginner-friendly instrument, no doubt.

This model has received 5 out of 5 stars from those who bought and used it. Most reveal that it remains in melody outside the box for longer than expected.

There is a number to talk about problems with the shipping and packaging of the instrument. One of the most noticeable things about this soprano uke is its lifetime warranty.

It’s a unique, affordable, and well-made apprentice instrument, just a few things buyers can only comment on after the purchase. Honestly, the reasons behind this saying are conspicuous.


  • Sapele wooden body
  • A mahogany neck
  • Warm, profound melody
  • Widely roomy frets for adult players
  • Digital tuner added
  • Strap, polishing cloth, and plenty of extras

2. Ranch Concert Ukulele Review 23-inch Bundle

 Ranch Concert Ukulele Review

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This concert ukulele of Ranch will amaze you with the sound it produces. In truth, you can experience brilliant, conspicuous music, similar to the more expensive ones.

Further, this small uke has an ideal-sized body to transport and strum for anyone, from the youngest to the oldest. For a novice player, losing quality and accessory packs is very difficult.

The UK-23 adds many extra things like original Aquila strings, a gig bag, a polishing cloth, a digital tuner, and an additional set of straps. More, the lifetime warranty makes it more attractive.

With a 5-star rating from thousands of Amazon customers, it’s our top choice for the best Ranch ukes for a fulfilled instrument set-up if you’re a novice.

Almost everyone was happy with the quality of the instruments they bought, although many spoke about the sharp frets and problems with staying the ukulele in melody.

This 23-inch uke by Ranch delivers the bright, balanced sound of a costlier uke for a fraction of the price.


  • Top-quality decent Sapele wood build
  • Authentic extra set Aquila strings for producing better sound
  • Digital tuner added
  • Sleek, satin finish
  • Gig bags and plenty of extras

3. Ranch 23-inch Concert Professional Wooden Ukulele

 Ranch Uke Reviews

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Most of those who intend to have Ranch’s 23-inch Professional ukuleles get surprised at its top-quality build structure and affordable price.

Finding a ukulele on the market is troublesome, producing the same balanced sound at this reasonable price.

Superb for beginner or intermediate musicians, this top uke becomes a compatible presentation of all the Ranches, bringing top-quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and cost. This model will have a high position to go with one of the best ranch ukuleles.

A fabric gig bag, free online lessons, and an instrument arrive, including a lifetime warranty. Customers who have used it have given a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Also, some think that its frets are very sharp.

Color extra is an issue. Outside of the Starry Blue, Brown Coffee, and Piccata Red, the Ranch 23-inch professional concert generates a top-quality sound for starters and intermediate players.


  • Stiff rosewood bridge and fingerboard
  • Sleek, polished frets
  • An arched back for a resonant sound
  • Staying in tune
  • Plenty of extras

4. Ranch Electric Concert Ukulele EQ 23-inch


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If you wish to enjoy the next step in the concert ukulele, this electro-acoustic from Ranch can be a worthy partner. This electric uke is available in affordability with quality.

The company combines an Okoume neck & headstock, a rosewood fingerboard & Bridge, a solid and elegant Mahogany Top, and an arched back with a polished finish to make it. All things prove that it is an instrument of top quality.

It has the EQ capability in-built, making tuning a snap. This electric ukulele stays in tune and generates an enriched sound, and Ranch is renowned for it. AMP cable is not added.

Players who have played it have appreciated it highly. In particular, they have praised the appearance and sound quality of this uke, apart from this instrument’s capacity for connecting with an amp for a different playing sound.

The brand includes free online lessons in the purchase. You will connect it to an amp for electrified sound in traditional acoustics or conventional concert uke.


  • Unique patent Arched Backs to give longer sustain
  • Pure Aquila strings to deliver better sound
  • Okoume Neck & Headstock
  • EQ capacity
  • Free online lessons and a Gig bag attached

5. Ranch Tenor Ukelele Review Professional 26-inch

Ranch Tenor Ukulele Review

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Although starter players should begin their musical journey with the soprano or concert uke, we are showing an exceptional high-quality tenor uke from Ranch to consider.

Essentially, the product we’re reviewing is the largest one. But don’t let it discourage you. It brags about buying at a low price. It will not overstate in saying that you will become very pleased with it when you become accustomed to its shape.

Considering all things, our eagerness to Ranch tenor ukulele is not ascertained without the use of a superior. In truth, it is one of the top-of-the-line starter ukulele packs on the market. So, we highly recommend that you can go with it if you haven’t already done it.

This Ranch ukulele is the most expensive of the three in the series (the 21-inch is the least, and the 23-inch Concert is in the middle). Rightly, it is not available at the lowest price, but the fact is that the UK-26 goes together with the same price range as pricier models.


  • Clip-on convenient digital tuner, including an LED display
  • Starp: possible to play in a standing position
  • Microfiber polishing cloth
  • G-C-E-A, An additional set of Aquila strings
  • Lined fabric gig bag

6. Ranch 23-inch Left-Handed Concert Ukulele


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You are lefty. So you are very worried about whether you can find a left-handed ukulele or not. Don’t get worried. Yes, the Ranch has launched a high-quality model on the market for you.

The brand has designed it for lefty players using the Okoume Neck and Headstock, Rosewood Fingerboard, and Bridge. Also, it incorporates an elegant Sapele top, back & sides.

Further, this left-handed ukulele utilizes an arched back, allowing it to strengthen the resonance. Its neck remains well-connected and easy to navigate, and the frets are nicely polished.

This model contains an easy well-structured body, which is simple to carry and is pre-strung for the left-handed musician. Virtually, it will receive an excellent rating from players who have used it. The company has kept a lifetime warranty to drive away your worry.

Overall, it will not be a bad option for lefties. Indeed, Amazon’s customers have rated it 4.7 out of 5 stars for its high quality, appearance, sound, and tone.


  • Stylish Sapele wood top
  • Well-known Okoume neck and headstock
  • Arched back for resonating perfectly
  • Pure Aquila strings
  • A padded 10mm fabric Gig Bag supplied

7. Ranch Baritone Ukulele 30-inch Professional ukelele


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We have included the Baritone Ukulele at the last of our list. Loud sound pickers and guitarists who wish to switch to ukuleles can choose this model.

The selected wood fingerboard and bridge provide both stiff structure and sleek touch that lets you freely roll the frets across the strings, whether you play chords or single notes.

This ukulele is ready for use by any adult, intermediate player, or professional. Indisputably, a fantastic travel uke, carry the bag every day wherever you wish, on camping trips, coffee shops, kids’ parties, and any road trip you hold.


  • Adjustable Tool
  • The lined fabric gig bag
  • The Clip-on handy tuner
  • The strap: play in a standing position
  • The microfiber polishing cloth
  • An extra set of D G B E Aquila premium metallic & nylon strings

Tips for Picking a Quality Ranch Ukulele

Ranch Guitars has a firm reputation for manufacturing high-quality instruments at reasonable prices. But, you’d not consider cost primarily when you find a reliable, easy-to-use ukulele that remains in tune. Indeed, the initial consideration ought to be sound all the time.

Paying extra for low-sound-quality instruments is always annoying. That is why it is better to buy products from companies with a good reputation in the market. Standard ukuleles are fabricated from solid materials such as rosewood, Mahogany, and hardwoods such as Sapele wood.

They bring pre-strung with top-quality extra strings and become very simple to tune. Moreover, they keep pace with your play.

As far as possible, your new uke should be stiff and display minimum wear. It is okay to buy a used uke, but you need to check it first. Besides, you need to fix what type of uke you intend to buy -soprano or concert.

Even though ukuleles are found in 4 sizes, including Tenor and Baritone, Soprano, and Concert sizes have established their popularity among early players. Whichever suits your requirements best, it should be free of cracks and shaking. Also, Bridges and fingerboards must remain steadily in place.

Finally, you are willing to consider the price of your new or used uke. In truth, it might rely on the condition and size of the uke apart from the brand. If your chosen uke contains electro-acoustic capabilities, you should be prepared to spend extra.

If you abide by these simple tips for buying top-of-the-line Ranch ukes, you will indisputably possess a uke that you like to strum. In truth, when you have an affection for your instrument, you’ll be fit to play it and make it more efficient.

Final Note of our Ranch ukulele review

For the prominent ukulele, we suggest this brand’s instruments in this Ranch ukulele review. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player, their uke will not let you down.

To save on your cost, you will get a complete bundle with all the accessories, including most of their models. Despite providing lots of accessories, this manufacturer never compromises quality. So, enjoy your path with music.

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